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MemPad History

Version 3.58 - 01 May 2015

Bugfix: Restore focus issue (restore minimized, sub window close)
Bugfix: Language issue in export and import windows
New language items: #178, #179, #180, #181, #182
Default name (index) of new page is "New Page" (instead of "Title?")

Version 3.57 - 15 Dec 2014

PureBasic compiler 5.31
Some language items added or modified (#10, #175..177)
If "languages" folder missing, *.lng files are assumed in (main) program folder
User's language is now saved in extra file "Language.ini" in program folder
Prompt box for file type: now in user's language

Error message if file opened on other computer

File/open menu: currently open file is marked with radio button
Keyboard shortcut: numpad"/" - collapse node and sub nodes (for good)

Export all, option "node as file name": using current MemPad file name (without
Export: open file, with program = NOTEPAD.EXE /P will print directly
INI file option [Export] TitleSpaces = number of spaces between level symbols
and title;
(HALNA / Android compatible), see help file

Version 3.56.1 - 06 July 2014

Info box (about..) issue fixed

Version 3.56 - 05 July 2014

Bugfix: second command parameter (preselect page) failed if beginning with
Language files: new item #174=Saved (message at end of toolbar)
Encryption: Text background color is set before password prompt
Export: Status "(use) node as file name" is saved in INI file

Version 3.55 - 22 Mar 2014

Bugfix: Update status (asterisk at end of tool bar)
Bugfix: Memory stack feed (auto push) did not work after changes in ver. 3.53
Multi monitor: search window position adjustment if necessary
Lookup.txt and Launcher.txt are read from program folder if not found in data
Same applies to insert menus: InsCtrl.txt, InsShift.txt, InsShiftCtrl.txt
PureBsic version 5.22

Version 3.54 - 17 Nov 2013

PB compiler version 5.20
Flickering cursor issue (on some computers) fixed
Edit option (context menu or Alt+S): wide spacing of selected text

Version 3.53 - 31 Aug 2013

Dual monitor issue fixed (startup position)
Comma as blank space replacement in links is no longer default (see
File link: Ctrl + double click will "edit" instead of "open" (acc. to Explorer
context menu)
Memory stack feed (auto push) suppressed when index in tree is changed by
Fixed: Toolbar button quirk after restoring window thru hotkey
Version 3.52 - 25 May 2013
Search: changing search string resets search
Program/data folder info improved (menu:?)
At start: MemPad makes sure the window is not completely outside desktop
Export: option to use node as file name
Export: Bugfix Re-import - page is replaced (was appended)
Export: Bugfix relative "open with" path
PureBasic compiler 5.11

Version 3.51 - 15 Oct 2012

Support for links in angle brackets; see Help:Editing/Links
F10 encloses link in angle brackets
INI file setting: AngleBracketLinks=1 will enclose all new links in angle
Bugfix: File:.\ and file:\\ issue
Menu items "Data folder" and "Program folder" (under Menu:?)
INI file: Browser=(path) - sets browser for weblinks, lookup (context menu);
relative paths, environment variables are supported

Version 3.50 - 17 Aug 2012

Unicode support
Language files converted to Unicode UTF-8
Windows 7/Vista: "VirtualStore" used if installed under "Program Files" (see
Encryption: internal password handling modified
Though your existing encrypted files should open with the new version, it is
recommended to make a backup of these files together with the old MemPad

Version 3.42 - 08 June 2011

Black background issue fixed
INI file: ToolMode=1 >> only [x] button shows in title bar; will escape to
see Help:Tweaks
Encryption: Password required for each read operation incl. "Reload" and
see Help: File/Encryption

Version 3.41a - 29 November 2010

New compilation; Kaspersky false positive issue again.

Version 3.41 - 25 November 2010

Hotkey (internal changes)
Bugfix: case insensitive search in index
PB version 4.51
Character that replaces space in file links (default comma) can be defined
in INI file; example: LinkSpace=>

Version 3.40 - 16 February 2010

New index sort: sorting siblings (nodes on same level with current node)
Index menu; Alt F12: sort ascending, Alt+Shift F12: descending
Seach window remains active (unless string found in index)
New: Language support for user interface; see file: languages\~languages.txt
New: Main menu: MemPad / Language (changing language requires restart)
Hotkey assignment handling (window) changed
Search window a little larger to handle different languages
INI file tweak: TextMargin (see Help: Tweaks)
Bugfix: empty page somtimes showed previously viewed page
Bugfix: Launching issue if not full path supplied
Bugfix: aborting node background color selection
Bugfix: refresh issue when replacing with nothing
Window position also saved, if window not visible when MemPad closed

Version 3.33.1 - 07 August 2009

Bugfix: paste problem (different source font)

