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Salto, Dianne D. Atty.

Galahad Pe Benito

CHAPTER VI: Discovery

As the case of Woburn continues, Judge Skinner ordered both counsels for the plaintiff and
defendant to complete their evidence for nine (9) months. One of the modes of discovery in a civil
action or case is to have the depositions taken from a person that may lead to the development of
the case. The first to have his depositions taken by the lawyers W. R. Grace and Beatrice Foods is
Richard Aufiero. He is the number one listed as plaintiff in the case of Woburn. He and his wife
was very nervous as they went to the office of Jan Schlichtmann. He told Richard not to get
nervous and just be himself as natural as he can and tell all the truth because if he dont, it can
create more trouble in the future. Facher presided the gathering. As expected, he knows every bit
of Aufieros past and the latter did not deny any of that. After the meeting, Facher greeted
Schlichtmann good luck.
The taking of depositions continued up to the thirteen Woburn Adults and took up the entire
month of January. Schlichtmann focused first on Grace to find evidence that they really dumped
TCE in the back of their plant. He asked Cheeseman to produce the Woburn plants most
knowledgeable person. Cheeseman was able to bring those persons but Schlichtmann thought that
they are lying. One day, one of the employees of Grace, Al Love met Anne Anderson to give her
sympathy and tell the truth about what really happened in the plant. Anne asked him if he could
meet Schlichtmann and he agreed. They arranged the meeting and Jan thought that Al was really
something because he told everything to Jan. Al Loves other two companions which were
previously interviewed by Schlichtmann were all lying according to Loves confession. This time,
Jan had a feeling that Grace was really liable for the dumping of TCE in the back of their plant.
The same thing run from his mind about Beatrice. Jan thought he needed another Al Love from
Beatrice Foods. He started to locate the residents nearby Beatrices property which were alleged to
be place where the TCE has been dumped. In search for the answers, Jan also searched Whitney
Barrel. It was the company that leased the property of Beatrice and he thought that its either
Beatrice or Whitney had caused the dumping of TCE in that property.