Heras Curse Her name was Penelope. She was “beeoootiful” or that’s what the guys said.

She wore a glowing tan everyday, she had pearcing blue eyes, and full pink lips, her baby faced cheeks were framed with wavy jet black hair. Her boyfriends on the other hand weren’t necessarily bad looking ,just well its that they were each monstorous, No seriously mosterous!!! Her first boyfriend was a vampire she had met him at junior prom when he and his pals invaded looking for a feast. He had black sleeked back hair and redish purpulish rings around his hungry eyes. His pail skin sent chills down her spine and tell you the truth she truly didn’t mind the fangs. Anyway he broke up with her through text. Classy huh??? He txted Yo babe, im soo hungry im going to Alaska so I don’t disentrigate this summer cya :p This has got to be a bad parody of twilight new moon. She thought as she read her tiny cell phone screen. Her next boyfriend was a werewolf she found him during the full moon one night howling she told him to pipe down or shed call the cops out her bedroom he just looked at her and started licking her face with his huge tongue Groddy He would do this every full moon until she got fed up with him and threw a frisbe out her window saying “ buzz off sparky!!!” Her next boyfriend was a zombie. she doesn’t completely remember how she met wish wasn’t a good sign all she nows was at Halloween they were making out in a haunted house. Ofcourse after that he treid to suck the brain out of her so she broke up with him it wasn’t along conversation. “cut it out stupid.” And “duhhurhur” that’s the end out of that relationship. The boy friend next was from the future he told her he was her future husband and said her life was in grave danger The usual huh? I guess Dan Quisenberry was right the future is like the present only longer… He told her future in hiqu which wasn’t very helpful Don’t take flight to the sky Theyr’e like little teenage girls Get a better life Then he kissed her passionetly and disappeared Dang The next one was an Indian prince looking for his bride apparently Penelope volunteered. They barely knew each other and on their wedding day ninjas jumped out of the bushes and sniped the prince while Penelope was screaming her head off one of the ninjas ran into her and immediately slung over his shoulder kidnapping her. Yikes When they finally let her go they were on a boat expecting her jump off Like pirates? You have got to be kidding me. Being the maniac she was she jumped but she was saved. How? Well mermen duh!!! His blond hair was swirling around when he half kissed her half breathed into her mouth underwater. She practically owed him her life.

Anyway when she made it to beach a woman was their waiting for her. “ my name is hera my husband has been watching you. you shall be cursed with a creature for an offspring everyman you have loved will be apart of her… goodbye.” Crap

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