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Flat Carbon Europe

Steel for Oil & Gas Pipes

Line Pipe, OCTG & Well Intervention

Flat Carbon Europe

19, avenue de la Libert

L-2930 Luxembourg

PR-BR-EP-EN - 09/2012 - Courtesy of Corinth Pipeworks (Greece) - This publication is printed on Cyclus 100% recycled paper.

1 - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - 1
Universal Strength Premium Steel
in Steel for Oil & Gas Pipes
With over 30 years experience in producing steels The success of ArcelorMittal FCE is based on the
for Oil & Gas welded pipes, ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon long-established expertise of highly skilled teams
ArcelorMittal Europe supplies more than 450,000 metric tons
of hot rolled steel coils each year to the global Oil & Gas
operating at our three mills in Bremen (Germany),
Fos-sur-Mer (France) and, more recently, Krakow
Present in more than 60 countries and covering Pipe industry. (Poland).
all major global markets (automotive, pipes,
Our customers form our steel strips to manufacture From R&D to Production and from Supply to Customer
construction, household appliances, packaging etc),
large-diameter pipes for hydrocarbon transportation Service, our people are dedicated to meeting the
ArcelorMittal is a leading global force in steel
in both sweet and sour conditions. ArcelorMittals needs of our Energy customers. Oil & Gas Pipe
steels have superior properties in order to meet the manufacturers the world over rely on ArcelorMittal
The company enjoys a commanding market position,
most stringent strength and toughness requirements. FCE to provide them with premium hot rolled steel coils.
thanks to its groundbreaking R&D and technology,
sizeable captive supplies of raw materials and
outstanding distribution networks.
er v ing you
to s
All-round respect
Alain Sauvan - ArcelorMittal Fos-sur-Mer

ArcelorMittals primary focus is the health, safety and m i

well-being of its employees and contractors, as well m
as the communities in which it operates. This firm
y co
commitment extends to the sustainable management
a rs G a s P i p e s


of the environment and of finite resources, made
3 0 y

r Oil &
possible through our continuous research and

Steel f
development of steel-based technologies and solutions

that contribute, year after year, to minimising
environmental impact.

eo ple

Our p
Flat Carbon Europe
Owing to our wide range of products, covering
everything from commodity items to highly
alloyed solutions, ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon
Europe (FCE) is proud to supply design-to-purpose
solutions for virtually any of your steel applications.
Partner for life
We aim to keep our customers at the heart of
our operations by reducing their overall costs and
developing true long-term partnerships. Our
client-oriented marketing philosophy determines
ArcelorMittal Bremen, Fos-sur-Mer and Global R&D Gent

our strategy, approach and support with regard

ArcelorMittal Bremen

to the different market segments.

2 - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - 3
Universal Strength
in Steel
y e a r s as Pipes
30 l
il & G
f o rO
St e e

Courtesy of Corinth Pipeworks (Greece)

Shutterstock - wavebreakmedia ltd

The experience and expertise of our people Every year our customers transform 450,000 ArcelorMittal FCE aims to strongly engage

Alain Chauvet

combined with up-to-date equipment are metric tons of our steel into API welded pipes. with end users to meet their requirements ArcelorMittal FCE never forgets
the core of what ArcelorMittal FCE has to offer. in all types of environments. the essence of what it is all about.

Delivering Distinction ArcelorMittal FCE delivers carbon steel coils to

world-class Oil & Gas Pipe manufacturers on all five
Our API steel product range is fully suitable for pipe
forming. Depending on the processing method

continents, whether the application is onshore or (ERW = Electric Resistance Welding; SAWH or SAWL =
offshore, sweet or acid. Submerged Arc Welding Helical or Longitudinal), we Pipe forming
adjust the strip mechanical properties to match the pipe  angle
Per region Per facility Per thickness Per width Per grade requirements (see more on page 16).
(% of metric tons (% of metric tons (% of metric tons (% of metric tons (% of metric tons
delivered) produced) delivered) delivered) delivered) 

