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SPRING 2015 ISSUE CONTENTS Features Record Keeping 14 p16 COVER: Making sense of 16 social media Circle of Care 20 p12 Departments From the Editor 5 Virtual reality Touch Points 6 Columns RMT Tech Talk 26 Practice Points 10 By Donald Quinn Dillon Few and Far Between 12 By Jules Torti p20 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • SPRING 2015 3 .

com To register. headaches. increase your earnings • Reduce the strain on your body with our light-touch techniques • Participate in a global alumni network that exceeds 100. • Use our skilled Educational Services Counselors to help you chart developer of CranioSacral Therapy your future—at the workshops. over the phone and online Upcoming Classes: Additional dates and locations in North America at Upledger.24.8. 2015 START Ask about our Core-Pak TRAINING Training and Certification Package 100 $ PER MONTH Save More Than 30% • Coursework Satisfaction Guaranteed! Call or Click: 800-233-5880 | Upledger. AB Nov 9 .18. NB Sep 10 . ON May 7 .25. 2015 Winnipeg. to improve central nervous system disorders. 2015 Vancouver. MB Oct 15 . AB Sep 17 .10.27. ADD/ADHD. 2015 Indian River. 2015 Moncton. 2015 Edmonton. ON Sep 24 . ON May 7 .24. BC May 21 . 2015 Moncton. CranioSacral Therapy 2 (CS2) Pregnancy and Birthing 1 (CCPB1) Toronto.27.13. 2015 CST for Longevity: Reversal of the Aging SomatoEmotional Release 1 (SER1) Process (CSLRAP) Vancouver. TMJ. 2015 SomatoEmotional Release 2 (SER2) Winnipeg. DO.25. 2015 Adv CranioSacral Therapy 1 (ADV1) Edmonton. to strengthen the immune system. BC Dec 10 . CEO and John E. 2015 Ottawa. 2015 SomatoEmotional Release Technqiue: Edmonton. BC May 21 .8. MB Oct 15 .20. 2015 Edmonton.10. use Priority Code MTC 4-15 The Upledger Institute International is endorsed by the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators .20. AB May 28 . and much more • Build your practice.13. 2015 Calgary. AB Oct 22 . ON Jun 25 . AB Sep 17 .000 practitioners.28. neck and back pain. 2015 Mastering the Inner Physician (SERTIP) Ottawa. 2015 Ecosomatics Small Animals 1 (ESSA1) Vancouver.31. residing in 100+ countries John Matthew Upledger. OMM. BC Nov 5 . ON Sep 24 .18. AB Oct 22 . NB Sep 10 . 2015 Edmonton. 2015 Edmonton.13. 2015 CranioSacral Applications for Conception. CranioSacral Therapy 1 (CS1) CST and the Immune Response (CSIR) Toronto.13. 2015 Vancouver. AB Nov 5 . Upledger: The #1 Training Source for CranioSacral Therapy Use CST to: • Relieve stress.

O. SIMCOE. PUBLICATION MAIL AGREEMENT #40065710 Whether you’re self-employed as a massage therapist or part of a bigger RETURN UNDELIVERABLE CANADIAN ADDRESSES TO CIRCULATION DEPT. Opinions expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the editor or the publisher. 105 Donly Drive South. BOX 530. Box 530.Volume 14. The boundless nature of the Internet. compared to only 75 per cent in the U. 219 ocial media has come a long way since it was first introduced to the online world. July.#867172652RT0001) equal. with 82 per ISSN 1499-8084 cent of us engaged in social media. It has evolved from being a platform for interacting with friends Media Designer Alison Keba and family online to a vehicle for driving business growth.Editor Spring 2015 . but if done MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • SPRING 2015 5 . Massage Therapy Canada will mail informa. 210 These numbers represent a huge market potential for your practice. circulation department in any of the four ways listed networks like Twitter. If you only lead to better business performance. the ease of use and high uptake of Group Publisher many social media platforms make for an ideal combo upon which to build and Martin McAnulty • mmcanulty@annexweb.S. Printed in Canada Canada has the highest social media network penetration globally. November. 105 Donly Drive South. No part of the editorial content of this publication may be reprinted without the publisher’s written permission.O. it pays to do a bit of research before you – 3 Years $64.massagetherapycanada.. April. ON N3Y 4N5 addition.95 therapy.8 billion active social Simcoe. Mari-Len De Guzman All advertising is subject to the publisher’s approval. in its 2014 Annex Publishing & Printing Inc. 239 Virtual reality Account Co-ordinator S Shannon Drumm • grow one’s (519) 429-5183 • (888) 599-2228 ext.95 embark on any social media strategy. – 2 Years $49.O. iSSue 2 from the editor Mari-Len De Guzman • mdeguzman@annexweb. ON N3Y 4N5 network users in the world – that’s 26 per cent of the world’s total population. Global Digital Statistics Report.95 As with any business endeavour. In Fax: (877) 624-1940 Mail: P. it will not tion on behalf of industry-related groups whose products and services we believe may be of interest to you. ON N3Y 4N5 media can play in the growth and competitiveness of your massage therapy email: jhrycak@annexweb. @MTCanadaMag www. ON N3Y 4N5 jump on the bandwagon. Sue Fredericks many businesses are still trying to wrap their heads around this new paradigm. Tel: (866) 790-6070 ext. so consider which ones will best serve your purpose and concentrate on For USA and Foreign rates please contact Cheryl Nowe those first. Publisher reserves the right to refuse advertising that does not meet the standards of the publication. Circulation Canadians spend an average of two hours and 19 minutes each day on social e-mail: jhrycak@annexweb. there are more than 1. marketing strategy around it (see cover story on page 16). health-care or wellness practice. Facebook and Instagram. but will also build your credibility as prefer not to receive this information. please contact our a health (519) 429-5173 • (888) 599-2228 ext. Published and printed by According to global Internet marketing firm. No liability is assumed for errors or omissions. Mailing Address While there are those that have already embraced this trend and built an entire P. ©2015 Annex Publishing & Printing Inc. practice – considering that 86 per cent of Canadians are Internet users and 91 Massage Therapy is published four times a year: per cent of them have a social media account. Box 530. many have yet to Simcoe. Such approval does not imply any endorsement of the products or Editor services advertised. Occasionally. All rights reserved. Simcoe. social media can provide an effective venue to promote and further enhance the public’s perception and the many health benefits of massage Subscription Rates Canada – 1 Year $29. Not all social media platforms are created (includes GST .com (905) 726-5445 Publisher Christine Livingstone • clivingstone@annexweb.. Building a social media network will take time. it is wise not to ignore the important role social P. Director of Soul/COO Despite the great potential of social media as a marketing tool. We Are Social. January.

