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Librarian's Review 02

Uribrarian's Review/

The latter half of 2012/13 provided a all of whom were impressed with the works subsequent to various relocations
period of consolidation and review facility and the energy created by the to the Centennial Campus, is unique
following an extremely hectic period learner-conducive environment. among our branch libraries. Its distinction
where the Libraries undertook numerous Perhaps most notable among these lies in its sharing of space with the
major initiatives, including: events in visitors was former Archbishop of Faculty of Education. With a large
celebration of its centenary and the Canterbury, Rowan Williams (The Right Faculty seminar room a significant part
80th anniversary of the Fung Ping Shan Reverend and Right Honourable Lord of the space, the library size can be
Library; moving two of our libraries to the Williams of Oystermouth), in his capacity increased for library users, when the
new Centennial Campus; opening a as recently appointed Master of Faculty do not require the seminar room
new learning commons-style facility in Magdalene College at Cambridge for teaching or other purposes, through
the Main Library (j...eve/3); and, positioning University. the retractable partitions that form the
ourselves for the new 4-year curriculum seminar's walls. With its relocation to the
and the additional student intake. While extensive renovation and building former Council Chamber in the Meng
operations took place in 2012, plans to Wah Complex, the Education Library
The Main Library's Level 3 faci lity drew relocate our Education Library came to demonstrates another tangible and
a wide range of visitors both local and fruition in early 2013 with an opening positive collaboration between the
from overseas, librarians, educators, ceremony held in April. This new facility, Faculties and the Libraries.
administrators, architects and others, developed as part of the "consequential"
I J l J

We also collaborated with our Faculties Much like major academic libraries skills, and developing new and more On this final point the Libraries, in Finally, I take this opportunity to thank throughout the year. And of course to
through our book drive for Myanmar around the world, the Libraries meaningful metrics of success; conjunction with the Estates Office, all of the Libraries' staff for their our donors whose continued trust in
campaign where we collected continue to face many challenges: continues to lead the JURA Project. continued dedication to t he University our endeavors and whose desire to
unwanted donations and targeted our the diversity of demands from our JURA, or the Joint Universities community and all of their efforts facilitate learning and research across
academic community, in particular the rising costs of scholarly material, in users pulling the libraries in several, Research Archive, is a plan by the 8 throughout the year. They should be the spectrum of the University
academic staff from the faculties of particular, journals, which dictate that sometimes seemingly conflicting, UGC institution's Libraries to develop justifiably proud of their community is sincerely appreciated. I
Arts, Law and Social Sciences who libraries and their clients must directions. Among these, the need for a shared, single copy, high density achievements. I also thank all of our know you will enjoy reading this
were relocating to the Centennial concede that the shift from ownership greater space for collaboration versus storage facility where we will all be collaborators across the Faculties as report and I hope you will cont inue to
Campus, to donate suitable books for to access, and in particular access the desire for quiet, reflective space, able to collectively store our lesser well as other units, centres and take as much pride in your Libraries
the University of Yangon. In November through collaborative efforts, is now the desire for greater digital resources used, but still useful, print materials. offices that have supported us as do I and the Libraries' staff.
2012, I was among a small contingent the norm rather than the exception; versus those preferring print, the need All requirements made by the
from HKU who visited Myanmar to for more space for people versus the Government have been met and we
strengthen educational ties and also to a decline in demand for traditional need for space for the print await the allocation of funding that
attend a ceremony marking the library services and the development collections. will allow t his innovative project to
donation of 5, 700 volumes which was of new needs in information support proceed. The H KU Libraries has a
held at the University of Yangon with such as helping researchers to great deal at stake in this project as
senior administrators, academics and manage their data and to find we are the most needy of a rapid
librarians from the University of Yangon collaborators, managing alternate solution to this issue as we face the
Library and the Universities Central information sources, improving most dire of space needs among the
Library in attendance. information retrieval and management 8 libraries.
Communication with faculty and students on
collections and services

We conducted our biennial user survey from 13 to 28 March to gauge user opinions on the
performance of the Main Library and the six branch libraries. 1,691 completed
online questionnaires were received. 66% of the respondents selected the Main
Library as the library they frequented most. Faculty of Medicine accounted for 15% of the
total returns by faculty whereas HKU current staff or students accounted for 74% of the total
Tile full report is available at

'results indicate that our performance has improved since 2011 , with the performance
index increased from 76% in 2011 to 78.4% in 2013. The satisfaction index for 2013 is
5.62, on a scale otno 7 {7 being the most satisfied), compared with 5.47 in 2011. The
survey results are encouraging and perhaps indicate that the improvements we have made,
some of whictl are reported in the fol'6wing para~hs, in improving ll:lrary oollections, services
and facilities since 2011 have been vvell received.

Tile Education Library also collected user feedback with.,guestionnaires on key user
concerns and their level of satisfaction towards the new premis~from 1 to 5 February.
Users' overall feedback was positive, and needs for more printed materials, more
comfortable seating, and an enhanced computer facility were identified.

Our new Information Services DMsion, which was established on 1 July to

streamline library operations, has enhanced faculty support in a more holistic
and visible way. Merging Faculty Ubrarians with the previous Reference Section
put the mE!jor research support services, including collection development, faculty
liaison, training and consultation services, in the Main Ubrary under one umbrella.