Steel coil Pipe

SAWH forming

% % mm % mm % %
Levelling Forming Welding Cooling
Europe 53 Fos-sur-Mer 58 >20 4 > 1800 6 X80 1
Asia 20 Bremen 33 14-20 40 1200-1800 84 X70 63
America 13 Others 9 <14 56 <1200 10 X65 12 Steel coil Pipe
Africa 11 X60 7
Middle East 3 S ofter grades 11
O CTG & Well Intervention 6 ERW forming principle Sizing
Direct sea access for fast and easy shipment solutions

Bremen and Fos-sur-Mer enjoy direct sea

access, adjacent to the mills. This provides fast
and easy shipment options whilst ensuring
reliability to deliver regular and large quantities.

Courtesy of Corinth Pipeworks

Courtesy of SCC Nigeria
ArcelorMittal, Fos-sur-Mer

SAWH (left) and ERW (right) welding heads overview

4 - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - 5
Presenting our Steel for Oil & Gas
y e a r s as Pipes
30 l
il & G
f o rO
St e e The Oil & Gas welded pipe industry requires a large conditions. Depending on the final application we
variety of steels to accommodate the most severe offer three steel product families.

Line Pipe (API 5L, ISO 3183, EN 10208-2)

For pipeline transportation systems
Black Hot Rolled Steel Coils and Sheets PI 5L: Grade B to X80 (PSL1 and PSL2)
Sweet and sour service ISO 3183: Grade B to X80
Any standard can be considered EN 10208-2: L245MB to L555MB

Courtesy of Corinth Pipeworks (Greece)

SAWH API 5L pipes being inspected during the coating operation.

OCTG (API 5CT) API 5ST, A 606-T4, AISI 4130

A wide range of J55 grades, from low to high 20 years experience of Well Intervention
carbon levels products

Black or Pickled & Oiled Hot Rolled Steel Coils Pickled & Oiled Hot or Cold Rolled Steel Coils

Alain Chauvet
Courtesy of Corinth Pipeworks

Drilling rig in the Eagle Ford shale play (Southern Texas) Pickled and oiled coils ready for overseas shipment (Fos-sur-Mer)

6 - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - 7
High quality products Extensive Steel Product Range
High value for our customers for API Pipes

Courtesy of Corinth Pipeworks (Greece)

High strength grades Speciality products
Up to X80M-PSL2 HIC-resistant grades for Sour service
Heavy thicknesses OCTG and Well Intervention grades
Up to 25.4 mm Cut-to-length sheets
Excellent toughness properties Large and reliable capacity
CVN and DWTT at low temperature Heavy-duty equipment
Heavy coils
3 production facilities
 Regular dedicated investments
Tailored offering
Up to 45 t Complex projects often have requirements over and Our make-to-order strategy ensures that we meet
 Consistent quality and mechanical our clients unique needs. Projects are only defined
Large widths above the standard. Furthermore, the characteristics
properties to secure medium and once a technical study of the client specification has
Up to 2146 mm of steel strips need to be adjusted to compensate
large-scale projects been conducted for each steel grade x dimension x
for the change in mechanical properties between
the as-delivered coil and the manufactured volume. The tables below give an indicative overview
pipe (greatly influenced by the type of forming, of our product range and dimensional feasibility.
the grade and the dimensions).
Hot Rolled Steel Coils for Line Pipe applications (API 5L, ISO 3183, EN 10208-2)
Welding processes: SAWH, SAWL, ERW
Steel grade Width (mm) Max thickness (mm)