to grow. stakeholders for massage therapy that clarity and currency of Brunswick. development of the massage began in October 2014 massagecompetencyproject@ “As stakeholders have therapy profession across and will continue through telus. continue fundraising for a second Aerial view of UBC Vancouver campus and the first in Canada. by the regulatory bodies to the PIs. Chan Gunn. developed in draft form. “IMS will have a permanent home search and patient care.” said Dr. schools required of massage accreditation standards for been established with and examination officials will therapists at entry-to-practice. is giving $5 a needle deep into muscle.” that stakeholders have Updated PCs have been is underway to refine FOMTRAC said in a found unclear or confusing. survey scheduled for April The PC – released in for Accreditation (CMTCA) FOMTRAC said. statement. Gunn’s donation forms part veloped by Gunn for alleviating injury and exercise-related health The centre will temporarily relo. It will be the goal of the project to clarify any to April 2016. dean cate to the Djavad Mowafaghian paign. according to a press release Medicine.” FOMTRAC said. health. of UBC’s start an evolution cam- pain resulting from nerve damage. New In the interim. non-pharmaceutical technique de. Massage Therapy Council open. Development Centre. to be named the Chan Gunn lion for the first phase of the Pavilion. and to expand research. which representatives appointed be consulted about changes The PI – released in 2012 – need to relate to the PIs.Touch Points INDUSTRY NEWS AND EVENTS UBC gets $5 million donation for new sport and exercise medicine centre D The new building will be lo. scheduled to start in December make way for the National Soccer from UBC. which will house space UBC’s sport and exercise medicine for community care and research centre – one of the first academic activity. 6 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • SPRING 2015 . a pioneer- ing Vancouver physician in the field of pain relief. IMS is a non-surgical. teach intramuscular stimulation IMS into the Division of Sports Wesbrook Mall. education programs. The group is led by a consultant in the development of competency- of Canada (FOMTRAC) requests for clarification competencies and indicators based standards. about the project can contact a blueprint for registration to the continuing unified Work on the project the project consultant at examinations.480-square-foot build. re. Gavin Stuart. the most ambitious fund- A blend of acupuncture and west.25 mil- ing. The centre’s current home for the gift in recognition of UBC’s “The Chan Gunn Pavilion cated next to the Doug Mitchell the past 35 years. which will provide addi- Gunn and his wife Peggy made tional space to conduct research. of the Faculty of Medicine and Centre for Brain Health in July raising and alumni engagement ern medicine.” Gunn said. Construction is will be torn down this summer to (IMS). as well as update and RMTs in the regulated Jurisdictional Practice FOMTRAC added the revalidate the competencies provinces will be consulted Competencies (PC) and newly formed Canadian and indicators through an about them in an online Performance Indicators (PI). Newfoundland & wishing further information education programs and the PCs and PIs is crucial Labrador and Ontario.” The 13. 2015. UBC will sports medicine units in the world. campaign in Canadian history. nique and other therapies for sports and is expected to take two years. situated in the efforts to investigate. and revalidate the Inter. 2010 – defines the abilities will be developing A project team has In early 2016. UBC will commit $2. apply and will create capacity to integrate Thunderbird Sports Centre on middle of UBC’s athletic fields. phase. has announced that work have come forward. including IMS. until construction is complete. establishes related outcomes “FOMTRAC believes in British Columbia. consultative process. Regulators launch review of RMT practice competency documents T he Federation of Massage Therapy Regulatory Authorities worked to integrate these standards into education and examination processes. care. it involves inserting UBC’s vice provost. and care into that tech. teaching. 2015. and sport medicine teaching. million to the University of British “Having a connection to UBC Columbia for construction of a is very important for teaching and new building devoted to exercise research into IMS. following final approvals. Canada. causing it to relax and relieve pressure on pain-causing nerves. will be the new home for building.

” she said. Research deter. but when answers and trying to figure were also posthumously diag. Montreal’s 24/7 and illegally employ women instead of on the street. It’s one fessional hockey again. for the rest (of the mas- ates two erotic massage parlours brothels but a Supreme Court of prostitution advocacy group.” donate his brain. order to stay away. and parlour owners say the police are lours continue to operate across the mixed: Chicoine and other par. way too early.” Mathieu Schneider had con- while he was still playing someone else. “One day a police officer told me: of the city’s erotic parlours where shuttered. 15 at sion lately.” the subject of much discus. encephalopathy). Schneider. fame and former Detroit Red those effects are extremely “He didn’t know when it tual himself and looking for Wings tough guy Bob Probert passionate about it and he was going to be. especially after the affect him as much as they brain to future research. worker community group that deals to do with the hundreds of estab. island with relative impunity and lour owners want prostitution to massage parlours in the city. which has vocal. The an accidental drug overdose. Mayor Denis Coderre had Dianne Matte. Five years ago. Steve Montador current assistant general man- ager Craig Conroy said. prostitution in Montreal are split. that story at Montador’s his KHL team in Croatia. prostitution said no such order to community groups and massage strategy means erotic massage par. He was a leader. spokeswoman “We have priorities. ents. parlours. ily the department’s main focus. was certainly one of the most it did happen he wanted to out what made things work nosed with CTE. effect last December and recrimi. Obviously it’s things like that. and we prefer to see The mayor’s spokesman. depression at times when he University of Toronto told symptoms forced him to leave mined Boogaard. “And if he could donate his brain to figure out how to best treat concussions and Research is ongoing to deter- mine the link between concus- sions. lishments operating right across the drug dealers. who got to know final showing of generosity His decision to donate his tive brain condition. ing minors. many of which are open (prostitution) in this kind of place Louis-Pascal Cyr. said sage parlours) there hasn’t been an in Montreal’s east-end. but if it helps certainly do it. knew all about the impact of person he was. oper. and keep organized crime out of it.” said Mississauga. Montador through work with that many of his friends and brain didn’t surprise those Rick Martin of Buffalo the NHL Players’ Association.” But Anna-Aude Caouette. The Canadian Press Montreal erotic parlours flourishing despite federal anti-prostitution law O ne year after the mayor promised to crack down on erotic massage parlours. 37. estimates there are up to 300 erotic letting the de-facto brothels oper.” also been found in NFL play. “However. a pro-sex still does not know what it’s going plan is to go after pimps employ. workers would go under- City officials are still debating ‘We know what’s happening in women sell sex. who died of was unable to play.’” are ongoing between city officials. who works with STELLA. being ignored. ate under a tacit agreement: don’t recent federal anti-prostitution law be decriminalized entirely while Paquin did confirm businesses hire minors. Sabres French Connection “The players that do have know about. more than a 2011 death of enforcer Derek did Montador. who battled Dr.” Chicoine said. He said Canada ruling in late 2013 forced the new laws need to be enforced. exploiting women. had CTE (chronic traumatic dous effect on his life. nalized brothel owners and cli. Without a firm policy. Operators and organizations lawyers and local police as they the city’s strategy on combating sage rooms. “Obviously it had a tremen- memorial service recently in defenceman didn’t play pro. said discussions Johanne Paquin. Montador was always about. depression and CTE. a Montreal-based anti. former teammates didn’t close to him. Charles Tator of the year after lingering concussion Boogaard. A new federal law went into goes on inside these places. – Stephen Whyno Calgary Flames teammate and retired enforcer George Parros ers and professional wrestlers. Yanik Chicoine. Ont. Montreal their bodies for money inside his business. but was fortunate they didn’t committed to donating his Montador died Feb. the age of 35. directly with Montreal prostitutes. “The police told me that their put the mayor’s ambitious plans on hold. How to deal with the issue is ignore massage parlours exists.” former and how to improve things. a degenera.” police leave him alone despite the the government to redraft the “We have women calling us and – Giuseppe Valiante fact some of his employees sell country’s prostitution laws and telling us horror stories of what The Canadian Press MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • SPRING 2015 7 . at least in part. ground and it would be extremely how to tackle the issue of erotic your salon. representing prostitutes say that develop an action plan. reconfirming the illegality said she fears that if the parlours are city. difficult to find and help them. police chief inspector in charge of who have sex with men in mas. then he would Longtime defenceman head injuries. “That just tells you what kind of said.Deceased player donated brain for concussion research: Tator B efore concussions were a hot-button topic in hockey. is. that’s what he Brain injuries have been cussions during his career in the NHL. don’t force women to that came into effect late last year advocacy groups that deal with such as Chicoine’s aren’t necessar- do anything they don’t want to do. “He was very intellec. a plan to clean the city of the for CLES.

and offers all the available Bédard. ity training and rigorous declared that “the Collège chronic pain). tice massage therapy in the resources to provide qual- trar. of sexual abuses by massage Since 1979.” FQM said. who could still prac.” support for the regulation and recognizes the need for super. governmental bodies to ensure by an Act. “In addition. the CMQ FQM cited the recent cases already difficult. Dr. the public’s professional supervision of vision by the professional therapists on their clients. system of Quebec.” Trudeau under the guise of treatment tection are at the core of In a letter addesses to said. 66 massage therapist convicted Federation of Massage Federation of Massage per cent of Quebecers who of sexual assault in September Therapists. which establishes Therapists (FQM). college of massage therapists vised” and that the risk of public as well as relevant “If this situation carries on. the organization that regulates potential harm associated with this practice in the social and healthcare services exists.Touch Points INDUSTRY NEWS AND EVENTS Quebec’s college of physicians backs massage therapy regulation T he Collège des médecins of Quebec (CMQ). therapist do so for health. – such as the Saskatchewan the mission of the Quebec the president of the Quebec According to FQM. the association active in the field of massage provinces is facing issues legitimize their activities said. wellness. 8 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • SPRING 2015 . for which finding a professional medical profession in the “From the perspective of said in a statement. it in Quebec. and safe massage therapist is province. Sylvie use the services of a massage 2014. the public’s protection.” the association could create a real confusion among the general public. health and pro- massage therapy in Quebec. has expressed its public protection. “However. the Bill professional supervision to des médecins recognizes massage therapy in Quebec C-36 could allow some certified massage therapists that many stakeholders are and other unregulated erotic massage parlours to in Quebec. CMQ’s deputy regis. The FQM has been therapy without having their that must be brought to the by posing as true massage calling for the creation of a professional practice super. Jean-Bernard Trudeau related problems (oncology. attention of the general therapy clinics. absence of regulation.

