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Digital Arts

General Information
Digital art is artistic work that is created using digital technology. In this class, we will be using
Paint Tool SAI, a lightweight Japanese digital painting tool that is popular among artists for being
a simplistic program with a vast array of tools. While basic drawing skills are a large part of digital
art, the heart of what we call “digital painting” would translate to real life mixed media art where
all the necessary tools are present in one program.

Course Schedule
Week Topic Description
1 Introduction to Paint Here we glimpse the various tools that are present
Tool SAI and Wacom in Paint Tool SAI and we learn the different ways the
Intuos Wacom Intuos interacts with Paint Tool SAI. We
begin acclimating to drawing on the Wacom Intuos.

2 Brush Strokes We talk about sketch, airbrush, brush, water color
and other various tools. We learn how they mingle
to create various details and textures.

3 Working in Layers We introduce the concept of layers. Learning to use
layers can help add complexity, depth, and
dimension to your visual art.

4 Selection Tools Selection Tools make our life easier by being able to
alter a specific piece of our art. Here we explore
tools such as the lasso tool and the magic wand tool,
working with different targets and selection modes.

5 Linework and Vector Linework is a specific type of layer that works with
Drawings vector lines and points to make outlining an easier
job. We learn to combine vector drawings with
regular layers.

6 Paint Modes Adding dimension to our digital painting is easier
with paint modes such as overlay, multiply and
luminosity. These are used for adding depth via
lighting and shading to enhance the color of