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A registered massage therapist cares about your health and safety. MTAS
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     I well as your well-being as      n early May. people of all t women.    Mass The MTAM. which repre age Therapy Association of Manitoba wellness respond to any the health and requested to A public hearing benefits for infants. submissions Massage therapy   (MTAM).  .    clarification. including that require the Council. Want to be relief from chronic your   tension or attain can enhance      a therapeutic massage   and physical of emotional overall sense quality of life. ages. the will be has a wide range of of  p22 as applicant.

   ‚   „   new legislation will which was formalize re. decreaseof burns and scar tissue. stages of conditiothe injured. which ry environm play a role in improved lymphati   … 2009. decreased    €   framework of the ory consultation Manitob body image. s and other alert its member PM 10/23/12 9:13:22 1005 MTAS Poster Options. the will join this Finding a professio massage therapists have ent to ongoing professio make a transition lly In whether they Code of into the new RHPA. These Massage Therapist sents over 85 per applicants await may be called is held the MTAM will children. pregnan on. improved  „€ ered Massage Therap in Manitoba. The MTAM June Association of Manitoba The application now of the a new regulato and will not posture. 24th regulate regarding the become the .    if required by adults. athletes. Health application and make Professions in legislated under in preventing cannot be overlook that the MTAM has or future functio a recommendatio Act’ (RHPA) of the Oswald complet ed her them has been working on the they develop . on that the MTAM reduction and of depression and anxiety. RMT. Massage Therapists.RMT supportive of the been Currently there are ns. joint mobility. MTAM n and training plus commitm education. benefits are management of   submitted an offici Province of Man Manitoba and the of President. BA. weight gain in      unde regulated anticipate they will that 1973. and probable referra future regulato ry function treatmen ns. improve d c drainage. mtam. The first of Manitoba (who through educatio continuing competency subject to a Complaints and concerns they may ‘Registered Massage raise any Paramedics Association 23rd development and .  ƒ  Practicing membe MTAM President bring approximately Manitoba Legislatu enhanced healing         rs under the RHPA RMTs under the 900 assisting its reduction of muscle Sue Kos-Whi cher Act when the new is proactively    … be known as ‘Regist will The MTAM transition into improved sleep. RMT. 1973. Two new Massa ge Therapist recent interested parties the new sional and subsequent establi review.indd 2 3/28/08 4:25:55 PM dd A1 -12_FP_01. but the tension. which approved by the Therapy College is members to prepare for the ent. and separate illness and conditio ed. She noted since College formation the 156 of the ‘Regulateprovince. the Massage Minister. there are 22 Regulate of stressed. submissions will be the province ng of the posting profession in 2 Public advertisi and the MTAM will Continued page media found in local stakeholders. the Acts but are now RHPA. office known to include: Advisory Council online and request other applican on MTAM is the d health locator service at MTAM applicati applicati on. She noted of the recent review. group. the ill and the tion. ists’ was formalized in In early May. A) of the A_01_Oct-24 Departments p28 From the Editor Taking care of business 5 Touch Points 6 Industry news and events RMT Tech Talk 30 Columns Securing your practice electronic records The Learning Curve 10 by David Zulak Practice Points 12 by Don Dillon Few and Far Between 14 by Jules Torti MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 3 . consultation docume into 22 Health Profess review of the referred to the of the a Profes How to Find transition that are regulated ions MTAM that and the public will it had been it is under the final decision applicants await and the Minister of therapist is vital to a positive massage a level of ability shment of the RHPA and they will gradua able to review the Council where be Advisory Council nal massage demonstrated nal application. they adhere to a Two the initiative. the strength of massagens before  †  this designation not play a role in formally review the d Health Professio each Manitoba. and so     s practicing in the cent of the profe the final decision of the If a public meeting presentation. that the MTAM regulatory environ official applicati profession under Section ry Council who will d Health therapy benefits therapy   has been seeking but cannot and will ment regulated health ns Currently. and they are ssage therapist have regarding the by the to become the s of Practice nal RMT/ma will be initiated have applied profession). It is estimated that the establishment of the RHPA in d in June 2009 by the awareness and body dissatisfa ction in patients with eating in stress hormone s. establi RHPA Advisory the application. and the Ethics and Standard a free professio 30 WAVE The next step intent when they post the regulated health t seeking to MTAM offers Discipline policy. or MTAM has requeste Therapist’ (RMT). older workers. While massage    Therapy into a new Massage in the Province to the RHPA Adviso on for designat ion as a l College is formed. (RMT). (MTAM). improved body been supporti subsequent and a pre-term infants. Minister.mb. their support for active review. outlined in the applicati this designat ion since alleviatio n function improved immune reduction of and increase       health profession designation as a The MTAM RMTs has been seeking the MTAM has also in ‘natural killer cells’. nal the profession of professio of Manitoba. disorders. In July. and in the       President Susan is proactively assistin represents over 85 per cent ts practicing requires the Minist MTAM cannot the new College or can be used Massage therapy acute and chronic ƒ„   Kos-W with transition of g Massage Therapissubmitted an of Health’s review er the formatio n of s once the t of both    outlined in the applica hicher. facilitation of    Professions Act (RHP r Section 156 of the Regulated Heal the 24th profess      ion to enter the regulat be ve inflammation.      ­   al application for itoba. effective    ssional Minister of Health – the Paramedics make a formal BA. Theresa n to the Minister. nt and informed Soon. sh d the designat ion of Health as to applicant is the experience. th Act. Susan Kos-Whicher.


ideals. not only Group Publisher for one’s career to thrive but also for human beings to continue to evolve. Massage Therapy Canada will mail informa. share your goals. ON N3Y 4N5 needed business practice information they can bring back and apply to their Printed in Canada respective practices.Volume 13. Mari-Len De Guzman Editor www. November. ©2013 Annex Publishing & Printing Inc. as the name implies.95 knowledge is power. January. Box 530. Mailing Address This is one of the reasons Massage Therapy Canada is proud to sponsor the P. All rights reserved. Such approval does not imply any endorsement of the products or services advertised. Ont. Fax: (877) 624-1940 Mail: P. Annex Publishing & Printing Inc. 105 Donly Drive South. Publisher reserves the right to refuse advertising that does not meet the standards of the publication. ISSN 1499-8084 Two of the Business Forum’s event speakers – Andrew Lewarne. Media Designer Emily Sun The community and connectedness have been generally wanting in the profession and yet. it is one of the most important ingredients. Published and printed by Another important objective of the Business Forum.Editor Fall 2014 . (519) 429-5183 • (888) 599-2228 ext.O. 219 often hear from industry observers and has always been cited as one of the many challenges facing massage therapists. 105 Donly Drive South. July. Martin McAnulty • mmcanulty@annexweb. No part of the editorial content of this publication may be reprinted without the publisher’s written benefits of belonging to a community. Opinions expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the editor or the publisher. No liability is assumed for errors or omissions. tion on behalf of industry-related groups whose products and services we believe may be of interest to (905) 726-4659 Publisher Christine Livingstone • Sharing each other’s successes and failures. (highlights on page 28). Box 530. All advertising is subject to the publisher’s approval. Issue 4 from the editor Mari-Len De Guzman • mdeguzman@annexweb. practices and contribute to their success. RMT and frequent contributor to the magazine – reiterated Tel: (866) 790-6070 ext. BOX 530. – 2 Years $49.95 is not something massage therapists would typically possess right out of (includes GST Don Dillon. Simcoe. support and For USA and Foreign rates please contact Cheryl Nowe reinforcement to enable them to incorporate business competency in their Occasionally. but for someone whose entire livelihood depends on doing it right. Simcoe. ON N3Y 4N5 The first Massage Therapy Canada Business Forum was held last PUBLICATION MAIL AGREEMENT #40065710 September at the Holiday Inn Burlington Hotel And Conference Centre in RETURN UNDELIVERABLE CANADIAN ADDRESSES TO CIRCULATION @MTCanadaMag MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 5 . 207 the importance of business management competence to an RMT’s success. ON N3Y 4N5 Filling out forms and signing contracts may sound like a no-brainer to some. 239 T Account Co-ordinator he isolated nature of a massage therapist’s practice is something we Shannon Drumm • sdrumm@annexweb. is to offer both new and experienced massage therapy professionals much- Simcoe.O. executive Circulation director of the Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario. April. ON N3Y 4N5 numerous sponsors.#867172652RT0001) massage therapy Taking care of business (519) 429-5173 • (888) 599-2228 ext..massagetherapycanada.. the support this event has gained in its inaugural year email: cnowe@annexweb. Subscription Rates Canada – 1 Year $29. successes and challenges. Burlington. learning from each other or President just taking comfort in knowing that you’re not alone are just some of the Mike Fredericks • reinforced our objective to provide our audience an avenue for learning and Massage Therapy is published four times a year: networking. please contact our reason to take a much-needed break from work and be with the people who circulation department in any of the four ways listed above.95 Business savvy – at least the practical and essential components of it – – 3 Years $64. with close to 100 attendees and P. They need continuing education. annual Massage Therapy Canada Business Forum. If you Face-to-face interaction and business education – sounds like a great prefer not to receive this information. and email: cnowe@annexweb.