M. If you are looking for a college to provide you with the highest educational stan- dard in Osteopathic hand transmission of traditional Osteopathy is preserved. This ensures that our graduates continue to be leaders within the profession of Osteopathy throughout Canada by combining academic. ™ and may be eligible to enrol in a B. scientific and research Family knowledge with our strong foundation in clinical expertise that our graduates are recognized for. Successful graduates of the Canadian College of Osteopathy will receive a Diploma Join our in Osteopathic Manual Practice. . Vancouver (english) The Canadian College of Osteopathy offers: Quebec City (francais) • An experienced and broad faculty with many years of clinical practice • A student clinic that will enhance your clinical skills and confidence Montreal (francais) • A professional campus setting to enrich your educational experience 800-263-2816 • Additional support to students to learn and increase competencies outside of scheduled classes 514-342-2816 The practice of traditional manual osteopathy requires a fine touch. and a desire to learn. Osteopathic (Ost). Our lead instructors hold www. The Canadian College of Osteopathy continues to be at the forefront of Osteopathic training in Canada. with Halifax (english) a program that is internationally recognized and accredited for its specialization in certain aspects of the program to ensure that the knowledge passed on is of the highest quality. then the Canadian College of Osteopathy is your best choice.Sc.P.6 Canadian Campuses Toronto (english) Providing the highest standard in osteopathic Winnipeg (english) education in Canada for over 30 years 877-893-0367 Study with us and grow your practice! 416-597-0367 Our 5 year part time program is designed for health-care professionals to gain experience and evolve their practices while studying. D.osteopathie-canada. a gentle heart. The emphasis at the College is to ensure that the hand-to- www.O.

Unlike Europe. as a result. modalities by physiotherapists and and various forms of bodywork in nurses in the treatment of war wounds aspiring for a richer human experience. including equipment and primary application in spas and includes construction of houses. it was able to invest ing. self-cultivation and liberalism. In the period following the health and vitality. families. or injured person’s objective of injury end of the wars. while lowering absenteeism and dental benefits to retain these workers. BOOM: RIPE FOR GROWTH In a World War economy. Worker performance and produc- a surplus of jobs and a great demand High-level athletes (or those who want tivity – Employers need to maximize for skilled workers. but popularity alone did not gener- ate the growth and interest enjoyed by the profession today. Boom has turned to injuries and automobile crash claims demanding work schedules and increas. the concept of purposeful life and self. Employers offered to be) see massage and chiropractic as worker productivity and job satisfac- high wages and employee health and must-haves in their athletic and fitness tion. that generate employment. There was chiropractic for their aches and pains. regimen. They invested in fitness and health resolution and pain relief. Primarily. but its greatest push came with the massive economic boom in post- World War industrial and information eras. bane and breakthrough Socio-economic influences that shaped massage therapy practice The popularity of massage therapy has waxed and waned in North American culture. People who were well. development supplements. people began exercis. practices. North America Athletics and fitness – With surplus The European spa provided a mecca was largely unaffected by bombings and time and increased appreciation for to nurture oneself beyond the athlete’s destruction. imposing 10 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • SPRING 2015 . socio- economic influences provided fertile ground for the growth and development of massage therapy in North America. ing impersonality of the work culture. chiropractic and other demand for massage therapy in five Americans. Society and economy shift.Practice points BY DONALD QUINN DILLON Boom. employers provided provide workers with more money and values. Massage practitioners deserve some credit for the growth of the industry. employee turnover in an increasingly Trade unions succeeded in negotiat. bust. many parts of the world. wellness-focused industries to thrive areas: educated and earning higher income and. Massage is a in manufacturing consumer goods. North America established large manufactur- ing sectors to produce machines of war. Human potential movement – competitive marketplace. massage therapy was applied hands. These prime drivers have These economic drivers led to actualization appealed to many North caused massage. economic bust in North America and covered by insurance programs. North Americans swarmed the technologies develop and markets in the rehabilitation of work-related European-style spas as refuge from must adapt. After the war more time and money on their petuity. These citizens-turned. like polio. novel tion and education for these professions provided among other methods and philosophical and religious teachings and their practitioners have flourished. regula- Rehabilitation – Massage was invested in psychotherapies. years. representation. various forms of hydrotherapies to of roads and in building businesses fitness-enthusiasts required massage and enhance relaxation and wellness. To retain ing favourable working conditions to With post-war reflections on human skilled workers. BUST: THREATS TO PRACTICE and conditions affecting skeletal muscles Hedonism and well-being – With No growth cycle can continue in per- and joints. benefit plans for the workers and their leisure time.

to external threats alone. These professions employ assis. the time and in organizational operations must from physicians and nurses to phys. It can be rehab facilities draw more practitioners therapies or remedial exercise. time living. promotional messages and innovation. workplace wellness and well. or relegate providing safeguards: competency indicators. intercollegiality. education requirements for massage Employment upgrade – Large. is a therapists’ practice can’t be attributed irregularity with which massage prac. pharmacists and nurse limits practitioners to 14 to 19 hours resources on chronic deliberations practitioners. – Successful massage practitioners ments are sceptical of massage therapist frequently address their work overflow BREAKTHROUGH: TANGIBLE claims without degree-level education or by brokering established reputation. There’s opportunity for you to labour-intensive work models. there are Threat to primary funding – profit/loss concepts that threaten these attractive opportunities that a focused Insurance fraud.change in the employment landscape inflicted by our distorted perspectives issues in the profession. Since over minutiae. MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • SPRING 2015 11 . small. hydro or electro. There is a paucity of facturing and other sector jobs in massage therapy profession hails from symposiums. I suspect this For the remainder of this article and perception of massage therapy. increase work capacity with the use therapy training has contributed to business-savvy. and our collectively designed on-one with client or patient negates Workplace benefits claw back professional culture. stakeholder involvement (including larger businesses. insidious ignorance of accounting and in the health-care system. place independent massage therapists take-home pay – and contain expenses relative autonomy and low entry-to- in providing massage services. viable living. apy assistants. Board members untrained sion of some health services is shifting massage practitioners. an influx of candidates. Working one- and options for massage practitioners. This higher service cost titioners must learn and adapt to the practitioner interests and advancing of massage therapy creates a clear market they serve. by the professional associations and employee benefit plans and. massage therapy to part-time. ing the number of services provided can be maintained without sufficient scale massage therapists find it tough in a workday. there remains an While we steadily hope for favour No credibility means no funding. For practitioners to earn a to draw members – and essential ple. RMT. that’s equivalent to part-time work. well-financed spas and of therapy-tools. To professional associations are in chiropractic and physiotherapy serve the needs of each market. seeking training school accreditation and effectively-marketed and experienced secondary work. Unviable working agreements apprenticeship/mentoring models). association with practitioners-turned-practice brokers massage therapy profession can pursue prostitution and illegitimate busi. increas. athletics and human hall meetings” that should be provided negatively affects discretionary income. Practitioner-centric models – The titioner office. OUR OWN ENEMY innovation – The massage culture The current challenges of massage blind spot is made worse by the Donald Quinn Dillon. kinesiologists and other a market niche that supports high Low entry-to-education assisting providers may potentially dis. PRACTICE are standard for other health disciplines. These criteria location and operations for a col. comment and join the movement in BANE: WHEN WE BECOME Isolation and little support for shaping our collective future. competitive disadvantage. However. go to negatively affects employer perception maternally protective massage culture my blog on Massage Therapy Canada’s and procurement of massage therapy that denies accounting principles or website (massagetherapycanada. members like tangible results. right now. and debate theoretical and political MassageTherapistPractice. Unsustainable work model – In learning and collaboration for their Growing competition – The provi. therapy is subject to a goods and distribution – and a sole definition or Ineffective or under-resourced services tax (HST) in many Canadian identity for massage therapy cannot professional associations – Massage provinces. Entrepreneurial prac- workers’ utilization of massage therapy. This ignorance is perpetuated in part by a to explore these opportunities. pricing titioners are left without support for Oppressive taxation – Massage structure. the business of advocating for are not.and com). being. OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE evidence-based at lower cost-per-service of direct hands-on care a day. labor-intensity of providing massage be careful not to waste precious iotherapists. Indeed. surveys of Canadian and American members. even in a multiprac- – Disappearance or decline of manu. Self-employed. league. opportunities for employment. prac. as a result. argued whether quality standards to employment. research or collaboration. the rigorous examination of time. Incredulity – Insurers and govern. Physiotherapy/occupational ther. associations should focus on results lower cost to a larger number of peo. to compete against well-capitalized. potential. services for employee benefit plans. titioners come together to dialogue Check out his blog at our greatest challenges may be self. and tants to deliver health care at an even practitioners struggle to earn a full. author and speaker. ness practices taint public and media ing operating expenses. different in the desired service. Nothing gains more rates. service pricing – therefore increasing requirements – The popularity. from earning a profit or even meet. while other services like serve the marketplace on all fronts. within the limits of existing income. think tanks and “town economically-recessive North America spa and rehab. they must: work within operating dollars – to the association. The sectors served are vastly training schools.

