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The Original
McMaster University
Contemporary Medical Medical Acupuncture
Acupuncture for Health
Professionals Program, since 1998
is a 300 hour University accredited course
with Dr. Alejandro Elorriaga Claraco
Spring 2014 Program
Introduction to Contemporary Acupuncture
Unit 1 • February 21-22-23, 2014 v
Upper Extremity Problems • Acute Pain
Unit 2 • March 21-22-23, 2014
Axial Skeletal Problems • Visceral Regulation Accelerated Training in
Unit 3 • April 11-12-13, 2014
Head & Face Problems • Chronic Pain Syndromes
Unit 4 • May 2-3-4, 2014
Lower Extremity Problems • Integrated Mgmt.
Unit 5 • May 30-31 - June 1, 2014 Medical
Acupuncture for
The program is skill-based and clinically oriented, with over 80
hours devoted to practical workshops on surface anatomy
palpation, needle insertion skills, anatomy laboratory,
condition-speciic blueprint treatment design, and treatment of

real patients. Since 1998, more than 1600 professionals have
graduated from the program, achieving their training goals.
This is what they have to say:

I wanted to congratulate all of you on putting together one of the nest post
graduate courses I have had the privilege to attend. The program was highly
informati extremely well organized and executed wonderfully. The theory and
practical components were relevant, not only in relation to each other, but for any
healthcare professional looking to expand their horizons and ability to serve their
patients. Every instructor was well prepared and took the necessary time and effort
to provide information and guidance to those students who asked or needed
additional help. Each went above and beyond my expectations. There was never a
For complete information, please visit
weekend that I did not feel motivated and anxious to attend this learning
ex I would like to take a moment to single out Dr. Elorriaga on his superior
skills as a teacher and lecturer. Never did I leave one of his presentations without
feeling that I had been gifted with information and insights that I would carry with
me my entire career. His intelligence and devotion to his eld makes him a mentor
to everyone he interacts with. Registration is limited
Ed White, RMT
Contact Valerie Cannon
This course exceeded my expectations. I believe that I received the most advanced
acupuncture training being offered today, provided by a team of instructors that 905.521.2100 x75175
bring a wealth of technical and practical knowledge to the program.
Given G. Cortes, RMT
It was an eye opener for me. I believe for RMT’s Contemporary Acupuncture (CA) is a
better choice because it speaks our language (trigger points, nerve path, etc.). All
n nt
ti io Gra
other courses treat locally only, however CA approaches the situation not only
locally but also segmentally and extra segmentally. Instructors are highly informed
and willing to share their knowledge. Thanks everyone.
Ed n 13 013
Majid Golchini, RMT t io 20 , 2
The Contemporary Acupuncture course was a very deep experience. It gave me a
1s uit LL v 8 e
3 5 T FA No Cod
completely new paradigm and inspired me to work with the body in a more
2 TC by t 0
$1 M ter cou 048
functional and integrated way. It taught me how to think out of the box and how to n
look at the anatomy and neurology under new lens. It was a practice-changing si is 10
ex g D #
Alberto Lunati, RMT Re

239 of increasing the profile of the profession across Canada – if they can move Massage Therapy is published four times a year: forward with a unified voice. All advertising is subject to the publisher’s approval. increasing attention to research fuels on behalf of industry-related groups whose products and services we believe may be of interest to you. 219 profession and to promoting the health of Canadians. There is no doubt reprinted without the publisher’s written permission. department in any of the four ways listed above. as these studies indicate. let’s get back to the drawing board. As well. massage therapy has great potential to help alleviate the country’s many health-care woes and Subscription Rates lighten the pressure on an already constricted public health system. If historical statistics are any indication. If you prefer the goal of raising the profile of the profession to the health-care community not to receive this information. ON N3Y 4N5 therapy practitioners to take advantage of this information. Maria (519) 429-5173 • (888) 599-2228 ext. Fax: (877) 624-1940 Mail: P. There’s huge potential for Canada’s massage ADDRESSES TO CIRCULATION DEPT.95 degree. and let that be ISSN 1499-8084 the guide to work through those differences. the number increased to 5. issues. for maintaining such a high quality publication.95 greater collaboration (includes GST . Massage Therapy Canada will mail information high standard for the profession.massagetherapycanada. To a Canada – 1 Year $29.O. ON N3Y 4N5 Like other complementary and alternative health practices.O. SIMCOE. it is common to have differing views on certain Annex Publishing & Printing Inc. their (519) 429-5183 • (888) 599-2228 ext.O. Such approval does not imply any endorsement of the products or A 2006 study by Vancouver-based Fraser Institute reported 74 per cent of Mailing Address Canadians had used at least one complementary or alternative medicine in P. ON N3Y 4N5 no different. Publisher reserves the right to refuse advertising that does not meet the standards of the publication. The idea is to not focus solely on the differences. Simcoe.#867172652RT0001) Massage therapists’ associations across Canada are proactive in their efforts For USA and Foreign rates please contact Cheryl Nowe to provide quality continuing education for members and strive to maintain a Occasionally. Opinions expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the editor of the opportunities to make the profession great and at par with other older or the It makes sense professionally and economically: a satisfied client is likely to Tel: (866) 790-6070 ext. PUBLICATION MAIL AGREEMENT #40065710 Clearly. with the objective e-mail: subscribe@massagetherapycanada. Issue 4 from the editor Mari-Len De Guzman • mdeguzman@annexweb. July. April. Canadians Group Publisher are increasingly seeking complementary and alternative health care.. Circulation Every massage therapist’s goal is to help alleviate a client’s health condition. ©2013 Canada’s massage therapy professionals will rise to the challenge and grab hold Annex Publishing & Printing Inc. Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 5 .com (905) 726-4659 I Publisher have the privilege of taking over the reins as Christine Livingstone • clivingstone@annexweb. There are great challenges ahead – part of the growing pains of a relatively No part of the editorial content of this publication may be young profession – but the opportunities are even greater. 35 per cent used massage therapy. Box 530. health-care professions. people are happy with massage therapy as an alternative health-care RETURN UNDELIVERABLE CANADIAN service. No liability is assumed for errors or omissions. e-mail: subscribe@massagetherapycanada. BOX 530.95 – 2 Years $49.. but so much more can be achieved through – 3 Years $64. but instead Printed in Canada start with the common goals and aspirations of the profession.Editor Fall 2013 . Sales Assistant Massage Therapy Canada is proud of its commitment to the massage therapy Jarah Stefek • jstefek@annexweb. 105 Donly Drive South. Mike Fredericks • mfredericks@annexweb. In 2003.4 million. Published and printed by In almost all professions. 207 return and refer friends and family to the practice. Of this number. 105 Donly Drive South. shall we? services advertised. Box 530. this is to be expected. it is already doing its part. an increase Simcoe.Volume 12. As intelligent editor of Massage Therapy Canada. P. ON N3Y 4N5 from the 23 per cent who reported receiving massage therapy in 1997. please contact our circulation and the general public. Gerry Wiebe Based on data from the Canadian Community Health 1998 and 1999 about 3. All rights reserved. massage therapy is well positioned to play a greater role in the Media Designer health-care landscape. and massage therapists are Simcoe.8 million people reported having used an alternative President health practitioner. We thank the previous editor. Mari-Len De Guzman Editor www. Between Martin McAnulty • mmcanulty@annexweb. November.

with Alberta non-profit and health- Since 1953. forestry. you look at it at the popula- entist Curtis Breslin. The study found that. biological lower compared to men work. mining istries of labour that the few including construction. “Our findings suggest that In a sector grouping arts. Once considered alone.” the MTAA. and specifically. designed for men. The study data did working at least one week in 25 per cent higher compared to work get injured because not contain that level of detail. non-profit organization exclu- sively representing massage of providing quality massage therapy care to the Alberta public.5 million accessing therapy. gender contributes to RSI risk entertainment. important differences in RSI respectively. spent annually on massage sponsorship of a research association said. in The IWH study found a higher most industrial sectors. whereas the RSI risk for That could be because men Canadian Community Health on par with RSI risk for women women was 28 per cent lower. However. For men working in “We hear from the min. including a five-day Canadian Massage Therapist sage therapists in Alberta The MTAA Diamond Anniversary conference will be held at the “Diamond Anniversary” Alliance. Alta. massage Recognizing the need for Alta. analysis was based on 89. “It’s a pretty incredible time accessed complementary advance the credibility of the Professions Act in Alberta and to be involved in the profes.9 per cent. were found in some sectors. he added. several other jurisdictions in sion. professional tion. alternative medicine (CAM) massage therapy profession. which is being of. 1 to 5 in a “fringe” therapy. lower when compared to retail. Alberta.” said Pamela Kats. The in retail. tion level. the MTAA has who believe in the importance regulation under the Health care landscape. But 7. It incorporated retail. ing in the retail sector (retail A more dramatic gender differ. serving as a flagship well on the way to being a a much-needed staple in the nizations can truly say that?” for Alberta massage therapists formal health profession. For myself. maintaining high standards for such a revolutionary organiza. the past year. But when vulnerability.5 billion the MTAA has announced its Canada on the horizon. Delta Lodge in Kananaskis. 65 per cent higher compared to Breslin said. How many orga. therapy is now the most widely a larger evidence base to Canadian Rockies. “It’s not every therapy across Canada and grant specific to massage long history of setting and day that you get to be part of about 1. the lead workers were the comparison ence was seen in construction. Medicine (IN-CAM). group in this study). with $1. non-work expo. said respondents who reported and utilities.” said IWH sci. For women in these sec. they’re basically using tools however. accommoda- in diverse ways based on job tion and food services.Touch Points Industry news And events Gender affects RSI risk: IWH study A r ecent study by the Institute for Work and Health (IWH) suggests gender information on the self-report- ed prevalence of RSI. the risk of RSI was slightly and lifting things that are sures and. and women have different job Survey from 2003 to 2005. where the RSI risk for men was be that much risk for women. repetitive strain injury (RSI). tasks within certain sectors. massage therapy care. public are what make our statement and realize that we sage therapy profession in “Massage Therapy is organization truly unique and actualized it. there didn’t seem to researcher on the study. and was one of statement. the risk of RSI was women who do get into this Breslin. with the in Canada. men’s segregation. the best part MTAA said.5 per cent and 6.000 agriculture. along the foothills of the Kananaskis. Interdisciplinary Network for development and upholding is being able to look at things “The MTAA is proudly Complementary Alternative accountability to the Alberta such as our previous vision synonymous with the mas. from Statistics Canada’s tainment/accommodation was retail. risk of RSI was 23 per cent tors. conference from Nov. celebrations throughout the the founding members of the There are over 800 mas- year. Alberta massage therapists’ group turns 60 T he Massage Therapist Association of Alberta (MTAA) is commemorating its been a provincially focused.” 6 Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 . the fered in co-operation with the entry to practice. possibly.” the MTAA said in a 60th anniversary with various therapists. “The MTAA’s MTAA president. including whether the respondents attrib- may be a contributing factor uted the cause of the injury to to the risk of work-related work activities.” Breslin’s study used data RSI risk for women in enter. the risk percentage of women report of a work-related RSI was simi- work-related RSIs than men – lar for men and women..

