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Thursday, June 8, 2017 @ 10:00 am-2:00 pm

Genworth Financial
6620 West Broad Street, Building 4, 6th Floor- Classrooms 1 & 2
Richmond, VA 23230

Meeting began with a discussion of funding needed for the replacement of the ASAPS system, which can
no longer fully track data associated with allegations and investigations of adult abuse, neglect and
exploitation. Without funds to repair the complex problems of a 12-year old system, and recognizing
urgency for Virginias most vulnerable older adults, in 2015 the RAC included a solution in the three-year
strategic plan, to develop needed software, leveraging the current No Wrong Door System. Funds were
secured through Federal discretionary grants, for development, which is now complete, and for start-up
and training. However, to date, there is a funding gap of $440,000 for annual operations fees to sustain
and maintain the system.

The following suggestions outlined below were made. RAC members recommended:

1. DARS submit a budget request during the budget development process in fall 2017 to include
$440,000 per year, for a total of $880,000 for the biennium.

2. Provided the appropriation is included in the Governors budget, DARS meet with Money
Committee staff.

3. Provider network associations and self and family advocates agreed to write letters to the
Governor to explain the urgency of this matter and the critical importance of this funding.

4. The Virginia League of Social Service Executives (VLSSE) include as a priority on legislative
platform and partner with V4A in advocacy efforts.

5. Because state employees are prohibited from lobbying, provider network representatives
agreed to bring this issue to their associations to discuss including it in their legislative

6. For RAC members to reach out to VML and VACO to make this a priority in their legislative

7. To bolster discussions during the general assembly session, develop personal stories, including
value of secure community records, to demonstrate impact on consumers.

8. Messaging include the benefits and value, for individuals and providers, of the ASAPS
replacement being integrated into to an existing and well-functioning system.

The group discussed changes and potential impact of transitions with a new administration and No
Wrong Door staffing, as well as, submission of the No Wrong Door Semi-Annual Report to the
Administration for Community Living.

Four implementation workgroups met and reported out on achievements, next steps and timeline.
Streamlined Access
Person-Centered Counseling
Public Outreach, Communication and Marketing
Governance and Administration

A decision was made to support the change in application schedule for NWD Capacity-Building
Grants from semi-annually to a rolling application. Funding will be awarded on a first-come-
first-served basis, providing all eligibility requirements are met.

Upcoming No Wrong Door-RAC Quarterly Meetings 2017: 9/14, 12/14 @ 10am-2pm