addiction medicine program.” said Selby. a monthly intramus.C. The B. dent that B. including a study recently enable B. Manitoba Institute the health involvement groups ensure health-care needs are be. invest in more local programs Minister Terry Lake. to emerge as an gaps.C. government has leader in addiction treatment provincial government for B. helping to promote optimal has made it a priority to care and research program cal supports. to treat opioid and of-its-kind Canadian model and supports to improve care the initiative will “lead to alcohol dependence. tion in addiction medicine stance use services through- and co-director of the Urban cine diploma program to and creating opportunities for out the province. Health Minister Under the Regional Health annually with the minister. attorney general related health issues like men- research training program developing new ways of and Minister of Justice. to discussion that helps individu- Erin Selby has announced. Evan Wood. Manitoba’s five health regions are involved with the health-care sys. Paul’s lishment of a rapid-access other health professionals In November 2013. will focus on integrating for this high-need population.” said Health and is already available in and Related Harms. a $3-million government leadership of Dr.” board. “I want to thank Health diseases such as Hepatitis C largest in North America. I under- medical education. for Patient Safety. tal illness and communicable for clinicians.” said Suzanne build capacity for addressing medicine education and tion medicine providers and Anton.” said Jan Currie. system. 6 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 .” said Wood. based solutions for patients substance dependence and Institute on Drug Abuse using tion treatment and recovery.C. National international leader in addic. and support evidence- to harness new ways to treat funded by the U. B.Touch Points INDUSTRY NEWS AND EVENTS Manitoba government seeks public input on health care M anitobans will have a chance to share views and weigh in on health-care priori- now. Authorities Amendment Act. the stage for the establishment To support this plan.C. interdisciplinary platform to support a provincial addiction the number of skilled addic. but for years to come. build a comprehensive sys- of Dr. education. in HIV/AIDS at St. system. or get more information about develop strong regional plans to groups made up of a minimum of board chair.” patient care in B. “These groups can contact their local regional ing met in communities across Group terms can vary in will involve the public in plan. health authority office or visit this province. research and clini. by sup. and develop a stronger health-care provide reports back to regional “Patients are the centre of this coming part of a local health in. hance services in their communi- riences within the health-care now responsible for developing tem to ensure safe. the Hospital and medical direc. He mental-health action plan to Vancouver Coastal Health addiction clinical trials. B. The findings will be shared initiative and I’m looking forward volvement group. Groups will also be required will help improve the patient ex- perience and enhance safety for patients throughout the health- ties to help the province’s health address community health issues to meet four times per year and care system. with severe substance use related health concerns. 10 members. It also will support various addictions. I am confi.S.manitoba. “We want to hear from pa- tients and families about ways to and members can be re-appointed for one or more additional terms. funding sets addictions and mental illness. effects of alcohol or heroin. “There is an abundance of Vivitrol. er support. making it the helping patients. addiction medi. It’s those experiences we health involvement groups and care is available where and when Manitobans wanting to apply can draw from to help shape and each region will have at least four it’s needed. added the announcement will reduce barriers and service and Providence Health Care. adding the U.’s Ministry of Health partnered with the education. This first. About $1. quality health ties. Wood and reach out to those in need of The centre also will create an investment to expand and his colleagues in expanding care and provide even great.” regions shape future goals by be.” said the minister. “It’s vital that Manitobans are als provide strategic advice to en- “We all have personal expe. billion was spent on these the BC Centre for Excellence care as well as the estab. scientific research and clinical care to reduce the health and social can expect more help with “With the expertise and stand that it is important to harms of untreated addiction. tem of mental-health and sub- of British Columbia professor a new B.C.C. will remain a Minister Terry Lake and the and HIV. University Funding will help develop porting professional educa. a new medication called Addictions Services. $20 mil- new knowledge available in cular injection that blocks the of a Network for Excellence lion was made available for the area of substance use dis.C.” “Having seen first-hand the impact of addictions in our communities. in Substance Dependence regional health authorities to order treatment.3 Health Research Initiative at improve clinical addiction inter-disciplinary collabora. Not only right length from one to three years ning health-care services which www. to best serve patients facing Ministry of Health created a tor.C. earmarks $3 million to help health professionals treat addiction B ritish Columbians and their families who are struggling with addiction translating that information into evidence-based and patient-centred care. tion amongst doctors and services in 2012-2013.S.

Ontario docs say S ports-related concussions in children and youth constitute a significant public ventable brain injuries” while playing sports. York University in Toronto. their children from sports there’s a need to make an of the head in games like “You’re going to educate altogether. “Handing out pamphlets lel to smoking.” think we have the obligation Control labelled sports-related generation of athletes. it doesn’t work. then you’re ethically associated with them. soccer. The Canadian Press MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 7 . continue to suffer “often-pre. which more. highlight. “Health behaviours take The article notes that the publicly funded education sions. it’s epidemio. director of clini. head injuries.” lines the importance of them to make their own deci. Youth to take myself off the field.’” child development. I’m going sports is also part of healthy “We really have to move head injuries occur. who do suffer concussions said Echlin. inate all purposeful and inten- logically backed and it has tional head contact” while facts behind it. “If you know what’s going health issue that requires on and you refuse to do serious reform in public anything major or significant policy to address the harm about it. Paul also minimizing incidental Echlin. To deal with concussions it’s a public health issue as a public health issue. The article goes on to there is a big problem here’ we also have to be very care- dren and youth. not to promote responsibility to take action violence which is the underly- on the issue. the number of participants on institute concussion curriculum youth requires action. but youth ing an example in Ontario. said ing the elimination of the use Grade One to 12. but not to cause long-term suggests there is an ethical impairment. the which affects the population article suggests “dramatic as a whole and it’s been rule changes” be made to identified that way – it’s games children play to “elim- research-based. it is an epidemic in our appeared in Neurosurgeon. improve the the American Association culture of fitness. “It shouldn’t be silent any- The article. our youth to play games. an as professionals to continue to concussions a public health ents and educators.. Alison Macpherson. what does work is getting people’s perceptions about shift in the way that we allow The paper further under.” said Echlin. Sport an online publication of was made to.” she classifies as minor traumatic supervising adults who are and others to say ‘I got hit. youth culture. par. and also continuing a long time to change but I U. medicine clinic in Burlington. of Neurological Surgeons. a new wrong. decreasing publicly funded schools to concussion in children and Upshur. the size of playing surfaces Echlin. the 10-year-old to say ‘yes “We need to protect kids. it is about a added.” problem in 2003. Echlin and stuff.” said Dr.. related concussions in chil.Sports concussions in youth a public health issue.S. Centers for Disease on concussions for the next dialogue with parents. assistant professor of kinesiol. tion ministry has mandated agreed that sports-related the article with Dr. involved in games in which I don’t feel well. but cal research at Toronto’s a field of play and consider. But takes a long time to alter can change this. who co-authored to lower the chances of col.” said Echlin. Canadian paper argues. which the suggest enforcing significant and to give them the ability ful not to scare parents and World Health Organization suspensions to participants or to advocate for themselves kids away from sports.” on this now. the kids involved and getting the risk of certain activities. Macpherson drew a paral- “There’s no helmets or mouth must also be given appropri. It also suggests increasing Ont. “urgent statement” on sports. and socially. said. work at this in every setting. education from all students urged parents not to pull Bridgepoint Health. in sport. ing factor of a lot of these “It’s not a sport issue.” it’s not just a medical issue. who runs a sports head contact. ogy and health sciences at – Diana Mehta. saying it often guards or safety devices that ate time to recover. where the province’s educa. “Learning how to play brain injuries. Ross lisions in sports.

S. extended-release and long-acting into how these drugs were market- Medical Association held in August. reminded the conference that taking action. including Demorol and A year ago.” Health OxyContin. and more frequent massages The University of Vermont three times per week did not trol group. “The change will limit what 2012 study suggests that close to The new labels also remove drug companies can say in adver- a million young Canadians be. 30-minute massages two or Compared with the con. if they received 60-minute include multiple 60-minute Family Medicine. risks and safety concerns associ. clude Valium. two or three times each the U. recommendations. a ated with the drugs. drugs like opioid pain reliev. Why it’s not happening here.” he said in an in- the previous 12 months.” are frightening. participants were might be challenging for College of Medicine.” Canada is now the second-largest The Conservatives’ new initia.” he said. funded by one. ed in Canada. son. and for good rea- In prepared remarks. “Quite frankly.Touch Points INDUSTRY NEWS AND EVENTS Stronger warning labels on prescription painkillers coming tion opioids in the world. clarify opioids should only be likely to change how doctors pre- ported using prescription drugs in used to manage severe pain.” T he federal government is put- ting stronger warning labels on extended-release painkillers The Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey also found that 410. but it’s not tween the ages of 15 and 24 re. However. Other participants were for Complementary and assigned to a four-week wait Alternative Medicine list. frequent massages improve chronic neck pain: study R esults of a recent study found that multiple 60-minute weekly massages into five randomly assigned groups receiving various “doses” of massage: a four- were more effective than fewer week course of 30-minute ses- or shorter sessions for people sions two or three times each with chronic neck pain. As well. Ambrose is also calling for the terview.000 Canadians development of other practical solutions that will prevent opioid abuse while keeping the painkill- Ottawa needs to go much fur- ther. “Too many people are suffer. “That horse has bolted. said it’s “hard to ar. receiving massages two or sages three times per week. Ativan and Xanax. suggests several trol group. Food and cate doctors about the risk/benefit ing prescription drugs. Juurlink added. and provide significant benefits three times more likely to many patients due to finan- Oregon Health and Science compared with the wait-list have clinically meaningful cial and time constraints. 8 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 . adding I don’t know. ute massages increased massages twice per week massages per week for the Researchers enrolled 228 with dose and were particu. and five times more likely if first four weeks with self-care people with chronic neck pain larly evident for participants they received 60-minute mas. which served as the con- (NCCAM). reference to “moderate” pain to tisements to doctors. week or 60-minute sessions The study. stimulants like Drug Administration announced profile of opioids and perhaps even Minister Rona Ambrose told the Ritalin and Adderall. and tran. gue” with label changes. ers.” Ambrose said. soon as they came onto the market. improvement in neck function and that future studies should findings in the Annals of beneficial effects of 60-min. of opioid misuse. these numbers David Juurlink. OxyContin and related drugs – Lee-Anne Goodman. safety labelling changes for all federal support for an investigation annual conference of the Canadian quilizers and sedatives that in. opioids intended to treat pain. unacceptable and toxicologist at the University of United States. University published their control group. need them.S. Health Research Institute. National Center week. The researchers found three times per week. behind opioid labels that emphasize the ing only patients in severe pain as the United States. a medical “That’s happening in the ing and dying as a result. the U. Ambrose the reason why our government is Toronto. Therapists used a hour-long massages per week wide range of massage tech- may be the best “dose” for niques and were not allowed chronic neck pain condition. to properly edu- “Too many people are abus. she pointed out. Researchers noted longer University of Washington. scribe opioids. The Canadian Press Longer. tives include stronger warnings on should have been restricted for treat. per capita consumer of prescrip. “What we really need are fed- like OxyContin in an effort to said they’d abused prescription ers available for patients who truly eral initiatives to quantify the toll prevent the abuse of opioids. to make any self-care recom- Researchers from Group mendations.