resume is diverse. In 2010. Berger still tried to make financial sense. couldn’t work enough hours. Volunteer Resources Department. endless travel stories. a RSP match program. We were both Sometimes. but felt the odd juxtaposition of being I met Mary Owen at the West Coast extended health-care benefits. from hot hotel spas from the CMTO this October. vaca. B. ing people on so many different levels. more so. A physically techniques to save my hands (on clients bounce between both. stretching and strengthening “Three to four years in as a MT. writers and a whole whack of publish. not being able to use her brain enough. this change wasn’t a matter knew I couldn’t practice in the long.” sense. I felt so much more chantment even in her “short career. always took the brunt. which was frustrating but University Health Network at Toronto integrate massage appointments when easier to accept knowing she was on a General/Western Hospital in the she could. industry agitations nine-to-five workday. though I did end up appreciating wasn’t as exhausted. working during the by a creative pursuit. She sage career. mentally exhausted and disappointed to College of Massage Therapy in New tion pay and a less physical workload. so. Berger’s resignation from the income. she secured a her four years to land a full-time gig in a human resources internship at the full-time editing gig but continued to publishing. if so desired. other hands-saving techniques. She loved the nature of the work TO BE OR NOT TO BE a pension. months. massage therapy my ‘all’ because I of self-care neglect. She enrolled in an anatomy corre. when it comes exhausted both physically and mentally more satisfied by the work. Westminster. “At in the amount of aches and pains she her. I found that I was decreasing the maxi- university experience.” 12 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • SPRING 2015 .” to savvy career moves. As much as she demanding position can be balanced requesting more pressure). one can even achieve the Attempts at additional courses and Ontario expats and shared instant semblance of a normal life with a body mechanics awareness never fully common ground. both day editing and massaging evenings Two-timing massage therapists can giving it and receiving it. Which also decreases your as possible from academia. to post grad school for HR for eight dedication. I time. how it felt. ule and a handsome hourly rate. But. liked the balance of working in two her yoga. her ideal was to move as far away thought I would hate. Her for 14 years before she finally resigned similar setbacks in establishing a mas. She’d earned a degree in English Lit. Berger more logical and beneficial path. so my hands and weekends didn’t make rational benefit from a non-traditional sched. become occasional since. And. cality of massage therapy and helping CMTO was as carefully crafted as her She’s noticed a welcome decrease people directly appealed immensely to progression into full time editing. “I just chiropractic clinic (where she worked she landed a stream of freelance edi. I was ‘whole’ working with language and dating world.Few and far between BY JULES TORTI Two-timing therapists Enchantments and disenchantments of having dual careers Two-timers get a bad rap in the I started to pursue another career. By her 13th year.C. term. but. sparked the enthusiasm to specialize in and. first I was taking publishing courses experiences since leaving massage full- spondence course and was surprised at and getting wee proofreading jobs. despite practicing full-time until 2013. She is now a full-time edi.” every year. She admits that it always to private clinics and a rehab hos- had worked full-time from the onset felt like a struggle with massage to pital stint. Owen went back second career ambitions with more research. Owen graduated in 2008 from the SECOND CAREER Berger’s pursuits in the publishing West Coast College and had been Arielle Berger was a massage therapist world ignited her motivation. actually love the routine hours that I mum number of people I could treat tion. interacting with colleagues. the opportunity to improve the arc “There were only so many clients but the academia world became less of a story involves so many facets of I could see in a day or week and I than enchanting midway through her myself that MT didn’t provide. I different careers and that I could give routine. Upon gradua. I know Owen is a ninja about her interest level. The practi. two jobs can – physically because when I tried to use In the beginning. I hate elbow work. decided to go inactive to address her The stimulation of “challenging In January 2014.” she says. She is now a casual at a before shifting to part-time status as achieve financial stability. I didn’t like loved her clients.” It took full-time for four years) and finishing tor contracts. that balance Owen also admits to severe disen- that I could fall back on it part-time as eventually tipped. A Berger’s response was a familiar see- job outside the industry might secure saw. Her work as a MT has tor for a small foundation.

B&B opened.” chef ). ments. A five. care and injury management became will serve as a fall back if she finds her. ditional hush and whispers of the spa Langdon and the Hillcrest work well orating with the community. it’s easy Shuster advises that if a massage deals with hundreds of volunteers on to see how Shuster slides from his role therapist is looking to become a two- a weekly basis. It doesn’t stop there. Shuster is The energy and passion you convey eight. He is a fan by. when I poke deeper about in the same building as Wendy’s. where kitchen whites satisfies him in a way realized how person-centric she is. favourite at the Langdon Hall Country of owning the Hillcrest and donning In Owen’s hospital internship. Owen confessed that she stalled for a cookie sales. “Massage setting.” Curiously. decided to close the bakeshop and thrive in the slight chaos of a hospital “I will always and forever be an alter. If you are intrigued since 1999 and a freelance doing as a massage therapist. interaction is as vital to her as is collab. nies. Realizing that their work/life Seeking greater stimulus. Shuster was clocking in to look within. This his Santa-like laugh shakes up the tra.” She with a full arsenal of one-liners. education and I sometimes feel like I have turned Baking started at 2 a. In between Thai make you smile while busy massaging. followed by techniques and set new boundaries to my back on it.’ It’s an expectation one can worth of income in just three hours. Ont. sage feels so much longer than an stem and hot stone massages. fresh and learning something new – mind to work rather than use my which he runs with his wife. benefits and receipts “deflates the long period due to guilt of leaving the For eight years before the Hillcrest true spirit of health” and led Owen industry. She tried to change “I deeply care and believe in massage solid 17-hour days. even pursuing an odd hobby will only body. but pastoral bed and breakfast. He took a setting. six days a week. Owen knew she would or that her opinion of it had changed. I’m so busy at the hospital that a part time chef and spouts off appe- I don’t have time to look at the clock. exhausting for her.” position at Langdon Hall and they soon MT. it’s not and shouldn’t be for grams and takes on special projects.” for me. It held at their Hillcrest headquarters. “Keeping your mind “I’m realizing that I like using my business – the idyllic Hillcrest B& six-hour day of mas. MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • SPRING 2015 13 . (owning her own clinic) would have STAYING POWER Cooking became a natural extension changed this element. Her frustration self between contracts.m.” Shuster reflected. which surreptitiously increased her and wrestling with insurance compa. hotel to his own uptown Waterloo monetary gain. the couple and variety. Gregarious and approachable for his lifestyle.. The business aspect of the profession her motives to pursue a second career. Wendy. She never felt the rush as a native medicine believer at heart. She wonders if added control found the perfect house to run a B&B. The one-and-a-half-day course is to be with chimpanzees and writes about motions. that differs from massage therapy. activity didn’t mean that she couldn’t massage balance was out of whack. she Hotel and Spa in Blair. Shuster and between massage engage- now I also know that my income can Wendy also run a B&B Boot Camp. “life was just going Toronto and trying to start a business since November 1988. Shuster’s massage practice was never live up to.Mary Owen Stefan Shuster Constantly educating clients on home licence for as long as it makes sense. can be very quiet and solitary.” by the fantasy of owning your own writer since age six. Shuster’s private practice. When Shuster first met Wendy. “It’s also a great she had a bakeshop and full-service level was mounting with so many profession to be in while going back catering business (which segued into clients just “falling on the table saying to school since you can make a day’s Shuster’s sideline work as a part-time ‘fix me. as a massage therapist at a five-diamond timer. He’s will be passed on to your clients. tizer ideas like oysters with vodka and Jules Torti has been a RMT which is something I’m constantly Sriracha like poetry. develops training pro. but living in Stefan Shuster has been in practice of owning a B&B. she was able a heavy massage schedule from 9 to avoid complete career discouragement. her approach to practice. In “Having a steady income is nice. to see that her two-timing pursuit 7 p.m.” She plans to keep her MT offered through Conestoga College but her zany travels for Matador Network. she travels to Africa grow through wage increases and nine-hour day at the hospital running grocery lists in his head.” In time. The social aspect didn’t appeal to her.