We produced a 3-minute video to introduce users to the variety of spaces and facilities in
support of different learning styles on Leve/3, Main Ubrary. The Medical Ubrary also set up
a Facebook page to introduce its services and facilities. New webpages also were created
for our Preservation Centre to promote its services.
Excellence and Innovation in Learning & Research 08

Collection development Improving access to information

The big challenge for us throughout the year had been to We also received from Mr Roger Houghton his personal book Preparations for a new discovery tool were in full throttle. A undertaken by Hong Kong architect Mr. Luke Him Sau (I!IUlt~).
come up with ways to factor in the impact of a flat recurrent collection. lt comprises some 400 titles, some of which are new search tool providing a one-stop search convenience Selected business and personal records of Mr Luke, such as
base budget for library materials. Convenient access to high western rare books on China and the Far East published for users to gather pertinent information in support of their office records, lecture notes and professional certificates
quality scholarly content remains our top priority in determining before the twentieth century. The earliest title is a pamphlet learning and research was developed. Launched in were also digitized and included in this database.
what content to retain to match our budget and buying entitled The Resolutions of the House of Commons on the September 2013, this search tool employs a simple search
power. The impact of the mass digitized environment and Great and Constitutional Questions between the Privileges of interface in which the user can enter one or multiple We also updated existing electronic databases with new
change in scholarly communication is factored in our priority the House of Commons and the Prerogative of the Crown keywords to search across a wide range of resources content including:
in resource provision, which remains increasingly digital from the 17th of December 1783 to the 1Oth of March 1784, including books, journal articles and databases.
published in 1784. Hong Kong Blue Book (1871 -1941) to Hong Kong
licensed resources. In the allocation of the Library Resources
Continuous efforts were made to update our library catalogue Government Reports Online;
Fund, we placed emphasis on the University academic
priorities in new and emerging programmes, the four-year At the branches: in a timely manner. More than 147,000 titles were catalogued
during the year, with 70% of them being electronic resources. 3,290 full-text articles to Hong Kong Journals Online;
undergraduate curriculum, and intake of double cohorts.
The Medical Library acquired books, e-journals and AV Cataloguing our Chinese collections remained a priority. A
75,904 table of contents entries to Hong Kong Table of
We expended 76% of the total Library Resources Fund (LRF) materials for new programmes such as Masters of total of 92,170 Chinese books were catalogued, of which
Contents Database; and
in 2012/13 on electronic resources, an increase of 2% over Pharmacy, Medical Humanities and Common Core some 48,000 titles are in electronic format.
the previous year. Allocations to print materials continued to Courses. 117 records to Hong Kong Tourism Board Collection.
shrink. Some 35,000 volumes were added to the library We created another electronic database, Luke Him Sau
collection during the year, compared with more than 100,000 The Music Library received a collection of jazz music from Architectural Collection Staff members of our Preservation and Conservation Division
Professor Geoffrey Blowers of the Department of (http://lhsarc.lib. hku. hklexhibitslshow/lhsarc/home) conducted eleven workshops/information sessions on care
volumes ten years ago.
Psychology. lt consists of 472 COs featuring classic jazz, and made it available to the public this year. lt consists and handling of library materials for colleagues of other library
Our collection of special and rare materials continued to grow such as Bill Evans' You Must Believe in Spring, Johf of digitized images of some 950 architectural drawings, divisions. These on-the-job training sessions were beneficial
through the generosity of our donors. Twenty-seven bound Coltrane's A Love Supreme and Stan Getz's Focus. dated approximately from 1948 to 1968, of building projects to staff members and helped integrating book preservation
volumes of speeches by the late Sir Philip Haddon-Cave in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Macau and Taiwan activities in day-to-day work.
were returned to Hong Kong and presented to the Libraries The Education Library enhanced its collection to support
the Faculty's new course Designing powerful learning
by members of his family last September. Being gifts from the
Government upon Sir Phi lip's retirement from the Civil Service
in 1985, the collection includes: The Fung Ping Shan Library received a donation of 740
.........._ volumes from National Publication Foundation Planning &
Budget speeches 1972-1981
Management Office (il~tll\&~~mtJ"fllM~~).
Legco speeches at the capacity as Rnancial
Secretary on different topics, 1970-1981
Legco speeches in the capacity of Chief Secretary,

Other speeches, 1971, 1974-1984

Excellence and Innovation in Learning & Research 10

Serving our users

We continued to provide information service through various Support in Endnote, a software tool for publishing and The online library space booking system, which was introduced
media including face-to-face, telephone, email, Facebook managing bibliographies, citations and references, and together with the setting up of Leve/3, the Main Library
and SMS. The number of enquiries answered amounted Turnitin, a plagiarism detection software, remained in high learning commons facility, has been extended to the branch
to 118,911, representing a 13% increase over 2011/12. The demand throughout the year. By providing workshops, online libraries and Chi Wah Learning Commons. The adoption of a
increase might be attributed to the visibility of the Leve/3 tutorials and one-on-one assistance we continued to play a single system in managing booking of learning spaces has
Information Counter and the variety of facilities provided to pivotal role in ensuring these research tools are used effectively enabled students to book spaces at six different locations
users. by staff and students. using one easy-to-use interface.