profession and. Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 7 . if there is a dissention.200 Shoppers stores across ing the status of RMTAO’s cussions that we generally don’t coast to coast. but al profession can our goals and the program includes a self- In her letter. a draft position statement for developed from research Marilyn Sparling. “It needs to be clear that it’s “Following the (2011) spring Arthritis is the second ture’ of the alliance. and community. then Ontario the alliance. chair. 2013. To help with early detection. in 2011. according Facebook page discussing the alliance.” Sparling said. Sparling said the first and only program The letter also responded to that RMTAO would like to see the CMTA is “keen to have in Canada designed with several posts on the RMTAO in a national massage therapy (RMTAO’s) participation and women in mind. welcome your vision in this to the company. internal dis. rather than a national their membership with the disability. and questionnaire. Bryn Sumpton’s comment on “Our discussions with the tantly. and civic life. subject posts were from July between the RMTAO and the by working together as a nation. CMTA due to the amount of disability includes limitations by the fall 2012 from the board sage therapists. through the Canadian (Registered Massage Therapist The RMTAO is preparing ment. CMTA es are needed. Sparling quoted declined to disclose the details visions be achieved for the administered joint exam RMTAO chief executive officer of those discussions. ter or any further communica. Report. each asso- Drugstore chain By Mari-Len De Guzman ciation has the right to agree offers arthritis or disagree with statements by screening T he Canadian Massage Therapy Alliance (CMTA) has urged Ontario’s massage the group as a whole.” Canadians aged 15 years sion in Canada. more impor. Canadians be addressed from 1. If there are any other never been sent.8 a member of the CMTA. of human resources or cost.” Sparling said lier this year.” enable Canadians to work alliance is open to addressing The RMTAO also wants to with a pharmacist to help Ontario’s concerns regarding ensure that membership in the detect and manage arthritis its participation. the health care needs of Pharmacists at more than one of its member’s post ask. have a clear vision and purpose to participate in this organiza. social explaining their issues. for example. Research Centre of Canada change. engaged in exchanges with the RMTAO’s position regarding explained the reason for the Arthritis Consumer Experts RMTAO more than a year ago a national massage therapy withdrawal in her 2011 Annual and the Arthritis Research regarding any concerns they alliance.CMTA wants to continue is shared with the vision of talks to get Ontario back our association.” Sumpton said. let it licly. self-care domestic of the RMTAO to the CMTA He added. which is expected to be Institutes of Health Research. especially when it’s in conflict with an individual association’s bylaws Canadian retailer Shoppers Drug Mart’s new Arthritis therapist association to and policies in their own Screening program will rejoin the CMTA. directors decided not to renew condition as a cause of (2012) with the assurance there ciations. Arthritis RMTAO’s 2011 withdrawal as Sumpton told Massage national alliance. or pub. Mart Arthritis Screening is will be happy to address them. Arthritis-related would be a letter forthcoming association for individual mas. that is articulated and that it tion. This let. The Therapy Canada discussions “We firmly believe that only million Canadian women. which it opened carried out at the Arthritis is welcome to participate in tion regarding this matter has up for member comments ear. alliance “isn’t unsustainable or condition at an early stage. an alliance of provincial and meeting. These cor. to Sumpton.” Sumpton said. The RMTAO has developed The program was lowing: “If structural chang. CMTA chair Sumpton said. membership from the CMTA — part of a three-year “To these statements. saying the province. and older live with arthritis. currently finalizing that docu. The association is with government funding concerns that prevent RMTAO in her letter. The RMTAO withdrew its screening and information national advocacy. “They have to that would have been required life. For example. Centre of Canada. ciations. Then RMTAO partnership between Shoppers be said the CMTA proactively He did enumerate some of board chair Amanda Baskwill Drug Mart/Pharmaprix. financial and human resources in mobility. Marilyn Sparling wrote the fol. according The Shoppers Drug participating in the alliance we that. Association of Ontario) from to issue a position statement released in the fall. In an open letter addressed heavily burdensome in terms An estimated one in six to the massage therapy profes.” affects two out of three or 2. Canada will provide arthritis position on the CMTA and its share with other provincial asso.” marize the structure and vision In her letter. CMTA are private. CMTA are continuing. the RMTAO board of most frequently mentioned respondences were left last June territorial organizations or asso. may have had with the ‘struc. will sum.” Baskwill wrote. Sumpton said.

research scientist at Tisch MS Research Center. and represents an autologous neural progenitors visits. the in the United States to investi. cells in the treatment of multiple marrow. the study by Ipsos Reid. mesenchymal stem cell-derived hospital. this is the at the Tisch MS Research Center will receive three rounds of injec- be the preferred and most first FDA-approved stem cell trial and affiliated International tions at three-month intervals. based in New York City. Sadiq noted.Touch Points Industry news And events Canadians favour health-care strategy for seniors: survey N inety-three per cent of Canadians believe it is time for a pan-Canadian demographic tsunami that is heading toward the health- care system. per cent believe home and system by keeping elderly population. criteria for the trial.” Dr. provincial. All isolated.tischms. study activities will be conducted prior to injection. from which versus $842 a day in a myelin damage and neurode. The disease affects This will be an open label neural progenitor cells will be for elderly Canadians to approximately 2. need to act to address the 8 Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 .org. thereby lightening this year between July 17 access to a high-quality acute governments when improving the load on hospitals and and July 26 by phone among care system. or 78 per cent. a single bone marrow collec- long-term care facility. government. care at home. cost-effective option.” said CMA strategy for seniors’ health president Dr. Multiple Sclerosis Management Safety and efficacy parameters CMA said. decrease brain inflammation and promote myelin repair and/or neuroprotection. home. The same proportion An equal number also of Canadians say they are and over – found four in to high-quality home care and believe a comprehensive confident in the current five Canadians thought their long-term care. Making it easier generation. Eighty-nine per cent of N. injected intrathecally (into the in MS. safety and tolerability study. will be evaluated in all partici- “The results of this year’s into the cerebrospinal fluid of The clinical application of pants through regular follow-up CMA report card send a MS patients. strategy for seniors’ health health-care system’s ability health-care in retirement The results show 63 care would improve the entire to serve Canada’s aging years was a concern. www.1 million peo. Only 41 per cent of survey hospices and long-term respondents believe hospitals facilities. the respondents believe a national strategy for seniors stem cell clinical trial for MS Preclinical testing found the injection of these cells may should involve federal. territorial and municipal levels of T he Tisch MS Research Center of New York announced it has received Investigational New New York. according to and long-term care facilities the Canadian Medical can handle the needs of Association’s (CMA) 2013 seniors in their area who National Report Card on will not be able to stay at health issues. These stem cells will be lished disability may be reversed Research shows it costs sclerosis (MS). researchers commence Violaine Harris. Sadiq and Dr. website. Saud A. expanded and tested stay at home while getting ple worldwide. $126 a day to provide MS is a chronic human auto. believe and Drug Administration (FDA) will investigate a regenerative Tisch MS Research Center’s ded- the federal government has to commence a phase-one trial strategy using stem cells harvest.Y. said 1. nervous system that leads to pants who meet the inclusion tion procedure. gate direct injection of stem cells Practice. cerebrospinal fluid surrounding Participants will undergo care for a patient in a immune disease of the central the spinal cord) in 20 partici. public office holders that Sadiq. And four in Drug approval from the Food The groundbreaking study “This study exemplifies the five. clear and direct message exciting advance in MS research in MS is the culmination of For more information to policy-makers and and treatment. a decade of stem cell research about this stem cell trial visit. Participants the care they need would “To my knowledge. the research centre said. hospitals. senior research scientist conducted by a team of scientists the Tisch MS Research Center all levels of government at Tisch MS Research Center of headed by Dr. ication to translational research an important role to play in using autologous neural stem ed from the patient’s own bone and provides a hope that estab- developing the strategy. which conducted the survey for CMA. Anna Reid.” said Dr. Seventy-nine per cent community care should be Canadians at home as long The survey – conducted were concerned about having the most important focus for as possible. and the study’s principal investigator.000 Canadians aged 18 were concerned about access senior citizens. while 77 per cent health-care quality for long-term care facilities.

CEO and John E. headaches. 2013 Toronto. 2014 CranioSacral Therapy 2 (CS2) Vancouver. ON May 22-25. BC Dec 12-15. increase your earnings • Reduce the strain on your body with our light-touch techniques • Participate in a global alumni network that exceeds 100. 2014 Vancouver. BC Nov 21-24. neck and back pain. ON May 22-25. Upledger. AB Mar 20-23. 2014 start Ask about our Core-Pak traINING Training and Certification Package 100 $ PER MONTH Save More Than 30% • Coursework Satisfaction Guaranteed! Click or Call: 800-233-5880 Upledger. BC Nov 21-24. Upledger: the #1 training source for CranioSacral Therapy Use CST to: • Relieve stress. 2014 SomatoEmotional Release 1 (SER1) CranioSacral Therapy for Pediatrics (CSP1) Toronto. AB May 22-25. and much more • Build your practice. DO. ON Dec 5-8. residing in 100+ countries John Matthew Upledger. • Use our skilled Educational Services Counselors to help you chart your future — developer of CranioSacral Therapy at the workshops. 2013 Calgary. 2014 Edmonton. ON Nov 7-10. ADD/ CranioSacral Therapy 1 (CS1) SomatoEmotional Release 2 (SER2) Toronto. over the phone and online Upcoming Classes: Additional dates and locations in North America at Upledger. OMM. to improve central nervous system disorders. AB Sep 18-21. 2013 SomatoEmotional Release Technique: Edmonton. 2013 Vancouver.000 practitioners. 2014 Acupuncture Principles to CST (UMAC) Toronto. ON Nov 7-10. 2014 Unwinding Meridians: Applying Toronto. ON May 22-25. 2013 Edmonton. to strengthen the immune system. BC May 22-25. 2014 Mastering the Inner Physician (SERTIP) Toronto. use Priority Code MTC10-13 The Upledger Institute International is endorsed by the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators . TMJ. AB Feb 27-2. 2013 To register.