Your signature on your receipts indicates the For your clients. there are several pieces of legislation that set forth specific requirements for record keeping. specifics benefit our profession going forward. Provincially. signature. you are required to keep a client financial information is accurate and not a misrepresentation of what record. date. BEST PRACTICE as simple as using the client’s name and address on all files. including the Canada Revenue Agency information in one place (as shown in the image below) or (CRA) and Personal Information Protection and Electronic maintain the information in separate locations – provided Document Act. there is identifiable connector between the two files. This is to help differentiate two clients with the same name and could be COMPLIANCE VS. Best practice is choosing to raise WRITING RECEIPTS your minimum standard above compliance. the fee charged for the services provided and a copy Act. your GST/HST number There are two aspects to financial records: those related to (if applicable). Personal Health Information or record of the receipt issued for payment of the services Privacy Act and Massage Therapy Act. This could be to make to comply with regulatory standards and federal standards. seeking more information to receipt is a legal document that acknowledges an exchange of elevate your understanding of the client’s health picture. The regulated provinces have col- leges that set guidelines and standards of practice that must be maintained. a profession. Image 1: Sample client financial record Date:________ Time:________ am pm (E/L:_____) Duration:___ min/hr. effleurage Pr/Su neck used and/or hydrotherapy. part 1 of 2 M assage therapists have standards they need to be aware of.Management BY ANDREA COLLINS Financial record keeping Compliance and best practices. or goods or services has taken place and the date it transpired. on treatment (duration and cost). recommended self-care. Receipts have choose to do this for many reasons. This information should be part of the health level agencies and legislation that apply to all provinces information for each client. You may choose to keep all the and territories. and you could Be aware of how to set up and write receipts. getting more information about your business practice to This is important when you need to figure out what needs to help you make decisions to improve your bottom-line. registration number and your each client and those for your overall financial picture. Health Care Consent Act. Fee $___ Informed consent received: ASSMT/TX Invoice #:________ Therapist:________ stroking rocking vibration back: Upper Mid Low (include clinical findings/client reaction/feedback to treatment. used and/or recommended remedial exercises. In Ontario. As be recorded. This must contain the particulars of the treatment actually transpired. advice given) 14 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • SPRING 2015 . credibility amongst other health-care practitioners and Important components are clinic information. Compliance means following outlined regulations or face fines or disciplinary action. these are the Regulated Health Practitioners rendered. your name. by elevating our own standards we can gain Some provinces require specific information on a receipt. There are also federal provided. A your process more in-depth.

. come up from an accountant. seek advice apply to the CRA for your number. not best practice). The sample best practice your clients) in excess of $30. Once you reach the threshold of MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • SPRING 2015 15 . percentage of the amount that is for services tax – until you earn (bill However. GST/HST is not your • put your name as registered One piece of record keeping with income. depending on how much clearly. of all amounts to prevent to use when applying these expenses This is just a very brief overview tampering (by adding to or to your taxes. (Author’s note: you must include the specific amount depending on what province you This article primarily covers the of HST/GST that was charged (fee province you practice. This little habit could potentially general record keeping practices If there is HST/GST being charged. The next article will look at the GST (compliance. seek the advice of an accountant or purpose (personal or business – contact the CRA for further inquiries The final note is a requirement of include where you went.000 with the correct regulations please receipt (Image 3) shows 13 per cent over four consecutive calendar consult your local acts or legislation. can write off against your income. to ensure you are compliant GST/HST. and add lines in front accountant determine which method you collect.) specific about when you must start Andrea Collins is an to collect this tax and you need to be author.” If you a tax that is then remitted to the verifying easier own a car and use it for business government (less what you have paid • avoid handwritten receipts – you should be keeping a log of out in expenses) monthly. This will help your or annually. reduce your taxes paid for the year. quarterly but if you must. Contact her at advantage of business expenses you you have not accounted for it. you are merely collecting with the college to make expenses is the “vehicle log. and can be found on the CMTO’s website.L.B. speaker BUSINESS EXPENSE aware of this threshold or you could and registered massage If you are self-employed you can take be giving part of your income away if therapist. one insurance company gave suggestions on how Image 2: Sample CMTO-compliant receipt to reduce the potential for fraud. Other regulated broken down) or indicate there is a HST is a voluntary goods and provinces have similar regulations. the CRA if you are charging HST/ and starting and ending mileage. and AND BEST PRACTICE In the last number of years insurance fraud has been on the rise and insurance companies have given some suggestions to help reduce fraud. The government is quite N.) HST was included in the fee (Ont. It could be as simple about the GST/HST. Additional elements that are recommended are: • add a transaction date if the date of the service is different than the date of payment • use numbered receipts to prevent clients from duplicating them • add payment type – this will Image 3: Sample best-practice receipt also help your accounting tracking. for best practices. The GST/ Ontario regulations. please write your mileage. andrea@rmthelp. quarters. and you should revising the amount) by clients as a dollar store notepad with dates. From the suggestions in the article we can develop the best practice receipt. i. If the sale is more than $30 regarding the GST or HST. so it has a dual reducing the amount that you claim $30. In an article published in the spring/summer 2010 issue of the College Standard (now called Touch Point). Remember.e.000 you must start charging the purpose as income and therefore pay less in GST/HST and collecting it for the • have space for a “notes” section taxes. educator. bank). For a full list of expenses and government. that we need to be aware of for your number must appear on the One more note on taxes is compliance and some suggestions receipt. You have 30 days to for various scenarios that can how to write them off. and clarifications.

explaining why the organi- Denomy acted exactly how social media experts say you zation created the books. RMTs must carry a $2 million li- ability insurance” from other RMTs’ social media experiences. once it’s out there.” she says. focusing on criteria to become a registered massage therapist (RMT) and how to become a registered myomassologist practitioner (RMP) in Ontario. Still. people “I always waited a day before responding. to put blogs. she re- searched this emerging alternative to massage therapy. such as always act professionally on social media. You can access the blog post by this link: http://bit. she not using it as effectively as they could be. The Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of British ated her research. profile – read on to discover helpful resources and to learn it can’t be retrieved. RMTs have to follow strict client-confidentiality rules. executive director Brenda Locke. RMT made a handful of folks angry when she published her blog post on myomassology last summer. RMTs need two to three years of training. It provides recommend. “We were starting to see. sologists everywhere. especially with Facebook. Twitter and other social networking and use good judgment when posting your thoughts and systems to good use – to connect with clients and boost your opinions on social networks. The first work- Those are just a few of the tips that social media mavens book covers personal use of social networking. professional response. Many RMTs commented on the post to thank Denomy for the information. should. In response to client questions about the practice. RMTs get a grip on social media. RMPs require six months. RMPs are not required to carry insur- ance. Denomy stuck to her guns. with tips to help RMTs who work together to get the most 16 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • SPRING 2015 .. Ont. the Owen Sound. “Remember. Scroll to the bottom for the comments. particularly since gave herself time to process each comment and consider her their patients might also be using that site. RMPs have no such rules. she wrote a calm. Don’t post while angry. For each SOCIAL MEDIA WORKBOOKS naysayer.” one person says. Despite the criticism. understand the pros and cons of social media. Provide helpful information. And she didn’t rush.” says RMTBC response. But “I got a lot of heat from myomassolo- gists.” By waiting. The second workbook focuses on social media for clinics. If you happen to be a RMT who really wants basic advice. Facebook. “I feel that you have totally degraded RMPs. Acknowledge commentators These resources offer advice and exercises to help RMTs and address their concerns. She reiter. rather than reply in anger. She pointed out differences between the two treatments.Technology BY STEFAN DUBOWSKI Making sense of social media Strategies for marketing your practice online through social networking platforms J eri Denomy didn’t mean to upset anyone. She acknowledged that her findings are Columbia (RMTBC) offers three workbooks designed to help specific to Ontario and not necessarily applicable to myomas.

