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The Fourteenth Sangguniang Panlungsod ng Ormoc (Sanggunian) was in receipt of a
communication from the Office of the City Mayor of Ormoc City (City) requesting for the
enactment of an ordinance establishing an Ormoc City North Transport Terminal, imposing fees,
prescribing routes and providing penalties therefor.
Section 16 of the Local Government Code of 1991 states that: “Every Local Government
Unit shall exercise the powers expressly granted, those necessarily implied therefrom, as well as
powers necessary, appropriate or incidental for its efficient and effective governance, and those
essential to the promotion of the general welfare. Within their respective territorial jurisdictions,
Local Government Units shall x x x maintain peace and order, and preserve the comfort and
convenience of their inhabitants”.
Section 17 of the same code provides that x x x “Local Government Units shall likewise
exercise such other powers and discharge such other functions and responsibilities as are
necessary, appropriate, or incidental to efficient and effective provision of the basic services and
facilities enumerated herein, such as but not limited to xx x (4)(i)Adequate communication and
transportation facilities’’.
The Ormoc City Public Terminal is the only authorized public passenger transport station
in Ormoc City, and while the City of Ormoc continues to grow as a city, both economically and
socially and recognizes the public’s growing need for public transport, especially in the
commercial areas.
The City of Ormoc is a rapidly developing locality characterized by the unprecedented
increase in the number of motor vehicles, the incessant mobility and influx of people and the
continuous increase in population. The land use is also changing on account of diversified
development activities such as the proliferation of business establishments accelerated by
investors entering into the City. The central business district has a limited road network and
confined capacity for traffic circulation, with traffic congestion prevailing in certain streets
aggravated by such factor as the concentration of tricycle and multicabs terminals along major
thoroughfares of the City, lack of suitable parking place and narrow roads. The number of public
utility vehicles in the City Terminal have been found to contribute to the traffic problems in and
around the areas where they operate such that there is a compelling need to transfer a portion
of the public utility vehicles using the Public Terminal located in the City and regulate the
establishment of the same which shall provide easy access, convenience and safety to the riding
Indeed, in consideration of the foregoing situation, the urgency for the City to enact an
ordinance to address the needs of the commuting public and at the same time, address the need

be it RESOLVED. Pongos. Committee on Laws and Ordinances. severally seconded by ____________________. on motion of SP Member Benjamin S. Chairman. to enact: .to regulate public utility vehicles in the City to aid in traffic decongestion for the welfare of the people. FOREGOING PREMISES CONSIDERED.