A broad range of information literacy programmes were Wireless printing became a reality in the Main Library and the Following the success of previous years, Law Library's
provided to meet different research and learning needs. The branches from last September. We set up two print servers Westlaw Student Representatives (WSR) programme
number of attendees increased by 21% to 13,731 this year, and re-configured thirty photocopiers to enable staff and continued with two new recruits to provide help during
probably due to the double oohort and the growing importance students to log in to the university wireless network, through weekly "lab hours" in the Library. Law students who have
of library resources in supporting learning and research. Our their HKU portal accounts, and perform print jobs anywhere attended sessions found peer assistance on the use of
Faculty Librarians collaborated with Centre for the Enhancement in the Libraries. Our very popular laptop loaning programme Westlaw useful.
of Teaching and Learning in the delivery of Moodle training to has been extended to include tablets. A number of iPads are
teaching staff and research assistants, with the aim to showcase available for loan at the Circulation Counter of the Main
the best practices in integrating electronic resources to Library and the branches for use anywhere on campus.
facilitate elearning.
Excellence and

Improving the physical infrastructure

The opening of the new Law and Music Libraries in the place from 14 to 16 January, with over 15,000 volumes of A major space re-organization of t he Main Library was
Centennial Campus has brought about a host of new print and audio-visual materials relocated. The new Education carried out last summer. Apart from reshuffling space in
improvements in facilities. In addition to traditional single Library shares certain facilities with the Faculty of Education, some public areas and library stores, many staff members
study desks, the new libraries offer collaborative areas with and houses student learning space, discussion rooms, a were relocated from the offices on G/ F and 2/ F to the 5/ F
comfortable and flexible furniture. Other new facilities include classroom, and a book area. lt provides a motiv ating and to facilitate internal communication and collaboration as
bookable card access discussion rooms, with either interactive tranquil atmosphere for leisure reading, private study and well as to optimize the use of space. Also, some antiquities
whiteboards or lV panels with webcam and built-in microphone research. from the private collection of Mr C.T. Yeung, the ex-Director
for web-conferencing, signage lV for broadcasting free lV of the University Museum and Art Gallery, have been on
The new Library Corner on G/F Main Library was open in display in the Main Library since last Sept ember. These
channels and Libraries news, and wireless printing in selected
October after several months of renovation works associated unique items have added much classic elegance to the
photocopiers. With compact storage systems in place, the
shelving space of the Law and Music Libraries has also with the construction of the University Street. Designated as New Wing staircase, a major pedestrian route of the building.
increased significantly, ensuring the necessary physical space a space for collaborative learning, it has been brightly
decorated, with booth seating as well as moveable A WiFi site survey was conducted in the Main Library to
for future growth and consolidation of collections. The availability
desks and chairs that can accommodate a minimum of cater to the growing demand for bandwidth. Some spots
of power sockets on every study desk is also well received
42 people. lt also serves as the entrance to the 24fi area were found to carry duplicate channels and the report was
among users.
on Leve/3 when the Main Library is closed. passed to Information Technology Services for follow-up
Planning of the Education Library relocation from Runme actions. By June 2013, eighty-six WiFi access points were
Shaw Building to the former Council Chamber on 8/F Meng available library-wide.
Wah Complex came to fruition in January. The move took
Knowledge Exchange 14

Local Knowledge Exchange

Sharing expertise with others in the local community

Beenk, J. Chair, JULAC Committee on Conservation Palmer, D.T. Managing research profiles, Earth
and Preservation. Sciences Seminar, The University of Hong Kong,
Hong Kong, 21 March 2013.
Beenk, J. Guest lecturer, Preservation of Information 10722/ 183039
Course, Master of Science in Library and Information
Management (MSc[LIM]) Programme. The University of Palmer, D.T. Maximising your Hub Data. Knowledge
Hong Kong. Exchange Lunch Meeting, The Universit y of Hong Kong,
Hong Kong, 30 January 2013.
Beenk, J. & Chan, K. Presentation/Workshop on Caring 10722/ 180797
for Your Collections, International Archives Day, Hong
Kong Maritime Museum, Hong Kong, 4 June 2013. Pau, A., Academic Libraries Liaison Officer, Hong Kong
Library Association, 2008-.
Chan, E. Honorary Librarian, Royal Asiatic Society
(Hong Kong Branch). Shieh, I. Member of Panel of Adjudicators, Obscene
Articles Tribunal.
Chan, W.M. Part-time tutor, HKU SPACE librarianship
courses; HKUL representative, HKCAN Workgroup and Sidorko P.E. President, Hong Kong Library Association,
Bibliographic Services Committee (JULAC); Secretary, until December 2012.
HKIUG Unicode Task Force.
Sidorko P.E. Academic library trends in Hong Kong:
Hung, T. Honorary Secretary, Hong Kong Library Global and local issues, Academic Libraries Today: Our
Association, until December 2012. Future is Now, The University of Hong Kong Libraries
Centenary Anniversary Conference, The University of
Ko, A. Part-time tutor, HKU SPACE librarianship courses. Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 8 November 2012.
http:// lib. hku. hk/hkul1 00/ ic/index.html
I _I
Knowledge Exchange 16

II l
Library tours conducted for members of the
local community

We continued organizing library tours to introduce and

publicize library services and facilities to members of the
local community. Included among those were:

349 local visitors from all walks of life in Hong Kong A group of Grade 12 students of Yew Chung
toured the Main Ubrary. International School GJi.~~~*~l visited the library
Sharing information with local libraries and other
for a library skills training session.
organizations Visitors from Tung Lin Kok Yuen (~JifM8) were
introduced to Chinese rare book cataloguing and A group of 1 0 HKU SPACE Certificate in Music
Sidorko P.E. & Lee, L. JURA: A collaborative solution to We continued sharing the library collections with other local preservation, 25 April 2013. Materials Management students visited the Music
Hong Kong academic libraries storage challenge, libraries through interlibrary loans and making our resources Library on 25 May 2013.
Academic Librarian 3: The Yin-Yang of Future Consortial available to faculty and students of other UGC institutions.
Collaboration and Competition, The Chinese University of Our rich collections of Hong Kong materials are often called
Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 30-31 May 2013. upon by students, media, government departments and other organizations. Below are some examples:
Buddhist Wai Yan Memorial College (-mrx:fi~5!8ill~~
Sidorko P.E. Occasional address, Charles Sturt University, ~)for their project on Hong Kong studies, August
Hong Kong Graduation, The University of Hong Kong, 2012.
Hong Kong, 6 October 2012.
HKlVB for two TV programmes, {iflm~t.U (News
Wan, Y.C. Member, Church Historical Archives Magazine) in August 2012 and a report on the history
Management Committee, Hong Kong Chinese Christian of the local stock market in December 2012.
Union. Immaculate Heart of Mary College ~~~:!tJ~,c,,~im)
Wan, Y.C. Fung Ping Shan Library: 80 years on for their project: Islamic community in Kwai Chung,
(/Ji!PJZ~ lil~t'El: l\ +l:F@J~). HKU Libraries Centenary
March 2013.
Celebrations webpage, 2012. Housing Authority for mounting an exhibition to 00/FPSL_exhibition.pdf celebrate their sixtieth anniversary, May 2013.

