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To design innovative, visualization-based solutions for educational and legal applications, and gain competence in 3D modeling & animation software


Creative consulting, analysis, strategy development & direction Storyboard & conceptual design for 3D animations and visualizations 2D technical illustrations, and novice skills in 3D modeling & animation Graphic design for key media elements including logos, user interfaces, etc. Copy and script writing, editing & content research JON SUTZ – MULTIMEDIA CONSULTANT
1988 – present Developed analytical graphics, visualizations and/or key support media for: Numerous courtroom presentations and juror notebook elements for a variety of lawsuits, including several multi-million dollar cases involving U.S. automakers (1, 2) A presentation that helped to resolve what was the largest land-use dispute in Ft. Lauderdale history, regarding a nearly 3-year battle over a proposed $100 million condo building Numerous liberty-oriented causes, including a widely-publicized proposal regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling on eminent domain in Kelo (“The Lost Liberty Hotel” project) A wide variety of business, industrial, educational and civic presentations Provided creative leadership on, designed, wrote and/or directed the production of: A variety of computer-animated, video, software and printed media for clients throughout the U.S., including Intel, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co. and others, for advertising, corporate communications, skills training and other applications A comprehensive business plan & related materials for a small Virginia homebuilder (Gaffney Homes), that it claims were vital in helping it to win the most prestigious award in the national homebuilding industry (the “America’s Best Builder Award”) Logos, logo animations and/or corporate identity packages for 20+ companies and nonprofit organizations, primarily relating to technology, health services and liberty An innovative local-interest magazine & merchant-discount-geographical directory for an upscale beachfront community in Florida; also wrote & designed numerous cover stories


Creative Director – Multimedia Services; 1993-94 A computer animation and marketing communications firm; reported directly to CEO Wrote, designed & directed the production of numerous computer animation sequences, corporate, educational and marketing presentations, and multimedia software prototypes

Creative Director; 1990-92 (*Acquired in 2001 by THQ Entertainment, a top video game developer) A multimedia software and computer animation design firm; reported directly to CEO Wrote, designed and/or directed the production of computer animations, software programs and video presentations for clients throughout the world, including Sharp Electronics, LYNX (Japan; 1, 2), The American Productivity & Quality Center, Entergy, Lodgistix and others Directed animators, artists, videographers, photographers, narrators and programmers Created & headed a new division to develop corporate logos & logo animations Played key creative & managerial roles in expanding RMG’s services to southeast Asia, via Rainbow Japan (Tokyo); accounts won with major Japanese corporations and ad agencies; revenues for this subsidiary grew from $0 in 1990 to over $2 million in 1992

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(1) Educational & Skills Training Media (2) Analytical Graphics, Visualizations & Litigation Support Media (3) Advertising, Marketing & Corporate Communications Media