It’s an honest and selfish statement. We had requested camel stew for dinner 10 Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 . of Tuina would remind me of how sensational it feels to be elling the world and taking my vocation on vacation. We had to make Dundas from the Spadina intersection. If you walk east on five-day commitment. everything else in Chinatown is open late. how lazy I could be in my actual yoga sniffed out the best body treatments to quell jet lag. Always committed to marrying my passions. the sleepy soak and full-on foot the wind. heavy forgot to grab some water. for no reason other than the restorative effects of touch. they accept walk-in appoint. dangers in hitching a ride with a guy named Mohammed and Sometimes. Then again. as the treatment was intense and could have adverse Toronto’s Chinatown offers instant gratification in so many reactions. seaweed and sand. a bout very promising idea. have a “sand sauna. adaptations to occur in your own massage sequences. This is exactly what I did in the Siwa Oasis in Egypt. After a lineup of five or six hour-long massages. It appears I prefer receiving more than giving. For $35 you get a rose petal foot soak (that could squeeze in a few days on the Red Sea. I have never Three to five days promised a cure from rheumatism and stayed awake until the end. for days.Feature By JuLes TorTi Take your vocation on vacation unique massage treatments from around the world M assage therapists are notorious for neglecting self-care. Sometimes vodka is involved. Ali Baba. I’d pass out in no time. You want to let your brain flatline and to transition into a carefree ToronTo’s ChinaTown client. receiving a treatment outside of the Swedish mas- rigid consent to treatment observations of Canada are politely sage scope is always a surprising investment. Dedicated holiday time falls by the wayside because if we’re not massaging we’re not earning money. We Tuina session – again. Buried alive ments. and nagging posterior neck musculature from a 2010 running Test-driving different modalities also allows for some unique wipeout that resulted in a concussion. I thought she said vacation. Whether The global spa and massage industry adds an entirely new you insert a few reflexology hot spots or adapt a new Tuina dimension to bodywork. sometimes you just want things done to you other times it’s hot hay. career lag attempts. I question my career motives. it seemed like a you. It was near sunset – but still. We forgot to tell anyone where on the elbows and on stretching. I fall into a different category – after 14 years in the industry. Post-massage. I am known to throw caution to the deep freeze of January. after a jammed workday. I’ve the recipient – and. Surely we could doesn’t cut into your hour session of an otherworldly foot do a single sauna and feel minor benefits after 20 minutes? massage) and the most intense foot rub around. glossed over in other countries. However. automatically often a good schmaltzy samurai movie playing in the waiting curious and persistent in finding out where exactly we could area. Nursing cups of tea and flipping arthritis. forms: shiatsu. Tuina. It’s like having yoga done for we were going. They are open late. I am always a sucker for the The traditional Egyptian sand sauna required a three. there are half a dozen our way across the White Desert and back to Luxor so we reflexology joints. In In pursuit of such bliss.” The guide stated that those who decided which means I could pick up some sticky pork buns. cupping. duck or a few skewers of grilled lamb on Dundas Street. I’ve been hour-long reflexology sessions though. Anyone reading this would sense clear and present assault were career savers. The stringent draping rules and pec stretch. When my high school guidance counsellor suggested I refine my focus and find an honourable vocation. there is always complimentary hot herbal tea and I had dog-eared our copy of Lonely Planet. which we didn’t have. through dated gossipy magazines. I’ve been a rabid fan of Chinatown massage clinics for several reasons. deep into the Gebel Dakrur desert. Peking to partake in a sand sauna should be monitored by a doctor. a Chinatown niche treatment. I’d trudge over for a his donkey.

vodka. smoked fish. W. we arrived panic attack with a ton of sand piled on top of her chest and early for our camel stew. Kim has asthma.Egyptian sand saunas offer a unique spa experience for the adventurous type. wriggled out of our sand cocoons. Unit 7) in Toronto’s entertainment weekly. and then I volunteered to be buried alive. Reminding myself of the arthritic cures. My part. when we promised we’d be back in time for that. emerged. beer and getting whipped by birch leaves I had some self-talk and let myself engage deeper in the and branches. (1027 Finch our saunas. The branch whipping is quite like lying in drying cement – I’m not sure if we could have painful but it was one of my highlights of my trip to Russia. Greg Jacklin. replied in a minute from Seattle. I knew we were going to get buried. I had pretty bad congestion before this. cleansing tea ner opted to be buried first – she is like the canary in the coal were the perfect balm for our sauna-weary bodies. The healing mine. I’d be OK. has reversed properties. But then I fell asleep at the ballet…” There was immense exhilaration as we were scooped out of I had read about a banya in North York. It was like being inside a body heat. quicker than a Boy Scout to prepare hibiscus tea. Arms at my side. so. The desert sun Mohammed took us to a secret cold spring and made a fire was characteristically searing. Mohammed expertly scooped the sand over her body (we russian Banyas wore bikinis) until only Kim’s head was showing. at the Shali fortress where we were staying. was OK.. After 20 minutes. Desperately thirsty. Our skin was slippery with sweat and. We quickly learned local water (which probably was the source of our diarrhea that we would be lying on our backs. Kim gave the nod that she high school. donkey cart. The article also spoke of the whippings (where writer David Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 11 . the sand felt like fine talcum as we brushed it off. I figured that if she didn’t have a powers of the desert were quietly revealed – and. and Mohammed induced oven. process. plunge. but I pictured us stand. jumping into freezing water and repeating the moment. a schoolmate from packing the sand into near cement. It’s kind of an involved process – involving being so confined. grinning. but I left Mohammed walked up and down my body too – his weight the banya drunk and completely rid of my cold. the sand where you ‘whip’ each other is much hotter than what would formed a solid mold around me – and a slight wiggle left me be considered legal in Canada. mar. Mohammed led us a mile into the dunes. body. the Grid. It was until you can’t take it anymore. Then he When I posted a call-out to friends on Facebook for zany walked up and down the length of her body in tiny steps. massage experiences around the world. the initial coolness of the sand Ave. “I went to a Russian banya with my brother-in-law in St. We loped along. Ont. The sauna was like cat paws over my quads. long inhales on the sheesha pipe and hot. and buried much as for the rest of our time in Egypt) and hiked back to our children at the beach are buried by older siblings. The cold velling at the landscape and ignoring apprehensions. I immediately felt a bit of panic from Petersburg. After this walkover. You literally fight off the heat hoping Mohammed wouldn’t take off and abandon us. we drank from Mohammed’s bottle of ing upright in the sand for some reason.

” mackerel. Sax remarked on smell.” Seaweed harvester Neil Walton explained to her. Shvitzing drils that ooze a silky. borscht. air-dried anchovies.Walking up and down the sand over the body makes for a more solid mold. “After a few hours in the banya. She described a bundle of what resembled “dry squid-ink pasta” being placed in hot water. onions. honey. A good shvitz (Yiddish for everything and the smell of burning peat. seaweed is a logical and authentic Irish spa prod- of a whipping. Bladderwack and sea salt scrubs are offered at private And. A sustainable choice (with a rapid growth recovery like sweetened tea. I ripped out a feature by Charlene Rooke in enRoute about test-driving different modalities allows Ireland’s jump onto the spa treatment bandwagon. Some locals up the master). it’s like lying in drying cement. for the one buried. Rooke’s account of her Voya treatment at the Ice House Hotel and Spa was intended to be a recreation of the seaweed soak. each bite tastes more ante – eating a spoonful of peat a day. and the seaweed soaks of yore are for some unique adaptations in your own experiencing a revival. Irish bath- houses existed a century ago. which permeates every tiny village and is addictively comforting to inhale. Sax felt like a dusty human carpet getting a thorough whack) – GeT BoGGed down in ireland this time with a sauna “whisk” fashioned from oak leaves. cherry preserves and pitchers of beer – all worthy bamboo). This is a wild. manganese and zinc. verdant life as saunas are to the Finnish. 15-centimeter-wide green ten- were synonymous with card games and cigar smoke. “We’re a menu that puts urban spa juice bars to shame: pumpernickel not going to pretty it up for anybody. massage sequences. croutons. copper. beef Stroganoff. The bundle expands “incred- “sweat”) has evolved from earlier male-centric days when banyas ibly to become two-metre-long. as Sax testifies after a beating from the banshik (sauna golf clubs. aloe vera-like gel and a pongy waterfront now involves soaking and decadent snacking. steamed crayfish. rivalling the resurgence of peat. uct. and the sleep it brings is what bog peat replaces “toxins (positive ions) with minerals (negative the dead can only dream of. If you’ve ever been to Ireland there are three things that may Banyas are traditional bathhouses and as central to a Russian’s race to the forefront of your mind: Guinness. Rooke discovered that alive than any you’ve ever had.” ions) like magnesium.” 12 Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 . oily natural product. Returning home on an Air Canada flight from Banff. I think. pickled herring.