API 5L EN 10208-2 min max no DWTT DWTT Sour service

ISO 3183 -10C / 85% (1)
X80 L555 850 2146 25.4 22 n.a.
X70 L485 850 2146 25.4 23 13
X65 L450 850 2146 25.4 20 16
X60 L415 850 2146 25.4 20 16
X52 L360 850 2146 25.4 20 16
X42 L290 850 2146 25.4 20 16
We also supply cut-to-length sheets: please contact us.
Hot Rolled Steel Coils for welded Casing and Tubing Pipes (API 5CT)
Welding process: ERW
Steel grade Thickness (mm) %C

J55 1.6 - 16 0.17

J55 N 1.6 - 16 0.21
N80 - P110 2.2 - 16 0.26
L80 2.2 - 18 0.43
K55 2.2 - 16 0.36
(in development)

For higher carbon versions up to %C = 0.48: please contact us.

Hot Rolled Steel Coils for Well Intervention Pipes
Alain Chauvet, ArcelorMittal, Fos-sur-Mer

Welding process: ERW

Standard Thickness (mm) Sour service YS on pipe (ksi)

API 5ST 1.6 - 7 YES 55 to 120 min

A 606-T4 1.6 - 7 - -
AISI 4130 on request - -
(1) Fos-sur-Mer only; HIC-resistant according to NACE TM0284:2003 solution A (pH=2.7)

The extreme rolling speeds (up to 1200 m/min) require In addition to our grades dedicated to the Oil & Gas of water or slurry transportation pipes, as well as
a combination of precise automatic control and human expertise industry, we deliver steel coils for the manufacture civil engineering solutions (piling pipes).
8 - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - 9
You deserve
premium steel
y e a r s as Pipes
30 l
il & G
f o rO
St e e It all starts with
premium slabs
Good steel starts with good slabs. ArcelorMittals
steels for Oil & Gas Pipes are manufactured using
advanced metallurgical processes to meet both
sweet and sour service requirements through a
design-to-purpose approach.
The process is constantly monitored and controlled
via a supervision system that is independent of
production. Cross-section characterisation tests
of the full slab are performed by macro-etching to
ensure a low level of central segregation.
The slabs are reheated and thermomechanically rolled
with accelerated cooling to achieve the required
thickness and homogeneous mechanical properties.
ArcelorMittals steels have a fine and homogeneous
microstructure, which ensures an optimised combination
of strength and toughness.

Alain Sauvan
Slab oxycutting at Fos-sur-Mer
Alain Sauvan - ArcelorMittal Fos-sur-Mer

Alain Chauvet
Slab being loaded from the continuous casting
exit table after final water spray cooling (Fos-sur-Mer)

10 - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - 11
Bremen, Fos-sur-Mer and Krakow
y e a r s as Pipes
30 l
il & G
f o rO
St e e Manufacturing both Oil & Gas and automotive products Whether handling a one-off steel batch or the
at the same mills requires us to continually monitor manufacture of several thousand metric tons of steel
and challenge our quality performance. in just a few months, ArcelorMittal FCE aims to ensure
Our 30 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry that product properties remain consistently reliable.
is another key element in the quality and reliability By knowing the capabilities of our equipment and
of our deliveries. To ensure a secure supply, we aim constantly acquiring new technical expertise, we can
to approve two of our facilities to produce large guarantee to supply you with the right product.
volumes to the same specification.

3 facilities in Europe

Blast Furnace Steel shop Continuous Caster Thermomechanical hot rolling mill

2 x BF 2 x LD 1 x CC x 2 strands HSM 78.7
(290 t) Vertical-curved 1 DC installed in 2009
RH degasser 3 crop shear installed in 2011

2 x BF 2 x LET 2 x CC x 2 strands HSM 84.5
(340 t) Vertical-curved 1 DC installed in 2008
RH degasser CC#1 Relined in 2007

2 x BF 2 x LET (340 t) 1 x CC - SR HSM 80.3
2 x LF Vertical-curved 1 DC installed in 2007

