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in Computational Science and Engineering
International Master’s Program at Technische Universität München
Institut für Informatik, Boltzmannstr. 3, 85748 Garching, Germany

Application Guide

Dear Applicant, hand in one of the following English proficiency
Thank you for your interest in the Master’s Program in
Computational Science and Engineering at the Tech- – An official TOEFL score report; the min-
nische Universität München. The following applica- imum TOEFL score for admission to the
tion guidelines are intended to help you prepare a CSE program is 88 (internet-based test
competitive application for our program. Please read (IbT)), 234 (computer-based test (CbT)),
them carefully. 605 (paper-based test (PbT)), resp. TUM’s
institution code is 7806, our department
Documents of application code is 99. See for
further information.
To apply for admission to the Master Program
in Computational Science and Engineering, you – A valid IELTS score report. The mini-
first have to register and apply in TUMonline mum score for admission is 6.5. Only Aca-
( Print out the form provided demic test will be accepted. General test
at the end of the online application, sign it and include is not valid. Further information on IELTS
the documents listed at the end of the form. is available at
Here are some further informations about the re- – Grades A, B or C in Cambridge English:
quired documents: Advanced (CAE) or Cambridge English:
Proficiency (CPE) test.
• Application form:
You should only use the form provided at the • Two letters of recommendation:
end of the online application in TUMonline. Do Please offer two letters, not less and not more.
not forget to sign the form. Please ask persons to offer you a recommen-
dation letter who can offer current data to your
• Curriculum vitae: person and who optimally work in the area of
Particularly including your academic education, CSE.
research or teaching experience, and skills in Please use the recommendation form that
the field of scientific computing. you can download at the CSE homepage
• Statement of purpose (max. two pages): ( upload/
The motivation letter should have a length of Studiengaenge/MSc CSE/application/
one or two pages. It should include your rea- recommendation.pdf).
sons for undertaking graduate work in Compu- • Scores of the GRE General Test:
tational Science and Engineering. Applicants with a Degree from Bangladesh,
• Officially authenticated copy of Bachelor, China, India, Iran, or Pakistan have to sub-
Diploma, or Master Degree: mit a GRE (General) Test. The required score
Including your aggregate mark or graduate av- from September 2014 on is:
erage (with explanation of grading system), and – Verbal reasoning: (will not be taken into
your overall rank in class. account anymore)
• Officially authenticated copy of complete uni- – Quantitative reasoning: 154
versity transcript of records:
Also called semester mark sheets. They should – Analytical writing: 3.0
list all your subjects and the corresponding • Alternatively to the GRE, applicants may submit
grades. a recent Indian GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test
• English proficiency test: in Engineering) result of papers in either
If English is not your native language and the – engineering (codes XE, CE, CH, CS, EC,
instruction language during (one of) your former EE, GG, IN, ME, MN, MT, PI),
university studies was not English, you have to
– mathematics and natural sciences (codes We process applications on a first-come, first-served
MA, CY, PH), or basis, so we recommend international applicants to
send their documents as early as possible in order
– life sciences (code XL, sections I, J, K, and
to have enough time to deal with time-consuming bu-
M, only)
reaucratic issues (particularly the visa).
See for further in-
If your final degree certificate and final year tran-
formation. Applications that do not include ei-
scripts are not yet available at the time of applying,
ther a GATE or a GRE result will not be consid-
please submit the most recent transcript of records
containing all your available individual results. If you
• Chinese applicants have to submit an APS cer- are admitted to CSE you will have to hand in your de-
tificate from the German Embassy in Beijing: gree certificate and the missing transcripts by around
mid November.
Chaoyang District,
Dongsanhuan Beilu 8
Landmark Tower 2, Office 0311 Submitting the application:
100004 Beijing
Gather all application documents and submit them as
P.R. China
phone: +86-10-6590 7138 one complete package to the Admission Office (”Im-
fax: +86-10-6590 7140 matrikulationsamt”) of TU München:
email: Technische Universität München
• Officially authenticated copy of university en- Immatrikulationsamt
Arcisstr. 21
trance qualification (optional):
80333 München
Depending on your country’s educational sys- Germany
tem, this could be:
They will forward your application to us after checking
– a general certificate of secondary educa- the documents for validity.
tion, or
– a high school leaving certificate, Applications or documents submitted by fax or e-mail
or equivalent. The certificate has to in- cannot be accepted. Please reduce the use of pack-
clude your aggregate mark or graduate av- aging and binding material (folders, transparent cov-
erage (with explanation of grading system). ers, separate envelopes, pins, etc.) to an absolute
Please, also include documents about your uni- minimum (recommendation letters and official tran-
versity entrance test (if existing in your country). scripts excepted). You will get a confirmation by e-
mail as soon as your application has reached us.
Authentication of all documents (where it is indi-
cated) will be accepted only if performed by the Do not submit your application through mediators like
German Embassy or Consulate in your home coun- educational consultants or agencies, as those will not
try, or by the institution that has issued the original be considered.
document. In Germany, authentication can also be
performed by the respective registration office (“Ein- Admission:
Selection for the Master’s program in Computational
If the documents are not in English or German, of- Science and Engineering will be made by the Appli-
ficially authenticated translations have to be added. cation Board on the basis of the documents of appli-
Please note that the authentication must be per- cation. In some cases, an additional telephone inter-
formed in English or German language. view with the applicant will be scheduled.
As we do not charge an application fee, we can not Applicants will be notified by mail as soon as their
guarantee the return of your documents. Therefore, admission has been decided. On admission, you will
do not submit any original documents (except receive an official letter of admission from TUM and
TOEFL, recommendation letters, and where specif- you will be asked to accept the university place via
ically requested). TUMonline. Please do so in time (there will be a
deadline for acceptance)! The admission letter will
Please note that incomplete applications, or applica-
contain further details on the enrollment.
tions containing improperly authenticated documents
will not be considered.
Financial Aspects:
Deadline for application: The tuition fee introduced in 2007 was abolished in
2013, so that starting from the winter term 2013/14
The application deadline for the CSE program is May
you only have to pay the fee for the student union,
31st. All required documents must be received by
this date.
which is approximately 114 Euros. Have a look at this
website for further information on financial aspects:
At the moment, TUM can offer only a very
small amount of scholarships. Further details
can be found under

Start of the program:
The academic year at TUM usually starts in mid Oc-
tober. Make sure that you arrive in Munich in time.
If you are admitted you will receive an e-mail with fur-
ther information and useful links in time before the
start of your studies.

Further information:
If you have any questions regarding the
admission procedure for the CSE pro-
gram, please consult our website on http:
computational-science-and-engineering.html, or send
an email to our contact address: