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_____________________________________________________________________ Connectors


Also Because of However Owing to
Although But In addition Since
And Consequently In order to So
As Despite In spite of So as (not) to
As a result Due to Moreover So that
As a result of Even though Nevertheless Then
As well as Finally Next Therefore
At first For this reason On the one hand/
Because Furthermore on the other hand


2 – Circle the correct option:

1.- Alice wasn’t very clever. …, she used to pass all the subjects at high school.
Nevertheless/in addition
2.- I knew she didn’t feel very well. …, I tried to cheer her up.
On the one hand/therefore
3.- I was absolutely exhausted … I had been walking all day.
Since/so that
4.- Our flight was delayed … the airlines strike.
In spite of/due to
5.- I’m angry with you. You didn’t turn up to my birthday party … , you didn’t even apologise.
6.- I spent all Saturday night cooking … have everything ready for Sunday dinnerr.
Although/in order to
7.- We couldn’t enjoy our holiday … the torrential rain.
Despite/because of
8.- We sell our products to European countries … the USA.
As well as/on the other hand
9.- The country is going through a very difficult period … the economic crisis.
Although/as a result of
10.- This is a very useful tool, … quite cheap.
So that/also
11.- He quite liked his job … having to work long hours..
In spite of/as well as
12.- We tiptoed into the house … wake up our parents.
Therefore/so as not to
13.- She took up yoga a few months ago, … she always looks so relaxed.
14.- I had a very bad Math’s teacher at school. …, I’ve never understood it.
As well as/as a result

On the one hand he is a very successful businessman.They had arguments almost every day.We have to use public transport and leave our cars parked owing to … ________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 16.First.I had to accept to become the chairman since … ________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 15... Furthermore … ___________________________________________________________________________ 2. However. … ___________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 12. On the other hand... … _________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 9.Our hotel room didn’t have a view to the beach as they said in the brochure. So … __________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 13.Everyone was eager to get the latest Apple tablet despite … ________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 11.This candidate’s qualifications are not up to our requirements.You should keep the dog on a lead so that …____________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 4. you’ll do a lot of exercise...COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES WITH YOUR OWN WORDS 1. …____________ ____________________________________________________________________ 5. Nevertheless..We heard it was his birthday. Finally..A lot of money was invested in the making of that film. In addition..If you take part in the marathon.The two countries had endless meetings in order to … ___________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ...... Consequently. …_______________ _____________________________________________________________________ 8.He is decided to go to her ex-girlfriend wedding even though …______________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 7.._____________________________________________________________________ Connectors 3 . then …____________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 3. … ______________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 14.The roads are all blocked because of …________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 6. I didn’t hear my alarm clock this morning.Harry is always broke.. … __________ ______________________________________________________________________ 10.

Nevertheless 2. it won’t attack other dogs 4. In spite of 12. Therefore 3. As well as 9. who knows? 8. the increase in oil prices 16. they split up 9. Since 4. he is always buying new things 14. we bought him a present 13. it looked absolutely filthy 2. As a result EXERCISE 3 POSSIBLE ANSWERS 1. he hadn’t been invited 7. it wasn’t very successful 12. Moreover 6._____________________________________________________________________ Connectors EXERCISE ONE ADDITION CONTRAST CAUSE RESULT PURPOSE SEQUENCE also Although As As a result In order to At first and But Because As a result of So as (not) to Finally as well as Despite Because of Consequently So that Next furthermore Even though Due to So Then in addition However For this reason moreover In spite of Owing to Nevertheless Since On the one Therefore hand/ On the other hand EXERCISE 2 1. its high price 11. Also 11. the snow 6. you might won. make an agreement on their commercial treaty. So 14. As a result of 10. Because of 8. we cannot accept him for the job 10. Due to 5. In order to 7. he doesn’t really have time to enjoy life 5. i missed the bus and was late for work 3. So as not to 13. . nobody else wanted the responsibility 15.