BF: Blast Furnace RH degasser: vacuum circulation degasser

LET: Bottom Stirring CC: Continuous Caster
LD: Linz-Donawitz SR: Soft Reduction
STAD: Desulphurisation Station HSM: Hot Strip Mill
CAS-OB: Argon Sealed atmosphere DC: Downcoiler
LF: Ladde Furnace
Alain Sauvan - ArcelorMittal Fos-sur-Mer, downcoiler

12 - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - 13
Our Steel-making Process
Step by Step


Dry distillation Quenching

Conversion into cokes

Unloading of vessels

Blast furnace
Burning of sinter and cokes reduces iron Desulphurisation Ladle metallurgy Vacuum degassing Continuous casting
Iron ore ore to hot metal Hot metal becomes steel by burning Treatment of special steel Solidifying liquid steel to slabs
excess carbon with pure oxygen grades
Preparing iron ore for blast furnace

Slab reheating before hot rolling Removing oxide layer Hot rolling Coiling station Pickling
with powerful jets Reduction of thickness by applying with coiling mandrels Removal of the oxide layer with hydrochloric acid
pressure (min. +/- 1.8 mm)

Converter and ladle metallurgy Continuous casting Hot rolling

From iron ore and coke selection to ladle metallurgy, The recently relined continuous casters are vertical- After reheating, the slabs are thermomechanically In 2011 the Bremen mill unveiled the worlds biggest crop shear.
we aim to fine-tune the final steel chemistry to curved to ensure better inclusion decantation. rolled to reach the required thickness and Capable of shearing up to 76 mm thick transfer bars prior to
finish rolling, this new piece of equipment enables the production
ensure the soundness and mechanical properties homogeneous mechanical properties. The aim is to
They are also equipped with divided rolls to of strips of greater thickness with improved toughness. This also
of the final material. We particularly focus on achieve the targeted grain refinement (consistently
prevent bulging. Combined with a tundish flow opens up the possibility of creating innovative steel properties.
ensuring an extra low phosphorous and sulphur finer than 8). This ensures an optimised combination
control system, this greatly contributes to minimising
content (below 20 ppm), while implementing of strength and toughness.
central segregation, while full slab cross-section
calcium treatment to minimise the formation of
macro-etching is regularly performed as a standard Powerful and sophisticated run-out tables make
harmful inclusions.
control procedure. it possible to process everything from dual or
multiphase thin steels for automotive applications
to thick API steels. At Fos-sur-Mer, the abundant
water flow reaches 400 m3/minute.

BuTech Bliss
Alain Chauvet

Alain Chauvet
Alain Sauvan

14 - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - 15
Meet your requirements for pipe Meet your most stringent toughness requirements
mechanical properties on heavy walls
Steel strips are delivered with extra strength to greatly influenced by the type of forming Achieving stringent toughness properties on high Above 22 mm gauge, the final strip wall becomes too
compensate for the apparent loss in yield strength (sawh, SAWL, ERW), the grade and the dimensions. strength heavy wall strips is critical, since this is thick compared with the transfer bar thickness prior
between the as-delivered steel coil and In the case of smaller diameters (usually ERW), the directly related to grain size and microstructure to finish rolling. In 2011 ArcelorMittal Bremen installed
the manufactured pipe. The extent of this loss is yield strength will actually increase on pipe. homogeneity throughout the thickness of the sheet. the worlds biggest crop shear, capable of cutting
Dedicated low carbon chemistry, combined with 76 mm thick bars.
finely tuned cooling during the hot rolling process,
is mandatory.

