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Immaculate Conception

Well, Rachel. Let's start with prayer.

Heavenly Father, we are so grateful,
that we can gather here
Conversation with Rachel Angela McKnight on her 15th birthday.
We are grateful for her obedience and love of life.
Please bless this conversation with the frank
Let us keep your spirit.
We look forward to the day of arrival savior. Amen!
Amen. -Amen.
What's this? -Cassette.
The regulations require the oral record of all conversations
from 15 year.
Is new?
But it can be used in a malicious purposes,
therefore kept only trustworthy.
Will the conversation here?
Because they can be trusted, right?
Reply son.
You can trust me. -Great.
Well, Rachel.
Here we go.
Do you believe in God, the Eternal Father? To us his son Jesus
came to redeem?
And you know the commandments of God?
Or backing a Paul McKnight as a prophet, seer, razkrivalca,
you admit it to the sole of the Earth,
can fulfill the mission of the priest?
Ja. Until now, I want to say.
It will be good. Next.
Hang out with any group or individual,
who teach or carry anything that would be contrary to
uenostjo with this church?
I do not. If you do not include g. Willa.
Worship mom and dad? -You know it better than me.
You can pritrdi and you will still be close to the truth.
So move on with the utmost seriousness.
Do you live decently? Yeah.
Show. No!
I want to hear just how I talk. -As a child!
How did it go? I think I did.
G. Will! Hold it!
It is used in God's purposes.
Rachel! Leave your brother alone.
Look under the bed. -I can not find it!
Turn off the lights.
Rachel ...
I know!
Somewhere small. -Very small.
Mine is. -Thank you lent it to her.
Do not forget to pray.
Tell us a story? It's late already.
Please, Mom. -Please!
Turn off the light.
Once upon a time there was a princess ...
Tell us a story. -I am telling you it.
No, what about the Mustang. What?
What about the red Mustang.
I've already told you?
Good, but the secret is not to hear anyone else.
Raise your hand like this.
Make tale character, and Nod,
You'll swear you will not tell anyone.
Once upon a time in the land
on the other side of the red rocks of southern Utah
Princess ... Perhaps you know.
It may even be in the room and tells you
this story ...
... found
Do you know what mustang? -Horse.
It was a hot day.
I was looking for someone that I lost.
Who had a birthday today.
Rachel! -So.
I searched and searched ...
It was very sad.
Then I felt something.
Special feeling was, he brought me in a certain direction.
Then I found it!
Red Mustang.
I wanted to pet him and would not let me.
I had a strong feeling that I will bring to Rachel.
I felt my spirit crawls from the tip of your fingers down your leg up
knee to the skull,
and back through his hair.
And you know where this is leading me, right?
I felt ...
... red mustang ...
You know that better than me.
I think I can ...
Well, let's proceed with the utmost seriousness.
What are you doing?
Where is it? Where? Give it to me!
Where did you put it?
Give it to me! No, mine is.
Stop it! You will get us in trouble.
No! Stop it!
Stop it! Give it to me.
What is going on here?
Come on.
What has happened, something you did not want?
You g. Will you do something? What? No!
Are you honest with me? -There is nothing to do.
Hello, hello.
Here Rachel Angela McKnight.
Born on 8 May 1996
15 years old.
A few weeks ago I experienced a miracle.
I heard an angelic voice
for which I found myself in dire need.
And the angel said to her. "Do not be afraid, Mary,
"For God is watching goodness.
"You got pregnant and gave birth to a son.
"And his name is ..."
Then Mary said to the angel:
"How is this possible, but if you do not know a man?"
And the angel answered.
"Visiting this will Sv. Duh
"Power and High will overshadow.
"Therefore, the holiest by you born
"Son of God."
The only voice which I heard was the song on the tape.
Is it possible that we did it on?
This wonderful blessing of the heavenly life.
Voice which sang of this miraculous and spiritual words ...
"Do not leave me waiting by the phone."
They live.
He has given me little one Jesus?
Tell Rachel to come over. I understand.
Do not leave me waiting by the phone.
Doing inventories at the end of the world?
For a long time I did not have.
How much time?
Months. -It is normal.
In your years come and go.
Sometimes ...
After a while you do not, it means you're pregnant.
I think that's it.
I'm so relieved. I thought you'd be angry.
A few months ago ...
When I was in the basement, I found a blue tape
and something happened ...
I think I'm pregnant with God through this blue tape.
Get in the car.
I need the keys.
Is everything all right? -Women's problems.
I would really like to explain. No, it's my fault.
I should not have charged the head of all those stories.
No! Do not talk about it.
As long as we do not know for sure.
Ten minutes had passed. -Good.
It's a miracle!
The role of mother is a very responsible job.
I did not have a choice.
Mom said she was surprised every time.