A vinyl sheet is the top layer. subject to Italian government regula- tions on content. Bath Jules Torti has been an RMT since 1999 and a free- attendants deliver 10-gallon cauldrons of hay that have been lance writer since age six.” Finding rejuvenation through body treatments when we travel roll in The hay in norThern iTaly is essential for self-care and career sustainability. “I think this is what it to cure anything else that might ail you.” For more on wellness. thyme and panzees and writes about her zany travels for cinquefoil. must feel like to be a tea bag. Bennett lives on ing my vocation vacation – the ongoing search for total mind a ranch in Colorado and was leery of the healing virtues of hay. and an inad- Dina Bennett. scratchy texture provides a 25-minute eczema to the curb. and experiencing global traditions can add a dynamic her bit of bliss from Italy’s South Tyrolean farmers. a Matador freelancer and author of Peking to vertent learning tool for massage therapists. If you’re eager for an organic skin detox. altitude and minimum distance from roads at which the on top of the hay and are covered with more hot hay before a flannel blanket is placed on top. naturally aro- power or a peat wrap could sucker punch acne. a good dose of peat sealing in the vital heat. The combination of heat. As Bennett muses. Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 13 Lackner massage fall 13. received sneaks in. thermal waters of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland this fall. In between massage steaming for two hours. It’s grassy. an alpine meadow in a pot.indd 1 2013-09-24 8:47 AM . fresh. Hay baths and unexpected twist to your practice. “I know for a fact its prickly stalks are more likely to induce allergic reactions than soothe. she travels to Africa to be with chim- redolent of ladies’ mantle and mountain arnica. Knowledge always Paris: Life and Love on a Short Drive Around the World. can grow. psoriasis and matic hay and the rough. is highly regulated fodder.” she was quoted as saying.massagetherapycanada. have been a long-reputed folk cure for rheumatism and arthritis Where are you going to shvitz next? I’ll be soaking in the geo- – and an ideal excuse for socializing. Bennett describes the “fragrant cloud engagements. with its 40 native herbs. and body satiation. visit Dark green wet hay is first spread on a waterbed. Bathers lie www.”But this Matador Network. continu- When not trotting around the latitude lines. And then you can have a pint of Guinness sensory stimulant.

Feature By Chris o’Connor Touching addiction rMt treatment for recovering addicts requires more than technique F or the last 14 years I have had a very unique clinic space located inside the Homewood Health Centre in Guelph. The diversity to do if an addict admits they have smuggled alcohol or of the afflictions reminds us as practitioners to treat the street drugs into their addiction program? Being privy individual with the disease. however. violations of the Gambling. political Treatment room disclosure from clients. Dr. Ont. These clients are vulnerable and demand a when safety measures should be taken and treatment staff great deal of compassion and professionalism from their informed. Gabor Maté. chronic pain and psychiatric disorders. admits his far as reporting is concerned – but what is a therapist own unusual addiction – to classical music. and not to be judged of the problem. Best not to wear addiCTions your favourite golf shirt emblazoned with the Guinness or “Addiction should never be treated as a crime. compassionate ear without overstepping the therapeutic It is an illness that is not limited to the stereotypically boundaries. not the disease itself.” – Ralph Nader. Just as an alcoholic experiences. take great care not to casually discuss drinking with a client who is struggling with recovery. so too must the practitioner eating disorders and trauma/PTSR. Disclosures regarding illegal activities. It has to Sleeman or Molson brands either. every culture and all ages. it would probably be best addictions should remember to have greater-than-average to refer to another therapist. At The majority of clients who find themselves at the risk of becoming the “informer” and jeopardizing Homewood have never before sought professional your therapeutic relationship. or feared. It is very important for the clients in these make you a part of the solution. a pre-eminent of violence to another or oneself is an absolute must as figure in the field of addiction counselling. work. The Homewood Health Centre is one of very few private health-care facilities in Canada specializing in the treatment of addictions. offering your a massage treatment is so low that no unusual precautions clients a reprieve from the hardest parts of recovery will need be taken. Threat also seeing a steady rise. rather than another part programs to feel worthy of respect. In this three-part series I would like to share some of my discipline with treatment room banter. and just a little of what I have learned treating is encouraged to avoid bars and social events where people from three of Homewood’s programs: addictions. it is important to know treatment. be treated as a health problem. eating disorders. to “pillow talk” presents some ethical conundrums. While transmission of either of these viral infections while giving enduring rigorous treatment protocols. Admitting that we all display some How does a massage therapist negotiate universal form of addictive behaviour is an important first step precautions when treating a population with addictions toward maintaining a non-judgmental composure. prescription medications. drinking is commonplace. Massage therapists are not psychotherapists. trauma/PTSR (post traumatic stress recovery). RMT services have been provided out of this facility for almost 20 years – the demographic certainly creating an out-of-the-ordinary setting for a massage practice. portrayed images of street drugs and alcohol abuse. shopping and exercise addictions are create ethical and legal dilemmas for a therapist. It is a Individuals suffering from addiction come from all delicate negotiation to be able to offer a supportive and walks of life – any gender. It is that put them at greater risk of HIV and hepatitis C critical to engender feelings of safety and respect so clients infections? My professional experience tells me the risk of may accept you as part of their healing process. 14 Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 . If you find yourself worried in any way about Massage therapists treating clients suffering from working with this population. compulsive sexual Homewood facility’s rules or potentially abusive situations behaviour. is not activist uncommon and can create an awkward situation. health-care team.

Body image insecurities this group requires.. self. I typically focus on and shyness create another delicate situation requiring full body relaxation treatments to help with the reconnection your patience and compassion. in this situation. sugar-loaded No particular techniques are needed. It’s a delicate balance for massage therapists to offer a compassionate ear without overstepping therapeutic boundaries. side-effects of the pharmaceuticals used functioning. and bodies. we – some have actually apologized for their appearance. I need to be aware that some will go overboard with the always remind clients that this. positive touch effects of the meds. before moving slowly into treatment of specific these sensitivities when treating areas where the client may conditions. knowledge of the body and its systems. circumstances. By sharing our comfortable enough to mention their sensitivities.” – Larry Michael should really be able to “feel” the treatment for it to Dredla. TreaTmenT been numb to touch for some time. i. They may no longer be “feeling” at all. position to help those recovering from addiction negative effect and. no extra courses are food for alcohol or drugs. we can help educate A good percentage of my clients fall into this category. too. In the beginning. This important burgeoning of awareness can also have put on weight. We must be mindful of process. and As many of us know. of healing but encourage them to talk to their doctor and “The deeper the better. clients and inspire them to take better care of themselves. and never assume the client will feel be a good time to seize a teaching moment. the belief is that they Not feeling is no replacement for reality. to replace one substance with another. might leave the reconnect with their bodies. Because these individuals have new problem. too much pressure can have a important. The side- time of reconnection with feeling at all levels.e. contribute to weight gain and necessary – just a willingness to have the added sensitivity concomitant body image issues. coupled with a common tendency can be immensely important.” is often the request regarding support team if they feel that overeating has become a pressure during treatment. Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 15 . After years of neglect. They may no longer be attuned to how their body is frustrating. many clients have “lost touch” with their Weight gain is one of the most common. At this to treat people recovering from addiction. and I have found that some will not reveal their insecurity Keeping in mind that we are working with individuals but react when I am working on certain areas of the body who may still have some impulse control challenges. and commonly co-morbid abusive help ease the pain. is part of the process treatment and with advice on homecare that we provide.Treatment room disclosure by clients is not uncommon. client tempted to seek out something more nefarious to medicating (numbing). author be effective. As manual therapists we are in a privileged.

self-worth. He is a firm believer in the children. other addictions and psychiatric disorders are con- sidered key indicators of service quality.. The following graph displays the percentages of those addictions needs. rates of achievement (greater than 90 per cent) for all six short-term outcomes. (See Patient ratings of how well treatment met their needs for main Figure 1) addictions. • 77 per cent of patients felt treatment met their psychiatric (See Figure 2 ) disorders needs. of improvement (greater than 76 per cent) for all outcome indicators. The programs offered are part of a continuum of care for addicted individuals and family members encom- passing: prevention and health promotion. a sense of deficient emptiness. Maté is widely recognized for his unique to develop. When we come to address healing. harm reduction. with 63. Figure 1 illustrates that HADS patients displayed positive rates ery from addiction. socio. My outlook is useful when fielding difficult lack of a healthy sense of self. author the circumstances under which the positive qualities of self- and public speaker.. The Homewood Addiction Division Services (HADS) are founded on two underlying principles: abstinence and lifestyle change. those I treat. Both factors are equally important for successful recov... for my well-being and the well-being of process: poor self-regulation.are the traits that most often underline the addiction development. standardized instrument evaluating symptoms and functioning. they have achieved several short-term outcomes at the time of • 90 per cent of patients felt treatment met their other discharge. differentiation and impulse control fail of addiction. Clinically observed outcomes Figure 2 illustrates that HADS patients displayed positive The Resident Assessment Instrument-Mental Health (RAI. behaviours. Maté.KnowledGe is power and impaired impulse control. In the matured.1 per cent being male. The same goes for disorder and chronic disease. 16 Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 . The most common concurrent psychiatric disorders are mood disorders and anxiety disorders. The outcomes reflect the percentage of patients whose difficulty with certain symptoms Patient ratings of treatment or functioning improved from admission to discharge.” is an eye-opening excerpt: I strongly support lifelong personal and professional “These. • Individuals seek treatment for addiction/dependency. a Hungarian-born Canadian physician.demographics. Here environment sabotaged healthy emotional growth. The addictive personality is a personality that hasn’t connection between mind and body health. who had above average responses for six outcome domains. questions from some very unhappy and unhealthy clients. His book. and out-patient treatment and follow-up. Patient short-term outcomes • 99 per cent of patients felt treatment met their main HADS patients are asked to rate the degree to which they feel addictions needs. Any gardener knows that if a plant hasn’t grown. Program trends and patient characteristics • 894 patients were discharged from HADS in 2013 – aged 19 to 71. specializes in the study and treatment regulation.there is no mystery about Dr. prior experiences and interventions. • 50 per cent of HADS patients have had prior admissions to an in-patient mental health treatment setting at some point in their lifetime. abstinence-based residential. • Individuals come to HADS on their own volition and the program length is 34 days. while some may also have specific psychiatric symptoms. should be the first on your reading be how to promote maturity in ourselves or in others whose early list if you choose to work with this unique population. attention deficit most likely the conditions were lacking. lack of basic differentiation. In-patient services are for adults who suffer from chemical addictions including specialized tracks for health care profes- sionals and those suffering from concurrent psychiatric disor- ders (if psychiatrically stable). a key question will Realm of Hungry Ghosts. As a CenTury of Care Homewood Health Centre has been treating patients for addic- tion since 1883. MH) is a comprehensive. Dr. and controversial perspective on addiction.

