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Liver Disorderes Value Prediction Using ANT Colony


Dr.A.R .PonPeriasamy, M.Sc., MCA., M.Phil.,
Mrs.M.Chandamona M.Sc., M.Phil.,
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor & Head of the Department BCA
Nehru Memorial College, Puthanampatti,
G.T.N Arts College, Karur Road

it provides basic diagnosis on lung cancer. the danger of lung patient.. technique in data mining..[2] lung cancer prediction for of lung cancer Increase with the length of your time and brain. The of somebody diagnosed with varieties within the world. to prove useful in detection and bigger number of of a person’s predisposition Lung cancer could be a cancer that starts within the cigarettes smoke-dried the Sowmiya T. helps in increasing or mining Techniques wont to observe Early Stage of lung with the quantity of chest. Lung Cancer within the lungs. Classification. a person could feel finding the chance issue of who affected by this Cancer and Non-Small Cell symptoms in alternative lung cancer.[3] techniques for acceptable primarily based. lymph nodes. Lung cancer has smoking. During this paper lung cancer. too. it's hoped on diseases. et al. colony optimisation what percentage nonsmokers decision table. et al. Early abnormal cells that start up in away the foremost necessary adults who haven't smoke. Ant Colony needs of this work is finding proposed to different data rule generation and optimisation. The lung cancer Prediction. Young tissues of the lung. If air Passages. Additionally additional improvement in optimisation is helps lung II. detection of the willcer can one or each lung typically preventable reason behind dried can also develop lung save the life and within the cell that Line the cancer within the world. with concerning Spread. the ParagDeoskar. arm. aspects of data mining Smokers. We smoked. Smokers and Non-Smokers This paper also survey the [5] proposed to plan to Keywords— ACO (Ant by exploitation data mining aspects of ant colony significant pattern prediction Colony Optimization). kind hood of patient obtaining amount of cigarettes smoke- sex. Pain in shoulder. The Risk tumour. Ant colony prediction system were Decision Table. value. Smoking is far and develop lung cancer. Data mining data mining Technique. This case study that smoking causes cancer. Naïve get lung cancer. but worldwide by uncontrolled women. Person might feel ninetieth of lung cancers which can help the doctor in tend to conjointly review the Symptoms like Age. Abstract—Cancer is that cancer death worldwide. Common places for lung individuals. The incidence of proposed to a model for the patients.componen. Using generic lung optimisation (ACO) Breath. data dried over time. it can predict the decreasing the disease cancer illness Using data cigarettes smoke-dried over probability of patients prediction value of the mining algorithm like data time. that pilot additionally to. This Paper is to survivability of the patients the initial lung cancer has varieties are little Cell Lung unfold. the typical age the most dangerous cancer ought to play an important . could be a cancer that starts technique. prevention of lung cancer for we tend to survey many cancer Occur in Non. et al. to precise cancer basic framework for Techniques of ant Colony classification. Data mining. The more years disease prediction value. Lung cancer is that become the most common cancer in men in most people who are younger will cell growth within the the Uncontrolled growth of countries. Data mining range of Cigarettes they need lung cancer is powerfully nearly detection and proper ideas is beneficial in lung correlative with smoke diagnosing of the illness cancer classification..[1] framework for additional Decreasing disease Prediction Mining lung cancer data for improvement in diagnosing. Techniques lung cancer optimisation (ACO) tools for a lung cancer Classification. Sex. lung cancer disease. Smoking is optimisation helps in developed.. bones. 10-15% of lung places within the body. assorted data mining and ant however might not notice Prediction. the majority understand obtaining a lung cancer diseases. lung cancer is the larger the risk of developing lung cancer is one amongst prediction of lung cancer most typical reason behind lung cancer. The risk of lung cancer will increase breath. The first lungs. Five hundredth is cancer to unfold embody different parts of the lungs in procedures that are used for Occur in Smokers. that the biggest risk issue of increasing or decreasing the risk prediction system ought I. The 2 main cancer. [4] for lung cancer. cancer Data for Increasing or Thangaraju P. In doctor saving the lifetime of cancer by victimisation the and classification. Study of this the danger issue of lung mining and ant colony classifications on diseases. arising as a results of tobacco saving the lifetime of the aspects of ant colony Wheezing. Shortness of use. RELATED WORKS to. Prashant Naresh et al. Krishnaiah V.. Paper the first Detection of cancer and classify the lung cancer is natural action smokers and non-smokers optimisation techniques for that pilot to actual lung the disease fully it helpful in who are all caused by lung acceptable rule generation cancer classifications. Shortness of Ant colony optimisation lung cancer illness. it provides the patients. et al. mining. liver. pain it will predict cancer increases with the cancer symptoms like age. INTRODUCTION lung cancer. Wheezing. the most significant cause of occurrence of lung cancer lung cancer is sixty five to These diseases will spread death for each men and has enlarged quickly and seventy years previous.

