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Choose a listed company and investigate how much you spent on marketing activities in the
most recent year in which data is available. What percentage of sales represent marketing
expenses? Have these expenses increased or decreased during the last five years? Write a brief
report of your findings (AACSA: communication, analytical reasoning).

Apple Marketing Report

In 2007 Apple reported an increase of $ 129 million in advertising spending that
amounted to $ 467 million.

As the media pointed out, Apple avoided a centralized strategy by letting its videos
proliferate on the web. Its first spot created to present the iPad in March 2010 got viral in a
short space of time. Another issue is that of the tablet, which practically was promoted alone
appearing in programs and successful television series like Modern Family.

Despite this, Apple continues to spend a significant amount on television advertising. In
2013, 80% of its media spending was on television according to Ad Age's DataCenter. This tells
us that the most profitable company in the world spends little on advertising. Only 0.64% of
Apple's revenue went to advertising. Relevant data compared to its main competitor,
Samsung, which spent 1.82% of its worldwide revenue in television ads and 3.51% in sales

According to the group's annual report, Apple has invested $ 1.8 billion in advertising this
fiscal year 2015. This data reveals that they have allocated a 50% more budget than the
previous year to advertise. In fact, the company has nearly tripled its annual advertising
spending compared to 2010, which recorded $ 691 million.


2. Search the internet for information about salaries paid at marketing positions. Visit home / national_averages.htm? Function = # or a similar
website. What is the national average of five different marketing positions? Compare the
averages in different areas of the United States. Write a brief report of your findings (AACSA:
communication, use of IT, thoughtful thinking)

Report job trends in Marketing for 2016

Investment in Marketing departments increases Brand management and market studies
were included in the most difficult areas to cover for companies. In addition, Automation
Marketing Manager is qualified as a (Star) position in the creative and independent world with
an estimated growth of the interest of companies by this profile of 8.1%. The unemployment
rate in the United States for marketing managers is 3%, designers 3.5% and Web developers
are at 4.4%.

creating new opportunities for industry professionals Reference Ecom Galicia (2016). As a conclusion we can determine that the Marketing Budget is noticias / cuanto. Digital project manager $ 76750 Vice $ 149500 a $ 53250 executive as we can see the slarial differences are not as great as they were in the past can also be identified. Recovered in November 2016 from the website http://www.00 a 2) Product or brand manager (5 years) $ 87500. Compared to other areas A creative director earns $ 11.350.00.750 and 5) a Marketing Marketing Manager Electronic $ 87500 On average these 5 marketing posts earn $ 94700.ecomgalicia. Professions of Online Marketing in the USA. a 3) Marketing Analyst $ 74000. 1) US Marketing Director earns $ 154750.00 4) a market researcher $ 69.ganan- profesionales-marketing-online-seo-sem-eeuu-2015 .