But I believe that the role of mother
can not be met without a father.
The truth is that the man on the tape did it.
God's assistant tape.
Let's start with a prayer, Rachel. Will you lead?
Dear Heavenly Father, we are grateful to you for this opportunity
Conversation at the last minute, in order to understand the mysterious ways ...
We are grateful for the cassette and ...
Please give us a good feeling
and the spirit of understanding in the name of Jesus Christ.
Amen. -Amen.
Rachel, I was told that wearing a baby.
Is this true?
I called Ben Brooksbyja.
His son, Elijah Brooksby, has agreed to marry you.
Rachel, whoever did this,
obviously not suitable for the father of your child.
Not really.
Rachel, you have sinned. I'm not.
Maybe I was listening to something they should not.
And then ... Then I got pregnant.
A few months ago
I found a tape in the basement,
recorded music, and I felt,
how my spirit slipping from the fingertips to the head.
It was also as with Mary, as in your sermon!
I found Rachel and g. Willa, who are doing something.
Rachel, get up, g. Will you sit down, please.
G. Will, Rachel is pregnant with you?
I do not. No, I'm not.
Now we are not talking to you, Rachel, but with g. Will.
It was not me.
I have no choice.
Tomorrow, g. Will you leave this family,
Rachel, you're getting married to Elijahom Brooksbyjem.
Mom, we did not do anything. To bed.
Elijah Brooksby?
Marrying Elijahom Brooksbyjem?
I do not need to ask God, I know that's not right.
The horse ...
Your big toes,
as large as houses in a row ...
So goes the story ...
Take it easy.
Mom, wake up!
Mama! Stop it!
Rachel, stop! -Rachel, come back!
Come on, open up.
No, do not. Do not do this.
Stop immediately, Rachel!
Good evening, friends and relatives,
rushing down the road,
after which I went.
Passing through the red rocks
from home, which I can not say home.
I am looking for his father, the holy child,
a man who sings on the tape.
I'm here.
In the beginning was the word.
And the word was with God.
And the word was God.
In him was life.
And the life was the light of men.
And the light shone in the darkness.
And the darkness has not understood it.
God sent a man.
He was not the light, but he was witness to the light.
I am looking guy who plays the guitar.
Perhaps it is a little younger than you.
There is a club where young people go to listen to music.
Hello, sir.
This time I first meet someone like you.
Can I come in? -You must have 18 years.
I was already at the bar.
Get out of here!
That's what I deserved.
That's my girl.
Where have you been?
Thanks for letting us play.
We can not stay and listen to other bands?
What Madonna? We have a right.
You can even hear the other bands?
Next time.
Cheese is here.
Where are you going? -You want to come?
John wants to give birth to my children.
What? -Just a little deaf.
Few deaf. -These are good options.
You're the girl from the prairies?
Come on already!
I only partial loss of hearing. It's quite sexy, is not it?
You did this?
Can I go with you?
Ja. It is a boy from the prairies to you?
Come on. What are you doing here?
We're going home and you will recognize his father.
Take the car keys and go.
Rachel, I was kicked out because you're going, if you're open.
I have a gun to bed. This conflict can be resolved
at my home.
Take the keys and go. Without recognition-Sun
Get out. Shit!
Are you really insist on the go early on the Virgin Mary?
I said I'm not going to let you drive.
Are you going? Close the door.
Motherfucker! That was close.
Everything is fine.
I wanted to make sure that you are honest.
You have once again interfered in my steering wheel, motherfuckers?
That's right, motherfuckers.
Say it!
We do not curse.
Sooner or later you'll be cursing.
Promise to be recognized? I told the truth, Mr.. Will.
You think I'm pretty?
Here it is. Do you like it?
Sit down.
Sit down.
I did not hear your name. -G. Will.
G. Will? Hi, g. Will I g. Clyde.
Call me Clyde.
Or master.
As manager call me.
I do not shoot, I promise.
Hello! Clyde, put the rifle.
Can I watch?
Oh, my God! 're From the prairies?
No, from Utah.
Where is it?
Let's get out of this hole.
Would you play?
When you play? Rock 'n roll I really like.
Currently we have a break.
Tomorrow you play. Yeah.
Come on, if you will. Bye.
Raise your toes.
It's called "Never" ...
Say for example: "I have never been in jail."
On a shrink because he was in jail.
What happened?
I shot my mom's dog, but he turned me.
I was kicked out, but nothing serious.
This is terrible.
If you play this shit ... "I never" had a menstrual period.
Clyde ... That's so silly.
So stupid.
It's my turn.
"I never" ate a hamburger.
All of us will overcome.
I would like to try one, I'm pretty hungry.
"I have never" been in Mexico.
"Never" was pregnant.
Clyde, stop those which apply only to one sex.
Are you pregnant? -She's pregnant.