Our process Our process

Steel mechanical properties are obtained by a combination of Thermomechanically hot rolled steel. High
chemistry and hot rolling parameters. reduction ratios combined with finely tuned
cooling and dedicated chemistry.
The water flow on the finishing stands (hot
rolling mill) must remain laminar to ensure

Alain Chauvet
Alain Chauvet
premium homogeneity of the mechanical
properties. The shape of the nozzles is

Alain Sauvan
specifically designed to ensure uniform
Hot rolling mill at Fos-sur-Mer

Our steel Mechanical Properties Prediction Our steel Fine grain microstructure, even on high strength & heavy wall strips
To anticipate the drop in yield strength on large OD pipes, Yield Strength (MPa) - Cumulative frequency
we have created a database and software that predict the
mechanical properties on pipe, based on the dimensions 120
and values on strip.
Our aim is therefore to ensure that our customers can reliably
use our product and deliver to end users within the required 80
% of values

project time frame. This also makes it possible to offer a cost-

effective design-to-purpose package. 60

40 1 - NON API: for reference 2 - X80M-PSL2 3 - X80M-PSL2

S355MC construction steel Thickness = 23.7 mm Thickness = 23.7 mm
Comparison of the yield strength distribution 20 Optical micrography Optical micrography SEM image (same position as 2)
on a 48 SAWH pipe (thickness = 13 mm) in
X70M-PSL2 versus the initial strip properties.





This enables the required mechanical properties









on strip to be refined in order to meet pipe YS (MPa)

requirements. YS (pipe) transverse to pipe axis YS (strip) transverse to rolling direction
Your product Premium toughness properties

CVN impact test on X70M-PSL2 (transverse direction on coil)

Your product Meeting the API strength requirements 400

X70 21.8 mm
X70 22.7 mm

350 350
Charpy Impact Energy (J)

Charpy Impact Energy (J)

Hydrotest on SAWH pipes. Making sure the minimum
mechanical properties are achieved on the formed pipe 300 300
is mandatory to comply with the pressure requirements. 250 250
200 200
150 150
100 100
Courtesy of SCC Nigeria

50 50
0 0

-140 -120 -100 -80 -60 -40 -20 0 20 -140 -120 -100 -80 -60 -40 -20 0 20
Temperature (C) Temperature (C)

16 - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - 17
Meet your
sour and acid requirements
y e a r s as Pipes
30 l
il & G
f o rO
St e e The presence of H2S in Oil & Gas environments kept low and the microstructure must be extremely
exposes steel to various forms of corrosion cracking. homogeneous, since any hard point or void would be
Hydrogen-Induced Cracking (HIC) and Sulphide a source of hydrogen embrittlement. Recent projects
Stress Corrosion Cracking (SSCC) are initiated at have also benefited from the use of HIC-resistant steels
microscopic trap sites. It is therefore essential to reduce for CO2 transportation.
impurities. In this regard, the sulphur content has to be

Our process Low sulphur

and phosphorus
HIC-resistant steel would not exist without the appropriate content in liquid
chemistry (low sulphur and phosphorus content and inclusion steel is the initial
shape control by calcium treatment to reduce MnS precipitation). requirement for
In addition, the casting and hot rolling parameters must be sour and acid
carefully designed and monitored. serviceability
of the final pipe.
We benefit from the following equipment and practices:
We guarantee
- Vacuum degassing to reduce the gas content of steel a maximum of
- Vertical-curved continuous casters with divided rolls 20 ppm of sulphur,
- Finely tuned thermomechanical rolling parameters to and generally
guarantee the absence of hard spots achieve half of

Alain Sauvan
- Coiling temperature monitoring this value.

Our steel Non-sour Sour

By monitoring the successive process steps, we can offer

a fine grain microstructure with a minimised banded pattern.

Courtesy of OCAS
Microstructure of non-sour steel (X65M-PSL2) versus HIC-resistant
steel (X65MS-PSL2). Thickness = 10 mm.

Your product
We guarantee HIC resistance as per NACE TM0284 Solution A pH = 2.7 in our integrated testing laboratory at Fos-sur-Mer.
SSCC and CO2 testing are also available.

b = crack
Alain Sauvan - ArcelorMittal Fos-sur-Mer, steel shop

a = crack

The samples The samples are UT inspected If a crack is found, the sensitivity
are placed in to make sure no cracks are missed. (CSR), length (CLR) and thickness
the H2S rig for (CTR) ratios are calculated.
96 hours.

