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JAMES D. BRAMER, LLC Attorneys and Counselors at Law a a at Re “JAMES D. URAMER * * Aloo edited in Wyoming (WESLEY. FEI Of Couns” April 14, 2017 Mr. Raymond T. Baker, Chairman Board of Directors Metropolitan Football Stadium District 2195 Blake Street, Suite 200 Denver, Colorado 80205 NOTICE OF CLAIM Re: Mr. Jason Coy (Deceased) Date of Incident: October 24, 2016 Location of Incident: Sports Authority Field at Mile High Dear Mr. Baker: Pursuant to C.R.S. 13-21-201 et seq., and C.R.S. 24-10-109, please accept and process this formal notice of claim as it relates to the untimely death of Mr. Jason Coy, ‘on October 24, 2016, at the Stadium District's Sports Authority Field at Mile High. This firm makes said claim on behalf of our represented client, Mrs. Leslie A. Coy, as widow of Jason Coy, and we can be reached at the contact information provided in our letterhead, above. On October 24, 2016, while attending a Denver Bronco's football game as an invitee inside the Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Mr. Coy fell to his death in a fire escape corridor and staircase, inside the North East concourse of the stadium. The subject corridor was designed, built, and maintained as a fire evacuation escape route and egress method for invited game attendees. The corridor and staircase contained a vault and open shaft that was inherently dangerous to patrons, and Mr. Coy slipped over a handrail near the top of the staircase, falling to his death, at or near the base below. We believe that the Stadium District, and others, failed to make the subject staircase and stairwell, reasonably safe for invited guests/patrons, and this failure led directly to Mr. Coy’s fatal injuries. We are currently aware that stadium staff was positioned at the top of the subject staircase at the time of, or just before Mr. Coy’s fall. We are not aware of any particular Stadium District employee who was personally responsible by act or omission, and we Mr. Raymond T. Baker, Chairman April 14, 2017 Page 2 feel that the stadium structure itself, its management, and precisely, the open vault in the stairwell was an unreasonably dangerous condition and hazard to all patrons. We understand that agents of the Stadium Management Company have gathered investigative information about this incident, and that emergency personnel and Denver police also have investigative materials in their reporting. Pursuant to Colorado Law, Ms. Leslie Coy has exclusive claim rights for wrongful death damage recovery until October 24, 2017. Ms. Coy may seek damages from the Metropolitan Football Stadium District, and/or others within the time allowed for such claims, and may seek damage recovery for herself, and on behalf of her children within the framework of the Colorado Wrongful Death statutes and case law. The total amount of monetary damages Mrs. Coy may pursue are not fully developed or known at this time. We expect the later development of both economic and non-economic damage components. Non-economic damages are limited by statute against public entities, and economic damages realized by the remaining Coy family are subject to economic analysis at a later time. We are in the process of gathering last treatment medical costs, and will provide them upon compilation Again, please accept this letter as Mrs. Coys satisfaction of her claim notice duties under Colorado Statute. Very Truly Yours, JAMES D. BRAMER, LLC ‘ 7 nes D. Bramer JDBvt Ce: Mrs. Leslie Coy