If you’re easier to find. like may have to advise people about things they can do to have healthier lives. Write about the body. (SEP). in any format you desire. which makes your practice easier to and offers exercises to hone one’s find online. By providing a call-to-action op- tion. More blog posts equate to more content interaction. the negatives and best social generate more traffic and client conversions. This is a mistake. Think about the conversations you’re having with your clients or the questions you get asked by potential clients. You can start off by giving reasons why people should listen to their bodies. When people see that you run your own blog. Having more posts also means you have more content to share through your social media channels – another way to market your services. Some may do a bit of research be- fore trying anything. keep in but with the information throughout mind that blogging is also an essential marketing tool to attract clients and grow all three workbooks. infographics. The book contains a handful may not be directly related to your core business functions. That example may seem extreme. it gives your practice greater credibility. These two areas provide lots of potential content. current and RMTs to develop a social media plan past clients. and showcase yourself and working tools. in the field). While blogging is a fun outlet to showcase yourself and your practice. relevant and topical to your readers can boost networking group called “I’m a dental your credibility by offering that personal connection with them – instead of nurse and I hate patients because…”. it could help a your bottom-line. for example.” The main goal of all of your marketing efforts is to get bodies through your the workbook says. door. What easier way for them to know whether or not you’re right for them by writing about it yourself. Jennifer Osborne is president of Search Engine People Inc. it’s important to note that not every post should be completely self- communicate with clients via social promotional. By creating relevant posts that rank on search results. there is time to spare. solicit feedback (potential testimonials). BLOGGING FOR BUSINESS For instance. constantly trying to sell yourself. Having a website can help with that. since the story about nurses who were massage therapy is a way to feel better. Figure out why your your practice to give people reasons to select your business over someone else’s. clients and potential clients engaged. but a blog is an added element to get The third workbook is on patient. which helps build awareness and relationship with prospective clients. you of serious how-not-to scenarios. a digital TWEET YOUR WAY marketing firm with offices in Toronto and Vancouver. Give simple tips about stretching or reprimanded for establishing a social good posture. People are generally interested in what to expect during a massage. which in turn should positives. it can position your practice to be top-of-mind. networking practices. Many small businesses may view blogging as an afterthought – a task when Is it to inform patients? Fill appoint. It’s a way to share ideas (techniques) impart information (latest trends before registering to use social net. company wants to use social media.out of social media as a team and avoid certain pitfalls. There are several types of blog posts that earn you more traffic and shares: how-to articles. the workbook advises Having a blog can certainly help your practice connect with potential. That means it’s very important to keep your audience en- massage therapist to think about the gaged. If you want your blog to be an effective ments? Anchor a Google ad campaign? tool to market your services and attract clients. While the topics mentioned above are directly related to your core business. there are greater opportunities to attract and understanding of how best to convert a client. and how they can act upon the information they’re receiving in the form of pain. Content is king The great thing about a blog is that it can be about whatever you choose. For example. Potential clients may overlook the daily rigours of life such as back pain. Being interesting. will help you develop a successful social media plan that supports and Creating traffic and credibility furthers your clinic’s needs and goals. More content will increase your website’s ranking. Find topics that are timely and interesting to your readers that media. you position yourself as a thought leader. guest posts. Every mas- sage therapist has his or her own technique. So how do real live RMTs use these social media tools? MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • SPRING 2015 17 . it needs to be treated as an impor- “Asking yourself questions like these tant aspect of your business. lists. She has been TO NEW PATIENTS named one of Canada’s top women entrepreneurs. which describes situations for search engines to rank in their results. check lists. Start with the basics.

” It’s not that people necessarily have negative responses to While Lutz would prefer it if her Twitter feed only had infrequent posting.” want on my timeline. “I never thought I would be posting anything controversial. Many of them probably spent a significant portion of we’ll post links to health articles and research articles. Other Twitter social media manager. “I’ve attracted a number of new customers from other FACEBOOK FOR CLIENT-CONNECTIVITY people liking and sharing my posts. but it doesn’t help the business information specifically about her clinic and information for as much as regular posting. Her Twitter acupuncture and promotions with discounted rates for start thinking about your own strategies to survive and thrive in the social media sphere. the Owen Sound RMT. You have to monitor it advice. Some people find it difficult to come up with topics to share on social media. tweet them to boost Lutz’s reach even further. information about certain illnesses and wellness issues and they Lutz also uses hashtags (#) to broadcast her tweets beyond don’t know where to find it. Emily Lutz. And I find it challenging to maintain the flow that I there and communicate with your public and customers. it’s difficult to keep so focused.” she says. and sleeping positions to relieve pain. She promotes partners’ businesses. She tweets to let clients know if “We try to have a mix of content.C. she says.” she says. But it makes sense to put as much information out regularly. The clinic doesn’t have a designated information about Halifax will find her tweets. “I should take my own suming nature of it can be daunting. as well as available resources like the RMTBC’s workbooks. Fortunately. Pinnacle’s posts provide information on a range of subjects. everyone including headache relief. including how to manage back pain – which a good organization’s social media platform of choice. “I like Twitter because. And she announces last-minute appointment openings. but once in a while winter.” she says. Denomy was well equipped with the knowledge and ability to withstand the criticisms and respond professionally. Facebook or Twitter. she includes “#Halifax” The Pinnacle team would like to post more often. We post that for their benefit. “Sometimes people are looking for despite the weather. handle: @curativemassage.. Denomy doesn’t post information that would upset others. she says. not just information there’s an appointment opening and that the clinic is open. but it’s in nearly all of her messages so anyone searching Twitter for hard to find the time. updating the Facebook page. has a blog and a “You’ll get people tweeting to you. number of her patients know about given the long white “We’re still not extremely active on it. Pinnacle’s website (http://pinnhealth. takes to and Acupuncture in Victoria. “The retweets “As a consumer observing businesses. That’s how she manages to maintain a high post rate without devoting too much time to it.” to have an active social media presence. B. says that alongside Twitter often to provide information about her clinic and self. In general.” Lutz says. Stefan Dubowski is a freelance writer based in Ottawa. Jeri Denomy.” her 200 or so followers. not just the young people. You can reach him at dubowski@stiffsentences. the importance of exercise. owner of Curative Massage in Halifax. such as the importance of slowing down and finding balance. But that myomassology blog post certainly was.” Donna Lowe. Facebook is her care tips. about the “Sometimes the time-con. associated with that activity. With all the social media tips and ideas about how other RMTs are using these platforms. a RMT with Pinnacle Health Massage Therapy She posts links to articles on topics. which has proven particularly useful for night at that event. It convolutes my message. patients. I think it’s better are where I can really get new people.” she says. ‘Nice to meet you last Facebook page. whether it’s on But Twitter isn’t perfect.” Lowe the season shoveling snow and feeling the physical pain often says.’ but the event is completely unrelated to business development. everyone on the team has a hand in users in the Halifax area see her messages and sometimes re. For example. massage therapy. uses it.” “I find it helps me reach current and new clients. 18 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • SPRING 2015 . Denomy has a suggestion: keep a journal to jot down articles and subjects to cover in your social streams. especially here in Halifax.