As most RMTs are small business owners. reading or recreation therapy is going to save the alligator from the cold. certain aspects of Populations in need of evolving care life has been affected by addiction. and is often an eye-opening For more information. to this population. a compassionate are often searching for answers. an LMT (licensed This article was edited by Heather massage therapist) in New York people with addictions. nurses.Dr. demographic often misunderstood and ongoing personal education and overlooked in our communities.visit by a doctor who specialized in treating sometimes more practitioners massagetherapycanada. manual treatment.chrisoconnorconsulting. participate volunteer their time. Find a development. public speaker. puts together a free clinic on the second Thursday of each month for Chris O’Connor is a those suffering from addiction and registered massage post-traumatic stress – many of whom therapist. “If we take an alligator from Florida. manual therapists can be support group and offer your services. goals reach out. Clients are in-patients taking time away from many of their life stressors. He made than clients. and a commitment to and new directions in life. visit Guelph. although you may to attract to our business is crucial. offering them the This is also a great opportunity to power and relief that your hands and put together an outreach program. are homeless. This is the biggest goal of all therapies: to help those suffering from addiction learn how to warm themselves from within. A your knowledge can provide. no amount of counselling. experience for therapists who attend. It is provider and instructor of incredibly rewarding work. fly them to Winnipeg in the middle of winter and tie them up in the driveway. finding new demographics Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 17 . and will leave the facility in need of ongoing support. an invaluable part of recovery for each Be prepared to show your respect and individual encountering addiction. colleague of mine.” At some point during their development. counsellors and therapists. I compassion for the complexity of their hope you will feel inspired to reach out challenges. personalities may have been arrested at provide an excellent opportunity for no one is immune to this pathology. It needs heat to survive. I attended a lecture in the community that there are For more on education.” GrowTh opporTuniTy The Homewood Health Centre is a haven for those recovering from an analogy that I remember to this day: “Addicts are like alligators. MacRae. Maté mentions. less mature stages. It www. People with addictions are a demeanour. has become so popular with therapists Many years ago. We all know of someone whose be treating adults. Many are anxious about leaving the safety net of doctors. Ont. The therapists who osteopathic practitioner. helps those contemporary medical acupuncture. addicts have lost the ability to warm themselves from within. He said. and are always looking for an external source of warmth. Homewood Health Centre is located in in need. Addicts in recovery a therapist growing their practice to With good training.

varied educational requirements from province Labrador). riddled with fraud.” the public eye as regulated health professionals (in three and they are critical of the slow progress of massage therapy provinces: Ontario. provinces. therapy care affects claims for employee health benefits. Insurers expect comprehensive patient of improved patient outcomes and defend their validity in receipts that ensure treatments are “medically necessary.Feature By donaLd Quinn diLLon Claims crisis in health insurance Opportunity for profession to galvanize W hat if insurance claims for massage therapy services were no longer accepted? What if employers with a surplus of workers didn’t need to offer employee benefits for retention. and the implications to Insurers are concerned about fraud and skeptical of wide. and the absence of national representation. or if they perceived massage therapy claims are expensive. with no evidence of direct benefit to the employee? How would this scenario affect the lifeblood of your practice? The denial and limitation of insurance claims for massage Massage therapists rely heavily on their patients’ access therapy care appears to be increasing with alarming concern. Massage therapists cite largely anecdotal evidence clinical guidelines. the resources to organize experts to province. to employee health benefits. they have not been welcomed into provincial 18 Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 . massage therapists’ practice of diminishing coverage are ranging treatment plans not supported by evidence or severe. across the profession to create treatment guidelines backed Growing insurer skepticism of the benefits of massage by available evidence appear unfocused or unavailable. However. auto Although massage therapists are currently regulated in three insurance and workers’ compensation. British Columbia and Newfoundland/ regulation.

and seem unaware or not interested in the credentials of registered massage therapists (RMTs). and the Canadian Health Care Anti-fraud Association. Nova Scotia. Newfoundland/Labrador and Prince Edward Island – and the Northwest Territories. but the profession. fraudulent indulgence and palliative. The CMTA has represented member provinces for the last five years at the conferences of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association. In a profession where practitioners in sole or small group practices remain largely unengaged. the CMTA has actively invited non-participating provinces to get involved in improving insurer relations. in some cases. Manitoba and Quebec are also non-members. Without the triad of a degree-level program. community care centres or medical clinics. but withdrew seven years ago. stating human resource and financial considerations. Fee guidelines for massage therapy services posted by insurance companies are considerably below those posted by RMT professional associations. The RMTAO maintains. Yet. supporting regulation in all provinces. New Brunswick. care. Denial of claims appears. Massage therapists are critical of insurers that lack training in making clinical judgments as to the appropriateness of care. and designed a standard RMT receipt at the request of care funding – save a provision for low-income citizens of British Columbia – or hospitals. ignorant of or disinterested in the political issues that affect them. Ontario. naTional CollaBoraTion The Registered Massage Therapist Association of Ontario (RMTAO) was a member of the CMTA. the massage therapy profession can’t bring much to the table. Insurers’ perceptions – relayed by massage therapists submitting claims – suggest pejorative images of hedonistic luxury. perhaps this insurance crisis can become an essential driver in finally galvanizing the profession. and have been extended invitations. despite stated resource shortages. not curative. The CMTA’s primary objectives are: preserving and improving insurer relations. can’t provide it. that it believes it can unilaterally contribute to RMT concerns at a national level. A lot more work and resources are needed to make inroads to insurer relations. evidence- based practice and political clout. Saskatchewan. In response. perhaps such a crisis might ultimately be a good thing for massage therapists. Alberta. opporTuniTy for BeTTer ouTCome The Canadian Massage Therapist Alliance (CMTA) serves seven member provinces – British Columbia. There have been numerous Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 19 . in its current state of organization. Insurers and employers are looking for proof of positive effect and a return on investment in employee benefit plans. CMTA has gathered information from insurers regarding their concerns with massage therapy claims. arbitrary. with the largest number of RMTs is not a member. and encouraging research initiatives. in other communications. Insurers proclaim a wounded confidence in the profession’s credibility and professionalism.

I submitted a treatment plan that was outside the Minor Injury Guideline. influence and resources of all the provinces and territories. but the insurer promptly denied the plan. overwhelmed by loss of work recovering from is to bring isolated massage practitioners from across the this injury and years of health-related issues. The Inter-Jurisdictional Competencies championed by the Massage Therapy Consortium – currently in the three regulated provinces – precipitates reform in the way massage therapists are educated. The threat of insurance claim denial to massage therapists is a national issue and requires the combined expertise. work overtime constantly and sit at a computer 8 to 12 hours per day… they all need treatment just to maintain work productivity. You can contact ill perceptions. The physiotherapist and physician came to similar National collaboration among the associations is needed to move the conclusions. Perhaps the most compelling reason for collaboration The claimant. insurers and gatekeeper health bring all stakeholders in the profession together.C. was unable to country into discussions about the critical issues facing the pay. plan was eventually approved by an independent examiner. but it could be a galvanizing force to finally engage the government. but hamstrung without decisions on those issues that have dogged us for decades. Public and media campaigns can be generated and shared across all associations – avoiding duplicity in Donald Quinn Dillon is a registered massage resources – while improving our public image and negating therapist. but the RMTAO has repeatedly declined involvement with the CMTA. full participation of massage therapy associations from all and then focus the resources to act on solutions. In addition to the CMTA. collate all available evidence company – and the provision in the professional services and make it available in a databank to massage therapists for fee guidelines that they could pay the full amount – they direct use in their practice.) on Facebook: “I treat clients at a software company 1 to 2 times per month and now my work there is on hold because almost all of my clients at that office are currently being audited… One employee (described how) his submissions were declined for massage and chiropractic at another office. him through his debate and eventually reach The CMTA is already in place. H. initiatives are afoot. (they experience) crazy deadlines.invitations to collaborate. but the insurer would only pay the “maximum hourly rate” Research Symposium. profession. I was stuck with the loss. The employees are very frustrated right now.” In an auto-insurance case earlier this year. Contact disciplines in a dialogue about the strengths of massage your professional association today and tell them you want therapists and their place in public health and citizen in on this plan for national collaboration. dumped the responsibility of co-payment onto the claimant. Despite the resources available to the insurance guidelines based on 20 Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 .massagetherapycanada. because the claimant had numerous previous injuries and health complications that I felt qualified her for a greater level of intervention. Only with collaboration and An insurance claims crisis squarely faces massage therapists sharing of resources can the massage therapy profession across Canada. visit Interdisciplinary Network for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research holds a biennial IN-CAM www. We can dialogue. and may lead the way to national entry-to-practice examinations To view other articles by and massage therapy program accreditation. other profession-evolving MassageTherapistPractice. author and speaker. the provinces and territories. wellness. The problem is illuminated in a recent post by an Ontario RMT (with initials. The Canadian Donald Quinn Dillon. The profession forward. Perhaps IN-CAM can draw the – a full 35 per cent less of the RMTAO’s posted fee rate for brightest minds across Canada to create therapeutic my services.

Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 21 . Be neat and modern but cost-conscious. Determine the amount of space you really need. part 2 space needs and design criteria T he location of the therapeutic massage practice office within the walls of your residence and its layout could be problematic. lighting. This Building your home-based massage practice requires careful planning. Eliminate the frivolous and prioritize the remainder. Consider the additional cost of efficiency. Build and furnish for usage and comfort level. Simply selecting an underused space and adapting it to your existing environment without proper planning or a needs and intended use assessment seldom works. Be currently have. air conditioning. Here are a few tips on developing the home office. maintenance and all that you have or intend to acquire. take time to assess your requirements and their compatibility with your living requirements. not the other way around. Be innovative in your design.Feature By LLoyd Manning In-home massage therapy practice. Before tearing down walls or hiring tradesmen. Design around the furniture and fixtures that heat. Location and layout is often dictated by generous but remember that any space taken reduces home available space. not by what is ideal. goes with the operation of your massage practice. Work around what you Develop a well-thought-out floor plan.

poor access. appointments. Allow for changing needs. From and double them.89 per square foot per third. plumbing. For example. space rent to yourself When you renovate the home for office use. always bear $300. this is equivalent to a rental of $18. annum. whether at home important. As it is allowable Be sure to allocate space for that. Some things are not meant to be. it would be $222. allow for chair lifts and ramps. assume your improvements Think of convertibility. Before you start. If it does not. taxes. the monthly clients appreciate being. is fire. second. The monthly amortization amount can be obtained from a set of mortgage payment A well-planned home office is one in tables. products. Safety and convenience are always prime considerations. family. with Lloyd Manning is a semi-retired business. but never more than Consider accessibility. costs. Assume a total liquidation of the investment. Even if you do not sell night home renovator. There should be a designated area in which you meet interest. Making Money In Commercial Properties. available from most stationary stores or from your accountant. which you enjoy working and your For example. authorities will shut you down. Amortize the cost of improvements. If it’s an older house. in the middle of the road. and extra utilities. the access. Balancing a career and home life can be challenging. If your office space is 500 square feet. you currently own or will acquire to the same scale as your These include design cost – if you hire an outsider to do floor plan. When estimating the cost of 22 Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 . you want the best you can get for the with proper planning. be a normal lease period in the property of another. licences and additional insurance. cut out miniature furniture and fixtures that cent. of the same size and with equivalent appreciate being. If it is necessary to borrow all of Will you be able to earn a fair return on your investment? your development costs from a bank. Draw it on paper to scale. Never agree to a cost-plus contract or employ a fly-by- Include sufficient storage area. amortization would be $386. over a Calculating costs. over the years you will amass great piles of paper. but Therefore. Never try to redevelop a basement that is damp or musty-smelling. visit www. Don’t forget soft costs. insurance and monthly in mind three things: first you want to build for your property costs are. add another 50 per cardboard. move them around on your drawing until it – building permits. the cost of bringing them up lloydmann@shaw.includes all of the areas to be used for your office and renovating for your practice. health. fewest dollars. amortization is $387 per month. Your work environment cannot Always make a comparison of your amortization be hazardous to your health. the what you would have to pay if you were to rent. clean and or elsewhere. if possible. You will not be that far out. It ain’t cheap. yet. it can be rewarding. the convenience.massagetherapycanada. His newest book. its appointments and the furniture should be separate. someday you will want to sell that house. electrical. Separation between wisdom of making the investment. available online from Indigo-Chapters. leasing could be less Bear in mind that on a resale you will have returned only expensive. commercial real estate appraiser and financial You will never end up with anything satisfactory. and attend to clients without disturbance from family period. analyst. Charge your practice rent and operating professional. disabled. get the best quotes you can living accommodation. could be audited.000. Winning With Know the rules. too. neat. The time frame would your professionalism. your total direct cost would personal use and the convenience of your clients and be $787 per month. He can be reached at Often with older homes. As some of your clients may be For more on business. if your cost of improvements is $20. ensure your plan Commercial Real Estate – The Ins and Outs of meets all applicable codes – building. at six per cent interest for five years.04. Add the facilities and the furniture selected should reflect projected building operating costs. Always keep your office and personal living expenses The office. A competitive rate of interest is what you could have earned if buying a Grade A bond. Next. everything fits the way you want it to. to code is prohibitive and could kill the viability of the in-home office development. not so posh that clients will steer clear. say $100. for income tax purposes and will act as a check on the Distinguish home from office. As it is for business purposes. a small percentage of the cost of your improvements. This is the best way to get hosed. low ceilings or other unsuitable characteristics. For 10 years. You. A well-planned home office is and operating costs with the cost to rent an office in one in which you enjoy working and in which your clients a good location. The layout. the Canada Revenue Agency Mind the look and feel. amortize (or depreciate) family living areas and your massage therapy practice is the cost of the improvements at a competitive rate of vital.66. someday you may wish to rent out the property. You want to be upscale. Add to the amortization the cost of space rent – members. Physical appearance is will allow you to deduct office expenses. Platinum sPonsors media sPonsors sPonsors . October 18 .20. 2013 UNITING INTEGRATIVE HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS “ONE Concept Conferences welcomes all Integrative Health Professions” JOIN US!!! www.

2014 | niagara Falls. For our Exhibitors. # 1 tourist destination. WELCOME The Sheraton boasts some of Niagara Falls’ greatest attractions including The Hard Rock Café. CA October 24-26 2014 | Niagara Falls. Concept Group We invite you to join us in Niagara Falls in October. and tables. our event is Wewell invite you to join advertised andus in respected well Niagara Falls in October. which houses over 100 booths Our reach is to Health Professionals in Canada and the US. This world have also implemented class the “ONEfacility is located Concept Pass” in Niagara which is a Falls. for Health Professionals to learn from some of the pioneers in our field. 2013 Canadian Massage Conference Canadian Chiropractic Conference 24 Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 FatTool_QuartPgAd_Sept2013. 2013 in beautiful Niagara Falls Canada. the magnificent Hershey’s store and the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark. for Health Professionals to learn from some of the pioneers in our field. GA october 24-26. and accommodation along free with classes. CA 0"$)1%&'%()$%*"23"#14)/55)& May 16-18 2014 | Atlanta. Concept’s overall The ONE health. Canada’s # 1 tourist destination. we have customized an entire destination package including meals and accommodation along with booth space and discounts on local attractions. The Sheraton Attendees On The can also FallstoConference choose add workshops Centre and full daywill & Casino be the classes tolocation for the 2013 their experience. 2013 September 19-21 2014 | San Diego. Planet Hollywood. Ga FUTURE CONFERENCES INCLUDE: +". The ONE Concept Group is pleased to announce the return of The Canadian Massage & Chiropractic Conference. our event is and tables. The Niagara region is also host to over 70 wineries and over 30 Golf Courses. Planet Hollywood. with the !"#$%&'%()$%*"& education and products needed for us all to promote a healthy lifestyle.mission to unite multiple Health Professions. Our reach is to Health Professionals in Canada and the US. all-inclusivepackage entire destination pass forincluding attendees to access meals as many paid classes. We have some of the world’s most sought after educators teaching at our Conference this year.greatest attractions including The Hard Rock Café. +". booth trade space andshow and lunch discounts for 3attractions. and 1 lunch voucher. CA May 16-18 2014 | Atlanta. free Theclasses. Ca September 13-15 2013 | San Diego. to help us grow and further our professions. 2013 in beautiful Niagara Falls Canada. with the education and products needed for us all to promote a healthy lifestyle. Our Conference admission includes access to the trade hall floor for all 3 days. on local days. an opportunity Niagara region is also host to over 70 wineries and over 30 Golf Courses. havewhich Pass” is a fullan customized weekend. Canada’sall-inclusive full weekend. access to all of the FREE 1 hour presentations for Chiropractic and Massage. Our Conference admission includes access to the trade hall floor for all 3 days. which houses over 100 booths October 18-20. CA October 24-26 2014 | Niagara Falls. an opportunity It is ONE Concept’s mission to unite multiple Health Professions. theworld’s of the magnificent most Hershey’s store sought after and the teaching educators Fallsview at Indoor Waterpark. The our Conference this year. Rainforest Café. The ONE Concept Group ONE CONCEPT FUTURE CONFERENCES: !"#$%&'%()$%*"& may 16-18 2014 | atlanta.#//$& 0"$)1%&'%()$%*"23"#14)/55)& 61"**&7%#*$%55& Yours in Good Health. WeRainforest have someCafé.-$&. in our industry. With Media Sponsors in both countries. Attendees can also choose to add workshops and full day classes to their experience. With Media Sponsors in both countries. and aid them in achieving the same end result…. and 1 lunch voucher. WelComeOctober 18-20. pass for attendees to access as many paid classes. GA October 18-20.-$&. The Sheraton On The Falls Conference Centre & Casino will be the location for the 2013 Conference.indd 1 2013-09-23 8:54 AM . help us grow and further our professions. Yours in Good It is ONE Health.#//$& september 19-21 2014 | san diego. Canada Canadian Massage Conference Canadian Chiropractic Conference October 18-20. Canada 61"**&7%#*$%55& FUTURE CONFERENCES INCLUDE: September 13-15 2013 | San Diego. Sheratontrade showsome boasts and oflunch for 3Falls’ Niagara days. Canada September 19-21 2014 | San Diego. We have also implemented the For “ONE our Conceptwe Exhibitors. overall health. access to all of the FREE 1 hour presentations for Chiropractic and Massage. well advertised and well respected in our industry. The ONE Concept Group is pleased to announce the return of The Canadian Massage & Chiropractic Conference. This world class facility is located in Niagara Falls. and aid them in achieving the same end result….

00 $139.CA EMAIL: SALES@KOSIM.95 135 Sparks Ave.00 $569.CA $49.95 $149.00 $1.95 $46.00 $79. speakers andrea Collins dennis Buckley George roth Felicia Brown John mulligan angie dubis Chris nentarz James meschino Fabrizio mancini mike reed Barry Jennings eric Plasker Kenzo Kase James Waslaski Phil scolieri Bruce Baltz andreo spina drew Freedman Jamie richards ruxandra Cipriani david marcarian don dillon James donovan Fiona rattray Whitney lowe EXCLUSIVE AT KOSIM 18QT .00 Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 25 .495.00 6QT .95 $39.95 $39.$110. Toronto.$95. $14.95 $195.95 KOSIM GROUP CO.00 $139.850. INC.KOSIM.95 $189.95 lotion / gel / oil / deep tissue WWW.95 T:416-502-3700 F:416-502-2808 $28.00 $250.95 $35.00 $1.95 $79. ON M2H 2S5 (Victoria Park / 404 & Steeles ) $79.

B. C Visceral manipulation upper Fallsview workshops studio B 3 hour strategy Andreo Spina room 5 & 6 Connective tissue Continuity ~ how it affect strategy David Marcarian room 7 intro to e-scan and how small semG technology Wor Andrea Collins Dr. Cohen strategy massage smarter not What Computers room 2 harder are doing Eric Plasker Kira Bailey strategy living & Practicing Care for those with room 3 100 Year lifestyle adhd FREE presentations 1 hour strategy Whitney Lowe room 7 maximizing the Web upper Fallsview studio a upper Adam Bogar Anne Turn Fallsview soft tissue dealing with studio B treatment 3rd Floor Great room 26 Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 . OCTOBER 18TH 7:30 AM 8:30 AM 9:00 AM 9:30 AM 10:00 AM 10:30 AM 11:00 AM 11:30 AM 12:00 PM 12:30 PM 01 registration opens strategy room 2 2 hour Bob Poirier/Bill Leonhardt strategy room 1 classes Build the Clinic of Your dreams Fallsview Barry Jennings studio a.WorKshoPs FRIDAY.