demonstrating and seeing the For example. skips hesitation and the like – while moving the knee experience with an awareness of the importance of several times through a series of movements. anatomy to see and concretely understand the integrated The content of an assessment course should not be seen as movement patterns of the spine. when teaching the regional anatomy of the seemingly endless lists of joint types. learning style. attachments of ligament and how they “steer” movement within treatment and advanced techniques. review the range of motion of the joints. The the end-feel of joint movement. author and educator. the student in a program is that it is too technical.The learning curve BY DAVID ZULAK Assessment bred in the bone Teaching students to see through their hands Assessment is a way of looking at anatomy with our hands. Having palpated this on Common objections to introducing clinical assessment early several people who have more or less normal motion. and comes out of unifying. He is the author the joint. symmetry/asymmetry. a parallel assessment course can allow attachment points in action – in the flesh. This allows for a review of the majority of his teachings focus on clinical assessment. motion of the shoulder girdle elements. as Swedish techniques they are already in a mindset of a way to palpate deep structures (the meniscal pads). places to store this information in our memory. and it is just too much information to add to students’ already Motion palpation of the spine likewise aids a student of substantial load. 10 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 . girdle and then over the various muscular components actualizes The more a curriculum can show the relevance of the sciences into tangible knowledge of the conceptual view of integrated to the practice of massage therapy the better. muscles and their lower leg. What is bred in the bone comes out in the flesh. we re-enforce anatomical knowledge is that it can present this can teach living anatomy through palpation. If we do not understand and cannot assess the spine nature of the structures and functions of any region of the body. Some of these benefits include: Many of the so-called “special tests” (such as McMurry’s • Even as they begin their introductory course/lab on Meniscus test) can be described essentially as deep palpation. ankle and foot. competently. and other similar courses. assessment and be able to make it part of their practice Motion palpation of first the osseous elements of the shoulder right from the beginning. temperature. of the knee. In McMurry’s. Enabling massage therapy information the first term student is already receiving. but that is built on demonstrates how integrated they really are. the bulk of our clientele who come this anatomical information. one can often access deeper structures. you are • As they are learning physiology. they will begin their clinical – bumps. the surfaces of either the lateral or medial meniscal pads massage. injured or otherwise impaired shoulder. it relies on first having now has a powerful assessment tool when they encounter an significant grounding in other information to be understood. while holding and • If students have some assessment background prior to palpating via the knee’s epicondyles. structures. though we do region approach assessment can complement and reinforce treat all areas of the body.” If you think through the neck issues. using one or other of the very condyles of the femur to feel. the more senses we use to learn with. The more ways that we Starting a clinical assessment course at the very beginning of a approach a topic. This is a mistaken view. Massage Therapists. After all. palpate David Zulak is a RMT. through touch and motion. This reinforces In both of the above examples. I have often characterized clinical seeking relief from pain or dysfunction are doing so for back and assessment as “thinking anatomy. to they may begin to understand how these sciences relate to palpate. use differential muscle testing to palpate muscles from origin to insertion. students to palpate the boney landmarks of the skeletal anatomy. for irregularities of movement public clinic experience. students to understand and assess the spine from the occiput to If the anatomy course follows. We can teach how to information in a different mode of learning or in a different have X-ray vision. because it gives us different ways/ the student thinking in those terms. a way of integrating and absorbing much of the specific impaired spinal segment. By placing observing and gathering information about tissue texture. by and large. the pelvis is critical to our profession. the shoulder and the spine. a region-by. The most important way many of the assessment skills will Teaching assessment can be a way of teaching more than tests. as can the shape of the joint capsule along with the of the textbook Comprehensive Assessment for shape of joint surfaces. to see the motion of bones through flesh. which enables them to find completely new information that gets heaped onto the student. tension on specific tissues through positioning and movement. learning of both anatomy and assessment for the student and new information is certainly being given. group dysfunctions of several spinal segments or to locate a but rather. the more massage therapy program has the benefit of immediately getting likely we are to remember it. The examiner attempts to feel. how are we expected to help those clients? it is possible to re-invent the appropriate testing.

D.osteopathy-canada. scientific and research Family knowledge with our strong foundation in clinical expertise that our graduates are recognized for. The emphasis at the College is to ensure that the hand-to- specialization in certain aspects of the program to ensure that the knowledge passed on is of the highest quality. The Canadian College of Osteopathy continues to be at the forefront of Osteopathic training in Canada.osteopathie-canada. Vancouver (english) The Canadian College of Osteopathy offers: Quebec City (francais) • An experienced and broad faculty with many years of clinical practice • A student clinic that will enhance your clinical skills and confidence Montreal (francais) • A professional campus setting to enrich your educational experience 800-263-2816 • Additional support to students to learn and increase competencies outside of scheduled classes 514-342-2816 The practice of traditional manual osteopathy requires a fine touch.Sc. then the Canadian College of Osteopathy is your best choice. Successful graduates of the Canadian College of Osteopathy will receive a Diploma Join our in Osteopathic Manual Practice. If you are looking for a college to provide you with the highest educational stan- dard in Osteopathic training. Osteopathic (Ost).P. This ensures that our graduates continue to be leaders within the profession of Osteopathy throughout Canada by combining academic. a gentle hand transmission of traditional Osteopathy is preserved. . and a desire to learn. Our lead instructors hold www.O.M.6 Canadian Campuses Toronto (english) Providing the highest standard in osteopathic Winnipeg (english) education in Canada for over 30 years 877-893-0367 Study with us and grow your practice! 416-597-0367 Our 5 year part time program is designed for health-care professionals to gain experience and evolve their practices while studying. ™ and may be eligible to enrol in a B. with Halifax (english) a program that is internationally recognized and accredited for its excellence.

Earlier this year. RMT demographics. gatekeeper health disciplines and the public. An alliance can tive interests in public. require treatment guidelines (eventually supported by evi- Campaign – An alliance can be the common voice for dence-based practice). The Canadian Interdisciplinary Network of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (IN-CAM) holds an exciting conference bringing together CAM disciplines with shared interests. Consider the thought-leaders as strong candidates for working groups to Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba’s very effective effectively address jugular issues and plot national strategies. is paving the way for a national accreditation process. political EXPONENTIAL BENEFITS advocacy and developments in regulation. representatives from the provincial asso- ciations met under the umbrella of the Canadian Massage Therapist Alliance (CMTA) to discuss joint objectives and initiatives. encouraging more research into the efficacy of massage therapy. shaping the way education is delivered. trained spokespersons sharing consistent the profession. “Hurts So Good: Time for a Massage Therapist” campaign. Ontario and Manitoba. A national alliance of provincial tiatives that affect them. practitioners intellectual currency. chronicle customized per province. Through more cohesive communi- insurers. 12 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 . came to the table for what hopefully will become a the individual and collective interests of the profession more cohesive accord to address the common interests of mas- sage therapists across Canada. previously absent from the Demonstrating the value of multilevel collaboration in working toward discussions. Associations can put forward regional keeper health-care disciplines. potent profession. gate. and are curious of the experiences of associations can pool resources and expertise to address collec. advocating for massage therapists’ interests messaging. Massage Therapy Canada currently provides national tions – this was a critical concern brought forward by the news coverage of developments in the profession. insurers. Rather than duplicat- presenting a united and consistent national message. a pooling of resourc- es and perhaps a more cohesive. government lobbying and negotiating with tins and interactive blog. colleagues in other provinces and territories. The Inter- jurisdictional Competency Standards project. IN-CAM also coordinates the Massage Therapy Research Fund competition. Working groups already exist in various forms within the or Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of British profession: FOMTRAC (Federation of Massage Therapy Columbia’s partnering with Pain BC to host the Pain Regulatory Authorities of Canada) on professional accredita- Management Conference 2014. insur- matter experts and spokespersons to leverage our profession’s ers. cation. agencies and benefit from shared collaboration. and coordinate subject Co-ordinate – To build credibility with government.Practice points BY DON DILLON Common good National alliance with regional representations can offer the best of both worlds Emerging developments in the massage therapy profession sug- gest a surge in cross-Canada collaboration. ing efforts. the alliance can report on trends in the profession. and the public. Massage Therapy Canada publication. headed by the profession’s regulatory bodies with input from training colleges and professional associations. A national alliance can tion: IN-CAM for research funding and sharing. and other projects best co-ordinated and resourced nationally in relations with government. while reducing service duplication and maximizing cations between the provincial associations and utilizing the membership value at the regional level. it can be non-participating provinces – but the alliance can initiate leveraged as a vehicle to offer regional content that can be national public and media relations campaigns. research and edu- A national alliance cannot replace the provincial associa. present “big picture/cross country” views with regular bulle- fession relations. by a national alliance. trends while collecting essential data. and the build on great ideas like these and co-ordinate the design and Canadian Council of Massage Therapy Schools (CCMTS) in sharing of media campaigns across provinces and territories. the alliance can strategically partner with these Chronicle – Practitioners are interested in policies and ini. media and gatekeeper health-care pro.

private publications. resulting in a stagnant profession inhibited in innova- tion and ences and debating ideas and policies with colleagues. average workload versus desired work capacity.indd 1 2014-09-30 2:51 PM . Public and media relations – A national alliance can With benefits of both regional associations and a national help co-ordinate public and media messaging. Find him at sole practice often miss opportunities for sharing experi. Secure and Mobile SOAP Charting with localized. Associations can build relationships with larger employers and ensure practitioner needs. SOAP Vault fitness/wellness experts – to pursue common objectives in government policy. The profession’s stake. based on the co- respond to negative press. insurer negotiations. is a practitioner. findings and trends valuable to practitioners and all crowdfunding for specific objectives may be an answer – stakeholders. the cultivation of community. workplace wellness).COM). While availability of resources is always and better meet challenges. practitioners will recognize that the combined RMT associations need supporting literature and force of these two agencies can greatly improve the viability of trained spokespersons at the regional level. they would clearly recognize the value and pay for it. I suggest RMT associations 6. rehab. various income. 5. Practitioners working in author and to partnering with professions with similar interests – chiropractors. Professional development – professional development comprises not only the intake of information. but alliance stated. legal and business services. regula- tory standards and working conditions are considered. Increasingly. 4. defining the tangible benefits of an alliance can to collect information. Technology can be used a concern. delivery of care/service model used (spa. but also Donald Quinn Dillon. and defence against competitors and exploiters. This information can be shared with the drawing resources from many varied stakeholders and inter- other provincial associations through the alliance. collate data and communicate consider offer viable ways of financing projects. CAM. we really need the ongoing legwork and resources best applied at the regional level by the RMT associations. of the profession’s essential messaging. practice and positive positioning of the profession in general. Try it FREE for 30 days efit by partnering with massage therapy organizations nationally and internationally. tions. If ince can utilize public and media relations experts to we give practitioners a vision of what could be. A responsive national alliance requires funding and opera- holders need critical data to identify collective needs tional management. There are also benefits soapvault. technology hardware and software. Member polling – These surveys could pertain to net bers for products and services of interest. Partner – RMT provincial associations stand to ben. practice. For example. naturopathic practitioners. forms of insurance. The association can then harvests the fruits of the discus- sion into future actions and policies. more massage therapists will be employed by non-practitioner managers in corporate or franchise settings. physio/occupational therapists. Political advocacy – although an alliance can provide national representation in dealings with government. age and years in practice. er essential membership services. RMT associations can stage virtual symposiums – co-ordinated Simple. gatekeeper MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 13 soap vault massage fall 14.PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS health-care professional and public and media rela- RMT associations are in the best position regionally to deliv. PAYING FOR VALUE cation. Each prov. TCM/acu- puncture practitioners. we need to come together as a community more often – or risk our profession being heavily subjected to SOAP Notes in Seconds (sometimes harmful) influences of foreign bodies. MassageTherapistPractice. affiliations and edu. RMT. 3. the insurance industry and gatekeeper health-care practitio- ners. and many other factors. 2. Practitioners worry they will lose autonomy and quality over their work. This puts the issues – and the agency to solve them – squarely in the lap of frontline practitioners who experience them daily.g. rural or urban location. e. In order to cultivate context and culture. while punctuating key tenets ordinated efforts of a national alliance and regional associations. in-person gatherings with live-streaming – on critical issues (example: TED. Preferred pricing – provincial associations can take strengthen their delivery of the following: advantage of volume pricing on behalf of their mem- 1. ested parties to see an objective through.