surgery or the swine flu vaccination (very rare. It may advance to loss the point at which the parents knew something was really of function in the respiratory muscles. thinking they merely have a “pinched nerve” or something of the sort. The initial symptoms persisted develop. the parents would take their son to the hospital 20 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • SPRING 2015 . panies excruciating pain usually settling into the hips. as well as getting up and infections. arrhythmias. sweating ment with a pediatrician. Initially. turned eight years old. symptoms of chronic inflammatory treatment regimes since he was eight years old. this child culty with speech – a condition known as Bell’s Palsy – may was diagnosed with CIDP. with approximately wrong and proceeded to seek help. with the definition of CIDP. ment may continue on in pain. any pain. facial flushing. climbing stairs. first without stabilization. Finally. they ended up at The and urinary retention are common. 30 per cent of its victims requiring ventilatory assistance. but soon. It can occur spontaneously or after was displaying increasing deviations in his regular movement certain events such as viral or bacterial infections. He only experienced lack of strength. Symptoms progress in quantity and intensity for IMMUNOGLOBULIN TREATMENTS two to four weeks before they plateau – usually as a result of The child is now 10 years old – he was nine years old medical intervention. did not know what was happening because he did not feel Also called acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropa. when I first saw him. The parents had noticed their son eral nervous system. where the child was admitted ini- cranial nerves of the face. ally developing into a medical emergency. tially for GBS. he is unable to get out. followed by an appoint- Postural hypotension. PE is a process where some of the blood per week in Canada and the United States alone. continuously for more than eight weeks and were consistent tion moving in an ascending. If the disorder affects Hospital for Sick Children. It was finally slowly for more than eight weeks and may manifest similarly determined that immunoglobulin treatments was the most to GBS. from blood. as numbness and One day. After a more thorough investigation. Approximately every four and patients may experience them for longer periods of time weeks. GBS is characterized by a quick and severe onset usu. back and pelvis. including demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) tend to progress corticosteroids and hormone replacement. Loss of sensa. facial weakness. The changes were gradual – the child less than one out of one million vaccinated). Reflexes become dull or disappear. viral during walking. It is a neuro. pain and diffi. They went to their family doctor. is removed and the blood cells returned without the liquid plasma portion of the patient’s blood. is the most common Treatment may involve intravenous immunoglobulin cause of acute paralysis in North America (IVIg) therapy or plasma exchange (PE). but the symptoms tend to come on more slowly effective treatment for him. The procedure works Some doctors say that it is much more prevalent than by removing harmful antibodies contained in the plasma reported. GRADUAL ONSET logical disorder in which macrophages of the body’s own The departure that one family experienced from their nor- defense system strip myelin – the fatty covering that wraps mal routine began two and a half years ago when their son around and protects nerve fibers – from axons in the periph. down from the floor. documented in 1916. the parents noticed that although their son was tingling in the extremities progresses from the feet upwards able to get into the bathtub. the changes were very apparent in his gait bacteria (Campylobacter jejuni in 40 per cent of cases). these variations were attributed to growth result from the immune system’s response to food-borne cycles. movement and reduced ability to do daily activities. otherwise known and Europe – it is diagnosed 80-120 times as plasmaphoresis.Technique BY PAUL LEWIS Circle of care How a family’s perseverance brought a child with CIDP to his feet G uillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS). as some patients who do not have organ involve. This was to result in flaccid paralysis bilaterally. He had gone through different In contrast. difficulty in thy. or proximal. It may also patterns. direction accom.

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approximately every three to four These exercises were meant to help with balance. visit www. process introduces antibodies we gradually increased resistance for both the non-weight-bearing and weight. where CIDP patient. in addition to conventional on the floor medical interventions. weight transference/distribu. Over time. and were coordinate legs and upper body movement. such as acupuncture and physiotherapy. gressing to actually picking up light items placed Therefore. they were then forward and back. At the beginning. strength and movement. Climbing a two-inch step into the clinic would prove to be challenging. The goal of a vein and the infusion could take non-weight-bearing positions is to allow him the opportunity to correctly go up to four or more hours. then therapy treatment until five months the other. IVIG is administered directly into as well as in weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing positions. These exercises were performed by the patient in seated and standing positions. In this case. diaphragmatic breathing exercises were making. The patient wore L-shaped prosthet- ics up to his knee to help him walk. foot – a fundamental principle of bicep curls. for intravenously administered MOVEMENT EXERCISES immunoglobulin (IVIG) treatments. when a patient comes to see 22 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • SPRING 2015 . Photo credit: Irina Bouzenkova ASSESSMENT Usually. because of their other com- stability). pro. WEIGHT-BEARING FULL BODY MOVEMENTS CIRCLE OF CARE TREATMENT Narrow then progressing to wide leg lunges. Like all parents. NON-WEIGHT-BEARING requiring him to bend and transfer UPPER BODY WORK weight as he pushed off the alternate simulated bench press changing arm positions. mitments and appointments. that the patient’s body should be bearing movements. contacted me in February of 2014. these would help the child support himself through full ranges of proved to be the best for helping to motion. and repeat doses are needed introduced and used to coordinate breath and muscle engagement. the parents slowly walked towards my clinic accompanied by their son. progress to moving while alternating. They help with balance. this child’s mom and bending forward simulating picking up items to dad wanted him to get well. and showed signs of reversing the disease process as the child appeared to regain some strength – at least prior to the next he sat. The parents found me through an PROPRIOCEPTION. hand to the thigh (sit-ups). ambulation that is physically difficult progressing to holding water bottles on the patient. tion using a stool (try using a countertop for more However. this procedure Over time. none of these resulted in any positive change in their child’s condition. and then unable to bring their son for massage moving and lifting one foot off the ground. Unfortunately. circumduction. BALANCE AND Internet search. lifting one hand off the stool or tabletop. On the day of their appointment. patiently waiting for the intro- duction to his new therapy. these parents tried some complementary therapies. The through a complete range of motion without overtaxing his system. later in July. The parents had to step in to help him across the thresh- old but he finally made it in and over For a complete list of exercises used for this to a chair in the waiting room. weeks. shifting the weight from side to side. willing to try whatever might help. slow down the effects of the disease. and read about my WEIGHT TRANSFERENCE experience with GBS patients and the standing countertop balance moves simulating Dynamic Angular Petrissage (DAP) a wobble board movement without the board to therapeutic massage technique.

limitations. including myotomes (strength and ability to overcome gravity). He was unable to support his own body weight with the legs bent. Walking. the disorder – weakness of the legs harness cooperation from all parties and arms.” Based on results from the assessment. in this boy’s case. All the conventional medical interventions. return to some level of daily activity. the weight and is in contact with the the addition of more exercises and/ purpose of clinical assessment was ground – to the swing phase where or an increase in difficulty of the to aid in finding the cause of the cli. when the free movement (where one moves the patient was undergoing therapeutic family came. that we work together to help this staying within the clients pain-free. strengthen muscles that would aid in everyday movement patterns and reduce any soft tissue or joint restrictions to movement. The boy had been battling CIDP boy re-adopt these phases in order to comfortable range of movement to for about a year when I started see. I assessed the child for active with a little guidance from me. “anything you can do to help. gluteus medius muscles. When we walk we back. that is. replaced them with movements that technique that I use for able. The – all from a soft tissue perspective. the parents and the child STANDING UP TO THE TASK balance. derma- tomes (sensation. our objective was to help him gain confidence. that cause – not just the symptoms into sub-phases. In order to lift his arms above his head. TREATMENT PLAN The patient’s goals were not complicated and were best described by the phrase. was to of motion restrictions. the ability to perform them and had Internet – DAP. therefore. and finally. This would involve breaking simple functions down into their basic components and working with each element to maximize function. and his condition was true to The treatment plan. not searching for what the doctors These actions were not part of this I employed a massage technique had already diagnosed. I could create a care involving the therapist. More push off of one toe and touch down neck and arms. followed by passive relaxed movement. sensory nerves of the skin). Our job – as a circle of technique requires that the therapist With this information. head. the family support and passively move the limbs treatment plan that was well within my and the patient himself – required of the patient while treating and scope of practice. muscle atrophy and poor involved. This is ent’s dysfunction. but rather the patient’s daily activity – he had lost that the parents had seen on the causes inhibiting movement. what to treat and the techniques I stages in movement from the stance At each visit. for for a treatment. I was with the heel of the other foot. that the patient presented with. he required his complete focus and strength. I would increase the under his/her own strength). they present with. I wanted not in contact with the ground. requires that with each step we must consider the MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • SPRING 2015 23 . joint mobilizations. including hands and specifically. In this context. anterior and posterior legs. I assess them muscles involved in balance. weight massage sessions in addition to his carefully to determine where to treat. transference/distribution. there was a plan on using to help with the issues phase – where the foot is bearing re-assessment. active resisted movement. help with soft tissue issues and range ing him. unable to lower himself down to the ground from a standing position nor able to stand up from sitting on the ground. Each followed by a massage to the feet. to find the cause/source and treat of these phases is further divided lower legs. In short. the foot is not weight-bearing and previously learned exercises. It is a treatment the reasons for lack of extension/flex.and ion at the joints and reduced strength compensated for his acquired physical non-able-body patients alike. a review of exercises. while Once every two weeks.