LIVE music by Fidel! Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 27 .FACEBOOK Meet & Greet ~ Hard Rock Café Club featuring once again. WorKshoPs 1:00 PM 01:30 PM 02:00 PM 02:30 PM 03:00 PM 03:30 PM 04:00 PM 04:30 PM 05:00 PM 05:30 PM 06:00 PM 06:30 PM 07:00 PM Bob Poirier/Bill Leonhardt Bob Poirier/Bill Leonhardt Build the Clinic of Your dreams Build the Clinic of Your dreams Whitney Lowe technique synergy: treatment integration for Complex Conditions Felicia Brown Free & easy Ways to Promote Yourself Fiona Rattray ts our approach Work longer. smarter: Personalized self Care for therapists rks Drew Freedman James Waslaski John Mulligan intro to Kinesiology integrated manual manual lymph taping therapy drainage Mike Reid Jamie Richards Ruxandra Cipriani millionaire mindset for start Creating a aromatherapy healthcare movement Professionals Catherine Wilkinson Don Dillon integrating laser What i Wished i’d therapy learned in school Phil Scolieri Louise Danieli myo-release neuro-Proprioceptive therapy taping nbull h toxins Trade Show Hall OPEN 9pm .

Mike Reid.WorKshoPs SATURDAY. B. Dennis Buckley. C strategy James Waslaski room 3 integrated manual therapy workshops Ruxandra Cipriani 3 hour strategy aromatherapy: What it’s all about and room 1 how to include it in Your Practice upper James Donovan Fallsview introduction to low intensity laser therapy studio a strategy Don Dillon room Cam Collaboration and Viable Working models 5&6 strategy room 1 FREE presentations Bruce Baltz Felicia Leslie Trotter strategy active isolated social 1 hour Kinesiology tape for room 7 stretching/hip & low market Bruising & edema Back holid Andreo Spina Fiona upper Fallsview importance of tissue Persona studio B specific Palpation Preven thera 3rd Floor Great room 7:30 PM .ONE Concept Gala ~ 28 Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 . Jamie Richards Course room 2 Full day Chiropractic “Connect WithYour Passion & Focus on Your message” Fallsview John Mulligan studio manual lymph drainage & how it Works a. James Meschino. OCTOBER 19TH 7:30 AM 8:00 AM 8:30 AM 9:00 AM 9:30 AM 10:00 AM 10:30 AM 11:00 AM 11:30 AM 12:00 PM registration opens Full Day strategy Eric Plasker.

Roth instrument assisted ting for matrix repatterning soft tissue mob. Kase Whitney Lowe evolution of the the FaB 4 must have skills of advanced therapy Kinesiotaping method Chris Nentarz Foundations of Kinesiology taping Phil Scolieri myofascial release massage Angie Dubis 15 minute neck & shoulder Blast a Brown Jackie Shakar media Dr. days Rattray D Dillon. WorKshoPs 12:30 PM 01:00 PM 01:30 PM 02:00 PM 02:30 PM 03:00 PM 03:30 PM 04:00 PM 04:30 PM 05:00 PM 05:30 PM 06:00 PM Dr. al injury Sukha Wong B Locke. L Green ntion for thai Yoga massage rmt Claims apists Trade Show Hall OPEN ~ Niagara Room at The Crowne Plaza Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 29 .

George Roth studio matrix repatterning workshops a. B.indd 1 2013-09-20 8:46 AM . OCTOBER 20TH 7:30 AM 8:00 AM 8:30 AM 9:00 AM 9:30 AM 10:00 AM 10:30 AM 11:00 AM 11:30 AM registration opens Full Day Course strategy Strategy room 1 Room 1 Fallsview Dr.WorKshoPs SUNDAY. C 3 hour strategy Andrea Collins room massage smarter not harder: side lying 5&6 strategy Barry Jennings Angie Dubis room 2 headaches Breath release FREE presentations Fab Mancini James Meschino strategy 1 hour 10 BiG mistakes in nutrition & room 3 Practice supplementation Gadsby/Grisewood strategy Par & shockwave room 7 therapy 3rd Floor Great Room 30 Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 Myo Ad.

Trade Show Hall OPEN Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 31 . WorKshoPs 12:00 PM 12:30 PM 01:00 PM 01:30 PM 02:00 PM 02:30 PM 03:00 PM 03:30 PM 04:00 PM 04:30 PM 05:00 PM James Waslaski integrated manual therapy for Pelvic stabilization Drew Freedman introduction to Kinesiology taping theory & application Andreo Spina Connective tissue Continuity ~ how it affects our approach rmtao Shawn Thistle Lloyd List discussing spinal occlusion strapping applications Jackie Shakar instrument assisted soft tissue mob.

inspire.. The concept resonated with me so clearly that as a Multi-Disciplined Practitioner with education in Massage. I am blessed to be surrounded by the greatest minds and expertise of so many passionate health care providers of all disciplines who ultimately have the same goal as I: to provide our clients with a choice. a social business model that delivers “affordable health care and living wage jobs. Massage Therapy. Yoga Movement. Ask us about Community Room Membership Fees at participating ONE Concept Community Wellness Centers.oneconcept. Aromatherapy. Esthetics and Endermologie accompanied by a firm belief in all Natural Disciplines. united. why can’t we create this health care model for ALL practitioners? It was then that The ONE Concept Community Room was born. I thought. ONE of the most incredible experiences as a natural health care practitioner is knowing that I am NOT alone. With Gratitude. Treatments offered in The ONE Concept Community Room Chiropractic. Thai Massage. collective healing environment where Practitioners and clients communicate. The ONE Concept Community Classroom Where Health Care Practitioners are provided a forum to enlighten. we can be the leading voice in health care.” It is a place where you can engage in a treatment that some people would never be able to afford. Length of Treatments Each treatment is approximately 15 to 30 minutes in length. their minds and their spirits so that they can heal and live to their fullest 32 Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 .. Fitness. The ONE Concept Community Room A place where Integrative Health Care Professionals of all walks of life collectively come together in an open forum to treat. It is a shared space where a collective healing energy is created by both its participants and its practitioners. Our Mission To provide Integrative Health Care to our Community in an open. Osteopathy. Energy Work. Homoeopathy. Monica Pasinato-Forchielli Founder ONE Concept Community Room BOOK YOUR TREATMENT IN THE ONE CONCEPT COMMUNITY ROOM ONLINE NOW AT: www. Our goal is to provide a better understanding of each other and show that.. respect and engage in each other’s energy and knowledge for an ultimate healing experience. Acupuncture.any and all care that contributes to our Community’s health and wellbeing. Treatment Cost We request that a $10. collaborate. give them guidance to awaken their bodies. collaborate and engage in the wellbeing of their clients. SPA.00 donation for each 15 minute treatment be made to the charities of ONE Concept. elevate and educate their peers.CommunitY room A message from the Founder of ONE Concept Community Room It was just a year ago when I was introduced to the Community Acupuncture Model. clients and colleagues from all disciplines and beliefs.

The material is These practical. ND. The technique is easy on the client and the therapist. or contact us at: Telephone: 905-836-WELL (9355). Easy on the Practitioner Matrix Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 33 . You will be able to Fiona Rattray.matrixrepatterning. MD Orthopedic Surgeon $ 497 (If payment is received 30 days prior to seminar start date) For more information or to register please visit our website: www. This is a with the clinical skills to effectively assess and treat the underlying wonderful addition to any RMT’s repertoire. Toll-Free: 1-877-905-7684 Email: info@matrixrepatterning. hands-on seminars will provide the practitioner well-presented. SWAG BAGS SPONSORED BY: BIOFREEZE. October 20. developed by Dr. results ■ Hip & Knee Pain ■ Frozen Shoulder. “Matrix Repatterning is a rational. 2013 Visit us at the Massage Therapy & skeletal malfunctions that will be useful for January 10-11. PRIZES. Biotone. Migraine. Free student daY Presents FREE STUDENT DAY MASSAGE THERAPY CHIROPRACTIC SMART FROM THE START STUDENT DAY STUDENT CHIROPRACTORS ON THE ROAD TO DATE: Sunday. George Roth DC ND is a clinically-proven form of manual therapy that addresses structural imbalance at the cellular level. Bon Vital. RMT Linda Ludwig. It tells you how to find them—and Location: Newmarket. EDUCATION. 2013 WHO: All Massage Therapy Students and TIME: 9:00 AM recent graduates of Massage PLACE: Brock Room at Crowne Plaza Therapy WHO: All Chiropractic Students and recent WHY: IT’S FREE. 2014 Chiropractic Conference: clinicians. 2013 EXCELLENCE (SCORE) TIME: 10:00 AM With Dr. It is well suited to massage therapists’ ■ Low Back Pain ■ Headache. October 20. Vitality Depot Experience the Power of Matrix Repatterning … and Become the Pain Solution Expert Gentle. Ontario October 18-20th how to treat them. clear and interesting. SWAG BAGS graduates of Chiropractic WHY: IT’S FREE. Try it.” cause of these and many other conditions. It works!” Cost: $ 697 Niagara Falls. PRIZES. RMT apply these skills immediately following the seminar. RMTAO. Stephen Levin. Dennis Buckley PLACE: Niagara room at Crowne Plaza DATE: Sunday. TMJ palpation skills. reduction of pain. Ontario Dr. Carpal Tunnel include increased range of motion and Dr. Effective. logical jewel of a technique with reproducible Learn to provide real clinical solutions for the following conditions: results. Lackner McLennan. Family Massage Therapy. After treatment. George Roth ■ Foot & Ankle Pain ■ Snoring & Sleep Apnea DC. Authors: Clinical Massage Therapy UPCOMING WORKSHOPS “Here is an objective method for diagnosing Introduction to Matrix Repatterning—Lower Extremity and safely treating a variety of musculo- Dates: December 6-7.

LMT. 34 Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 .1 p. OCS.m. 19 1:30 p. Oct.m. GrastonTechnique. at the 2013 Canadian Chiropractic and Massage Conference in Niagara Falls.Floor Plan An Introduction to IASTM Highlighting the Graston Technique® Attend a presentation on Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) by Graston Technique® Clinical Advisor Jackie Shakar. Learn how IASTM is changing the way RMTs in Canada are treating injuries.2:30 p. Oct. DPT.m. MS. LAT. . Sun. 20 Noon .


sources of income or preparing A comprehensive picture past. S TA RT • S U experience for the practitioner wishing to generate secondary retire and sell her/his practice. rent I at the Hard Rock Club Niagara Falls. runnin source of tension in negotiating unprofitable business • Strategies for turning around didn’t. dancing and more. yee model over • Benefits of the employer/emplo contractor model... leverage and income • Practitioners: Increase your in negotiating business agreements. was fo owners can reduce turnover • Learn how massage business busin and grow profit margins. I • Common (often disastrous!) massage business relationships. and an entire entry-level practitioner. insurance gatekeeper disciplines. • Valuating your business. public and media perception. • Financial facts and fictions I believ . offers practical insight and working with other practitioners. convictions that doom busy. essays for entry-level • 12 practice development practitioners. BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND secondary sources of income.economic health. to is painted future for the of government policy.. the intrinsic politico-culture therapy practice. for practitioners working • Practical and profitable models together. present challenges and chapter is included particularly • Analyze the implications compensation. and how not h agreements are problematic. • Why straight-percentage in longevity and productivity • Managers: Cultivate loyalty. Sponsored by Massage Magazine & World Massage Conference 36 Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 . LIVE CLASSIC & MODERN ROCK BY FIDEL Final_Cover. music. busine in operating a massage business. massage practitioner.marK Your Calendars Join us! Facebook Meet and Greet MASS AGE THER APIS T PRAC S TA I N • S U C C E E D Massage Therapist Practice of the massage profession’s opportunities.the primary (and unidentified) • The elephant in the room financial terms.or no-hands-on. your associates. exploiters and profiteers. agreements. on the viability of massage and “I remem I decided to contin I had str year in a practi a busin provide I neede should look for • Where massage practitioners practic opportunities in the new economy. clauses • Legal implications of contract industry-related • 12 profitable. buying or selling a massage • Points to consider when therapy business. value.indd 1 D Don’t miss this great event filled with fun. money as a contractor pract • Why you don’t earn enough you can. low.

.............36 you re-learn skills and knowledge that Fit Institute ......9 MHVicarsSchool.......................... I soon realized the high Practice had paid the chiropractor for the referrals......31 waste your time or money by making Family Massage Therapy ...... we will Advertisers’ Index respectfully assess both your experience Annex Bookstore .. affordable Advanced Placement options for RMTs who want to enhance their training......17 therapists..19 Upledger Institute ...................... successful Guest articles by: ness model and essential Business Mastery more fragile joints of the hands..........95 CDN Better Business Agreements: Dillon ISBN 978-0-9781193-4-8 10/10/11 2:16 PM DonDillon_massage winter12....... The Magic ” Jim Smyth. I • Prepare Your Massage Therapy Business for Sale • Tangible Advice for Entry-level RMTs el • Advice for Entry-Lev reduce wear and tear on the ........................................24 you already have.............13 to-practice standard for massage Massage Essentials .............. .......................” 2 DVDS+168 page illustrated book! holding massage therapy to by Donald Q...............34 We are excited that our new 2013-14 Know Your Body Best .indd 1 07/12/11 3:15 PM Be Regulation-ready! You deserve credit for the experience you have.........39 in the right class to earn our 2200-hour Contemporary Medical Call 1-866-491-0574 Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 37 ..27 Resource Directory .25 Canadian inter-jurisdictional entry......... Learn forearm massage and ess within a year..................... Myo Institute ... We won’t Cranio Cradle . ............................................................ because High Return ved I could do better ng my own business...CTIC E MASSAGE TH ER AP IST • Big Picture – Past.......... My initial tenure with • Past..... tice management skills I did Dale Willerton...... Cherie Sohnen-Moe............................40 curriculum meets or exceeds the Kosim Group ........2 Talus ... Meagan Holub............................... ed to jumpstart my ........ which will become the new Matrix Institute ........................ Lackner & McLennan Institute ... The Lease Coach Touch have.................a person who is helping to create the future of our profession (and) a higher standard.................4 diploma in less than a year.. ruggled for more than a a new city trying to build • Improve Your Lot in • Hands-On Work is Tough! Generate other PRACTIC Practice ice............................. ..... Graston Technique ................... MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy has convenient.......... Find and Keep Great Associates practitioners Plus: Interviews with successful and employers in the field “Don Dillon is a leader and visionary Charting Skills for Massage Guide for Massage Therapists $39......................... Shockwave .........37 Call us today to learn more........ Present and Prophecy WORK SMARTER......... Present and Prophecy sources of income Approved by the CMTBC..........35 and your previous training and place you Canadian College of Osteopathy .. Dillon RMT From the author of Therapists and Preview video and reviews at: MassageTherapistPractice... MASSAGE THERAPIST PR AC TI CE • RMT Working Relationships – common mber clearly the moment d I must succeed if I was START • SUSTAIN • SUCCE ED problems and effective solutions CE HOME STUDY COURSE: in Forearm Massage nue practicing bodywork......Low Labour.... ... MTANS.....33 standard in all regulated provinces.. Make Them Work! • Planning to Retire? Sell your practice START • SUSTAIN • SUCCEED ce and quickly get me of • Secondary Sources left that chiropractor’s Income ...... CMTO ness-savvy chiropractor for the Massage Profession ed the opportunity • RMT Working E Relationships ..... If you are a practicing massage therapist.......

38 Massage Therapy Canada • FaLL 2013 . you are responsible to ensure that you and your where is leGislaTion headed? employees.000 for In today’s electronic world there is a strong focus by an individual and up to $500. “synchronize” your patient appointment calendar to your We have previously touched on the topic of patient Google personal calendar. billing information and related practice – they are secure. In addition. The British Columbia Jessica Foster writes on behalf of mindZplay government has legislated safeguards of health data. but some things are against storing your patient data on U. has passed its first legislations. your patients significant benefits.000 for an organization.-owned servers. RMTs should adopt and take of using online services to book appointments.C. costs to a third party. security to the following: and privacy requirements for better integration and to • patient health-care appointment records secure the sharing of patient data amongst professionals. For RMTs. The gist of current legislative thinking is that custodians of health-care and other personal data had best get informed and become compliant.S. For example.massagemanedger. • information relating to the current or historical There are also requirements for health information state of a patient’s health custodians (including RMTs) with respect to obligations • any treatment information that ties a patient name and penalties. reading and is awaiting its second. including your third-party service companies. but is not limited legislation is to establish electronic record keeping. Just be informed and time-saving. liabilities will double under the bill – up to $100.RMT Tech Talk By JessiCa FosTer Caring for patient data makes good business sense What you are about to read does not constitute legal information verify it is stored only in Canada. are subject to disclosure learn more about mindZplay solutions for massage under the U. You also in breach of legislation and may not know it. a provider of massage therapy health data stored with U. the Electronic Personal Health comply with applicable federal. Patriot Act.S. Public Solutions Inc.S. just worth saying twice. be well. regardless websites and practice management solutions. To of where their servers are located. it confers new powers for the with their caregiver or clinic Information and Privacy Commissioner. enacted laws to ensure therapists visit or call organizations that maintain and control personal toll free 888-373-6996. professional council. keep advantage of online services that enhance their practice patient records. for • billing information related to patient treatment those who breach privacy legislation and are convicted. B. It is important to note that each If you ask your Canadian service provider to province has similar but not identical legislation. The goal of this Personal health information includes. cost-effective and can provide you and management data.. don’t be surprised if they advise records privacy in an earlier article. An RMT would need to get informed and expressed Understanding how to properly care for patient consent from each patient – explaining to patients that personal health information is important because many their records are stored on foreign-owned servers and are Canadian registered massage therapists (RMT) are likely not protected under Canadian privacy legislation. Practitioners need to include this disclaimer in your privacy policy and want to better understand the issues so they can ensure post it where it can be viewed. this takes the form To be competitive. Until next time. software and support Other provinces may adopt similar changes. their compliance. As the custodian of your patient’s personal health-care data. under advice and each reader is encouraged to seek independent Canadian ownership. correctly. Ontario Bill 78. revenue-positive and safe when done choose your service partners wisely. It isn’t hard to imagine that a successful practice would lose patients once they have been informed that their why is This a BiG deal? health-care records are subject to foreign privacy laws. This practice is highly cost-effective. businesses on offset hardware.-owned companies. provincial and territorial Information Protection Act 2013.

™ and may be eligible to enrol in a B. Vancouver (english) The Canadian College of Osteopathy offers: Quebec City (francais) • An experienced and broad faculty with many years of clinical practice • A student clinic that will enhance your clinical skills and confidence Montreal (francais) • A professional campus setting to enrich your educational experience 800-263-2816 • Additional support to students to learn and increase competencies outside of scheduled classes 514-342-2816 The practice of traditional manual osteopathy requires a fine hand transmission of traditional Osteopathy is preserved. with Halifax (english) a program that is internationally recognized and accredited for its excellence.M.Sc. . and a desire to specialization in certain aspects of the program to ensure that the knowledge passed on is of the highest quality. Our lead instructors hold www. Successful graduates of the Canadian College of Osteopathy will receive a Diploma Join our in Osteopathic Manual Practice.osteopathie-canada. scientific and research Family knowledge with our strong foundation in clinical expertise that our graduates are recognized for. then the Canadian College of Osteopathy is your best choice.6 Canadian Campuses Toronto (english) Providing the highest standard in osteopathic Winnipeg (english) education in Canada for over 30 years 877-893-0367 Study with us and grow your practice! 416-597-0367 Our 5 year part time program is designed for health-care professionals to gain experience and evolve their practices while studying. a gentle heart. D. The emphasis at the College is to ensure that the hand-to- www. This ensures that our graduates continue to be leaders within the profession of Osteopathy throughout Canada by combining academic. The Canadian College of Osteopathy continues to be at the forefront of Osteopathic training in Canada. If you are looking for a college to provide you with the highest educational stan- dard in Osteopathic training.osteopathy-canada.P. Osteopathic (Ost).