Wan, Y.C. Hong Kong Memory Project: A virtual journey Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited for
into Hong Kong's collective memory, 8th Annual display in the Exchange Exhibition Hall through until
Conference of The Asian Studies Association of Hong December 2013.
Kong, Hong Kong, 8 March 2013.
Since 2006 we have been contributing to the Hong Kong
Wong, A. Part-time tutor, HKU SPACE librarianship Memory Project, a joint project of the Hong Kong Jockey
courses. Club Charities Trust and the Leisure and Cultural Services
Department of the Hong Kong Government, by providing
As in past years, we offered many placement and Hong Kong content and technical expertise in building up a
internship opportunities to students of library and multimedia website on Hong Kong's history, culture and
information science programmes. Ten students from HKU heritage. A beta version ( has been made
SPACE, the University's Faculty of Education and Charles available to members of the general public since December
Sturt University gained valuable work experience in 2012 to collect feedback with a view to improve the website.
different aspects of library work.
Special exhibitions: Showcasing HKU
information resources to the local community Book Talks

In collaborating with the University Museum and Art Gallery, Through Boxer Rebellion, Plague and Revolution
we held an exhibition MCelebrating the Centenary: Gems of -45 years of an Irish missionary in Manchuria
The University of Hong Kong Libraries" to commemorate the by Mr Mark O'Neill
centenary of the University Libraries and the eightieth Moderator: Professor Ying Chan (ll~IH@~~~).
anniversary of the Fung Ping Shan Library. On display were 22 October 2012
over one hundred rare books, manuscripts and artefacts from
our collection, including letters and manuscripts by renowned
@:m~~liiak.l*~ (The Story of Stuft)
scholars, maps and rubbings, as well as imprints dated to the
13th and 14th centuries. Dr YC. Wan also conducted guided
by Ms Gloria Chang Wan-ki (Sff:~fft~) Regional Knowledge Exchange
tours of the exhibition for the general public on two Saturday Moderator: Mr Paul Cheung Pui-kwan (Sff:)rllilfl~~). Sharing expertise with others in the regional community
afternoons. Held from 29 November 2012 to 17 February 15 November 2012
2013, the exhibition received more than 9,000 visitors. Chan, G.R.Y.C. Budget challenges in reshaping library collections, Second CALAB meeting: Emerging Trends in the
Forging a HKU Identity, 1905-1945 Digital Publishing and Digital Library, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, January 2013.
Medical humanities exhibition, organized to mark the first
by Dr Peter Cunich
year in which the topic has been included in the Chan, G.R.Y.C. E-books acquisitions trends and issues, Second CALAB meeting: Emerging Trends in the Digital
curriculum of the MBBS programme, October 2012, Moderator: Mr Peter Sidorko, 29 November, 2012
Publishing and Digital Library, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, January 2013.
Medical Library.
On Skeleton Women and the Female Spy in China Ko, A. 2012fF~~tl)iiiir9J~, ~~Wf~jfW:U=n=IJ (New Books Monthly: Recent and Forthcoming Publications in Taiwan,
Law Library poster exhibition, Information Day for by Dr Mingmei Yip ROC), February 2013.
Undergraduate Admissions, November 2012, Law Library. http://isbn. tw/NCL_ISBNNet!COO_index.php?PH PSESSID=u02ogvnk7tk1 hcthutrv7vr5a7&Pfile=2513&KeepThis=
Moderator: Ms Evelyn Ng, 7 February 2013
From the ground to top floor: Music Library History
Exhibition, 13 December 2012 - 26 January 2013, Pacific Crossing: California Gold, Chinese Migration, and Pau, A., <~~l&tl~ti?;~)ztt>, {cj:J~;J~m:EF~2012}, (~t:J'jt~~~~~~mtl~~&*, 2013), ~327 ('Academic Libraries
Music Library. the Making of Hong Kong Report', in China Ubrary Yearbook 2012 (Beijing: National Library of China Press, 2013), p. 327)
by Dr Elizabeth Sinn
In collaborating with the Faculty of Arts, the following Sidorko, P.E. Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Library Management (China Issue), ISSN: 0143-5124, Emerald Group
exhibitions were also held in the Main Library to enrich the Moderator: Professor John Carrell, 7 March 2013
Publishing Limited, 2011-.
cultural life of users:
The Penguin History of The World (sixth edition) Sidorko, P.E. Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Library and Information Science, ISSN: 1674-3393, National Science
Good Company: Leung Ping-kwan's Hong Kong
by Professor Odd Arne Westad Library, Chinese Academy of Science, 2012-.
~*~: ~}~J'k ~?.!
30 January - 22 March 2013. Moderator: Dr Priscilla Roberts, 25 April 2013.
Sidorko, P.E. Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences (JoEMLS),
ISSN/EISSN: 1013090X, Tamkang University Press, Taiwan, 2013-.
Always in Our Hearts:
Treasures of Professor Hsu Ti Shan Sidorko, P.E. Vice-Chair/Chair Elect, Executive Committee, OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council (APRC), July 1, 2012-.
9 April - 11 May 2013. Sidorko, P.E. Member (Re-elected), Executive Committee, OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council (APRC), July 1, 2012-.

