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NCM 100 (4th Monthly Exam) d.

Orthopneic position
5. Nurse Elmer is caring for a patient who
Concepts: has respiratory problems and at risk for
Activity & Exercise aspiration. The best position for this
Safety patient is.
Oxygenation a. Fowlers position
Nutrition b. Dorsal recumbent position
c. Lateral position
Instruction: d. Orthopneic position
Choose the best answer.
6. This type of device is placed under the
Questions: entire surface of the mattress. They are
Test 1 multiple choice! useful for increasing back support and
Activity and Exercise alignment, especially with a sift mattress.
1. Which of the following statement by the a. Bed boards
student nurse needs further teaching b. Side rails
about the principles of body mechanics c. Wedge pillow
a. The wider the base the of support, the d. Head board
greater the stability.
b. The lower the center of gravity, the Safety
7. Nurse Elmer is caring for a patient who
lower the stability.
has restraints. The following are the things
c. The equilibrium of an object, is to be considered in providing restraints
maintained as long as the line of gravity except.
passes through the base of support. a. Proper placement of restraints
d. Facing the direction of movement b. Skin integrity and odor
prevents abnormal twisting of the c. Pulse and temperature
spine. d. Nails and teeth

2. This type of device prevents external 8. The following are things to be considered
rotation of legs when clients are in supine when removing restraints except.
position. This device is called? a. At least 2 hours
a. Thochanter Rolls b. Remove the restraints one at a time
b. Hand Rolls c. Always ask for assistance when
c. Hand-Wrist Splint removing restraints
d. Trapeze Bar d. Never remove restraints until patient is
compliant and non-violent.
3. Student nurse Bonn is caring for a
respiratory depressed client. Nurse Bonn 9. Nurse Amy knows that the restraints
knows that the best position for this ordered by the physician should be signed
patient to promote maximum lung within.
expansion is. a. 6hours
a. Fowlers position b. 12hours
b. Dorsal recumbent position c. 24hours
c. Lateral position d. 48hours
d. Orthopneic position
10. Nurse Amy knows that the best restraint
4. Nurse Bonn is caring for a post-oerative use to immobilize the patients extremities
patient. Nurse Bonn knows that the is.
position used to provide comfort and to a. Belt restraints
facilitate healing following certain surgeries b. Wrist restraints
or anaesthetics is. c. Jacket restraints
a. Fowlers position d. Mummy restraints
b. Dorsal recumbent position
c. Lateral position
11. Nurse Amy is caring for 3months old a. Nasal Canula
infant, she is about to attach a b. Oxygen Mask
Intravenous fluid to the infant. Nurse Amy c. Simple Face Mask
knows that the best restraint for this d. Venture Mask
infant is.
a. Belt restraints 17. This oxygen delivery system is
b. Wrist restraints contraindicated for patients with carbon
c. Jacket restraints dioxide retention:
d. Mummy restraints a. Nasal Canula
b. Oxygen Mask
12. Which of the following statement made by c. Simple Face Mask
the student nurse needs further teaching? d. Venture Mask
a. Do not attach end of restraints to side
rails. 18. Which of the following statement made by
b. Secure restraints with a quick-release the Student Nurse needs further teaching:
a. If the client gags or becomes
nauseated, catheter is most likely in
c. Assess whether the client needs the esophagus and must be removed
restraints. at once.
d. Obtain a physicians order. Have the b. Lightly coat distal 6 to 8 cm(2-3
order for restraints signed within 12 inches) of the catheter with a oil based
hours. lubricant.
c. Remove oxygen delivery device, if
applicable, with the dominant hand.
d. Without applying suction and using
13. The following respiratory pattern are the thumb and forefinger of the
considered to be abnormal except: dominant hand, gently insert the
a. Eupnea catheter into the nares during
b. Tachypnea inhalation.
c. Bradypnea
d. Apneustic Nutrition
19. Nurse Anton is caring for a patient with
14. For how many seconds should the catheter constipation. Nurse Anton knows that the
tip be inserted to the airway. best diet for this patient is:
a. 5-10seconds a. Soft / Low residue diet
b. 10-15seconds b. High Fiber Diet
c. 20-30seconds c. Low cholesterol diet
d. 5minutes d. Diabetic diet
15. In inserting Nasopharyngeal and 20. Patient Cris is ordered pureed diet. This
nasotracheal suctioning the nurse should diet includes the following:
need further teaching if she states that: a. Gelatine
a. Insert the catheter during inhalation, b. Ground meat
especially if inserting it into the c. Tender meat
trachea because the epiglottis opens. d. Scrambled Egg
b. Do not insert during swallowing or
catheter will most likely enter the Test II Enumeration
esophagus. 7 devices used for proper positioning.
7 positioning techniques used for patients
c. Never apply suctioning during
6 restraints used for patients
insertion. 6 Oxygen delivery system
d. Client should avoid coughing. 10 hospital therapeutic diet

16. This oxygen delivery system is best used

for mouth breathers: _Mark_