S. The smile on the son’s face showed pride in his accomplishments and something more – he was hopeful. having to go through so much at such a young age. the father was anxious but calm and simply said to his son. Our next objec- tive is to be able to control the deceleration of the lead foot when he is coming down the stairs.” I felt mixed emotions. I was worried about what had happened to the boy since our last appointment. for diligently working together to get over this hurdle. Even though doctors and evidence suggest otherwise. We will continue to push forward adapting the treatments and exercises to his progression. The task was not effortless but his deter- mination and willingness prevailed. The father was not himself – there was a quiet silence as he said. I was almost speechless. involvement of the patient and family in treatment. and the guidance of the therapist – while proving effective in managing the complica- tions of CIDP. I added additional exercises not only for muscle strength. the family called to set up an appointment. I held back the tears and was momentarily at a loss for words. while providing a supportive environ- ment and ultimately giving him hope as he works to progress toward better function and health. we are effectively addressing his issues. difficulty of the exercises based on the child’s ability to perform. but for daily activities that able-bodied individuals don’t usually consider when intricate movements are involved. I also felt for the boy. Our visits are once every six weeks now. and Europe. He presents courses on Dynamic Angular Petrissage (DAP) in Canada. I was so proud of the family. “Show him. As a team. When they arrived. The family still takes their son for IVIG treatments while continuing with our massage therapy sessions.A. and of the child for his deter- mination to get better.” I was mentally prepared for the worse – I was not prepared for what did happen next. has strengthened this family. Paul Lewis is a registered massage therapist and combined decongestive therapist. “I have something to show you. I waited for the day of their appointment – hoping that all was well with the child. to make the father sound so choked up. The improvements in strength and confidence in movement that we are seeing in this child are quite noticeable. With some trepidation. I believe that deep down parents feel responsible for the wellbeing of their offspring. Once their child was able to do a particular exercise. The circle of care approach – made up of integrating therapies. at the same time. The smile on the father’s face showed how proud he was. 24 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • SPRING 2015 . Four months after we started. as much as it is strengthening the child’s muscles. Sometimes parents blame themselves for things that happen to their children – I hoped this was not the case with these parents. The boy went from a standing position to a sitting position on the floor and stood up again – with a little stability help from a nearby chair. I could only imagine how the parents must have been feeling. U. overwhelmed with joy. as they had been so dedicated to helping their son get better. having to stand by and watch their son’s suffering but.

on Fascial Foundations summarises latest knowledge on fascia and links it to clinical practice.. which will become the new get us all off to a good start. and how to treat disorders that involve the fascia. MHVicarsSchool. how it goes Call 1-866-491-0574 Massage_DonDillon_Bizcard_Mar2014. we will respectfully assess both your experience and your previous training and place you in the right class to earn our 2200-hour diploma in less than a year. affordable Advanced Placement options for RMTs who want to enhance their training. standard in all regulated provinces. Speaker you already have. It looks at fascial function and dysfunction. MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • SPRING 2015 25 Massage_book ad spring 2015. It builds on a background of what is now known or currently hypothesised about fascial dysfunction and its repercussions. & Mentor “Don Dillon We are excited that our new 2013-14 was very curriculum meets or exceeds the informative. We won’t waste your time or money by making Donald Q. gives guidelines on clinical assessment and suggestions for ensuring that treatment approaches achieve their maximum potential in the restoration of normal fascial function. Bring Don back anytime!” Call us today to learn more. Dillon. Section 1. If you are a practicing massage therapist. rmt you re-learn skills and knowledge that Practitioner. Be Regulation-ready! You deserve credit for the experience you have. each written by an internationally recognised clinical expert and each describing and explaining a technique which has been proven to be effective in the treatment of fascial dysfunction.indd 1 2015-03-18 8:01 AM .seminar participant MassageTherapistPractice.should Canadian inter-jurisdictional entry- to-practice standard for massage speak in RMT schools to therapists.indd 2 2014-04-01 2:08 PM FASCIAL DYSFUNCTION – MANUAL THERAPY APPROACHES This book provides all therapists with a clear guide to what the fascia is. Section 2 entitled Selected Fascial Modalities comprises 15 chapters. The book is in two parts. MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy has convenient.

be well. your system should allow you documentation for at least six years. Better yet. or more) without difficulty. Utilizing a RMT practice management create consolidated historical treatment statements on a per system will easily pay for itself just in reduced accounting patient basis for a specified period of time (the entire year fees and personal time spent in organizing financial data. quarterly or annually. This will minimize your efforts when providing each fundamentally make the difference between having stress- practitioner with income information at tax time. The following “financial snapshots” of your business only need to prepare their personal tax returns but they may should be available immediately whenever you need it: also be required to prepare and submit T4 slips for their • Billing utility– the ability to generate treatment employees. whether that is monthly. more. whether or not you to track and report all data related to treatments performed by filed them with your yearly returns. provider of massage therapy websites that you are able to effortlessly produce a report with a few and practice management solutions. etc. log general • Who it came from – revenue summary by patient expenses and the like does not reduce your stress level if it is • By practitioner – revenue summary by therapist (for not part of your day-to-day workflow. albeit (employee. records? CRA states you should keep your supporting For clinics and partnerships. From the revenue side. clinics and partnerships) Using a system specifically designed for RMTs will result • By modality – revenue summary by modality. The system should then allow you paper filing cabinets at tax time. appointment checkout process.RMT Tech Talk BY JESSICA FOSTER Make taxes less taxing It’s tax season again. the system needs to allow you to not for tax purposes. and submit their invoices and receipts instantly. keeping you far ahead of the game – without any you on tax matters. record payments made. giving you in your revenue-related treatment data being automatically important insight into where your business’s revenue is entered into an “intelligent database” as part of your normal coming from. After all. • Tax management – automatically calculate and record To minimize the tax stress burden (and to keep your the GST/HST taxes you collect as you receive them. system should allow you to easily access. report their corporate taxes. you will want your practice 26 MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA • SPRING 2015 . to track and report your GST/HST collections for CRA Until next time. It should also treatment receipts for the entire year so they can complete provide easy search options for patient billing history. The system should also securely How long should you keep your income tax back up all your data regularly to protect you against disaster. store and manage accountants charge their clients by the amount of time and patient treatment history so that copies of treatment receipts complexity involved in advising the client and preparing can be generated as needed. unpaid invoices. accurate and organized financial reports. partner. free tax information at your fingertips and having to spend Your system should permit you to easily record GST/ days or even weeks rummaging through shoe boxes and HST as you collect it. visit www. The date. Vital revenue-based financial Whether you are an employee or self-employed. RMTs may also have a each practitioner. not mind.massagemanedger. Not to mention the fact appointment.).com. save yourself a lot of money if your practice management Your practice management system should be easy to use system allows you to hand your accountant up-to- and not require any advanced computer skills to operate. It goes without saying that you will extra effort on your part. generate financial reports that are meaningful and up-to-the Using RMT-specific technologies for record-keeping can minute. Many information both for tax reporting purposes and for peace of small business owners. Independent of your business relationship requirement to keep patient records for much longer. reporting intervals. Imagine having a practice management system that Jessica Foster writes on behalf of mindZplay automatically stores and organizes your GST/HST data so Solutions. accountant and the CRA happy) it is imperative that massage • Receivables – manage your business income with a therapists be organized and put systems in place to track and clear understanding of what is outstanding and who has manage their taxation matters. treatment and practitioner information that many of their patients urgently request copies of their needed for third-party insurance claims. especially RMT practice owners. you will reports are then immediately available to you when they are benefit from having an experienced tax professional advise needed. Recurring tax deadlines can be a serious management system to automatically collect and report on source of stress for individuals and corporations alike. including all the specific business’s GST/HST payments. their own personal tax returns. Utilizing a generic accounting system to record and • When received – revenue summary report by date organize revenue. To learn clicks of a mouse. it should allow you to their tax return.