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Spoof tools


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Spoof The list

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Packages that attempt to spoof the attacker such, in that the attacker doesn't show up as an attacker to the victim.

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Name Version Description Homepage

ADM DNS spoofing tools - Uses a
admid-pack 0.1 variety of active and passive methods
to spoof DNS packets. Very powerful.
aranea 6.469b9ee A fast and clean dns spoofing tool. (

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Spoof tools

Name Version Description Homepage

IP address spoofing tool in order to
cisco- (
5.daf0589 bypass an ACL protecting an SNMP
snmp-slap /cisco-snmp-slap)
service on Cisco IOS devices.
dns-spoof 12.3918a10 Yet another DNS spoof utility.
A family of tools designed to simulate (
fakenetbios 7.b83701e
Windows hosts (NetBIOS) on a LAN. /FakeNetBIOS)
An ids evasion tool, used to
anonymously inundate intrusion
inundator 0.5 (
detection logs with false positives in
order to obfuscate a real attack.
A Multithreaded asynchronous packet (
lans 168.4ad2333
parsing/injecting arp spoofer. /DanMcInerney/
Spoofs connections using source (
lsrtunnel 0.2
routed packets. /projects/lsrtunnel/)
2.6ac6980 ManOnTheSideAttack-DNS Spoofing. /ManOnTheSideAttack-
multimac 1.0.3 Multiple MACs on an adapter
NBNSpoof - NetBIOS Name Service (
nbnspoof 1.0
Spoofer /tools/nbnspoof/)
netcommander 1.3 An easy-to-use arp spoofing tool.
rbndr 7.ed02bdc Simple DNS Rebinding Service. (
smikims- Performs an ARP spoofing attack (
arpspoof using the Linux kernel's raw sockets. /arpspoof)
A custom eth->ip->tcp packet
synner 1.1 generator (spoofer) for testing
firewalls and dos attacks.

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