He is now a vegetarian and has been for two and a half grimage route in Spain. He quit his exec. much like a competitive athlete. Carlos Fuenmayor. dish pig and food expert. disenchantment stem. booking agent. a revelation came the private chef realm. I didn’t lump myself in their category (then). he can only prep the wild game now).to 16-hour days had waned. Though and swimming to find balance. the kitchen. He works no more for 13. Fuenmayor is strict with his new job parameters (some- utive chef position due to insurmountable stress. How many career shift stories have you heard from clients that have been Massage therapist Rick Girardeau trekked the 800-km Camino dictated by their lack of physical well-being? How many col. His health has taken priority and is evident as he tells me The jovial Venezuelan chef has been in the industry 19 about his long walks through High Park to decompress. caterer of Toronto-based Sabrosito. His energy thing our industry needs to take note of ). to return to school to improve his English and obtain small ming from repetitive strains or job-associated weight gain. I had been so focused on examining the kitchen and the entrepreneurial move allowed him a healthier physical stress of certain careers without considering that per. I knew Rick Girardeau would have solid insights on balance After his surgery. I always marvelled at the physical demands of their work – which was largely talent coupled with steely discipline. He was done “paying his dues” in the quick and clear.Few and far between BY JULES TORTI Balancing act Secrets from a chef. an 800-kilometre pil- protein. Long weekends and concerts – in his early thirties. business skills necessary for his new action plan: entering When I began researching this topic. He takes six weeks off a year and makes an For Fuenmayor. but I’ve come to realize that our career also relies on peak muscle performance and dedicated maintenance. I massaged Olympic speedskaters. regardless of discipline and adherence to our personal wellness arsenals. forced into change by unbearable stress loads. a massage therapist and an ultra athlete When I was employed at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto. As massage therapists. his recent escape to an eco-lodge in Costa Rica sans cell phone. tennis games episode encouraged a necessary change in his life. sions ignited in the kitchen. TV or Wi-Fi. Often. he found himself hospitalized for three are no longer awash due to work commitments. NHL hotshots and NBA players with size 19 feet hanging off the table. he’s in the room. leagues have had their professions uprooted due to injury? Self-directed career jumps seem to be rarer than those vate clients once a year. Even then. Despite suddenly juggling many balls as the haps it was the mental fatigue that was the bigger elephant brand manager. Sometimes. cooking class attendees may have assumed. than 40 hours/week and schedules clients according to his Diagnosed with diverticulitis – a form of digestive disease needs and wants – not theirs. digestive issues. owner and personal chef/ glad he stepped out of his safe place. lease on life. de Santiago route in Spain for the unique physical and spiritual experience. He years. mental fatigue can trump best intentions. As a massage thera- pist.000 years (though he still goes hunting with one of his long-term pri. A second massage once a month and squeezes in runs. the condition is genetic (his mother and grandfather were both afflicted). he developed a severe allergy to animal fat and after walking the Camino de Santiago. The Way is explored by over 225. it wasn’t so seamless or as glamorous as the annual pilgrimage to the Nordik Spa near Ottawa to recharge. our bodies make choices for us before our minds have the leisurely opportunity. being told he had diverticulitis at such a A WALK THROUGH SPAIN young age shook up his tidy chef rock star world. confirmed this. I was a participant in one of his South American cook. my clientele was often dominated by road-weary professional athletes. people a year who are eager to find spiritual and physical rev- 14 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 . skin disorders. our bodies simply fail us. He gets a months after surgery and a debilitating infection. we are daily witnesses to the det- rimental chronic effects of many occupations. overwhelming Fuenmayor recalibrated the setback into the opportunity fatigue. puts a huge emphasis on restorative travel and wooed me with ing classes at the LCBO years ago and admired how his pas.

With the encyclopedic anatomical knowledge that we I had to talk to Donato. He knocked paralyzing races. I’ve had my fair share of Girardeau is a responsible. pain and muscular discomfort that I’ve sought treat- attack would startle most of the population into serious ment for and have learned a few things along the way. In five months. remains of the apostle St. tear injuries that tend to accumulate or manifest during a Aside from the guilty pleasure of a weekly Big Mac. after three weeks. no pension and skinny before in this magazine. chiropractor Corey Fiske at 5th work two weeks later. I have been in because the physical feat of walking 800 kilometres in three enviable awe of its host Simon Donato’s body and what he has weeks was centred on the demands on the body to perform. and exchanging a client load out the rehab and recuperation that we drill into our clients. In 2013. “Crazy. B. as is trying to deal with the numerous wear and later. sought treatment for them and learned a few things about his body along the way. sound. deserts – the mileage they combat through unrelenting ele- his left ankle began making an audible and angry crunching ments is pure inspiration and manic survivalism. in 2012. With a tight timeline between events (days himself in life. three eight of the world’s most physically punishing and mentally times a week. He had a rapid and lucky recovery that saw him pany). sliding down jungle trails or on foot or conquering mild panic that he wouldn’t be able to continue. I’m always curious about how others RSP accounts force many massage therapists back to work with- achieve balance in this industry. sometimes the balance is sought out Girardeau has been a massage therapist since 2009 but only temporary. The ugly clutches of I’ve written about job longevity for massage therapists being self-employed with no benefits. be telling the story of his cardiac arrest. it was about the joint appeal of a spiritual “Hosting Boundless is an exercise in endurance. The Travel and Escape network “docuseries” Boundless is I emailed Girardeau about his 2011 Camino experience unadulterated adrenalin. For someone who relies on his posses. For two seasons now. how does he balance the teeter-totter. competitor and host at the same time? For Girardeau. trained it to overcome.Ultra athlete and Boundless host Simon Donato has had his share of injuries and muscular pain and discomfort. What he didn’t expect was to return home to weeks). both on and physical journey – the biggest challenge he had presented and off camera. prior to embarking on the Camino. when you’re the back en route the following morning. was up to his usual load. with only one day of full-fretting and tain bikes. right?” ments for deep muscle injuries.” bucket-list mode. Westminster. he accepted a teaching assistant role at WCCMT –until a heart attack stopped him MEET SIMON DONATO in his tracks on March 2 of this year. eight-month filming season. self-employed. Whether they are on paddle boards. I could see him shrugging his shoul. three years paramount. As Girardeau proved. non-weight bearing position in a hostel despite his drive is also a geologist with a PhD and owner of an oatmeal com- to press on. moun- off The Way in 23 days. Seven days in. this massage therapist knew to scale back the day in a body for an income and captive studio audience (though he prone. for a backpack with a 30-kg load sounds about right.C. While a heart injuries. He hits him up a few times a year ders even though we were corresponding by email. James. Photo Credit: Boundless elations by walking the route that pilgrims did to the alleged He eased back into his schedule with two clients a shift and. When he gets slammed with MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 15 . fit workhorse. Donato and his enduro Already fit as a greyhound. Sometimes genetics push you down and became a clinic supervisor (and alumni) at the West when you least expect it – even after 800 kilometres of prov- Coast College of Massage Therapy (WCCMT) in New ing your mettle and meditating for an hour every morning. for a “tune up” and seeks out intramuscular stimulation treat- but hey. Girardeau soldiered on and was back at Simon praised his fall guy.. Avenue Place in Calgary. recovering from gruelling ultra-endurance events is from such an enormous accomplishment and. Girardeau merely added 30 lbs of athlete sidekick Paul “Turbo” Trebilcock kick the fear out of weight plates to his pack and clocked in 12 kilometres.

where a school of fish chews prefer to go to a highly experienced strength and condition. she travels to Africa to be with chim- something I’d do again.” well-educated in body kinematics. emo- lored to restoring movement and Policies also available for: Contents • Massage Clinics • Spas • Schools 16 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 . and very familiar with While off-season.000 OFFICE PROTECTION $25. nothing ‘relaxational’ about lance writer since age six. It was the most ticklish experi- ing coach who is accustomed to working with elite athletes. As is common in our industry as well. quirky experiences. abroad.000 COMMERCIAL LIABILITY $10.” massage therapist and ultra athlete with a TV show. providing a whole body. it’s the really. hiking. I’d do it again because it was a funny novelty.000 0 PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY (PLI) $5.’ mobility issues and root causes. ture racing events. Cambodia. is beneficial because they can quickly and accurately assess climbing and weights represent his typical weeks ‘at rest. be a glaze over preventative follow-up • sonya@rmtinsurance. “locked” muscles or when – so you want to keep your shorts on when getting massaged regular mobility elicits pain. mental. “A Thai massage on Kho San Road in Bangkok was the Jules Torti has been a RMT since 1999 and a free- most painful massage of my life. the looming surprise of what the first how an athlete’s body is supposed to move. Establishing your personal means heavily involved in establishing “strengthening programs tai.000.000 Learn more! Call today! FULL LEGAL GUARD EXPENSE 1-800-265-2625 ext. the He links his recovery success with such coaches who are lessons are the same. 322 www. functional approach.” His disappoint. there can of Fuenmayor’s life anew – it’s all under your direction. As a last resort Donato will visit physiotherapists to address Running builds calluses on the feet. panzees and writes about her zany travels for I had a massage in Kenya following an ultra where the mas. Lackner McLennan & Novex Insurance announce the BEST liability insurance coverage we have ever offered! $ 150 00 • no rate increase (plus 8% pst) • same great premium PROFESSIONAL Liability COMMERCIAL Liability OFFICE PROTECTION $5. The whole time I felt like a limb would snap off – not engagements. tional) is integral. eco-lodge holidays and long walks ents at once. Whether you adapt Donato’s mantra of ment in physiotherapists points to the focus on the acute Cambodian fish nibbling and positive thought or nod along injury itself and distracted pre-occupation with multiple cli. Big Macs and medita- Knowing Donato is flung all around the world for adven. “With the serious injuries. maybe. Matador Network. with the vegetarian diet. stand-up paddle board. really long walk. to be honest.000. relationship. In between massage it.races booked close together. Biking. running. of balance (physical. I’ve found that event of the next season will be requires a broad cross-training going through a number of movements with a coach like this approach. tion regime that Girardeau finds solace in that is your speed. so I’ve done the fish dunk serious issues. racing residue. he seeks massage to tackle the sage therapist got a bit friendlier than I would have expected tension from travel. Despite the differences in the lifestyle of a private chef. that’s for sure. His field report was quite comical. I had to ask if he had any bizarre or Share your balance secrets with everyone you care about. I tank in Siem Reap. Or. away at dead skin on your feet.rmtinsurance. ence of my life. career.