Yeah, something like that.
Father, I am looking for, so that's okay.
I did not commit.
So you're a slut? Do not be a jerk!
Do not listen to him.
"I never" speak after mobilcu.
I have it. Where is it? You did not say you were pregnant?
All the girls are pregnant. All are pregnant.
What does this mean? Here you go.
Hold it to your ear.
Call her. -You take it off.
They call her.
Here Rachel. Can you hear me?
Checking the microphone. One, two, three. Hello?
Testing, one, two, three. Can you hear me?
Do not leave me waiting by the phone.
I like this one.
Do not leave me waiting by the phone.
Beeps! -Press the green button.
Push play.
They live.
Would later be won?
Ja. Hit. -Come into my room.
On the first day.
Check-in Electric Paradise. Las Vegas.
I met a group of people.
Clyde and a few girls
who took me to him.
Clyde's ...
perhaps Satan seed.
Here's Johnny.
They live.
They live.
Would you like something to drink? No, thank you.
Cool. Pico we have, if you're hungry.
Thank you. I mean, cool.
Would you ever marry me?
Want to go out sometime,
that I could show you around town? Or some cool place.
You say that guys do not? "Cool."
Just ...
Tell me when ...
I mean ...
Of course.
Could borrow some clothes? No, thank you.
You're crazy to see.
Thank you.
At least you put on this. If you keep winking, you get wrinkles.
I accept.
Silly you look. Thank you.
Are you ready? For what?
I'm leaving. I need your recognition.
Today will be planted in the garden or go along?
She is not. Yes, I am.
If I were you would be watching her every move.
Such girls can not be trusted.
I'll be back, I promise.
How are you feeling tonight?
This song is called "Zombie."
So many times I have to pee.
Perhaps, over time, the music and styles have changed.
I do not know whether this is what Johnny plays, music.
Hi, I'm Kevin.
I'm willing to admit.
I want to leave.
You want it, right?
Whatever you'll figure it out. Tell me what you want!
I want the truth. Recorded over the content of blue tape.
I do not know, I'm trying to be unconscious.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Good performance. Thank you.
Can we talk about your music? It is imperative.
You know, it is not satanic or something.
The concept of the important things, political, comic, etc..
Can we talk here? -About what?
About something related to music.
Of course.
I liked because it's older brother listened to ...
Fugazi and stuff like that.
If you hold your left foot forward, it is normal.
Another way is silly.
Are you normal or stupid?
Are you normal or stupid? -Foolish.
You're probably normal.
Rachel's brother? Do not intentionally.
Why're running?
She got pregnant, and the father agreed to the marriage.
She was with her boyfriend. -He does not have a boyfriend.
Have a crush on her? What does that mean?
You fucked my sister? No!
Who is it? I do not know. He will not say.
Sounds like a potential movie for women.
You guess who it was? -No.
I did not.
Was your father?
He is the father fucked your sister? Shut up.
And now he wants a husband or boyfriend to take care of her?
Yes, and ...
I learned the main chords and that was it.
Oh, yeah.
Have you ever played a song on your phone?
Definitely the Nintendo and Wolfensteinu.
Maybe the phones.
I am looking for someone who eats on the phone.
And ...
Are you okay?
I do not see it. Is there? Oh crisis.
You're not watching it? I'm not his babysitter.
Let's get out of here.
One, two, three ...
I will not take it. -Take. Do not be a martyr.
I'm not like you! Do not take drugs!
Adjusted're gonna hand, right?
Have you noticed the beautiful women here?
Home are really the sweetest spirits.
So say ugly girls. Yeah?
Is it good? -The tablets work.
Father to a heart attack if they saw me like this.
It would banish me from the village.
You're not there anymore.
No, I'm going back tomorrow.
I told you, with whom you had sex.
Speak Japanese?
Japanese spoken.
You know I do not like it?
And Johnny Sun Why do you say that?
Knocked you. What?
You're pregnant.
A damaged edge.
Immaculate conceived. God's son wears.
This little fucker.
I told him to say "motherfucker."
I can show you something?
Do you know?
I guess the older band.
Johnny did not sing.
You think you're pregnant with this?
With God's son?
Are you okay?
We'll find the guy. If you want it to.
You want it, right? Norica.
You do not believe me.
Why do not you ...
marry me?
To reserve. If you do not find this guy.
But you're not the type of cassette.
If we find it,
I can leave.
You would do that? Yeah.
Good? Yeah.
We're married. Yeah?
Just like that? Yeah.
Did we say "I love you"?
Maybe someday.
Yeah, maybe.
Do not tell g. Will.
Do you know ...
I'm not going to touch you ... In this way.
If you do not want.
Thank you.
Is hungry.
Must feed our children. Go to feed him.
All poskakujmo!
Shut up.