(1) Educational & Skills Training Media
SHARP ELECTRONICS: “FUTURE LAB” I wrote, designed and directed the production of major elements of this comprehensive, multi-lingual interactive educational program, which profiles the origins, present state of, and futures of a broad range of technologies. Features an actor portraying legendary scientist Francis Bacon walking through a museum-like “gallery” of pioneers in science & technology, whose inventions “come to life” through 3D computer animation. The interface was based on Bacon’s imagined island of “Bensalem,” where scientists and inventors could freely work and explore nature’s mysteries. The program, one of the largest educational presentations ever created for the Japanese market, was delivered via touch-screen kiosks in the public gallery of Sharp's new Tokyo world headquarters. Produced by Rainbow Multimedia Group, Rainbow Japan, and Knowledge Farm (Japan). See project profile here. SAMS PUBLISHING: “BECOMING A COMPUTER ARTIST” In conjunction with internationally-acclaimed computer artist Chad Little, I researched, (ghost)wrote and designed major components* of this educational book & companion CD-ROM, which profiles computer graphics' history, technology, key concepts, tools and creative approaches, for beginners. Produced by Tracer Design; ISBN #0-672-30397-3. *These components include the following (all viewable here): “The History of Computer Graphics” – A 5,800-word script, presenting the fascinating lineage of key thinkers from mathematics, science, technology, business and the arts who contributed to advancing computer graphics. “Fundamentals of Computer Graphics” – A 7,250-word script, detailing in words and visualizations all major aspects of computer graphics technology, from both functional and efficiency perspectives. “Copyright Basics” – A 2,100-word text presenting a detailed primer for new computer artists on the laws pertaining to copyright, intellectual property, work-for-hire, authorship, manipulation, and use of original works. SULCUS/LODGISTIX-HMS: “TRAINING SUPPORT PACKAGE” LHMS, one of the world’s largest developers of hotel reservationing and management software, sought to become the first in its industry to deliver all training and support materials for its products via CD-ROM. I wrote the narrative scripts for, designed and directed the production of this 10-lesson multimedia training program, developed to provide entry-level reservation agents throughout the world with a detailed knowledge of LHMS’ new “Lanmark” software, via interactive tutorials and simulations. Features include an animated game-show host, “Cool Ray Tube,” who guides the user through humorous test modules. Produced by Rainbow Multimedia Group. See project profile here. “The power of our program far surpasses any training product I have ever seen. The comprehensive quality of the creative consulting, script writing and storyboard design services that Rainbow provided to us was fundamental to creating training materials that brought our program concepts to life, and made the learning process fun and efficient. Congratulations on a job well done.” – John Picardi, Chief Operating Officer AMERICAN PRODUCTIVITY & QUALITY CENTER – WALLACE CO., INC.: "THE ROAD TO THE BALDRIGE” Wallace Co., Inc., a small supplier of products for the petrochemical industry in Houston, TX, was facing bankruptcy. In consultation with the American Productivity & Quality Center, Wallace was able to save itself by applying the principles of Total Quality Management. Wallace then applied itself to the demanding criteria of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, which is presented each year by the President of the United States. I had the privilege of writing, designing and directing the production of the 12:05 documentary video that profiles Wallace’s inspiring journey. Produced by the APQC and Rainbow Multimedia Group. See project profile here. “After winning the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, we needed to produce a video documenting our journey... (I) personally have seen many video productions over the last few months - however, none have been able to capture that unique experience or the 'special moment in time' that is so alive in our video. We have widely distributed our video and it is the highlight of every presentation. I believe in the quotation, ‘Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence.’ That you do so well!” – Michael Speiss, Executive Vice President (Wallace Co., Inc.)

(2) Analytical Graphics, Visualizations & Litigation Support Media
$100 MILLION LAND-USE DISPUTE: “L’AMBIANCE BEACH” Yale Properties International (YPI), a south Florida developer of upscale residential communities, retained me to provide public and government relations consulting services regarding “L'Ambiance Beach,” its proposal for a 143-unit, $100 million condominium complex, on Ft. Lauderdale’s last available beachfront property. For nearly three years, YPI had been seeking governmental approvals to construct this property. The neighboring homeowners associations (HOAs), however, launched a fierce, falsehood-ridden public propaganda campaign against the project, claiming it was in violation of legal provisions, would obstruct their ocean views, and as a result, cause a negative impact to their property values and lifestyles. I consulted on, designed and produced an extensive series of graphics and visualizations that demonstrated the HOAs’ charges were untrue. After utilizing this presentation in contentious public hearings, and negotiating certain concessions, YPI was granted its construction permits, and credited my work with having a major impact in this long-sought victory. Since then, I have consulted with YPI on an as-needed basis, particularly in regards to litigation research and document preparation, including a comprehensive written & graphical history of this issue, “The History of the L’Ambiance Beach Controversy.” See project profile here. “Jon's unique combination of creative research, analytical writing, graphic design and presentation development skills were successfully utilized in… achieving the governmental approvals we sought. (His) innovation, attention to detail, and ability to digest extremely complex/abstract legal provisions, concepts and arguments, and translate them into clear, impactive visualizations, (was) an integral part of our presentations.” – Morris Richter, President
DEFENSE OF THE “BIG 3” U.S. AUTOMAKERS IN NATIONAL LITIGATION I was retained by McGuireWoods, one of the world’s largest and most respected law firms, to consult on, design and direct the production of a series of 3D computer-animated visualizations, to demonstrate certain aspects of braking dynamics in domestic autos, particularly regarding the performance characteristics of asbestos vs. non-asbestos braking systems. The resulting animations were integrated into a much larger multimedia presentation that was shown to juries nationwide. See project profile here. “We cannot be happier with the quality of the animation(s) you produced for us. (They will) help tremendously in this national litigation and I expect juries will relate well, regardless of their geographic location.” – Samuel L. Tarry, Jr. WRONGFUL DEATH LITIGATION AGAINST FORD MOTOR CO. I was retained by one of central Virginia’s largest law firms, Michie Hamlett, to consult on, design and produce a series of cross-sectional technical illustrations of a Ford auto’s speed-control device under different circumstances, which the firm alleges led to a driver’s death when it malfunctioned. The particular challenge was to create these illustrations in a very short timeframe, as the other litigation media designer the firm had contracted was unable to perform to its expectations, and there was still quite a bit of research left to do, to define and develop one optimal design approach. See project profile here. “You undertook this difficult task and, working under a very tight timeline, produced graphical depictions of the mechanical components that very accurately showed their functions and operating ranges. The federal judge deemed them reliable and, in a startling courtroom admission, Ford’s own expert acknowledged their accuracy and effectiveness. This is a tribute to your quick grasp of the specifications and your tireless work in getting the job done.” – Edgar F. Heiskell, III