18 - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - 19
You deserve premium Gent (Belgium)
support OCAS R&D Centre

ArcelorMittal Bremen.

Courtesy of OCAS
We are there for you... Safety comes first (Bremen and Fos-sur-Mer are
OCAS is a joint venture between ArcelorMittal and
the Flemish Region. With more than 140 engineers

Quality is our mindset. and technicians from 16 countries, the R&D lab
no matter where you are. develops new steel grades and steel processing 200
Confidentiality is our daily concern.

Load (kN)
Our multicultural technical team stays in close contact
Mutual understanding and regular direct 150
with the process and logistics teams at our mills
communication are the baseline for optimum The main focus of its research activities is
to ensure the required end results. Just as important,
technical collaboration. supporting the Oil & Gas Pipe market. 100
they are ready to discuss and address your needs
and concerns at any time, supporting you on your These four principles are the core values of By developing heavy-gauge line pipe steels and OCTG 50
site whenever necessary and wherever you are in ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe. grades:
the world. with higher strength; 0
with improved toughness at low temperature; 0 5 10 15 20 25
with sour corrosion resistance (HIC, SSCC). Displacement (mm)

By providing technical support for Oil & Gas BDWTT testing and modelling. OCAS has the ability to measure
customers: the energy level effectively reached during testing.
welding (SAW, HFI, girth welding);
corrosion in sweet and sour environments;
fracture mechanics and toughness (CTOD,
BDWTT etc);
numerical modelling (properties of structures);
failure and damage analysis.
Our dedicated API pipe team and state-of-the-art
equipment are now brought together at the Metal
Structures Centre, located in Ghent.

Recently (2011) installed SAW equipment in Zwijnaarde (Ghent)
Alain Chauvet - ArcelorMittal Fos-sur-Mer

Hot Rolling trial on

a new grade being
developed at OCAS.
The laboratory
has the ability
Courtesy of OCAS

to reproduce the
process on small-
scale steel slabs.
20 - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - 21
You deserve premium Your
technical support certified partner

We are always ready to assist with any questions

regarding Steel for Oil & Gas Pipes and are open
by metallurgists, welding technicians and engineers,
most of whom have recognised skills in tubular Bremen and Fos-sur-Mer
to collaborative partnerships with our customers applications. Our specialised team can provide detailed
to find unique solutions. feasibility studies for specific projects as well as are ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001,
Over the past 30 years, ArcelorMittal FCE has technical support on any pipe-related issues.
built up an Oil & Gas centre of excellence, staffed ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001
Example 1 - New design-to-purpose steel for CO2 transportation certified
ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe supplied the steel transportation pipeline projects are now requiring
Going greener
used for the Denbury-Greencore project in the USA. acid-resistant steel. Fos-sur-Mer supplied 58 kt of
This 232 mile long pipeline is designed to transport HR steel coils (X70MS-PSL2) to Corinth Pipeworks Steel and the term environmentally friendly may ISO/TS 16949 (Fos-sur-Mer) ISO 14001 (Fos-sur-Mer)
CO2 for enhanced oil recovery projects. (Greece), which manufactured the 20 OD pipes not seem to go hand in hand. However, we are
CO2 becomes extremely corrosive in the presence using high frequency electric resistance welding. Every fully committed to reducing each year the impact
of water or impurities. As a consequence, several CO2 single casting complied with the NACE TM0284 A that our steel manufacturing activities have on the
requirement, with great consistency. environment.
ISO 14001 certification of our three plants.
50% of the Fos-sur-Mer site is dedicated as
green space.
Daily efforts to produce the finest steel possible,
Courtesy of OCAS

Displacement (mm)

resulting in a greatly reduced sensitivity to

Picture :

atmospheric, sour and acid corrosion compared
with commodity steel, which in turn has a positive ISO 9001 (Fos-sur-Mer) OHSAS 18001 (Fos-sur-Mer)
Principles of CO2 reinjection for oilfield revival Greencore HFW pipes comply with Steel surface after carbonic acid attack.
applications. acid environment requirements. Above is impact on human and environmental safety during
a 3D overview of the forming principle. final product usage.

