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I. About II. Flu Statistics

Influenza f the 138,000

nfluenza, or the specimens

“flu,” is a serious tested this

respiratory disease. year, 15.94%, or

It is extremely 22,000, were positive

contagious and affects for influenza. These

about one third of the specimens showed

population each year. It three basic strains of

begins with an abrupt the influenza virus:

onset of high fever

(102°–104°F), and III. Type
typically the sufferer Percentage
develops malaise, Influenza A 75.2%
myalgia (muscle aches), Influenza B 23.2%
a sore throat, a non- Influenza C 1.6%
productive cough, and
loss of appetite. IV. Flu Vaccine

Additional flu symptoms
nfluenza is an
can include a runny
airborne virus that is
nose, headaches, and
spread by sneezing,
ocular (eye) pain.
coughing, and even

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talking. It is also
transmitted by direct “The ability of the flu
contact with infected vaccine to protect a
people or contaminated person depends on the
objects. Frequent hand age and health status of
washing can help the person getting the
prevent the spread of vaccine, and the
infection; however, for similarity or "match"
maximum immunity between the virus
from the flu it is best to strains in the vaccine
get an influenza vaccine and those in circulation.
each year. However, testing has
shown that both the flu
V. Who Should shot and the nasal-

Be Vaccinated spray vaccine are

effective at preventing
he influenza
the flu.”
vaccine is the
single most
There are certain
effective way to prevent
groups of people who
the spread of influenza.
should not get the flu
The flu vaccine is very
shot or who should
safe. The virus used in
consult with their
making the vaccine is
physician before
dead and cannot “give
receiving the flu shot,
you the flu.” In the
including anyone with:
publication Bed Rest
and Plenty of H2O:
Severe hypersensitivity
Cures for the Flu?, the
to eggs or egg
Center for Disease
Prevention reports:

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Allergies to any getting or spreading the
component of the flu and other airborne
vaccine (e.g., viruses by following a
thimerosal, gelatin). few simple rules:
A previous allergic
reaction to a flu Cover your nose and
vaccine. mouth with a tissue
Acute or febrile illness when you cough or
or infection. sneeze. A sneeze can
transmit a virus at 104
VI. When To Be miles per hour, covering

Vaccinated a distance of 16 feet in

1/10 of a second.
he optimal time
Wash your hands often
to be inoculated
with soap and water,
with the flu
especially after you
vaccine is mid October
cough or sneeze.
to the end of November.
Stay away from people
However, it is never too
who are sick.
late to be inoculated. In
Stay home from school
fact, the vaccine can be
or work if you get the
administered until the
flu to reduce the risk of
end of the flu season,
transmitting influenza
usually April.
to family, friends, and
VII. Other Flu
Try not to touch your
eyes, nose, or mouth.

ou can also VIII. Treatme
minimize your
chances of

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nce a person suspect you are coming
has the illness, down with the flu.
treatment is X. Summary
symptomatic with bed About Influenza
rest, fluids, and the use Influenza, or the “flu,” is
of antipyretics and a serious respiratory
analgesics. Antibiotics disease. Additional flu
are given for secondary symptoms can include a
bacterial infections, and runny nose, headaches,
hospitalization may be and ocular (eye) pain.
required for severe
complications. Flu Statistics
Type Percentage
IX. Medications Influenza A 75.2%

everal antiviral Influenza B 23.2%
drugs are Influenza C 1.6%
approved for
treatment of the flu, Flu Vaccine
including amantadine, Influenza is an airborne
rimantadine, zanamavir, virus that is spread by
and oseltamivir. These sneezing, coughing, and
medications are even talking. Frequent
available by hand washing can help
prescription only. To be prevent the spread of
effective, antiviral drugs infection; however, for
must be started within maximum immunity
two days of the onset of from the flu it is best to
flu-like symptoms, so be get an influenza vaccine
certain to seek medical each year.
care early if you

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The influenza vaccine is
the single most Severe hypersensitivity
effective way to prevent to eggs or egg
the spread of influenza. products.
The flu vaccine is very A previous allergic
safe. The virus used in reaction to a flu
making the vaccine is vaccine.
dead and cannot “give Acute or febrile illness
you the flu.” In the or infection.
publication Bed Rest
and Plenty of H2O: The optimal time to be
Cures for the Flu?, the inoculated with the flu
Center for Disease vaccine is mid October
Prevention reports: to the end of November.
Other Flu Prevention
“The ability of the flu Measures
vaccine to protect a Cover your nose and
person depends on the mouth with a tissue
age and health status of when you cough or
the person getting the sneeze. Stay home from
vaccine, and the school or work if you
similarity or "match" get the flu to reduce the
between the virus risk of transmitting
strains in the vaccine influenza to family,
and those in circulation. friends, and co-workers.
However, testing has Treatment
shown that both the flu Medications
shot and the nasal- Several antiviral drugs
spray vaccine are are approved for
effective at preventing treatment of the flu,
the flu.” including amantadine,

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rimantadine, zanamavir,
and oseltamivir.

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