Version 3.33 - 02 August 2009

internal handling changed (supports Chinese now)
new option: whole word
Launcher and context menu:
Submenus (one level) supported
Launching a program without path: Windows' PATH variable applied
Max number of launch items is no longer limited
Internal page links:
Context menu "Page Link (Ctrl+O)" shows index link to insert
Auto saving index path (manually by ALT+O) upon new node and name change
Saved index path remains for multiple use
Local file links:
New: Insert file links (browse or drag&drop)
Multiple file links by drag&drop
Set tab stops:
Internal calculation improved
+++ attn: your individual tab width settings may be lost +++
Ctrl+Alt+T as alternative key combination for Windows Vista
Export: parameters all saved (INI file)
Moving nodes: internal handling improved; smoother index update
Line number display (optional): INI file item LineNumber=1
Option "Extended page memory" removed (now always "extended")
Message boxes now centered in MemPad window (not screen centered)
++++ for more details see MemPad help ++++

Version 3.32 - 18 November 2008

Bugfix: buffer overflow if too many background colors
Bugfix: select background color
Launching and text links: supporting *.cpl, *.scr ..
Crypting XP,Vista: "Strong Cryptographic Provider" fixed (not by default)
New ini file handler (internal)

Version 3.31 - 03 September 2008

File handling:
Quick switch: right mouse click in right toolbar space for file list
File/Open menu handling changed (auto submenu)
File/Previous shows name; shortcut: F7
File/Previous name restored from previous session
Auto-save when minimizing to SystemTray (if auto-save is active)
Menu "New window" now supports changing/creating file group (extension)
Favorites page:
quick access by left mouse click in index space, Alt+Q
Favorites assignment: see main menu / page
Important: Mempad files with a "Favorites page" cannot be opened with
older MemPad versions (unless you first disable the Favorites for this
file in version 3.31).
Node background color (menu: page / node background), see help
MemPad files using this new feature will continue to work with older
MemPad versions, however, a color code will show in the index titles
Hide/show index pane: Ctrl + Windows key, settings menu (Win98: Ctrl+1)
Search: now auto-reset ("from top" ..) when search string is changed
Mouse wheel: focus auto change behaviour improved
Custom program icon (SysTray): INI file, [main] ProgIcon = (path)
Tree indent width: INI file, [main] TreeIndent = (pixels)
Page link keyword, alternative to "outlook:" is "\\see:"
Page link keyword, replace "see": INI file, [main] see = (word)
Page link: backslashes as well as slashes accepted

Version 3.30 - 07 December 2007

Hotkey brings MemPad to the foreground - see Help:Program/Hotkey
Page memory: browser-like back/forw. buttons; extended page memory option
New mini launcher (chevron tool button, popup menu)
New menu in SystemTray (right click) incl. launcher menu
Background color separately for text, index
Search window redesigned; option to keep window open; case sensitive search
Search & Replace
New modification flag (asterisk)
Lookup feature: (local) programs can be launched as well
Initial page as command parameter: index path supported
Encryption: Win98 compatible checkbox now in password window
Auto save: interval can be changed in INI file
Bugfix, Import: last line got lost sometimes

Version 3.22 - 17 September 2007

New Features:
Configurable Web look up (dictionary etc.), see help: Editing/Web Lookup
Get Index Path (Index context menu), Insert Outlook Link (Edit context
.. to insert an internal page link to previously designated page
Editing: convert to upper/lower case (Alt+U,L)
Instance Info (Menu/?) with paths
Large pages are loaded (displayed) much faster
Optional search in index tree
Diary: Day node with day of week (short), i.e. "26 Sun"
Internal links: trailing slash expands target node
F5: custom date/time format thru INI file: F5format = (as in menu files)
Custom insert menus: Caret character (^) for line break
Custom insert menus: Date/time tokens are no longer case sensitive
Improved handling when trying to load an invalid file format
Now supported: Two instances with same filename in diffenrent directories
Internet and file links: on double click (launch) the full link is marked
Index editing can be cancelled by ESC now
Help: extra page "Keyboard shortcuts"; other improvements..
Internet links: case preserved
New subdirectory "examples"; please delete old "" ++++++++++
Shortcut Alt+L for default lock option removed (pls. use Alt SL)
Node to paste (move) could not be changed directly
New window failed if there was only one Mempad file
Auto save "off" was not effective immediately
Other minor issues

Version 3.21 - 08 August 2007

Diary support, see Help: Page/Diary Entry
Search window redesigned
Memory stack now can save multiple positions within a page
Bugfix: Focus restored when window restored from minimized
Auto change focus to text pane when scrool weel rotated over text
Function: Expand all (right click on Collapse button, or Alt+Shift+C)
General focus control improved
Bugfix: Menu key (context menu) did not work if mouse cursor outside text pane
Redo function
Multi line indent: insert/remove Tabs

Version 3.20 - 25 May 2007 - Pls. read Help file for details
New full width Toolbar
New Move buttons: To parent level as next node, To child level of preceding
Auto Save option (every 4-5 minutes)
Set Tab size (width) by Ctrl+Alt+TAB (at intended first tab position)
Custom Insert Context Menu: to select words from file
Right mouse click + Shift or Ctrl key
offers lines from InsCtrl.txt or InsShift.txt as context menu for insert
Tokens for date and time
Search backwards, search within node
Tab key blocked in text, when anything is marked
Lock Editing: Option to lock all pages, button to lock/unlock the current page.
Page memory stack: new "remember!" function ("M" button), more..
INI file statement: [Export] section, TitleLNfeed = 0|1 (empty line under
title: N|Y)
Internal improvements, bugfixes