Sidorko, P.E. ~~m~am~~ak.J~*=~~ak.J~~. lfil~~~If'F (Library and Information Service), 2013, 57 (12): 5-9.

Sidorko, P.E. et. al. Lightning round and panel session on the university's role in research, teaching and learning as well
as innovative practices, Tsinghua-Cornell International Forum on University Library Futures: Adapting Library Heritage,
Culture, and Values to the 21st Century University, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 2 November 2012.
Sharing information resources with libraries in Library tours conducted for visitors
the region from the region

Sidorko, P.E. Member, Organising Committee, Change and The Libraries established collaborative agreements with a The Main Library continued to be very popular amongst
Challenge: Redefine the Future of Academic Libraries, number of libraries in the region for reciprocal interlibrary visitors from the region. Information Services Division staff
The Peking University Library 110th Anniversary Conference, loan and books/journals exchange. We also organized the received a total of 875 visitors last year. Other divisions
Peking University, China, 4 - 5 November 2012. 1Oth Cooperative Committee Meeting for Chinese Name also were involved, such as:
Authority Meeting (rf:l3t~:mm~:m-B"m~~~1rm-1o~
Sidorko, P.E. Moderator, Parallel Session 1: Strategy, ~~)in November 2012. Acquisitions Division received visitors from .7-C-Ii!Dl~*l
management, innovation and digital rights issues, (Tian Yige Bibliotheca) on 8 April 2013.
International Conference on Change and Challenge: We provided scanned images of the letters of the late
A 23-member delegation from ARRAIL Dental Clinic,
Redefine the Future of Academic Libraries; The Pacific Professor Gu Jiegang ~~llliUf~r!~) to his daughter for
Beijing, visited the Dental Library on 31 August 2012.
Rim Digital Library Alliance (PRDLA) 2012 Annual Meeting, updating his collected writings. In addition, Hangzhou Daily
Peking University, Beijing, China, 3- 6 November 2012. Press conducted research at the Libraries for a report on The Medical Library conducted 26 tours for guests .cn/silf201 0/english the resources and facilities at The University of Hong Kong referred by the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine.
in September 2012.
Sidorko P.E. Resource sharing in Hong Kong academic
libraries: HKALL (~~~~~~~~J1f~#),
Guangdong/JULAC Academic Library Directors Meeting,
Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China, December

Wan, Y. C. Library Leadership Institute returns home, IFLA

Asia and Oceania Section Newsletter, 2012, 24(1 ): 21.

Wan, Y.C. Renovate and renew: Learning commons at the

Main Library, The University of Hong Kong, International
Conference on Change and Challenge: Redefine the Future
of Academic Libraries; The Pacific Rim Digital Library
Alliance (PRDLA) 2012 Annual Meeting, Peking University,
Beijing, China, 4 November 2012.
Global Knowledge Exchange
Sharing expertise with others in the global community

Beenk, J. Developing a library preservation program, Palmer, D.T. Moving from an IR to a ORIS, the why & how. Sidorko, P.E. & Cmor, D. Does Generation Google REALLY Sidorko, P.E. Who needs a (reference) librarian, anyway?
5th Rizal Ubrary International Conference, Libraries, Coalition for Networked Information Spring 2013 need us? Ubraries Nowl - Inspiring, Surprising, Conference on GenNex:t Ubraries, Universiti Brunei
Archives and Museums: Common Challenges, Unique Membership Meeting, San Antonio, 4 April 2013. Empowering: IFLA World Ubrary and Information Congress Darussalam Ubrary, Brunei, 8-10 October, 2012.
Approaches, Ateneo de Manila University, Manila, 07221181895 78th IFLA General Conference and Assembly, Helsinki, http:l/
Philippines, 25 October 2012. Finland, 11 - 17 August 2012.
Palmar, D.T., Lo, C. & Uu, E. Beyond bibliographic http://conference. ifla.orglifla78/session-98 Sidorko, P.E. The Fu1ure (academic) library: The same as
Fung, Cornelia Lichauco & Wan, Y. C. Fung Ping Shan: metadata, augmenting the HKU IR. Open Repositories, it never was, Live and Learn in the Modern Library, The
The Man, His Life and His Library. Hong Kong: Edinburgh. 9 July 2012. Sidorko, P.E. & Cmor, D. Does Generation Google Canter of Academic Resources (CAR) (Chulalongkorn
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Asia and the Pacific Subcommittee Program, ALA annual Theses and Dissertations, Lima, Peru, Sidorko, P.E. Academic library collaboration: the Hong Kong
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Palmar, D.T. The Benefits of authority management in an Surprising, Empowering: IFLA Proceedings, 2012.
IR; More than name disambiguation. Association for Sldorko, P.E. Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Library Yang, T. Foster the library-faculty partnership to achieve
Ubrary Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) Management, ISSN: 0143-5124, Emerald Group the university Intellectual excellence - HKUL experience,
Session, American Library Association Meeting 2013, Publishing Umlted, 2009-. Sldorko, P.E. & Wan, Y.C. The Hong Kong Memory Project: Paris International Congress of Humanities and Social
Chicago. 29 June 2013. A collaborative journey Into Hong Kong's history, OCLC Asia Sciences Research, Paris, 24- 28 July 2012. 0722/184124 Sidorko, P.E. Member, OCLC Global Council Executive Paclflc Regional Council 2012 Membership Conference,
Committee, July 1, 2012-. National Ubrary of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
Palmer, D.T. ETDs in China; National & consortial 3 - 4 September 2012.
initiatives. ETD 2012, 15th International Symposium on
Electronic Theses and Dissertations, Lima, Peru, /agenda.pdf
12-14 September 2012. 0722/169139
Sharing information with libraries globally Library tours conducted for visitors from abroad The HKU Scholars Hub, a database of visible
research for Knowledge Exchange
The Libraries donated 5,700 volumes of new and used The Main Library Information Services Division and the
books to the University of Yangon, Myanmar, in November. branches conducted library tours for over 260 visitors With further funding support from the HKU Knowledge
The donation was possible after the University made an from different parts of the world. Included among these Exchange Office, the Hub Team enhanced The HKU
appeal to staff members for support to develop university visitors were delegations from the Librarians Association Scholars Hub by:
library collections in Myanmar. In addition to donating of Malaysia, Kansai University Library, Nippon Dental
duplicate copies and serving as the collection point for University, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, Naresuan Modularizing all of the Hub developments up to the
books, we helped organize and ship the consignment, University Library, Silpakorn University, Utrecht University, present and releasing them in open source as an add-on
including book selection, preparing booklists for clearing University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Harvard to DSpace (DSpace-CRIS) with our development partner
customs and packing the books into cartons for collection University and Karaganda State Technical University, CINECA of Italy
by the shipping agency. During the donation ceremony at Russia. Developing code to create new top-level objects in the
the University of Yangon, the University Librarian, Peter Hub, such as DepartmenVCentre
Sidorko, also discussed with senior administrators, faculty
and librarians from the University of Yangon Library as well Developing code to batch harvest from open access
as the Universities Central Library the various challenges publishers, full-text items authored by HKU scholars
and possible areas of collaboration.
We also received funding from the University Research
The Libraries continued to be the largest contributor of Committee to assist in the 2014 Research Assessment
original cataloguing records to the Online Computer Library Exercises (RAE). With this funding we:
Center, Inc. (OCLC) WorldCat databases. A total of 66,997
Verified more than 5,000 citations from the HKU Mock
original cataloguing records were uploaded to the
RAE and final RAE
databases during the year.