We'll bring you food. Yeah, get some food.
So great. -Here we'll wait.
You want to come in?
Let's hide! Why?
Since they would not be here. No?
They are at home? Probably asleep.
Is it okay that we just came in?
Yes, as long as they do not know, it's okay.
Are yours? -No.
I really should not.
Can we live here?
We will live by the sea.
Let's go over the wall? Yeah.
Very tall! High-'s.
You go. One ...
I can not.
We have to go. -Stay here, I'll be right.
Reported to the intruder on Windhaven Circle 1533rd
Ja. Yes, I will.
I'm sorry.
Young lady! Hold it!
Hold it!
Father! -Stop!
It's okay. Rachel, go.
It's okay. Nothing.
Watch your hand. Turn around, get up.
My shoes.
All statements can be used against you in court.
Head back.
Once upon a time in the land on the other side of the red rocks ...
Red mustang ...
Is that girl pregnant?
She's not pregnant with you, huh?
Immaculate conceived.
Just trying to help her.
Clyde, I just saved you again dungeons. Do not bullshit.
Where have you been? -Nowhere.
Also, you must stay here. -No.
Here you will stay or go to the workhouse.
I do not care, so ...
Turn to the left.
Do you have some ID?
Number of soc. Insurance?
Can I help you?
Yes, they live here Rachel Angela McKnight. I have 15 years.
I saw your car and ...
I wonder ... Are you thirsty?
Is she cute?
About your car questions. I think I would like to buy.
Who is it?
Do you recognize me? Do not think so.
This, however.
I'm pregnant. Whatever you did, it worked.
Is your voice on tape? Yeah.
And from my ex-girlfriend.
I'm really sorry.
I can not help you. You know, financially.
You have your mother's eyes.
The rest of it is like me. I'm sorry.
Shit! Even I do not know your name.
Nice name.
Only Rachel. -Good.
I am looking for a man who is singing on this tape.
You found it.
You're not looking for what?
Are you well acquainted with my mother?
I loved it.
In the booth, I'm on the other side of the corridor.
If they do not they told ... Let's try this again.
In the booth, I'm on the other side of the corridor.
If you do not javis,'ll be here until time immemorial.
I know you're out there, but I had to make a call,
do not let me wait by the phone.
Do not let me wait by the phone.
I have to interrupt.
Because your voice is strange feeling ...
Instead of finding his father the Son of God,
I found his real father.
G. Will?
Where's the Snow?
I do not know. Where are you? -In juvie.
Pleased to meet you. -The same.
Where are you going? Brother-in juvie.
I gotta go.
I like your plaster.
Si ...
You picked or they're blue?
What should I do?
I do not know.
Should I ... Should I go back?
I do not know.
I ...
I will confess.
On the tape to officially.
They will not let me go back.
Want to go back? Yeah.
Dear Clyde,
When I was a child, I talked like a child,
understood as a child,
thinking like a child.
Then I grew up and got rid of baby stuff.
For it is better, if such is God's will,
to suffer.
Thus, it is best.
Have already been agreed.
If I do, it will be g. Will come home?
I'm sorry.
Behold, Mary has become one of Joseph.
But before they lay together, she was pregnant.
Her husband, an ordinary man,
did not want it repealed,
therefore, it is sent to a hidden place.
When thinking about
to him in a dream an angel of the Lord appeared
and said. "Joseph, do not be afraid,
"For what it is started it is God's."
I'm looking for my nephew.
Dark blonde hair. Angelic face.
Who are you? -Friend of the family.
Say who you are. -I was looking for your sister.
Why? -In order to take her home.
It's home.
I'm taking?
This is her van!
This is her boyfriend.
Shit! Boy have?
Who are you?
Rachel's father.
Fucking parents.
God, if you're there,
save me from this.
Clyde should not be anyway.
Just this once.
Sincerely yours, Rachel Angela McKnight, 15
For the beauty of the earth.
For the beauty of the sky.
For the love which from our birth
all around us.
To you we raise to the Lord.
It is our praise.
Heavenly Father, thank you,
that we can witness this regard
between Rachel Angelo
and fair and bottom Elijahom Brooksbyjem.
What do we do?
Yes, we should make a plan.
Would you go?
You should say something. Yes, it is fitting for.
They live.
This is my husband, Clyde. Nice to meet you.
They are very similar to each other.
My mother was so worried about us.
No one will judge you if you step out of the car ...
Was it the mother? Yeah.
Stop! What?
I'm going back.
Wait a minute.
Here you go.
Here Rachel Angela McKnight.
15 years.
For the last time Testing.
Some sort of recognition.
I know who I am.
I know that that child is the son of God.
Inspired by Heaven.
The world will reveal the love of God.
And ...
God made sure that my every step
led to his will.
At least I think so.
Let's go back to the beginning.