They typically joined research the Somker’s and time J48 takes 0. algorithms like Naïve Bayes.01 squamous cells. That is algorithm supported the accounts for concerning 100 collected could have missing time. cancer. Weight. Small cell cancer predicting the Lung Cancer Accuracy measures typically starts within the malady from the given data the power of the classifier to 5. which can expeditiously to obtain the within the classification make it tougher to treat. lung cancer with the additional precise and table we will simply say the assistance of weka tool. DATA MINING applied on sort lung cancer cancers are adenocarcinoma. at identical lungs. In the which are properly classified Fig 5. By middle of the lungs. the method of mechanically performance is calculated. and J48) to cancer. known as massive Gender. Height. mentioned in Mille seconds. techniques and prediction algorithms (Naive Bayes. extract models describing the weka tool. CLASSIFICATION OF predict future data trends. The classification The time taken by the adenocarcinoma is that the the assistance of weka tool. most common type of lung Which will helps to seek out are 2 sorts of data analysis Decision Table. stages of lung cancer with models. transplantation. aggregation giant volumes Here the framework may be adenocarcinoma are related Classification technique is of data with the target of given as below and the to smoking. is a fast smoke. TECHNIQUE illness dataset within the which sometimes originates Accuracy live is Data mining is that weka tool and also the in peripheral lung tissue. Age. however. the complications in lung which will be wont to create the choice tree within cancer and treat earlier. Secondhand that are properly classified. The performance subtype of enormous cell data mining method. Asbestos. A optimum outcome from the algorithms.role within the diagnosing model contains 3 differing properly classify unlabeled Adenocarcinoma process and for an efficient kinds of decision tree data. of the algorithms may be cancer. Nearly Decision Table and j48 are four-hundredth of lung 3.2 Squamous Cell Cancer important data classes or to of table the time is These cancers 5. 303 instances and that they cancers. Every algorithm classifies growing cancer that's pollution. among employed to research the finding hidden patterns and performance may be people that have smoke- Smoker’s and nonsmoker’s analyzing the relationships obtained supported the time dried fewer than one risk factors supported every between varied types of data taken to build the tree and hundred cigarettes in their cells of human and the to develop predictive properly classified instances. begin in early versions of LUNG CANCER Such analysis will facilitate The Naive Bayes takes 0. neoplastic disease. known from the instances cell system malignant Smoking habit. which are give us with an improved ms for build the decision flat cells that line the within Classification understanding of the data at tree and the decision table of the airways within the technique is employed to massive.1Classification of methodology in the main victimization the weka tool lung cancer supported cell 5. HIV or AIDS. type of lung cancer. close to human and the stages of in this model ought to be considering the on top of a bronchial tube. lifetimes ("never-smokers").4 little cell cancer call tree is employed for may be given as below. Radiation therapy completely different variety terribly the same as little cell to lungs.3 massive cell cancer predictive accuracy of data that the best performance This type of cancer mining algorithms.1 Adenocarcinoma bronchi close to the center of set instances and the planned the chest. may be a common histologic preventive strategy. accurate so as to enhance the Naïve Bayes algorithm is 5. properly classified data. and it tends to .05 ms. of instances.03 ms for to a history of smoking and non smoker’s risk factors 4. DATA SET build the decision tree within tend to be found within the supported every cells of Dataset employed the weka tool. Radon gas. In the on top 5. It tends to grow and These are to be handled are applied as a test suit unfold quickly. The dataset consists of percent to fifteen of lung (or) unsuitable attributes. Most cases of During this work. takes 0. The instances lung cancer.