2015 CranioSacral Therapy for Pediatrics 1 (CSP1) CranioSacral Therapy 2 (CS2) Edmonton. 2014 Toronto. AB Sep 17-20. DO. 2015 Vancouver. 2014 Toronto. ON May 7-10. 2014 Vancouver. BC May 21-24. 2015 at Upledger. 2015 SomatoEmotional Release 1 (SER1) Toronto. in over 60 countries • Learn from a balanced mix of lectures. ON Nov 13-16. AB Dec START Ask about our Core-Pak TRAINING Training and Certification Package 100 PER $ MONTH Save More Than 30% • Coursework Satisfaction Guaranteed! Call or Click: 800-233-5880 | Upledger. demonstrations and supervised hands-on practice. take home a comprehensive. residing in 100+ countries CranioSacral Therapy 1 (CS1) SomatoEmotional Release 2 (SER2) Calgary. 2015 The Brain Speaks (TBS1) Calgary. ON May 7-10. • Earn contact hours to satisfy continuing education credits developer of CranioSacral Therapy • Join a global alumni network of 100. AB Mar 19-22. 2015 Toronto. illustrated study guide • Become certified by an organization whose programs are known. ON Nov 6-9. OMM. 2014 Edmonton. use Priority Code MTC 10-14 The Upledger Institute International is endorsed by the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators . reliable source for CST training • Participate in the most diverse CST curriculum that features over 40 unique course titles • Attend a workshop in one of 400+ cities. innovative.000 practitioners. CEO and John E. valued and respected worldwide • Let our skilled Educational Services Counselors help you chart your future John Matthew Upledger. 2014 Additional dates and locations in N. America Edmonton. AB Dec To register. Upledger CranioSacral Therapy The most trusted. BC Nov 29-Dec 2. AB Mar 19-22. Upledger.

The the public conversation is a challenge. manufacturing and not-for-profit sectors. making regulation for any members and at public events where MTAM has a presence. asm. proponents are taking their case public. 2011 part of the Act was proclaimed that enabled appli.” Molloy may be forthcoming soon. the MTAM’s application process. executive director of the Winnipeg. based Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba (MTAM). In 2009. as well as via social media portals Facebook and Twitter. has her own perspec- 18 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 . the Manitoba massage therapists. specifically during Massage Therapy actions or meaningful moments that keeping your mission in Awareness Week (Oct. product of awareness. Those changes will include a refresh on regulatory environment as more like rubbing sticks together the association’s landing page to make navigating the site over time rather than an instant spark.” says Molloy. At the time of writing. cants for regulation. on the regulation quest. New Brunswick. the MTAM. the MTAM applied. expressed an opinion on the subject of regulating the prov- “Our campaign over 2012 and 2013 was focused on a full ince’s massage therapists – but it is anticipated that a decision newspaper feature during Massage Therapy Week. in still unregulated jurisdic. “It was in 2004. cil will make its recommendation to the Health Minister which represents about 85 per cent of Manitoba’s professional who has the option to accept them. overall. and. is now in the hands of the bers. has allocated a budget for a vigorous government. and displays on our feedback is that people understand why it is beneficial to bus panels.” says Sheila Molloy. ince started public consultation on the idea of a Regulated “These changes will help us better determine if we are Health Professions Act. profession top of mind in the public takes a lot of time. Molloy. the technology. “However. TV commercials. Susan Kos-Whicher. led by NDP Premier Greg Selinger. we will re-ignite the public aware. it was approved. relevance and enthusi- “In the coming months. 20 to 26. “These will also be tied to a number of changes to our Describing the movement in her province towards a more website. and distinct sections for members. so much time may go by between key ness side of our quest. Molloy emphasizes easier. currently Newfoundland and enhanced massage therapy regulations Labrador. Ontario and British Columbia.” she adds. an improved “Find a Massage Therapist” referral link. including stakeholder feedback.” she says. points out that the MTAM’s message will be spread through a stream “This is an important issue whose time has come in our pro. The coun- To bolster general awareness on the matter. of media releases. however. It comes in peaks and valleys. and in reaching people. when the prov. explains. That initiative has expanded to include articles “Certainly. has not communications outreach. Brochures and decals are being handed out to the public.Regional focus BY JACK KOHANE There’s an ad for that Massage therapy associations in Canada’s Prairie provinces are turning to mass media to make their case for regulation T he drive to ramp up political support for have opted for regulations. the work we have done over the last few years published in rural newspapers. Momentum is a Manitoba and The Manitoba Marathon. has built a base of understanding and awareness and. after consulting with mem.” notes Molloy. magazines. 2014). the MTAM has been advocating pro-regulations for decades. money such as the Challenge for Life fundraiser for CancerCare and patience. In 2012.” Association’s goal: to join the ranks of other provinces which Winnipeg RMT.” she says. fession. whose background is in marketing as a consultant to tions. newspaper supplements and TV commercials. advertising on digital signs in health clinics. marches on.” Health Professions Advisory Council (HPAC). With regulation. highlighting advancements in research and updates years. the public and future “There have been presentations to the province for 30 RMTs. To date. understanding.

27th OL DAY 6 I INDEX LOW -2 I SCHO ctober 2 to find a registered therapist. providing you with the highest standard of treatment. 2012 OCTO ® 1872 FOUNDED IN 2 Massage PAGE 1st . tions for is a list of condi The following ed by its to be ge therapy provid ndous benef y which massa be beneficial: There are treme regular massage therap la an RMT can is gh achieved throu a Registered Massage L eg   k  See treatm ents from to have a   her you need  Therapist. HIGH 5 — Partly cloud apy Week O D8 THE WEATHER M assage Ther TheAre ts in good hands? rapisyou seek formal A registered massage therapist cares about your health and safety. MTAS designation members are recognized as professional practitioners. contact as health MTAS or visit saskmassagetherapy. For your safety and protection. relaxa e moment of ic pain. professionals fits of Massage ts Health Bene herapis Massage T tion. PAGE A1 CMY K WEDN ESDAY BER 24. reduce muscle    #24.  . Whet tion.

Mas sage Therap erapy Assoc  if required by adults. benefits for    Minister of iation of Ma A public hearin infants. submission s Massage therap wellness of   Parame requested to respond to any g the health and nitoba Health – the ists. pregn  . people of all ages. that require clarification. the Council. will be y has a wide range      The MTAM . including ant women. b relief from chron ce your   t to tension or attain     Wan enhan massage can    a therapeutic and physical of emotional     overall sense quality of life. well as your   ision of the well-being as of      it the final dec dics of applicants awa as applic ant.

they adher porand suplaints MTAM has requeage Therapist’ (RMT). older Massage Th so on. the tions befor  †  lated Health Manitoba. At that time. ltation and oba image . the application or raise any able to review streng e regulated health Professions Currently. confident in ‘where to and how to’ find a legitimate therapist. Two new Massage The out ge ing this designa Currently the the y will graduall y cern s they may hav review of the referred to the transition into the final decision of the a Professional e massa been seek MTAM has been late d and Two con it had been applicants await and the Minister of How to Find is vital to a positiv ahas noted that the n that are regu new RHPA. improved drainage. they do. throu gh education comp etency educa ct to a Comp t esta blis ‘Registered Mass d by the Paramedics d Assoc to become the 23rd development and contin uing of Practice. safety and affordability. reduction t gain in erapis signa has also    ion will College is cation for de that the MTAM Massage Th in ‘natural killer new legislat Health new weigh     1973.indd A1 awareness campaigns in recent years aimed at improving the public perception of massage therapy as a health-care service.mb. therapist there was one answer. These    If a public meet ing is held the athletes.” she says. Soon. The first iation of Manitoba (who and training plus tion. MTAM itmen to a Code tive of RHPA hment of the Healt experience comm e active sted the design applicant is the group. tive on how regulations could forever change her practice and The regulated environment in Ontario made a palpable dif- the overall delivery of health-care services in the province.” answer was. Association formally revi of the t and in the   85 per cent canno be used    ’ n of the pro Practicing mem red Massage Therapists e or y can MTAM of the new Colleg the Min represents over age Therapists practicing the formation Massage therap acute and chronic    ƒ„  with transitio ironmen ation to the regulatory env the a recommend public will be Mass once both professional submitted an tory functions treatment of massage ‘Registe in the Provin ce of Manitoba. PA Adv isory Council e is proactively tion and mak Mass mem t. Third-party insurance training). (adult entertainment). joint mobility. I would have to pay $3. Healt nting Pre College form lication. the Advisory Coun cil whether they will join this Finding a profe ssional massa massage therap ists have demo nstrated level 3. 24th regulated regarding the become the submissions posting will be the province. and they are subje l RMT/massa and subistsequen ge therap will be initiate applie the Stand ards profe ssiona The next step have profession).    ‚  approved by now requires which was forma ase . ation as a future regula tions.indd 2 3/28/08 4:25:55 PM PM 10/23/12 9:13:22 The Massage Therapists Association of Manitoba and the Massage Therapists Association of Saskatchewan engaged in a series of public A_01_Oct-24-12_F P_01. RMT. There sa Oswald comp document and informed the Acts but are now the new RHPA . tising of the profession in 2 Public adver MTAM will Continued page 30 WAVE media and the rs. She admits she was uncomfort. It was confusing for everyone to have these catego- spending accounts for massage therapy more often.000. they don’t experience the same advan- “Public perception was different for Manitobans back then. improved   …  which was form assisting of Hea lth’ who will age Therapy The MTAM bers to prepa re for the transit the n. and Ethics and a free cil when they post the regulated health seeking to .   sional Manitoba and the ate they will be t of the profes may be called MTAM will children. and separate illness and condi oked. Longer waits. improved pre-term infant   €   submitted an n under Section 156 of decreased the Minister. who is also the current presi- people are talking. ation for design Section College is forme h its y   BA.” asserts Kos-Whicher. chiropractors and athletic “On my return to Winnipeg in 1988. out than ever before. consultatio make a tran review ation of h as to . ference. massagists (less than 2. and massage therapists (more than 2. the city of Winnipeg man- Given the multi-faceted communications campaign being aged to position massage in three categories: massage parlours waged by the MTAM. as well as reinforcing their efforts to push for massage therapy regulation in their respective provinces. While many think we are already ing to move back to Winnipeg. She t to ongoing 197 professional of the recent revi ew. the (MTAM). Susan is (MTAM).200 hours of apy is becoming ever more positive. it is $3. an Kos-Whiche r. She noted of the recent review. In July. disorders. ince of Manitoba that had the 2.  consu in Manit body awareness and on in patients with eating the Minister of the RHPA   establishment lized in June 2009 by the body dissatisfacti in stress hormones. which tory enviro nmen improved lymph    RHPA will to the of Manitoba a new regula will not play a role in posture.  „€ in Manitoba. there each of stressed. a Winnipegger who dent of the MTAM. establish official applic profe ssion under are 22 Regulated Healt therapy benef th of massage therap (RM T). ‘to operate a massage parlour.” providers such as physiotherapists. but tensio atic …  RH In early May. mana Kos-Whicher reduction and and anxiety. the another cost-efficient way of seeking health care. office workers. For MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 19 . people can wait weeks or months to access was no other category at that time for ‘massage. It tion the roximately 900 increa framework of applic allevia and  outlined in the ation since ne function     g this design improved immu of   brin g app has been seekin cells’. In the applic ation. but cannot and or future functions. People are using their health-care training). and     bers under the 2009. will not play . Needless to say I operated my business without a health-care system. there were only three of us in the prov- “Manitobans are increasingly using massage therapy regu.’ There In Manitoba. licence for several years.000 for cy rooms… it would simply and soundly offer Manitobans a business licence. The application le referral Manitoba Legisl ature. ries.200-hour education that is larly for their health care. Ma y. geme    fess t the the 24th pro estimated tha . known to includ pain. MTAM offers Advisory Coun other applicant Discipline policy mtam. While stages of condi the injured. thus further taxing the province’s care realm.” “Therefore. The MT AM fession of Mas t sage ew the applica ister.200 hours of usage is on the upswing.’ There were the service of other medical care providers. the ill and the    be known as Therap y into a new in ties and the a role interested par d.000. When I questioned how that could be. and it didn’t include the rural communities. side nt Sus MT AM ation s iative. RMT. When I explained I was a massage ability to take the pressure off of our over-extended emergen. wh ts practicing in the Prov tion as a regulated ation that the MTAM of depression se  ­   Act . the Act whe official appli the Regulated body been supportive subsequent RMTs under s. tages that they might with other health-care providers. poorer resolution. the public perception of massage ther. regulated because we are in the public eye and more sought able in the beginning to say she was a massage therapist. found in local stake holde bers and other alert its mem 1005 MTAS Poster Options.” retorts Kos-Whicher. Eventually. “Regulation is important to them for trained in Toronto and started her practice in 1988 before decid. “Other health-care now the current standard. ion to ent ich represen ince of Manit BA. h pro fes sio  ƒ  „   pro vin ce.   President. decre of burns and scar tissue healt of the      ew and probab Act (RHPA) ent g e MTAM Presid assisting its enhanced healin reduction of muscle     alized in Jun s revi Professions Sue Kos-Whicher is proactively ion into improved sleep. tha the intent in preve legislated under cannot be overlo Act’ (RHPA) of the leted her them has been working on the they develop rapist -line RMT d in the app tion since re are 22 Hea their suppor e regarding Minister. sition into the MTAM that where it is under ge therapist of ability RHPA Advis ory Council . and e: effective    RMTs anticip ry l presentatio n. I would say that the public is becoming more Do her patients really even care about regulations? “Yes. I phoned the city to therapists are working with massage therapists. but nothing in the therapeutic health- times. and request MTAM is the e at ation online health locator servic MTAM applic application. the pe r cen The MTAM er the regulato I make a forma benefits are nt of n ear ly   ts ov er 85 oba. there are over 1. several columns in the phone book for escort services under with poor immediate first aid care results in longer healing the heading of massage. facilitation of      n the inflammation. Professions in the lth Profession t for the init h t 156 of the ‘Regu province. We have the acquire a business licence.