Example 2 - Heat Affected Zone Analysis (HFW)

We analysed the weld of a 14 mm thick HFW pipe middle of the weld profile. The weld microstructure
(X65M-PSL2) to evaluate the grain size and was then correlated with the toughness of the BL.
orientation of the bond line (BL), located in the
1 direction (ND) 2 3

RD 111
Transverse ISO/TS 16949 (Bremen) ISO 14001 (Bremen)
Courtesy of OCAS


2000 m 100 m 100 m

001 110
Overview of the weld after Nital Grain orientation in the base metal Grain orientation in the BL (coarse {111}, {110}, and {001}
etching, prior to heat treatment. (fine microstructure with no preferred microstructure with preferred grain poles showing the grain
grain orientation). orientation) before post-welding orientation versus

heat treatment. the rolling direction (RD).

Although the hardness variations are not necessarily correlated with the toughness properties, the results confirmed that the grain
orientation would be a more determinant factor. The less the grains are oriented in a single preferred direction, the better the
toughness. The study showed that the grain orientation tends to go back to a more mixed pattern (with less preferred orientation)
after the post-welding heat treatment, thus offering higher ductility than the case shown in picture 3.
References: Yan P., Gngr . E., Thibaux P., Liebeherr M., Bhadeshia H. K. D. H., Tackling the toughness of steel pipes produced by high frequency induction
welding and heat treatment, Materials Science and Engineering: A, Vol. 528, No. 29-30 (2011), pp. 8492-8499.
ISO 9001 (Bremen) OHSAS 18001 (Bremen)

22 - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - - ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe - 23
They used our steel Global Presence
Examples of projects

Keystone XL oil pipeline (36) RWE Breagh offshore gas pipeline (20) GK3 Hassi RMel Skikda pipeline (48) ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe with mills dedicated and Poland serves the global API pipe market
Country: USA and Canada Country: UK Country: Algeria
End user: Transcanada End user: RWE Dea UK End user: Sonatrach, Algeria to the Oil & Gas Pipe industry in Germany, France together with our divisions in the USA and Brazil.
Customer: Welspun LR (USA) Customer: Corinth Pipeworks (Greece) Customer: Alfapipe, Algeria
Pipe processing: SAWH Pipe processing: HFW Pipe processing: SAWH
Grade: APIX70M-PSL2 Grade: APIX65-PSL2 Grade: APIX70-PSL2
Dimensions: 1800 x 11.8 and 13.1 mm Dimensions: 1574 x 19.1 mm Dimensions: 1800 x 14.7 mm
Total volume: 87 kt Total volume: 24 kt Total volume: 94 kt (Fos-sur-Mer)+ 6 kt (Bremen) Steel mill
Production plant: Bremen Production plant: Fos-sur-Mer Production plant: Fos-sur-Mer, Bremen R&D centre
Deliveries: 2010-2011 Deliveries: 2010-2011 Deliveries: 2008-2009

Algonquin gas system pipeline (36) GR4 pipeline (48)