Version 3.12 - 10 December 2006

Bugfix: Import empty page (import file required two empty lines)
"Saved to file": visual confirmation

Version 3.11 - 15 November 2006


Version 3.10 - 14 November 2006

New "!" button to pre-select Insert Page mode (Alt-1 or Alt-!)
Plus buttons reduced to two, "Insert before" available with Shift
Hotkeys ALT+Insert, Alt+Shift+Insert; Plus (numeric pad) alternative to Insert
Context menu modified
Page link by outlook:page (has nothing to do with M$ Outlook); see Help
Return stack (Ctrl or Alt +"R") to be used after jump by page link or search
Help file revised, new structure
Added: function to collapse all nodes except path to current page
Bugfix: Flush internal cache when file saved

Version 3.04 - 01 October 2006

Option: Minimize to System Tray
Save data on Windows Shutdown

Version 3.03 - 01 September 2006

Bugfix: Export title decoration
New Info (About) window

Version 3.02 - 25 August 2006

Internal: new INI file handler to speed use on USB sticks

Version 3.01 - 18 June 2006

Bugfix: delete the only/last page (empty MemPad)

Version 3.0 - 02 June 2006

Pages no longer limited to 60Kb
Page index structure up to 100 levels deep
Move (cut&paste) index structure
Page insert functions: before, as next (same level) or child (new level)
Insert page with text from a file
Export to text file and import (insert) preserving index structure
New buttons with images, new insert menu
Crypting option to allow data exchange between Win98 and newer systems

Version 2.51 - 14 February 2006

Bugfix: Window dimensions were not saved correctly

Version 2.50 - 30 January 2006

File handling: Name for new MemPad file is asked later, when saved.
Empty MemPad (no index) is possible (when new file or all pages deleted).
Closing empty MemPad: if file exists, it can be deleted (prompt).

Separate menu "MemPad"; new Window opens empty

First MemPad use: prompt for file extension (default "lst")

If MemPad is started without command parameters (on flash drive, for example),
the file extension is taken from the INI file name (e.g. if "MemFOO.ini"
is found, the extension "FOO" instead of "LST" is assumed).

Links: file:///c:\download now also works with 1..3 slashes.

File links with variables supported, like file:%userprofile%\desktop

Separate font for index pane

Bugfix: input window did not block main window
Restore feature: either from current file or from backup file
New page import function
New function: Return after search
User interface for export title decorations

Version 2.45 - 05 October 2005

Problem with TAB key solved:
Ctrl+TAB switches from index to text and back.
TAB in index pane also jumps to text,
however, TAB in Text pane inserts a TAB code (TAB space).

Version 2.44 - 30 September 2005

XP skin support, some cosmetic changes

Version 2.43 - 18 February 2005

Export to text file, optionally open [with], see Help / Export
This offers an easy way to print MemPad pages through your
favorite editor or any other tool.

Version 2.42 - 07 February 2005

Encryption / password protection supported,
see Help: File/Encrypt

Version 2.41 2 December 2004

Bugfix: Copy (clipboard) was triggered by TAB

Version 2.40 2 December 2004

Expanded nodes remain expanded when Insert/Delete/Move
Fixed: Problem keeping marked item visible (move, open file).
Several instances of MemPad can be opened (with same file extension).
Trying to open a file that is already open, will put the other
MemPad window in the foreground instead.
Menu option: New Window
Changed internal file handling; file remains open during session.
Shortcut to "stay on top": Alt+T
Icon changed

Version 2.34, November 2004

Find dialog: Start option as checkbox (keyboard works now)

Version 2.33, August 2004

Search start (first page/cursor position): Status is saved

Version 2.32, August 2004

Bugfix: Help did not show if blank spaces in program path

Version 2.31, June 2004

New compilation (smaller size)

Version 2.30, June 2004

Index structure with 2 levels (see Help)
Ctrl+W to toggle word wrap mode
Option "No backups"
Minor improvements and fixes

Version 2.21, April 2004

MRU problem fixed.

Version 2.20, April 2004

New main menu, index context menu
Index control buttons can be hidden
File Open, New File, previous, Read-only handling
New handling of different directories, file extensions
Insert date/time,
Embedded links: special handling for local files
New INI file naming ("mem" + file type + ".ini")
Help as MemPad file (pls. remove old HTML files)
Various minor improvements and fixes.

Version 2.11, September 2003

Optional second command parameter: initial page (by title)

Version 2.10, August 2003

Added: Search function, more keyboard shortcuts
Changed: Page index input/editing, Button shortcuts now with ALT key
Improved: Index handling (scrolling)

Version 2.03, July 2003

Focus in window preserved when (re)activated

Version 2.02, July 2003

Resizing Window does not change Index width

Version 2.01, July 2003

Window can be maximized

Version 2.00, June 2003

Internet Links clickable
Word Wrap toggle
Version 1.37, April 2003
Bugfix: Page size was limited to 32 Kb; now 60 Kb.
Page truncated if too large, error message.

Version 1.36, April 2003

New in the Options Menu: Save (always including backup).
Internal file handling changed.