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Company Name:

Office Location:
800 A.S. Fortuna Street, Banilad,
Mandaue City, Cebu, 6014, Philippines

Date Established :
March 13, 1990
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Steel Fabrication & Erection
We supply and/or erect steel fabricated materials such as
built-up members, curve members, web trusses, girders
and any customized member.

Pre-casting and Site Casting

We supply/install precast panels for walls, retaining walls,
fences and underground tanks and customize these
according to your requirement and lightweight precast,
which has an insulating property and lighter for the

Design and Build

We offer free quotations.
We provide design & build construction.
We provide value engineering from your existing
plan to give you the most economical way of

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Steel parts for the canopies are shop fabricated using 7018 welding rods on
A36 metal plates. Rectangular tubes 75x100x4mm and 50x100x4mm are
ordered from Manila with one month lead-time.

Steel parts are cut using Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Oxyfuel and
fabricated using Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW).
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Engr. John P. Young

President-Fabrication Operations

Engr. Jessie Sloan Young Mrs. Salome Young

Vice President-Operations Vice President - Finance

Engr. Hope Suico Engr. Hope Suico Mrs. Glenda Mamhot

Fabrication Engineer Project Site Engineer HR Dept- Assistant Manager

Julius Bulahan Glenbert Dingal

Safety/Timekeeper Leadman

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Acetylene cutter (Oxy-Acetylene)

Welding machine
Magnetic drill Chem bolts

Rotary Hammer Grinder 7018 welding rods

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Welding mask Safety Helmet Full body harness w/

double lanyard
Reflectorized Vest

Masks Safety Shoes

Welding gloves

Safety Goggles

Long pants
Working gloves Welding apron

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Approved Chemical Bolts for Canopy 2

Fischer Threaded Rod M24 X 300 MM
Fisher Chemical fis sb 390 S
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Four base plates are to be added on columns

along grid lines 4,5,8 and 9. Two 360x450x22mm,
one 330x450x22mm and one 350x450x22mm
base plates. The base plates are all shop
fabricated according to the plans given
Using steel patterns we will bore 28 mm holes
on the walls using rotary hammer for concrete
and magnetic drill on the existing base plates.

Cebu has temperature range 27-35 degrees.

Curing time for the chemical bolts will be 45-60

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Unloading and rigging of rectangular tubes

Crane operator to initially survey the

area and locate the strategic position of
the tubes for canopy installation.

Crane to start hauling the tubes from

the truck by lifting them and placing
them to the staging area.

The crew will lay out the area of the

canopies. Upon securing the alignment
they will start rigging and attaching the
tubes to their designated columns.
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Cutting of the rectangular tubes

Prepare the spaces between purlins

based on Glazed techs cutting list of
the glasses.

Using oxy-acetylene, measure and cut

the rectangular tubes.

Hoist up the tubes and start

alignment. Spot weld. Check and
secure alignment of the whole canopy.
Start full weld. Grind and smooth to
finish all rough metal surfaces. Final
paint all welded portions.

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1 Site inspection for drawing verification

2 Fabrication of rectangular tubes for one month
3 Site clearing
4 Canopy Lay-out
4.1 Establishing work perimeter
4.2 Identifying column location & elevation
5 Temporary facilities
5.1 Construction of tool storage
5.2 Erection of temporary fence for storage
and work area
6 Checking of workers PPE: vest, hard hat, safety
shoes, welding helmet & gloves, harness, etc
7 Erection of scaffoldings
8 Canopy installation thru welding and boom truck
9 Repainting
10 Housekeeping
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Approved Chemical Bolts

Approved Shop Drawing

Glaze techs Drawing

Risk Registry
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