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Japón 1


Stuart Ness

Level 2, 7 – 9


Expectations of this new level

Time goes fast and new knowledge and experiences are marking our lives. In this new

level at Fulbright I want to improve these skills in English: my pronunciation, my listening, and

my correct writing. First, and the most important fact to improve my English is my

pronunciation because I have a lot of problems with the way that I want to communicate with

other people in English, so the most of the times people don’t understand me; I hope that at this

level we have a lot of speaking practice, and the teacher correct us mistakes to improve. Second,

I can’t understand well some words in English when somebody is speaking in class, or in a

video, or in a song, and I lose the meaning of the conversation or idea; I hope more listening

practice to improve my understanding. Finally, I hope that at this level I can correct all mistakes

in the way of writing, and specially the way to write in “Spanglish” because that is a serious

problem in my way to write. In conclusion, I have some good expectations at this level, and I

am sure that I can to improve my knowledge in English.

Japón 2 List of things that I have to improve  Pronunciation  Listening  Writing  Grammar in perfect tenses  Speaking in correct tenses  Understand videos or songs in English  Thinking in English  Practice English with foreign .