$800,000 HOUSE EXPLOSION LITIGATION This project related to a fine artist whose home-studio, and an extensive archive of fine art that she created, were destroyed by an explosion and fire, which she alleges was caused by an improperly-installed propane system. As there were only a few interior photographs (no exteriors) and no blueprints of her home-studio, the plaintiff’s law firm (Martin & Raynor, Charlottesville, VA) retained me to develop an extensive array of illustrations and 3D graphics depicting this facility, miscellaneous supplemental charts and a timeline of events, for use in courtroom presentations and juror notebooks. With the aid of this 25-page presentation, the firm won pre-trial settlements from all three defendants. See project profile here. “This was a very difficult project, because of the fact that you did not have the ability to do a site inspection, or even look at high-quality pictures. Indeed, we gave you very little to work with… (T)he work you did has been extremely effective in presenting our arguments, in such a way as to take viewers 'inside' our client's home-studio, to 'see' for themselves what we allege occurred. The 3D graphics… were just spectacular, and worked well for us.” – Jonathan Wren
BLUE RIDGE HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION: “REGULATORY DECISIONS AND THEIR IMPACT” As “affordability” is a major point of contention in new housing developments, the BRHBA (Charlottesville, VA) wished to make a presentation to local Planning & Zoning commissions, to demonstrate how various governmental land-use decisions affect (and often increase) the price of new housing. The BRHBA retained me to develop a series of graphics that would profile a community that had already been built, and how decisions/demands regarding “open space,” multi-family vs. single-family units, and other housing variables ultimately affect each lot’s retail price, as well as other development finance & construction factors. See project profile here. SOFTWIND LTD.: “THE NEXT GENERATION OF WATER-PUMPING WINDMILLS” SWL was a Scottsdale, AZ-based renewable-energy technology engineering firm that had developed a new type of water-pumping windmill which possessed extraordinary performance characteristics. As part of its preparation for a global marketing program and an anticipated patent conflict, SWL wished to create 3D visualizations and animations that would illustrate the unique components of its windmill, and how it is assembled and operates. SWL retained me to develop the animation storyboards and design key graphic presentation materials. See project profile here. "The animation storyboards and key visualizations you developed were exactly what we needed. We can’t wait to see them ‘brought to life’ under your direction. Your skills in visualization and analysis are truly remarkable.” – William Welch, Vice President - Development

