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Elisabeth Barrow

Jennifer Stanton
March 18, 2017

Clawson Public Schools Family Engagement Plan

Description of school/district- identifying data- 10 points

Covering 2.2 square miles, Clawson Public Schools is the smallest school district in

Oakland County. Clawson is a suburban community in which many families in the district are

multi-generational and “Clawson Pride” runs deep. Clawson Public Schools serves 1,737

students and consists of five buildings: a pre-school/administrative building, two elementary

schools, and one middle school that is connected with one high school. Of the total student

population 35.6% are economically disadvantaged and 68% of those students receive free or

reduced lunch.

In addition, 15.6% of the student population receives Special Education services. While

the majority of the students are white (75%), 11% are African American, 6% are Hispanic, 6%

are two or more races, and 2% are Asian. The district also has a steady number of school of

choice students (about 30%) who come from surrounding districts but mainly Pontiac. In the

past 3-4 years our district’s English Language Learner population has steadily grown and now

about 14% of our students are identified as ELL learners.

Rationale for the plan- what are you trying to accomplish?- 15 points

Through years of data, the District School Improvement team has identified that
Event planned- 30 points

Whenever possible, offer parents the opportunity to attend workshops in their native language
complex topics such as:
● The U.S. school system (The AFTs’ bilingual Pathways to Success brochure is a helpful
● Information on how to check school websites to track their child’s progress
● Parent-teacher conferences
● Standardized testing
● Math Games
● Literacy station/book table
● Special education services for speech, hearing, learning disabilities, physical
disabilities, etc.
● The college application process
● Library
● Parks and Recreation programs/Hunter?
● Information on the benefits of reading at home (Start with Colorín Colorado’s reading
tips in 11 languages and family literacy outreach toolkit).
Note: Consider enlisting other staff members, parents, volunteers, or community
partners to help organize and run these workshops.


People who will administer- relative cost factor- 10 points

How will you evaluate the success?- 10 points

Success will be evaluated in two ways; through participation numbers as well as a brief
family survey provided at the end of the event. Questions for the survey are as follows:
● What brought you to this event?
● Was the day and time convenient for you and your family?
● Did the event meet your expectations?
● Would you attend this event again?
● How do you think we could get more families to attend this event in the future?
● What other suggestions do you have to make this event better?
● Would you be willing to sit in on a committee to plan next year’s event?

Presentation, including visuals- PPT or invitations, etc.- 25 points