We also collaborated with Cornell and Columbia university Sent more than 1,000 letters to publishers to ascertain
whether they will allow use of materials for the RAE
libraries by selecting Chinese materials for them and
providing them with full MARC cataloguing records.
Professional Development
Kerry Leung Kam-ha, Master of Arts in Applied Translation, The Open University of Hong Kong, 2012.
Alice Lo Sau-wai, Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management. University of Leicester, 2013.
Dave Low Tsz-kin, Engineering Doctorate (Engineering Management}, City University of Hong Kong, 2012.

Professional and Service Awards

Long Service Awards Promotions
40years Ku Kam-ming (Associate Ubrarian).
Tecnnology Support Services
Marta. Tang May-yee (Senior Ubrary Assistant)
Kwong Kam-fai (library Assistant), Medical Ubrary
35years Apple Sin Kit-wai (library Assistant 0. Lending Services
Unooln Tang KW\JO-hung (library Assistant IQ Jenny Wong Sze-man (Library Assistant O,
Usa Wong 01-lln (Library Assistant 110 Special Collections
Antonla Ylu Chlng-han (Associate Ubrmtan),
25years Information Services
Harry Ko Kam-hung (Senior Works SuperviSor)
Neprune Sharman Lau Chl-kee (Library Assistant 110 Staff Recognition Awards
Wan Ylu-chuen (Deputy Llbrmtan) Uncoln Tang Kwun Hung (library Assistant), Law Ubrary
Chan Kin-hung (Ubrary Assistant)
Ivy Chan Mln-sze (Ubrary Assistant I)
Wilson Chan Nam-shing (library Assistant 0
Chau Siu-yee (Ubrary Assistant)
Carmen Cheng Ka-man (Library Assistant)
Chloe Cheng Yuk-fung (Ubrary Assistant 11)
Fung Hon-chi (Ubrary Assistant)
Er1c Lam 'l'llat-man (Library Assistant)
Sunny Leung Hok-tung (Ubrary Assistant}
Lo Wai-chun (library AssiStant)
Mal< Ka-lal (Library Assistant 11)
Valarie Ng Ting-yee (library Assistant IQ
Warren Yap Sze-hon (Ubrary Assistant 11)
Transfers Farewell
Unda Chan Siu-lin, Western and Electronic Resources Cataloguing Carmen Cheng Ka-man (Ubrary Assistant), Special
Jenny Lam Tsz-ying, Information Services
Silvanna Fong Shuk-ling (library Assistant), Medical Library
Ada Lee Ka-man. Music library
lvan Lo Lap-kei, Music library Stanley Fung Kam-wlng (Senior Bookblnde~. Preservation
and Conservation
Annabelle Pau Kwok-po, Audio-Visual and Reserve Collection
Oliver Ho Wing-koong (Ubrary Assistant 1), Music library
Joan Sia Mee-Lai, Westem and Electronic Resources Cataloguing
lP Yin-chun (Cleaner), Administrative Services
Peony Tai Lum. Lending Services
Asma Khan (Ubrary Assistant), Special Collections
Batty Tam Yuk-ying, Acquisitions
Alien Lam Kei-leung QT Manage~. Technology Support
Joey Tsang Chor-yee, Information Services Services
Carmen Tsang Yuen-yau, Acquisitions Molly Lam Lai-hing (Ubrary Assistant 11), Acquisitions
Judy Tsou Wing-wai, Western and Electronic Resouroes Usa Lau (Ubrary Assistant), Public Relations and
Cataloguing Development
Leung Kin-man (Ubrary Assistant}, Preservation and
New appointments NG Pui-ying (Bookbinder), Preservation and Conservation
Rlcky Sze-Lu (Ubrary Assistant), Music Ubrary
Frances Chan Hlng-ytng (Ubrary Assistant), Lending Services
Gary Edwaro Chin (Administrative Assistant 1), Public Relations
Tina Tam Ching-kuen (Ubrary Assistant o. Westem and
Electronic Resources Cataloguing
and Development
Maria Tang Lai May-yee (Senior library Assistant), Western
Connie Kwong Shuk-yee (Ubrary Assistant), Lending Services and Electronic Resources Cataloguing
Lowell Lsung Ho-yan (Ubrary Assistant 0. Education Ubrary
Gary Mal< Wai-To (Ubrary Assistant), Lending Services
Christy Ong Chye-hsia (Ubrary Assistant), Special Collections
Appointment transfers to
Rebecca Tam Shuk-ylng (Assistant Ubrarlan 10, Information fixed-term
Lewis Tse Pui-lung (library Assistant), Hong Kong Memory Project Anna Ho 't\Jen-sze (Library Assistant),
Western and E-Resources Cataloguing
Steve Wong Pak-hei (Ubrary Assistant), Special Collections
Eliot liu Zhaohua (Research Assistant 0. Institutional
Aggle Wong 't\Jen-tlng (Ubrary Assistant), Music Ubrary Repository
Phoebe Wong Ka-wlng (Ubrary Assistant), Special
Did you know? 30

