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NQT Induction Assessment Form

Assessment for the end of the First Assessment

NQT's Personal Details

Full Name: Mr Adam Dodson
Date of Birth: 18/08/1985
Teacher Reference Number: 1645570
16/01/2017 11:35:04
National Insurance Number: JM348388A
Date of award of QTS: 28/06/2016


The above named teacher's performance indicates that he/she is making satisfactory progress
against the Teachers' Standards within the induction period

Progress Grading

A: Has significant strengths.

Confirmation of Induction

I confirm that the NQT has received a personalised programme of support and monitoring
throughout the period specified below in line with the statutory guidance.
Start Date: 01/09/2016
End Date: 21/12/2016
Days Completed: 74
Days Absent: 0
The NQT worked Full Time throughout this assessment period

Institution Details Appropriate Body

Name: Tring School Name: Hertfordshire
DCSF Number: 935 Address: Herts for Learning Ltd,
Head Teacher/Principal: Susanna Collings Postal Point SROB209,
Tutor: David Redwood Robertson House, Six Hills Way,
Address: Mortimer Hill, Tring, Hertfordshire Stevenage,
HP23 5JD Hertfordshire
Telephone: 01442 822303 SG1 2FQ
Email: Telephone: 01438 844755
No.170494 this assessment was generated by Page 1 of 7
The Contents of this Document are Private and Confidential - 16/01/2017 11:35:04

com Page 2 of 7 The Contents of this Document are Private and Confidential .170494 this assessment was generated by nqtmanager.Support and monitoring arrangements Observations of the NQT's teaching and provision of feedback: Yes Discussions between the NQT and induction tutor to review progress and set targets: Yes Observations of experienced teachers by the NQT: Yes An assessment meeting between the NQT and Induction Tutor: Yes 10% release time: Yes No.16/01/2017 11:35:04 .

work sampling. Plan and teach well structured lessons Lesson planning is detailed. Lesson plans provide a scaffold for success. student feedback) No. The classroom is well organised. Misconceptions and lack of progress by individuals are noticed and planning and teaching is flexible enough to change in response to this. PP information. learning walks. records. 3. is comfortable to them. Promote good progress and outcomes by pupils Planning reflects prior learning and achievement of all students in the class. Adapt teaching to respond to the strengths and needs of all pupils Learning activities are differentiated to allow individual students to work at a pace which. AMA. often addressing different learning styles. ensuring that basic concepts can be accessed and understood and allowing students to develop their knowledge and understanding. (Evidence: observations. and targets. student feedback) 6. motivate and challenge pupils Adam has established clear routines which are adhered to in the classroom by his students and himself to good Page 3 of 7 The Contents of this Document are Private and Confidential . caring and encouraging. Seating plans. A range of activities engage students. Demonstrate good subject and curriculum knowledge Adam uses his outstanding subject knowledge to provide good quality resources to enhance learning. He is familiar with schemes of work. learning walks. Links are made to work done in other topics and key stages. resulting in an orderly approach to tasks and procedures. Adam’s natural style is purposeful. are used effectively and indicate SEND.16/01/2017 11:35:04 . target setting. (Evidence: observations.PART ONE: TEACHING 1. contributing to their development within the department. providing challenge as appropriate. which are adjusted as necessary. lesson plans. Pace in lessons is generally good. Make accurate and productive use of assessment Adam is very good at circulating the classroom and practice rooms during independent learning activities and constantly gives verbal feedback and encouragement. Positive relationships are enjoyed with students of all abilities and across the age range. Progress during lessons is checked regularly and a number of techniques are employed including regular pit stops and peer assessment. although delivers progress. work sampling. response to feedback) 2. SOW) 4. Good use of questioning checks understanding and allows student to reflect on their work and extend their thinking. (Evidence: observation. conversations with colleagues. learning walks. feedback from students. (Evidence: observations. . lesson plans. Students are comfortable when engaging with these strategies and are able to be realistic when reviewing their own understanding and progress and that of others.170494 this assessment was generated by nqtmanager. learning walks. learning walks. students respond well to this. providing opportunities to consolidate learning. student feedback) 5. feedback. Adam is familiar with the needs of individual students. communication with colleagues. (Evidence: observation. Set high expectations which inspire. (Evidence: observations. check understanding and progress and learn new skills. learning walks.

observe colleagues from own and other subject areas. learning walks. Adam has been proactive in seeking and acting upon advice on the very few students who exhibit extremes of Page 4 of 7 The Contents of this Document are Private and Confidential .170494 this assessment was generated by nqtmanager. No. student feedback. Adam is always respectful of his students and addresses them politely. Sanctions are applied fairly and in line with the school’s and department’s code of conduct. Manage behaviour effectively to ensure a good and safe learning environment Behaviour management is good.16/01/2017 11:35:04 . Students enter the room calmly and conform to Adam’s expected and established procedures. Adam is a tutor to a vertically structured tutor group. Key Areas for Development & Planned Support: TS5 – continue to develop strategies to stretch and challenge the most able students. (Evidence: observations. feedback from colleagues) 8. Adam is a valued and respected member of the music team who contributes positively to its work and development. Fulfil wider professional responsibilities Adam’s commitment to extra – curricular provision is outstanding and credit must be given to him for managing this so positively and successfully in his first term. 7. Students listen to him and to each other. Support from colleagues in department.

com Page 5 of 7 The Contents of this Document are Private and Confidential .PART TWO: PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT Strengths Adam is a delight to work with! He reflects on his own practice. Areas for Development Consolidate a successful first term by further reflection. His enthusiasm for teaching is evident in all aspects of his practice and is rewarded by good relationships with colleagues and students and increasingly effective teaching resulting in good progress by his students. Continue to develop differentiated materials with an emphasis on stretch and challenge Additional information N/A No. setting himself challenging targets for improvement.170494 this assessment was generated by nqtmanager.16/01/2017 11:35:04 .

NQT's Comments The NQT has discussed this report with the induction tutor and/or head teacher. identifying strengths and areas for development in subsequent lessons. On the very few occasions where any negative behaviour has happened in my classroom. I continually reflect on my teaching and progress. I have built relationships based on mutual respect and enjoy a strong rapport with the vast majority of my students. I have also been significantly building on my wider responsibilities in school. have responded positively to this. supportive and nurturing learning environment for my students. No. and most. I have been able to control it calmly. and carefully planned differentiation. using a number of ever-increasing strategies. Continuing on from my training. internal and external performing opportunities and school trips. leading several extra-curricular groups in rehearsals. using my own subject knowledge and experience to support them through modelling of ideas.170494 this assessment was generated by nqtmanager. I feel that this has been a very successful start to my teaching Page 6 of 7 The Contents of this Document are Private and Confidential .16/01/2017 11:35:04 . scaffolded tasks. I have strived to stretch and challenge all of my students. This has enabled me to create a safe. if not all of them.

Signatures Head Teacher/Principal Date DIGITALLY SIGNED 20/12/2016 Full Name: Susanna Collings NQT Date DIGITALLY SIGNED 20/12/2016 Full Name: Mr Adam Dodson Induction Tutor Date DIGITALLY SIGNED 20/12/2016 Full Name: David Redwood No.170494 this assessment was generated by nqtmanager.16/01/2017 11:35:04 . The NQT will be remaining at this school for the next assessment Page 7 of 7 The Contents of this Document are Private and Confidential .