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To create a brand plan with specific objectives for an year

Brand has reached the earlier stage of maturity. Basically branding is being done for the last three
years. Basics have been covered. What are the branding milestones has to be covered in the coming
years. Already some part of work has been done done. Have to carry forward the work. BCG Report
has to be taken in account

2. Key accounts management.
There are roughly 60 accounts. To have a word with the salespersons and accordingly prepare a
target account plans for them.
Customer relationship management planning with the key account personnel’s so that Jindal
group be their first choice. To meet all their business requirements.
To find out what other global players are doing to improve relationship
1 pager on 5-6 activities needed to be done to improve customer relations
Account plan for salespersons

3. Marketing strategy:
What are the customer segments that remain untapped; to plan the marketing strategy
accordingly. Customer interviews. BCG report has to be taken into account.

statewisw steel demand
earlier steel demand from top to down as per GDP groWTh
State wise economic growth : whether state will consume steel or not
state who have potential for growth yett they are struggling
for ex orrissa but it has no downstream industries. all south east asia is a potential
market. to tweak the policies and get investment
research so that govt can be approached to tweak the policies in favor. So the data
research to back our claim
how the growth of steel is happening in each sates
state wise research: their profile; past record; past policies; to compare theier past
and previous condition;

current scenario:

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