(3) Advertising, Marketing & Corporate Communications Media
INTEL: “FREEDOM” When Intel was preparing to launch a new line of cellular and radio modems for portable PCs, it wished to develop a video to introduce its marketing executives throughout the world to these products and the market for them, in a very dramatic fashion. I was subcontracted (and later hired) by Tracer Design to write and design this production, which became a completely computer-generated 07:30 video. The opening sequence features 3D chromium mannequins dragging large cables through a forest (dramatized “road warriors”); the cables are then severed by Intel's "Excalibur" sword. Other aspects of this video include: (1) 3D visualizations of how messages are forwarded from tower to tower, and are stored until the user opens his/her portable computer and logs onto a wireless service, at which time the message is transmitted, (2) market growth visualizations, and (3) animations showing how the various modems are attached to the portable computer. Total length of the script-storyboard: 46 pages. See complete video and script-storyboard excerpts here. GAFFNEY HOMES, LLC: “THE AMERICA’S BEST BUILDER AWARD” As Gaffney Homes, a Charlottesville, VA-based homebuilder approached its 20th anniversary in business, it decided to apply for the ABB award, the most prestigious in its industry. The two key components of the application are (a) detailed responses to an extensive list of business, marketing, operational and community involvement questions, and (b) the company’s business plan. Gaffney Homes retained me to provide creative leadership, copy writing, editing, graphic design and general marketing media consulting services on this project over eight months, with special focus on the firm’s first comprehensive business plan. As noted below, Gaffney won the ABB; see project profile here. “Jon assured us at the onset that he would assist us in producing a business plan and application that would be immediately distinguishable from others… (including) design esthetics, copy content and structure that would be attractive, comprehensive and easy to understand. Needless to say, we were thrilled when the ABB judging committee announced that Gaffney Homes had won the America’s Best Builder Award. One judge specifically cited the easy to follow layout of our business plan as being a critical factor in helping to put us over the top.” – Mike Gaffney JAPAN INDUSTRIAL JOURNAL: “SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS SHOW JAPAN – MAPPING KIOSK” I wrote, designed and directed the production of this touch-screen kiosk software program, which was developed to enable attendees at this large international trade show to search for exhibitors by classification, and print out detailed maps of same. Features include a complex animated introduction/screen saver, with various technologies morphing into each other. See animation storyboard here. TOUCH TECHNOLOGY: “SHOWTIME EXPRESS MALL KIOSK” Touch Technology, Inc. (TTI) was a Scottsdale, AZ-based developer of proprietary public-access transaction systems, which sought to develop a prototype point-of-purchase event ticketing kiosk. In addition to designing TTI’s logo, I was tasked with designing the logo for Showtime Express, and the storyboard for a multimedia software for the prototype kiosk. The purpose of the demo was to show how users select, via detailed mapping visualizations, specific seats at sporting and entertainment events, then pay for and receive printed tickets. See project profile here. PCS HEALTH SYSTEMS (NOW CAREMARK): “NEW PRODUCTS KIOSK” Scottsdale, AZ-based PCS was one of America's largest health services firms. I wrote, designed and directed the production of this interactive multimedia trade show kiosk presentation, which showcased PCS’ newest range of pharmacy services and prescription drug discount products. “The kiosk you developed for our trade show booth looked great! Thanks for all the hard work and long hours to meet our deadline.” – Andrew Renk, Corporate Communications Manager OCEAN HYPERBARIC CENTER: “CEREBRAL PALSY AND THE BRAIN-INJURED CHILD” The OHC is a Ft. Lauderdale, FL-based pioneer of and global leader in the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for the treatment of severe neurological traumas. OHC's founder and Medical Director, Richard Neubauer, M.D., retained me to consult on, design and recreate numerous key media elements, including its logos (“HBO2,” “Neur02”), and provide copy writing and overall marketing analysis & recommendations. One highlight of my work was writing and directing the production of a video documentary, “Cerebral Palsy and the Brain-Injured Child,” a 23:45 presentation containing dramatic footage of pediatric patients before, during and after HBOT at OHC. "Jon has proven to be a multi-talented, exceptionally valuable asset to OHC. The results became apparent soon after our affiliation began. OHC has received compliments from all over the world regarding the media that Jon reconstructed. Our business has increased significantly, and we are much better organized.” – Richard Neubauer, M.D.

See a 2:45 montage of animations here. See animation storyboarding & directorial portfolio here.

Sharp Electronics: “Awash” An 00:08 animation for a southeast Asian TV commercial, in which a detergent-free washing machine is visualized from an underwater perspective. Features animated "bubbles" as they clean a spot off a cloth “fabric.” See animation at 01:22 in demo reel here. Japanese Racing Association: “G1 Opening Sequence” A 00:10 title animation, developed for a series of southeast Asian TV commercials, and large outdoor screen displays, to promote this premier class of horse racing. Features an “electrified” 3D racetrack morphing into 'G1' logo. See storyboard here. Kibun (Japan) Chemfia CC: “The Birth Of Marine” A complicated 00:14 animation sequence for a TV commercial, to promote a new artificial crabmeat product throughout southeast Asia. Features a CG ocean morphing into a water globule, and then into the product package. Won runner-up prize in a regional CG competition. See storyboard & animation here. EMCI-Wembley Japan: “Juliana’s Tokyo Live!” A 00:10 opening sequence animation for a new 'American Bandstand'style television program (1992), broadcast each Saturday night from a Tokyo dance club throughout southeast Asia. Features the letters of Juliana’s name “dancing” on a reflective stage, in front of black background, upon which was keyed music-video imagery of international music superstars, for each week’s episode. See storyboard and animation here.