The Main Ubrary and branches are very popular venues for production of videos and
interviews. Apart from the one on the Level3 facility, the Faculty of Education produced
three videos with the new Education Ubrary as the venue, namely ~JfH~:~Jt~a~~!M
(What is Specific Language impairment) and two other promotional videos for their
degree programmes.
watch?v=6AEqaOaM-gw play.php?vid=4759295

Faculty Ubrarians collaborated with the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and
Learning (CETl..J in the delivery of Moodle training to teaching staff and research
assistants. The training aims to showcase the best practices in integrating electronic
resources to facilitate a-learning.

The Information Service DMsion collaborates with vendors or Faculty from time to time in
the delivery of workshops in support of research and scholarship. Recent examples
include Author's Talk, Reviewer Workshop and Discovery Starts Here. The workshops
provide practical tips for early-career researchers on how to enhance their research
outcome and visibility in the global academic community.

1V programs currently on DVD are being converted to digital format for user access via
the eVideo platform.
The use of RRD self-check service has been grown steadily since its inception a few
years ago. From July 2012 to June 2013, 53.8% materials were self checked out and
38.5% were self checked in.

Streamed medical RSS feeds are expressed to users via a dedicated workstation with
a progamme called Xpressol

The Libraries is making use of more social media to reach out to different generations of
users. Check out the Facebook pages for the Main Ubrary and Medical Ubrary.

- - :...__ it -- ,;:.~ - - . '-.

' ' -.- : :.-_- -_::- --=--- --
. - ---- - -
~ ~ ,__~~- :
~ -=-=-~ _:::=;:-- ___..;: - -

Apart from commercial bookbinding, the HKUL Preservation Centre provides a variety
of unique services for the public including book and collection assessments,
conservation treatments, as well as educational activities such as workshops and
lectures. More details can be found at

A new example of crossover of historical legacy and technology in the Libraries: The
accessibility and visibility of more than 1,000 volumes of rare books is enhanced by
applying QR codes to a compiled rare materials catalogue.
A. How we spent our acquisitions dollars


Statistics 36

B. E-resources E. Number of Registered Users (including Circle of Friends*}

C. Volumes in the Libraries

+ Total
8$ 2,925,630 (2012) - 2,960,414 (2013)

~~ ~~-~-:::l
+ 34,784
~ ~

+ ~ ., "' 2013
+" +
g~ N .-
(2; ....
v N
..a or:;. N ~'

~' ~
o- 114,835 (2012) - 126,489 (2013)
~N M"~ N ~-~
~ ..... ~ -o

''\'\ ~
' ''' D. Staffing (Full-time equivalent}

Support Staff 7
0 50 100 150 200
*HKUL Circle of Friends members enjoy various benefits like on-site use of library resources,
borrowing privileges and many more. Additional information can be found at
Statistics 38

F. E-resources Use

Em] Total
Access to library
websites (hits) 71,176 (2012) - 58,166 (2013)

Access to
a-resources (times) 6,682, 969 _971,984 40 !"'-..
0 50 100 150 200 CV)
nurri:lerofhitAtems(1,(XXI) 30

20 aS

G. Library Materials Use Statistics 10

Items checked out via library integrated system


991 ,087 (2012)- 799,613 (2013)

- 19.3/o
~Ji\~J (Chinese Medical A88ociation Series) end ~WUilJIJ (State Administration of
Traditional Chinese Medicine Sertes)
Imprints of both series: Shanghai : Shanghai Wan Fang Shu Ju You Xian Gong Si, 1995-2011
..t)1ij: ..t)1ijSi1.iiUl~~~~. 1995-2011.
Chinese Medical Association Series include education programs made by the Chinese Medical Association for
the public or medical practitioners while the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Series contains
intensive lecture courses hostad by renowned professors from major universities of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Both series are catalogued under the uniform title Wanfang video.
http:/ %2C0%2CB/exact&FF=twanfang

ili-ttS!J9iSIMAM*fi* **lfili~. 2011.

