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n of the 2017 CE

Criteria of 201
Visibility of
Crescent of
Luna by
7 CE
Schaefers formula is a good formula for the speculation of the visibility of
Crescent/Hilal of Luna/Qamar/Moon. But this formula is hidden and even a
man like F-t-h:i: was unable to find it. I have tried to reconstruct and 25/09/1438
resurrect the formula. Any error in the formula can only be ascribed to the
Reconsturtor and not to the original Deriver of the Formula. Dedicated to
all who are interested in Visibility of Crescent of Luna from Planet Earth.

Schaefers Formula is not found in general. The reasons for hiding the formulae are speculated but they
are beyond the scope of the present work. Even a man like F-tu:h:I was unable to find it.I Have tried to
reconstruct the formulae. Any error in the formula can only be ascribed to me and not to Schaefer.

In the reconstruction I have used some Arabic Letters.

The Formula is as follow:=

= Log (/)-------------(1)

Where is pronounced as Seen [Si:n]

is Pronounced as Baa [Ba:]

is Pronounced as Baa Baa


Visibility is Certain for >1

Visibility is Impossible for 0>

Visibility is Probable for 1>>0


= B act -----------------(2)

=B req

B act =B- B0(Z) ---------------(3)

B0(Z)=B zen [10exp(-0.4)K(X-1)]X------------(4)

K>0.03 [Constant]----------------------(5)


Or B=(34.08)exp(20.7233-0.92104V)-------------------(6b)

V=21.37710 Constant----------------------(7)

X=(1-0.96(sin(Z)^2))exp(-(1/2)), Z is Zenith--------------------(7)

Zm is the Zenith of Luna ------------------------------(8)


Q=10+(2.5)Log (3600)^2 -------------------------------(9)

a= (100)exp(0.2) ---------------------------(10)

B= f()I*[10exp(-0.4)KX(Zm)][1-10exp(-0.4KX(Zm))---------------(11)



m= -12.73+0.26||+(4(10)exp(-a)||^4----------------------(14)

= Phase Angle.

Bm= Dark night Brightness calculated as an average-----------------(15)

X(Z)=[Cos(Z)+0.25e (exp(-11Cos(Z))exp(-1)------------------------(16)

V=(-0.2)Log [[Bmoon+B0(Z)]/B0(Z)]-------------------------(17)

Bmoon = B-----------------(18)

.=10 0r e --------------------------(19)

[Not specified but assumed to be 10, Log at the base 10]

f(p)=fm()+fR(p) ,WHERE fR(p) CR(1.06+Cos(p)^2),CR=2.27(10)^5 , fm() =(10)^(6.15-p/10) or
6.2(10)^7 p^-2

Note :

For any confusion in equations consult the followings.

1] Moon Light Brightness Simulation for Xinglang Station by Sang Yao.

2] A Model for the Brightness of Moon Light by

Schaefer and Bredley.