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A wildlife programme: is a documentary whose subject is wild animals in their natural habitat or

undomesticated fauna and flora generally

A Reality show: a television show in which members of the public or celebrities are filmed living their
everyday lives or undertaking specific challenges

A Costume drama:
1. Any theatrical production, film, television presentation, etc, in which the performers wear the costumes of
a former age a lavish costume drama set in Ireland and the U.S. in the 1890s.
2. A genre of drama in which actors wear period costumes He said the schedules were overly reliant on
costume drama.

A Soap opera: a serialized drama, usually dealing with domestic themes and characterized by sentimentality,
broadcast on radio or television

A sketch show: a show, such as a TV show or public performance, consisting of a variety of short comedy

A sitcom: A regular programme on television that shows the same characters in different amusing situations
A sitcom is an amusing television drama series about a set of characters. Sitcom is an abbreviation for
'situation comedy'. ...the classic '70s TV sitcom 'Rising Damp'.
A sitcom is an informal term for situation comedy. A situation comedy is an amusing television drama series
about a set of characters; (on television or radio) a comedy series involving the same characters in various
day-to-day situations which are developed as separate stories for each episode. The abbreviation sitcom is
also used. ...a situation comedy that was set in an acupuncture clinic.

A documentary: a factual film or television programme about an event, person, etc, presenting the facts
with little or no fiction; presenting factual material with little or no fictional additions. A documentary is a
television or radio programme, or a film, which shows real events or provides information about a particular
subject. ...a TV documentary on homelessness.

A docudrama: a film or television programme based on true events, presented in a dramatized form. A
docudrama is a film based on events that really happened. Docudramas are usually shown on television
rather than in cinemas.

A series: a set of radio or television programmes having the same characters and setting but different
stories. A radio or television series is a set of programmes of a particular kind which have the same title.
...the TV series 'The Trials of Life' presented by David Attenborough. ...the world's longest-running radio
series, Britain's 'The Archers'.

A serial: A serial is a story which is broadcast on television or radio or is published in a magazine or

newspaper in a number of parts over a period of time. of BBC television's most popular serials,
Eastenders. Maupin's novels have all appeared originally as serials.

A thriller: Books, film, play, etc, depicting crime, mystery, or espionage in an atmosphere of excitement and
suspense. A thriller is a book, film, or play that tells an exciting fictional story about something such as
criminal activities or spying. ...a tense psychological thriller.
A game show: a television or radio broadcast in which teams or individuals play a game or quiz against each
other, often in order to win a prize. Game shows are television programmes on which people play games in
order to win prizes. being a good game-show host means getting to know your contestants.

A quiz programme: radio, television a radio or television programme in which the general or specific
knowledge of the players is tested by a series of questions.

A current affairs programme: If you refer to current affairs, you are referring to political events and
problems in society which are discussed in newspapers, and on television and radio. I am ill-informed on
current affairs. ...the BBC's current affairs programme 'Panorama'.

The news: The news is a television or radio broadcast which consists of information about recent events in
the country or the world. I heard all about the bombs on the news. ...the six o'clock news.