*~m lfllil:fi~W&iliJR~se.m~&iltl9~tt- s ~1il~Ati9.,J .. B ga&&fi~~Jt*l. ~~~~1Uh.
lili~.M-ttil31:5ft, @~, Jtit, *!'t', ~&ese.A~fi&.f*ft'J~.. 1tliBI, ~~~' ~-.. M.f*., ~.m,
~iZ~, J!!Jftl.. S~Hi, atttM, f*ttt~, ~-~o ~~-~~A~j1~1J, ~3.$ft450~.:Jitiiii..30*Siilio
lii*~SP.Hi~~-JifJ!tii.?IJ.A lil~~se.liImlft "o
A collection of reprint letters, diaries, documents and manuscripts of more than 100 officials and indMduals of
the Qing Dynasty. lt includes works of Lin zexu, zeng Guofan, Zuo Zongtang, U Hongzhang, Zhang Zhidong,
Ye Zhichao, Yuan Shikai, Xu Shichang, and others. The collection was part of the national project, compiling
the History of the Qing Dynasty.
Notable Acquisitions 42

AccessPediatrics Encyclopedie : ou Dictionnaire raisonne des sciences, Narrative of the surveying voyages of His Majesty's VisuaiDx
des arts et des metiers ships Adventure and Beagle: Between the years 1828
New York : McGraw Hill Rochester, NY: Logical Images, Inc.
and 1836, describing their examination of the southern
Online resource: Geneva: J.L. Pellet, 1778-79. Online resource:
shores of South America, and the Beagle's
lt is an integrated on line resource that covers the entire Library catalogue: The database is a diagnostic decision support system for
circumnavigation of the globe
span of pediatric practice, from neonatology through The Encyclopedie, a monumental work of Western civilization clinicians providing instant access to more than 16,000
London :Henry Colburn, 1839.
adolescent medicine; organized around a set of Core representing the thought of the Enlightenment, was the first images representing over 900 visually identifiable diseases,
Library catalogue:
Topics developed by an advisory board of renowned encyclopaedia to include contributions from named drug reactions, and infections at the point of care.
contributors with lavish attention on the mechanical arts. This early 19th century work recounts the voyages of the
pediatricians. lt is for medical students, pediatric residents,
British ships Adventure and Beagle between the years 1826
general practitioners and pediatric specialists.
and 1836. The information gathered on these expeditions Y.K. Cheung Symposium: Proceedings and messages
How stands the theory & practice of monetary today might be considered a precursor to modern oceanography. Hong Kong : Dept. of Civil and Structural Engineering, Library catalogue: University of Hong Kong, 1994
Premier package + 3D real time Library catalogue:
This is Milton Friedman's heavily revised initial draft of the Photo albums of Hong Kong, Kowloon, Japan, Macau,
Primal Pictures Ltd. first two pages of his address to the Mont Pelerin Society at Canton, Hanchow, Swatow, Saigon, Angkor Vat, This volume of proceedings contains 11 invited papers
Online resource: its twenty-second meeting held in Hong Kong on Philippines, Siam, 1915-1929 including 3 keynote papers contributed by world renowned
lt is a perpetual database providing detailed 3D interactive September 8, 1978. Library catalogue: specialists in the field of computational mechanics to pay
models of the human anatomy. These models are: head and their tributes to Professor YK. Cheung.
A collection of 540 black and white photographs, taken
neck, shoulder, hip, thorax and abdomen, spine, knee, and Medical Letter (1988-) from 1915 through 1929 by Kenneth Krenz, documents the
pelvis and perineum. journeys he made throughout Hong Kong, New Territories,
New Rochelle, N.Y. :The Medical Letter
Online resource: Canton, Amoy, Swatow, Macau, and Hangchow while he
CRCnetBase served as an American diplomat in Hong Kong from 1926.
The database includes issues of:
Boca Ratan, Fla. : CRC Press
The Medical Letter on Drugs and Therapeutics
Online resource: Springer protocols
Treatment Guidelines
Full text access to over 400 a-book titles covering the New York : Humana Press
subjects of clinical medicine, surgery and general reference. Adverse Drug Interaction Program
Online resource:
Medical Letter and the Handbook of Antimicrobial Therapy
Springer Protocols contains more than 31,000
A mobile App is available. peer-reviewed, tried and trusted molecular biology, and
biomedical protocols, many from the classic series
Methods in Molecular Biology.
Patrons Gold Donors

Dr Tam Wah Ching Mr Sixtus Heung Pak Ho

Or Lui Che Woo Mrs Katherine Lee

Mr Kenneth Hing Cheung Fung

Diamond Donors
Mr Benjamin Tsui Yiu Ming
Or Serena Yang Hsueh Chi
Or Judy Lee Big Kau
Mrs Euphine Chung
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Or Cheang Hing Wah Mr Ho Chi Chun Mr Cheung Wan Chow Mr Lee Kwok Leung Miss Chang Hui-Chun Mr Ho Lai Shun

Ms Sung Mei Kwan Mr Chiu Chung Hoi ''il Or Chan Vum Seung Mr Tse Tak Tai MrVang Fan Mr James Cheung Ka Shing

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Mr Albert T da Rosa, Jr Miss Wal Yuen Sze Mr Mlchael Ylp Slu Mlng MrChan Shu Mr Kwan Chor Klu

Mr U Kangyang Ms Chan Shuk Hlng Or Llsa Cheung Mel Ung Miss Law Man Sze Mr VIncent Lau Hung Kwong

Ms Pappy /!IJJ Vuk Ving Miss Margaret Wu Mr Haydn Chan Hon Kwan Mr Jeff Lau Tak Wal Miss Edith Yiu Siu Shan

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Ms Reimi Elizabeth Kinoshita Ms Sung Mei Kwan Miss Tsui Lee Kuen
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