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Vocabulary 9

A. = Adjective ADV. = Adverb IDM. = Idiom N. = Noun V. = Verb

A. something which is done in a different way, not done in the normal way
In the U.S., alternative films are usually artistic films or foreign language films.

A. extremely artistic, overly artistic, too artistic
This often suggests that someone tried too hard to make something artistic.

entertaining A. something which entertains; amusing and interesting

hilarious A. something which is very funny; something which makes you laugh

A. 1) containing strong emotions or feelings 2) extreme
intense An intense film is one which emotionally drains you or makes you tired. Intense is not necessarily negative, it just
means that a movie is not light or relaxing.

A. relaxing, amusing, not too intense
This is the opposite of "intense."

A. something which is usual, or commonly done
mainstream Mainstream films are those which are usually high-budget, popular, and made for entertainment. "Mainstream" is
the opposite of "alternative."

superficial A. 1) not deep or profound; lacking real content 2) only on the surface

suspenseful A. something which makes you keep guessing or makes you question how something will end

A. something which makes you think used to describe many different things, such as movies, books,
conversations, ideas, issues, etc.