get away that are body fairly early within the and created them able to and often caused by course of the illness. and statistics fields. Predicting the medical oncologists and Beedi. normal. The Technique of prediction  repeated  Nausea lung cancer diagnostic and technique relies on metabolis and prognostic issues are in the systematic study of the m vomiting main within the scope of the statistical factors. The t groups. and the info mining techniques  Wheezing of face insulin resistance) had a to reinforce the lung cancer  . deep substances TECHNIQUES The objective of this study is hoarseness that are to summarize numerous  Weight secreted Pre-diagnosis helps review and technical articles loss and by the to spot or slender down the on diagnosing of lung loss of tumor. of this analysis being  Increase in  hoarseness Symptoms and risk factors dispensed on various lung volume of of voice (smoking.  Suffering tool for medical researchers or back  Paraneopla with to spot and exploit patterns pain that stic different and relationships among does not syndromes sorts of . result of a sickness is one in (Domain experts). wide discussed classification and risk factors related to like issues. Data mining of breath appetite in pre-diagnosis stage. possibility of screening for cancer. become a standard pathological. LUNG CANCER of  Second- develop information mining SYMPTOMS unhealthy hand applications. has  Chest. Shortness  Loss of statistically important result designation. Such as. The Risk Factors is statistical analysis has interacting with the bronchitis following below. Initially the issues with Lung Cancer is clinical and/or biological in parameters for the pneumonia affected in several Risk nature. LUNG CANCER RISK in machine intelligence. Because the  Swelling smoke use of computers powered The following are of the neck  chemical with automated tools. information driven prediagnosis are collected by or Factors. As a result.unfold wide through the sizable amount of variables. symptoms infections. which has mucus. than vegetables become a popular analysis shoulder. sis) or nails seem consumpti information Discovery in bloody to bulge on of fruits Databases (KDD). clinical and  Fatigue  Smoking: complement. These issues have lung cancer. alcohol cancer datasets victimization sputum  puffiness consumption. data are a number of the generic pneumonia FACTORS mining. predict the result of a disease is created biologicall victimization the historical worse by y active 6. PRE-DIAGNOSIS cases keep among datasets. out more &amp. weakness cigaret and all the most interesting and  New onset Hukka difficult tasks wherever to 7. the generic lung cancer and face element massive volumes of medical symptoms  Symptom exposure information are being  Coughing of the  pollution collected and created out up blood fingers and  insufficien there to the medical analysis (heamopty toes. indicators of the cancer  recurrent Cancer analysis is generally diseases. obesity. Non-clinical bronchitis attracted several researchers symptoms and risk factors or 8. data mining techniques. It offers an overview appetency  Fever lung cancer sickness.

4 (1) . Using Neural Network data are being collected and Research and ultimately Techniques. Cigarette paper check for dataset and smoking is that the principal with success performed with [2] Krishnaiah V. lung cancer.S. Gopi M. malignanc Mining Lung Cancer Data y. and the standard of the data. 39 – 45. 4. 10. the health care of lung cancer Engineering Research and future improvement are patients. Narsimha risk issue for development of many data mining G. It Diagnosis of Lung Cancer is believed that the lung cancer refers to the Prediction System Using information mining will extent to which the cancer considerably facilitate within Data Mining Classification has unfold within the body. Predicting the Cancer using Modern Data be brought down. all the foremost fascinating accuracy classification International Journal of and difficult tasks wherever Techniques utilized in many Engineering Research to develop data mining dataset is help in Increasing Volume No. Issue 7. so the Optimization of Lung Prevalence and mortality can complement. Journal of medical research groups. The emphasis of April (2013). It also Technologies. often applicable for image REFERENCES ISSN : 2248-9622. 3. EXISTING In this paper data Mining Techniques. Detection of Lung Cancer awareness facilitate within massive volumes of medical the lung cancer patients. driven statistical analysis has desires further Screening for Thomas Robinson. International Overall. Cancer analysis is awareness. Dr. the most important reason Volume 4. Issue No. Vol. agency get lung cancer are advanced level lung cancer Divakar Singh.5. standard of health care of Science and Information smokers. pp.. usually clinical and/or this work is to search out the biological in nature. METHODOLOGY mining plays a serious role International Journal of Lung cancer is that in extracting the hidden info Advanced Research in within the medical data base. March – owing to the shortage of for death. Vol. data target group of people WHO [4] Sowmiya T. become a common lung cancer illness. worldwide.ijera. victimization many smokers). Early and improve lack of with automatic tools. primarily based analysis for Issue 8( Version 4). Prashant created accessible to the improve the standard of Naresh Int. mri and CT scan images. the favored reason behind Computer and The data preprocessing is cancer deaths in both men employed so as to enhance Communication Engineering and girls within the U. Common fraction classification techniques. This Vol. Lung cancer is didn't understand lung Techniques. Dr. applications. Several patients Data using Data Mining smoke-dried. for Smokers and Non- CONCLUSION Smokers by Using Data 9. Because the and Decreasing disease use of computers powered improve Prediction value [5] Prashant Naresh. A Survey. the Lung Cancer analysis Techniques. Karthikeyan T. (Another five lung cancer patients. Barkavi G. July 2014. 10-15% of lung and ultimately improve the Journal of Computer cancers occur in non. August [1] Thangaraju P. The stage of classification techniques. Anju women and two hundredth patients does not show the Singh.78-83. In of the non-smokers UN some cases even within the [3] Parag Deoskar.3. cancer illness in early stage. Study of result of an illness is one in this paper develop an The Mining Techniques. Subhash Chandra N . . Mining Lung Cancer of lung cancers in girls occur symptoms related to the lung Data And Other Diseases in people who have not cancer. Issue 2. Applications www. hundredth occur in former can be implemented 2013.