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Piston kits

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Benefits of Using Light Kits

Commercial benefits:

Single item numbers

Avoid missing parts during maintenance

Easy inventory

Easy order process

Clear service instructions
Technical benefits:

Inlet air filter => Included in Performance Kit & Maintenance Kit
Contaminated air entering the compressor and possibly wear out the cylinder assembly (piston, cylinder, piston ring..)

Valve plate kit => Included in Performance Kit

Coke formation which will reduce the performance and can eventually damage the non-return valve when leaving the
compressor. It can possibly create an over-pressure inside the cylinder-carter, with oil leaks as a consequence.

Return valve kit (spring, seat, gasket) => Included in Performance Kit & Maintenance Kit
There can be leaks when not change timely. The compressor will lose the air and in many cases run too long which can
cause electric motor damage.

Gaskets (valve plate, cylinder head, oil exchange gaskets) => Separate Kit
It is mandatory to change these items when replacing on of the above components.

Oil => To be Ordered Separately

It has to be changed because its functionality is to lubricate and cool down the pump and allow to
the mechanical parts to run without seize.
Product Highlights

Available Kits for Piston Compressor

Available maintenance & service kits
Following Kits are available for all Pumps:
Kit Number Description
310 Cylinder head kit
320 Cooler kit
325 Valve plate kit
330 Upgrade kit
335 Joints kit
340 Aftercooler kit
345 Cylinder kit
350 Flywheel kit
355 Conrod-piston kit LP
356 Conrod-piston kit HP
360 Oil level kit
370 Safety valve kit
MK1 Maintenance kit
MK2 Maintenance kit + Oil
PK1 Performance kit
PK2 Performance kit + Oil

Refer to Spare Parts List to find the Part No. of required Service Kit
Performance and light kits:

Pump Part number Performance kits Maintenance Kits Info

B2800I 6218739300
B2800 6218741800
B2800B 6218739200 8973037620
B3800 4116090004
B3800B 6218739400
B4900B 6218739600 8973037624 8973037867
B5900B 8973037628 before 2005
B5900B2 6218740200 8973037630 8973037869 present
NS39 6218739900 8973037638 8973037875
B6000 6218740100 8973037632 8973037871 present
B60002 8973037634 before 2004
B60003 8973037646 8973037881 silent
B7000 6218740000 8973037636 8973037873 present
B70001 8973037648 8973037883 silent
B7900/NS59S 6218740300 8973037640 8973037873
PAT24 4116090307 8973037657 8973037864
PAT24B 4116090308 8973037657 8973037864
PAT38 4116090309 8973037657 8973037864
PAT38B 4116090310 8973037657 8973037864
NS89 4116090002 8973037644 8973037879
GV34 6218739500 8973037651
Care is what service is all about: professional service by knowledgeable people, using high-quality
Original Parts.

Trust is earned by delivering on our promises of reliable, uninterrupted performance and long
equipment lifetime.

Equipment efficiency is ensured by regular maintenance. Efficiency of the service organization is
how Original Parts and Service make the difference

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