Answer: ‘No. you don’t of massage therapists. This change will begin when there especially when a medical doctor refers them to me. RMTs can establish profession is accelerating. “In recent years. The removed member is then free to join another “Members can speak to their local MLAs (members of the massage therapy association and continue practicing.” lauds Woynarski. the disadvantage of having GST added to their the road who gives you a nice back massage. tions of the profession. and the journalist writing for several national kinds of medical conditions MTs can help alleviate. I receive are five regulated provinces. RMTs can also To counter what some refer to as the “seamy” side of mas.” In addition to interviews profession of massage therapy at the provincial and national with MT practitioners on topics of anatomy and health. positive long-term working and referral relationships with ing to Green.” Green community will Saskatchewan will not only benefit the people of Saskatchewan. significantly increased which validates the effec- years have been particularly active. Our unregulated association can remove an recent poll of the over 800 RMTs that belong to MTAS pro- offending member. tiveness of massage therapy. It’s a learning curve for many people. I don’t foresee any negative issues. including the MTAS. jaw joint.” know what you’re getting. “Regulation of massage therapy in help when the provincial association asks for it. more effective and cost-efficient health care word out. RMTs that are goal.” therapy professional associations from various boost the public’s The MTAS also has a dedicated research board provinces. “A lot of patients in my view.” name. In addition. We could be next. Woynarski is optimistic As part of its legislation marketing strategy. “We tell people why we are different from the nice lady down 20 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 . the levels.” weekly referrals from dentists and dental surgeons for TMJ (problems with the jaw. treatments are part of a rehabilitation program from a work- “Saskatchewan has been working very hard for many years place or motor vehicle accident. It’s a grave disadvantage the public’s confusion over massage therapy. ciations in non-regulated provinces that may “The MTAS has a specific board of directors not necessarily have the expertise or experience chair position being dedicated to our legislation to move forward with the regulatory agenda.” says Woynarski. there are more serious cases of professional the movement for regulations and to enhance public percep- and sexual misconduct being dealt with through our com. explaining what a registered massage therapist Jack Kohane is a Toronto-based freelance does. NEXT DOOR muscles that control chewing and moving the jaw). for all Canadians. Patients come in asking me if they can claim massage affords us an opportunity to dispel misconceptions about the therapy as a health-care expense. the CMTA only comes in to lend active in their the MTAS. Pointing out that the momentum to bring in a perception of directors position and is allocating funds for innovative research projects. why people should see a massage therapist. The campaign has largely consisted of billboard other health-care providers. after his graduation from the Western College of Remedial executive director of the Massage Therapy Association of Massage Therapies in Regina.” are regulated.example. and surrounding facial MEANWHILE.” says Green. “This invoice. later this year on talk radio stations in an educational pro. health-care magazines and the National Post. Green says the past five therapists. “Though we continue to consult with the Asked what he believes Saskatchewan massage Saskatchewan government. accord. But it’s on a frugal budget. RMTs that are active in their advertisements and marketing the MTAS logo.” stresses Green. In that context. A Queen’s Bench. so as not to step on anybody’s toes.” legislative assembly) and government officials. with ongoing pain issues. the regulatory environment to the profession was set of massage amount of published research-based material has in motion 15 years ago. Woynarski states. from her Saskatoon office.” program’s Q&A component has a massage therapist field- ing questions. “I predict only positive outcomes for my practice and the gram called “Talk to the Experts. help spread positive messages through social media and local sage. who is also president of “However. The future of regulated health professions is all about “We believe we’ve done a pretty good job of getting the developing safer. not until we profession.’ The province of origin must recognize the pro. CMTA is an alliance of massage help further on a national level. calls major strides made in the legislative process toward a The CMTA has been a vital resource for asso. the MTAS’s media blitz to raise public awareness of the volunteer opportunities. Woynarski has seen what he Saskatchewan (MTAS). it will also support the profession points out. especially to our senior citizens and individuals find it hard to believe that we are not regulated already.” says Lori Green. regulatory milieu in Saskatchewan. and those talks are therapists can do in their own practices to propel going quite well. the MTAS is that regulations will one day become a reality in the massage planning to participate in a series of hour-long radio shows therapy profession across Canada. In his Regina practice. The Saskatchewan MTs are also in hot pursuit of that goal with general public also has elevated respect for RMTs when their their Manitoba colleagues. however we cannot publicly publish their duced a result of over 80 per cent in favour of regulation. “We have had RMTs plaints and discipline committee and through the Court of get petitions signed by their patients supporting regulation.” to seek regulation and we rely fairly heavily on the CMTA Running his full-time massage therapy practice since 2001 (Canadian Massage Therapist Alliance). The key community will help to further boost the public’s perception message: if you don’t see a member of the MTAS. Garret Woynarski often hears about fession in order for this to happen.


our biggest asset is touch. but by using this lives of children with autism and their families. Most children with autism are Mental Disorders (DSM). and 2) restricted repetitive behav- was one in 5. attention deficit disorder and just released in May of 2013. different approach.” This move has solidified of life. but ence manual is used by mental health which includes the idea that a patient’s spend their time engaged in puzzling 22 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 . Children require nurturing touch to thrive. the diagnosis requirements of an ever-growing rate with one of many versions following the numbered trend.” the previous DSM-IV autistic disorder According to the Autism Research UNDERSTANDING AUTISM (autism). Not only is reaching out to children professionals and physicians in the severity and symptoms can “flow” along in the autism spectrum important. iors. As massage therapists. within the first two-and-a-half years Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of wise specified. First published in 1952. it is United States to diagnose mental dis. The American developmental disorders that include The most recent version. the most current corporated four previously separate dis. perfectly normal in appearance. and for those on the autism spectrum. Association. ASD have also changed. Autism is a severe develop- One of the most popular tools in diag. we can both relate to and reach this group of children. the idea of a fluid spectrum for autism. it in. We are in the midst of a global orders. disintegrative disorder.S. However. childhood Institute. it was Along with the addition of these dis- epidemic. “ASD now encompasses RRBs are present.Pediatric Massage BY TINA ALLEN Tiny touch A hands-on approach to autism spectrum disorders A s massage therapists. Asperger’s disorder. this spectrum. we must push through the walls society has placed and reach out to all those who need and benefit from touch. interests. whether it is an aban- doned child with HIV in Vietnam. for diagnosis of ASD. and pervasive de. Centers for Disease orders into one single condition: autism Because both components are required Control says the ratio is now one in spectrum disorder (ASD). Children are diagnosed at referred to as DSM-I with subsequent orders. urgent.000. through age-old in- accuracies we often avoid the most touch-starved individuals. DSM-5. did this version increase the diagnostic communication and social interaction In 1980. a child suffering from severe hospi- talization or children on the autism spectrum. This refer. required) to use special- Nurturing touch through pediatric massage therapy can make a significant difference in the ized touch therapy. this is no different. mental disorder that begins at birth or nosing autism spectrum disorder is The velopmental disorder (PDD) not other. and activities (RRBs). social commu- 88 children – with boys being affected According to the American Psychiatric nication disorder is diagnosed if no four times as often as girls. the ratio of autism diagnosis categories by almost 12 per cent. My goal has always been to touch the untouchable. Not only “…characterized by 1) deficits in social attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is im- portant (in fact. data from the U. was Psychiatric Association defines ASD as autism.