Country: USA Sabah Sarawak gas pipeline (36) Country: Algeria
End user: Spectra Energy, TX Country: Malaysia End user: Sonatrach, Algeria
Customer: Corinth Pipeworks (Greece) End user: Petronas, Malaysia Customer: Alfapipe, Algeria
Pipe processing: SAWH Customer: Mitco, Japan Pipe processing: SAWH
Grade: APIX70MS-PSL2 Pipe processing: SAWH Grade: APIX70-PSL2
Dimensions: 1800 x 19.1 mm Pipe manufacturer: Petropipe Sabah (Hicom group) Dimensions: 1700 x 12.7 mm
Total volume: 15 kt Grade: APIX70-PSL2 Total volume: 36 kt
Production plant: Bremen Dimensions: 1800 x 16.27 & 14.23 mm Production plant: Fos-sur-Mer
Deliveries: 2008 Total volume: 36 kt (Fos-sur-Mer) Deliveries: 2008-2010
and 144 kt (Bremen)
Production plant: Fos-sur-Mer, Bremen
0 y e a rs G a s P i p e s
Greencore CO2 pipeline (20) Chevron Escravos offshore pipeline (20)
Deliveries: 2008-2009 Country: Nigeria
r Oil &
Country: USA
End user: Chevron Nigeria
End user: Denbury Resources Inc.
Steel f
Customer: Corinth Pipeworks (Greece) Al Ulqlah Block S2 pipeline (16) Customer: SCC Nigeria, Ltd
Pipe processing: HFW Country: Yemen Pipe processing: SAWH Bremen
Grade: APIX70MS-PSL2 (sour service) End user: OMV Exploration Grade: APIX52-PSL2
Dimensions: 1598 x 11.2 mm Customer: Corinth Pipeworks (Greece) Dimensions: 1020 x 12.7 mm Ghent
Total volume: 58 kt Pipe processing: HFW Total volume: 2.5 kt Krakow
Production plant: Fos-sur-Mer Grade: APIX60-PSL2 Production plant: Fos-sur-Mer
Deliveries: 2010-2011 Dimensions: 1282 x 9.53 mm Deliveries: 2011
Total volume: 13 kt
Haynesville-Acadian gas pipeline (36 and 42) Production plant: Fos-sur-Mer Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan sour service oil pipeline
Country: USA Deliveries: 2010 (34, 40, 42) Fos-sur-Mer
End user: Enterprise Products Partners L.P. Country: Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan
Customer: Welspun Anjar (India) Shaybah ARAMCO sour service pipeline (30) End user: Saudi ARAMCO
Pipe processing: SAWH Country: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Customer: Turkish Pipe Consortium
Grade: APIX70-PSL2 End user: Saudi ARAMCO Pipe processing: SAWH
Dimensions: 1700 x 13.08 and 13.23 mm Customer: National Pipe Company Grade: APIX65-PSL2 sour
Total volume: 30 kt Pipe processing: SAWH Total volume: 130 kt
Production plant: Fos-sur-Mer Grade: APIX65-PSL2 Production plant: Fos-sur-Mer
Deliveries: 2010 Dimensions: 1520 x 11.1 & 13.8 mm
Total volume: 35 kt TIGF pipeline (32 and 36)
Tennessee Gas Pipeline 300 Line Expansion (36) Production plant: Fos-sur-Mer Country: France
Country: USA Deliveries: 2008 End user: Total - TIGF (France)
End user: El Paso, USA Customer: Siderrgica del Tubo Soldado (Spain)
SCOP Crude oil pipeline (24) Pipe processing: SAWH
Customer: Borusan Mannesmann (Turkey)
Country: Iraq Grades: APIX65 and APIX70-PSL2
Pipe processing: SAWH
End user: SCOP Dimensions: 1300 x 22.5 and 1800 x 14.5 mm
Grade: APIX70-PSL2 Need more information?
Customer: MAN Industries (India) Total volume: 22 kt
Dimensions: 1500 x 8.86 mm Location Country Activity
Pipe processing: SAWL Production plant: Fos-sur-Mer, Bremen
Total volume: 18 kt
Grade: APIX60-PSL2 Deliveries: 2010 Bremen Germany Steel mill
Production plant: Fos-sur-Mer
Dimensions: 1865 x 11.1 mm Fos-sur-Mer France Steel mill
Deliveries: 2009
Total volume: 10 kt
Krakow Poland Steel mill
Production plant: Bremen
Deliveries: 2010
Ghent Belgium R&D centre

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