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Renewable Energy For Better Indonesia

Indonesia is rich country that has many energy resources, include in fossil
energy and renewable energy. Every day we watch vehicles, factories, and electrical
household tools. They need energy to operate. We spent a lot of energies, most of it
makes pollutions. Indonesia needs changes about energy; they should use renewable
energy to make earth keep healthy. Utilization of renewable energy in Indonesias not
good enough. The government is usually made the trouble of some of the company
about regulation. It makes utilization of renewable energy in Indonesia slowly.
Indonesia is good country to develop environment potential such as geothermal, solar,
wind, water, and etc.

Indonesia has 40% stocks of geothermal around the world. But they just use 5%
for producing electrical energy. The problem is geothermal area located in
conservation forest. 1 Inhabitants still believe ancestor's thinking to protect the forest.
Whereas the area of geothermal there is so large. Government and company should
discuss to solve this problem. They should give elucidation about geothermal and
how they use it. So the inhabitants believe that they will keep earth safe. The
government still attracts investor to explore geothermal energy in Indonesia. We can
produce around 200MW, but today we still far from the target. This energy will be
valuable project for Indonesia which many companies compete to explore
geothermal. In reality, PLN offers low cost for geothermal that Pertamina Geothermal
Energy (PGE) explore.

Indonesia located in tropical climate. We will get much heat from sun than
others. It can be valuable condition; we can use heat to produce electricity from solar
panel. The development of utilization solar panel in Indonesia increase so fast, almost
every skyscrapers use it to add more storage electricity inside building. 2 Because of
cost, people don't use it in their house. Government should give solution to
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economize cost of electricity. For example, making cheap effective solar panel.
Indonesia's companies compete to make cheap solar panel because in future the
utilization solar panel increasingly growing.

Indonesia have 17.508 islands, it's surrounded by beach. Wind move so fast
through beach which it can be good way to change into electricity with windmill.
Therefore Indonesia have good wind, Government doesn't yet offer project to develop
windmill to produce electricity. In Yogyakarta, there are some windmills that stand up
on Baru Beach. But the windmills were not cared by government. In there, the
potential of wind is good enough to produce much electricity.

Rivers flow to the sea every year. They seldom be dry, rain always give stock of
water. From this case, government builds many generators on side of rivers to
produce lot electricity for people. PLTA is spread around Indonesia, It makes people
can use electricity. Water is potential source that Indonesia can utilize well now.
Government should add generator in remote area, so people can use electricity to help
their life. In modern era, people should know how to use electricity tools.

Indonesia has many potential renewable energy sources to produce more energy,
but government didn't use it wholly. They still use fossil energy to produce energy
(electricity). We're young generation should take new step to make earth be green and
healthy planet. From our ideas now, it will make better life.

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