“He hated light touch. affectionate 10-year-old his fifth birthday. blocks so he can spell out his needs.” When Alex was five. his first occupa- tional therapist discovered he calmed down when she would give him a firm bear hug. children are ping his hands. Seuss an almost complete disassociation with stimulation. in Carter’s case. Dustin P. a child may and the behaviors associated with the amplification through desensitization. Autism is characterized with sensory malfunction and dysfunction of the tactile system. and parents. but after he turned Engine. especially Autism. provide with PDD-NOS (atypical autism) when napped. including tactile dictionary. but was a technique found to actually help.’ Carter could read Dr. are finding great success in the use of mas- MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 23 . until we obtained help from our local school district when he turned three. Wallace. sage therapy for those considered to be anything you wanted to know about ferent from those of neuro-typically on the spectrum. In December 2009. smells or touches. To say children with autism do not like to be touched is false. Given that children with Autism have been reported to be opposed to physi- cal contact. He was diagnosed has always been full of energy and rarely sentences or. he started to display “quirks. According to Dr. even as a baby. Carter would their level and help them to be able to was asked to leave two pre-schools due line everything up alphabetically and connect with the world around them. Carter was diagnosed with Asperger’s As massage therapists. This is just one of the tacti- cal interventions that have been found to not only calm but may reduce sen- sory overload in children on the spec- trum. Early on. word. “People with ASD him how he knew how to spell that terized by early onset of a lack of attach.” be unable to communicate in a way we disorder persist throughout the child’s understand. made sure all his toys were in order. and bright lights in stores. Communication is relative. pediatric massage thera- pist and Alex’s mother. is incurable tion. often struggle with increased sensitiv. When I asked others. provid- who loves to draw and has a brilliant he was diagnosed with ADHD. affects a child’s ability to develop nor.behaviours which are markedly dif. Hospitals and Clinics. or even to the grocery store. and ity to sensory stimuli. “When he was three. as we know it. massage Usually diagnosed by the age of three. form relationships with Sciences at The Children’s Mercy on the living room floor. to his “meltdowns” which involved flap. failure to cuddle as an infant. CARTER’S STORY the child’s IQ or educational abilities. Carter ing pictures which can be used to form sense of humour. Hugging was commonly last on a caregiver’s list of “to-dos” when dealing with his meltdowns. scared screeching and crying.” the environment. often making a child averse to certain sights. there are many ALEX’S STORY syndrome in July 2008. shortly after ways we can assist. noises from crowds of people. including their scientific developing children. Often. His interests nev. massaging of the Alex is a funny. of Developmental and Behavioral he spelled (with blocks) ALBATROSS mal language. respond appropriately. sounds. any animal. As a baby. “In the medical setting. name.” says Angela Ajamie. “He [Carter] could tell you just about often times already withdrawn. he was three years old. is charac. face to help atrophied muscles. as. comforting experience of tactile stimula. his obsessions were therapists are taught to meet children at two. and massage provides a books by the age of two-and-a-half. but this has no bearing on lifetime. tags in shirts. he er included Lego or Thomas the Tank The challenge – Pediatric massage developed normally. sistant professor of Pediatrics Integrative therapist from Massachusetts and this complex developmental condition Pain Management Clinic and Division Carter’s mother. he answered: ‘I read it in the ment.” says Catherine Podd. it is interesting that many massage therapists. while also helping to decrease pain on the spectrum. standing on his toes. “We couldn’t go out to social gather- ings.” Alex animals and the alphabet.

and longer sleep duration. Working with a pediatric client means you Schroeder. “These differences “Many children won’t just hop up on the table and tell you their make it nearly impossible for there to be any one trick or ailments. The good news is that massage can help in all methods for communication. may change from moment to moment. occupational therapist and massage therapist at not only work with the client but their parents as well. imperatives in a massage cannot be easily defined. there is no exact protocol to follow. including less sleep disruption should always be respected and attended to.” her mom Wende Lancaster. For more GIBB TM To learn more or to register. are often stressful for the child.” and between each session for one child. increases which means the same massage strokes. gas and discomfort. “The individuality and uniqueness of each child is one of Collaborative approach – Educating children. whether on the spectrum or not. please email us at resumes@handandstone. Are you looking for a rewarding career? JOIN OUR TEAM ARE YOU A REGISTERED MASSAGE THERAPIST? DO YOU HAVE THE GIBB PORTFOLIO? If not. non-verbal gestures or non-language relieve constipation. a neural client. It can be very difficult for them to relieve some of the discomfort caused by immobility. a massage therapist from Texas.and maybe confused.” says Elizabeth session successful.” says make new connections with people while in this new setting. Each parent and child more comfortable. This can include being Nicole is a beautiful young woman with a smile that can respectful of specific culture. Each child’s needs. of these situations. developmental disorder that causes problems with cognition. delivering the best therapeutic massage experience possible. She is living with Rett syndrome. Touch therapy con- sounds. family and team.” Collaborating doesn’t stop with parent and child but often includes their health-care team. “A pediatric massage therapist can make a treatment that works with all children on the spectrum.” the songs we sing. Simple strokes on the stomach can help tures. Come join our team and enjoy: CMTO Quality Assurance Program Approved · Steady clientele · Free training · Spacious rooms · All supplies provided Category A – 2 CEU’s · Commissions & bonuses · Team atmosphere · Flexible scheduling · Health & dental benefits Certificate of Attendance The GIBB Professional Portfolio We manage all appointments and billing. autonomic and motor functions. “The child with emotions. aides her hypotonia and gastrointestinal issues. hand placements. upset stomachs. time as well as priorities for the light up any room. talented RMTs are committed to providing an exceptional TO SAVE YOU TIME! experience. inviting therapeutic environment. and also one of the biggest rewards. many have trouble with atrophied session. allowing you to focus on the most important aspect of your job. you need to attend the Workshop for Professional Portfolio Preparation for Massage Therapists. Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. activities. Using a strategy to best en- NICOLE’S STORY sure a unified approach is essential. and therapy session looks and feels different between each child use different techniques that might help the child feel at ease. or even her circulation. tributes to more restful sleep. Autism has all of these reactions in addition to trying to take “Massage warms her muscles and connecting tissues to help in new sensory information.” says Jennifer Townsend. neurologic 24 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 . Since each session muscles. A COURSE DESIGNED Our passionate. trouble sleeping. visit us at: GibbProfessionalPortfolio. and even gastroin- should always be child-directed we can provide alternative testinal issues. this may be a series of ges. “Working her muscles helps Nicole relax thoroughly. The impact that autism spectrum disorder has on children Communication and engagement. parents and the biggest challenges in working with children on the autism other health-care professionals is what makes a therapeutic spectrum. take time with the child. Special Rate for RMTAO Members Workshops will be coming available Join one of the fastest growing Massage and Facial spas in Canada: across Canada. delivered in a warm. For each child.” says Podd. apy fellow at Dell Children’s Medical Center. sensory systems.

sharing the benefits of nur- necting with kids. along with regular sensory integration. turing touch. children who receive massage become more spa- Children may not always provide direct eye-to-eye contact or a tially aware and have better body awareness. nurtur- verbal “Yes.” “Massage therapy is very helpful for our patients with autism Individual approach – “Working with children gives you a spectrum disorders. November 15. we must first have permission. 2014 Toronto. This safe. Wallace of different point of view when you are in the treatment room. to-eye contact. Slow down. which is when nerves but it teaches you to slow down and respect that space again. Ontario Join us at for more sales! NIAGARA FALLS OCT 24 . “In regards to working with health-care team members. anxiety and nervousness. Whenever we use massage.” For children on the spectrum. and enjoy MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 25 . P T Lead Physiotherapist for Women’s TAKE 10% OFF Basketball Team in Canada our Everyday. and has led the creation of pediatric massage pro- portant to begin with still hands and gradually work deeper.26 www. For many children with autism.eventbrite. The cost of a child’s lifelong care can be adult activity to do while at a spa. but sage. do not force it. She travels 365 days a year in a tour bus exactly the same. If a child does not prefer direct eye.” ‘over-report’ and even normal sensations can feel painful. it appropriately in their own tasks with the child. sensory considerations and type of lubricant. and they may lack feeling or awareness. Over time. and can affect how parents and siblings inter- interpreted as painful or confusing.” says Dr. It is the therapist’s job to reduced by as much as two-thirds with early diagnosis and ap- educate the team about massage. textures. It is im. “Many of the con- says Podd. Low Prices on ALL Bon Vital Gallons! Saturday. is beneficial slow transitions is important.” The Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics. take your time. which directly cor- touch. touch and how they can use propriate interventions. THE BENEFITS therapists should be prepared to educate the team about mas. LASER THERAPY WORKSHOP: The Choice SPORTS INJURIES AND TRAUMA is All Natural • Paraben Free • No Nut Oils FEATURING SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKERS: • Unscented D ’A rc y B a i n . touch aversion and withdrawal. cautiously and respect the child’s cues. “It might take weeks to even get a child on the table. the therapist should be aware Children on the spectrum frequently appear anxious due to of the child’s possible anxiety about being touched.” Establishing non-verbal communication and using ing touch. “Many providers assume massage is an also lifelong benefits.sportsinjuriesmc. This anxiety and stress can be contagious stems from tactile hypersensitivities and previous touch being within the family. This a variety of reasons. Tina Allen is the founder of Liddle Kidz Foundation sory overload. Take your time to Published studies suggest that massage therapy may decrease recognize a child’s likes and dislikes associated with types of cortisol levels and increase oxytocin levels. Pediatric massage provides not only a positive experience.” says Schroeder. Therapists should move act with the child on the spectrum. such as pediatric massage therapy. P T • All Natural Member of Olympic Medical Team J o a n M ly n a rc z y k . as it may feel confrontational. Otis. there is susceptibility to sen. sometimes uniquely so. with her husband and their son. grams in leading medical institutions including the No two children with the same diagnosis will likely present Mayo Clinic. relate to decreased stress. in reducing inattentiveness. ditions we treat involve pain amplification.

A franchise provides an identity assumed to be readily rec. accounting. with a • Does the franchisor have a good marketing plan? Is it well metro population of about 56. weigh the pros and a franchise reduces the massage clinic’s owner from doing cons. It provides the right. Most write-ups are promotional pieces. within a specific There are advantages and disadvantages to being a franchi- geographical area. that franchisors will wax eloquent on the virtues of their However.S. Are the existing franchisees doing well with it or is it ies and country towns. meet Success in franchising is about implementing and building your objectives and overcome your constraints? Compare and on an established and proven system. Total investment including continuing royalty. Many Before buying a franchise. When researching about a potential franchise. seemingly every conceivable Several empirical studies support the position that franchised product or service is franchised. franchise.000 each. In the smaller trademarks and procedures. make comparisons of the various franchises. The principal disadvantage is the cost. able massage for everybody. the largest franchisor in the U. net profit is seldom greater. but when one amortizes the inception fee and discounts the royalty paid to the franchisor. with an average income of $75.000. royalty of five per cent of the gross revenue plus two per cent These benefits are always given as the justification for the for advertising and promotion. franchised allows them to pay the franchisor’s inception fee and the roy- therapeutic massage clinics are growing alty. Inception fees range from $30. nine per cent to gross revenue. requires a • Is the franchisor a competitive factor in the market- minimum population in the franchisee’s territory of 30. be a big winner? Ask. Deviation is a no-no. franchisees are there in the system and in what geo- Probably the smallest Canadian City where Hand and Stone graphical areas? is seeking franchisees would be Brandon. It is all about giving analyze. Sometimes. Franchisor help is available in market. a massage therapy franchise is probably a questionable starter that the franchisor guarantees to not workable everywhere.000. chised clinic to the next. Still. Manitoba. group purchas. there is an ongoing could be of immeasurable value. see. Check his or her own thing to following the prescribed procedures. ognized and respected. to use. which in their infancy in Canada. they just want to questions – and insist on answers: provide massages and converse with their clients.000 for Massage Experts to ing power and continuing assistance – all of which which US$50. or place? How long has it been in business? How many 7.500 households. it’s a good idea to ask the right therapists do not wish to run a business. enjoys without having to worry about the petty details. One survey signified that franchise affiliation adds about exponentially in the U. They sell memberships. one of the basic requirements is neutral critiques are not too neutral. Never assume that franchisor studies and market one freedom to focus on the aspects of the business he or she analysis are completely unbiased. the inception fee and the royalties would probably the areas of staff selection. Phone around. An important point is that You must do your own investigation. being • How does the franchise stack up in this competitive a franchisee is not for everybody. outweigh the benefits. 26 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 . marketing.S. support.000 for Massage Envy.000.Business BY LLOYD MANNING What’s in a name? Asking the right questions before taking the franchise route T here is nothing new about franchising. How will each fit best into your practice.. franchisor. bear in mind sages at a reduced price. them all out. Massage Envy.000 to $400. operating procedures. in order to produce continuity from one fran. the franchisor’s name. environment? Has it demonstrated measurable growth? As urban Canada is largely a conglomeration of smaller cit. advertising. What appeals to one may turn off another. set up required is $175. legal matters. For most. Their marketing sales pitch is an afford. exclusively. Members are required to commit to one massage per month minimum A WORD OF CAUTION at $59 to $90 depending on the clinic with additional mas. It all depends on who is that the franchisee follows the format as laid down by the paying for them. ARE FRANCHISEES DOING BETTER? Today. recognized and accepted? Does it use modern advertising and promotional methods as well as a website. Although businesses have higher revenues than non-franchised.

so phone around or do some research to see how the present franchisees are doing. Forget national averages. • Are the inception fee and the royalties equitable when considering the direct benefits? • Under what conditions can either party end the agreement? • Can your clinic be relocated within the community without incurring another inception fee? • Are there restrictions about you setting up another clinic? • Is there anything that would limit your right to sell the clinic? Does the franchisor have the first right of refusal? • What is the breakdown between the franchised and com- pany-operated clinics? If the franchisor is having difficulty in selling franchises. expenses and profit. your gross revenues. Use constant dollars. Consider the alternatives. Amortize the inception fee. secondly. Which is the most profitable? Always use constant dollars. Through these exercises. Estimate all of the expenses and then determine how much income you require before making a profit. it may operate some clinics itself. Forget depreciation. Detail your estimated gross revenue by source and deduct from there all operating expenses including the royalty. Lloyd Manning is a semi-retired commercial real es- tate and business appraiser and financial analyst. which is the worst that could happen. most probable. Do not assume that it will be renewed. their inaccu- racy often accentuated by limited research and played- down negative factors. • Always know exactly what is and is not contained in the franchise package. • Are the sales and profit projections provided by the franchisor realistic or based on wishful thinking? Most forecasts are little other than best guesses. • What share of the market does the franchisor have? • What is the franchisee failure rate? You probably will not get this figure from the franchisor. and optimistic. Look only to your community and your neighbourhood. He can be reached at lloydmann@shaw. SENSITIVITY ANALYSIS Always conduct a sensitivity analysis that compares potential income and net profit for your clinic with the franchise and. which is what the franchisor tells you. Conduct a break even analysis. Do this at three levels: pessimistic. Compare different franchises. Forget about inflation. How would your clinic fare without a franchise or with one other the one being considered? It all comes down to you having to spend your nickel and taking your chance. only take into account what will affect your business. It’s the same both ways. Then compare the franchised clinic with the inde- pendent. • Will the franchise add to the profit of your clinic after amortizing the inception fee and paying the royalties? As an expense item. without the MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 27 . Include a fair wage for yourself and all staff personnel. which is what will likely happen. amortize the inception fee at the current bank rate of interest over the first term of the contract (10 years is common). Some rely on inflation to make everyone look good.

Ont. spoke to attendees about achieving personal health for the Business Forum attendees were also given a crash course on busy practitioner. health and wellness consultant. to succeed in business RMTs need capital.” she said. the first annual Massage Therapy He said. he pointed out. She said health practices have to be “easy and simple” so author and RMT.” he said.” said Dillon. Very rarely would a massage therapist fresh out of school have all these criteria “This Business Forum is a great step forward (for the to launch his or her own practice fresh out of school. Dillon said new graduates typically have a notion that “If we just do the minimum compliance. an educator. profession). record keeping compliance by Andrea Collins. one can work toward acquiring these elements the Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario. competence and commitment (4Cs). Collins covered three important aspects of record keeping Don Dillon. especially those available. they can be integrated into a practitioner’s daily life. comes to business and employment options that are currently Lewarne pointed out massage therapists. Massa RMTs got a chance to ees see and attend ew experience some of the p rovided ve director Andr latest products Forum etworking ners. and research literacy more than just practice skills.Networking BY MARI-LEN DE GUZMAN Let’s talk business Forum aimed at enhancing practice management skills M assage therapy professionals. provided Business – general practice records. comes to the development of their practice. RMTAO executi the luncheon and services in the ma siness n tio Lewarne deliver ed rket. regulatory records and financial Forum attendees some food for thought about the realities of records – and urged attendees to always adhere to best practice.” she said. tacts. some nities with tu oppor 28 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 . provides that ability for informing a patient or another health Marybeth Roblin. Lewarne delivered the luncheon keynote address to nearly Dillon urged attendees to keep an open mind when it 100 attendees. The Bu uch-needed llow practi m fe keynote. a RMT. explaining it to the peo- ing out that running a massage therapy business requires ple is a very different thing.” said Andrew Lewarne. are often lacking the business knowledge Research enthusiast and RMT Jennifer Bloch shared some essential to ensure their success in practice. also professional about a particular treatment. last September for dismiss it yet. con- Canada Business Forum. executive director of However. “No matter how much you know. practices. products when starting practice. and service providers gathered in “Employment is often criticized and overlooked. but don’t Burlington. fresh out of school. author and speaker. over time. point.. are we going to being self-employed is the direction they should take gain credibility? No. insights to Business Forum participants about research lit- “They are typically left to fend for themselves when it eracy and using it to enhance professional credibility.

We won’t waste your time or money by making age_DonDillon_Bizcard_Mar2014. If you are a K. We are excited that our new 2013-14 curriculum meets or exceeds the Canadian inter-jurisdictional entry- to-practice standard for massage therapists. rmt Call 1-866-491-0574 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 29 ... Call us today to learn more.” to enhance their training. contacting Don for practice advice. MHVicarsSchool. RMT and business owner. affordable Advanced hesitate.indd 1 2014-04-01 2:08 PM you re-learn skills and knowledge that you already have. don’t MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy has convenient. Take care of your patients.his advice is Placement options for RMTs who want worth its weight in gold. Dillon. This means your patients will be able to enjoy a service similar to the one they receive at the pharmacy or the dentist. Submit their insurance claims quickly and efficiently. Speaker & Mentor Be Regulation-ready! “To anyone You deserve credit for the thinking about experience you have.S. It’s quick to register.. you can now benefit from direct billing capabilities to various insurers. it’s easy to use and it’s free. we will respectfully assess both your experience MassageTherapistPractice. which will become the new standard in all regulated provinces. Is it any wonder so many healthcare providers rely on it? Register now telushealth. With the TELUS Health eClaims Available with: Donald Q. Ontario practicing massage and your previous training and place you in the right class to earn our 2200-hour diploma in less than a year.

sure to change it. use a dollar sign ($) in place of an S. Passwords are far more secure if they are kept a secret – loose Fortunately.” This becomes on secure data centres. to be using your computer direct access to your account. the Jessica Foster writes on behalf of mindZplay “at” symbol (@) for the lower case A. password. Keep it long. This will sites and practice management solutions. if the service you are space. protected from theft or loss. This is simply a damage control measure – if one of ensure their electronic client data. birth dates. Here are a couple of ideas It may seem daunting at first to adopt these secure that you may want to consider: password best practices. Avoid writing down your password. 30 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • FALL 2014 . For example. make your p@$$word much more secure To learn more about mindZplay solutions • Make an acronym using a line from your favorite song for massage therapists visit or a phrase that only you know. Change your password several times It is becoming increasingly commonplace to hear news a year. numbers and of your accounts when you step away from your computer symbols. This gives anyone who happens something memorable and meaningful to you. For example: “My www. substitute will become second nature to you. when we think of data security. make or model of your car. avoid using your name followed by a number sequence keep your data safe if your password is easily deciphered or like 1234 as these are often the first things a hacker will try. the rest patient health information and other related patient data. the important to incorporate strong authentication methods. First and foremost. Be sure your password is made up of a In addition to the above. but it is well worth your time and • Use character substitutions. Frequency is key. license plate number. numbers and symbols for letters of the alphabet. a vital part of that responsibility. practices that you can incorporate that will dramatically Memorize. It’s complicated. your kids’ names or similar easy-to-guess words. Let’s look at must write it down while you are committing it to memory. What we often overlook is that it is equally your name (or nick name). including appointments. password is easier than you think. is of your accounts will still be safe. your accounts happens to become known to others. an exclamation point (!) for a lower case L. be opportunity. Be sure to destroy the written password at your earliest subscribing to provides you with a temporary password. Strong password management is No sharing. Do not share your password with others. store it in a safe place away from your computer and work Change is good. and you alone. Do not use well-known words. To help keep your effort as it will provide peace of mind. as well as the scope of the the persistent hackers at bay. The sheer number finger positioning and key strokes.RMT Tech Talk BY JESSICA FOSTER Securing your practice electronic records Often. These combinations make it much more difficult or are treating a patient. some examples. a provider of massage therapy web- substitutions that are meaningful to you. What I mean by this is a well thought out and secret postal code. always ensure that you sign out combination of upper and lowercase letters. it password both secure and meaningful. someone happens to see you typing it in and memorizes your hacked or otherwise compromised.massagemanedger. when your computer is unattended. These temporary passwords are just that – Browser beware. the name of your practice. Use a different password for each account you Health-care practitioners are ultimately responsible to access. All the security technology in the world cannot Also. banking accounts. or any other Solutions Inc. as they say. Never leave your account open for hackers to crack your password. Even the most secure password won’t help you if reports about Internet account credentials being stolen. sever firewalls. passwords should not be less than While this may be convenient for your Facebook or Twitter eight characters – longer is even better if your service account. Avoid using innovations. If you increase your password’s strength and security. Personalizing your your patient records. Do not allow your Internet browser to they are meant to be temporary and need to be changed to “remember” your password. known by others. associated criminal activity. be well. M1sEltph! daily backups and other whiz-bang technological security Play hard. we tend to focus first son Ethan loves to play hockey. there is a series of relatively simple best lips sink ships. Use variety. Over a short time. Make it easy for you. as this too will give Uniquely you. Until next time. it is not advisable for your practice management or provider allows for longer password character sequences.. Ideally. to anyone who sits down at your computer direct access to remember the password you or call toll free 888-373-6996. data encryption. This will also help keep of occurrences is staggering.

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