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1. after putting this rule: /ip firewall add chain=input action=drop, you will still be able to
access the Router using the mac-address.

2. Which of the following protocols are proprietary to MikroTik
A. Nv2
C. WiMax
D. Nstreme
E. Nstreme Dual
3. export utility allows the possibility to make a backup of:

A. Full router configuration
B. Almost full router configuration, except RouterOS login passwords
C. Almost full router configuration, except MAC Addresses
D. A selective section of your router configuration
4. MikroTik DHCP CLIENT can be set on :
A. /interface bridge
B. /interface pppoe-server server
C. /interface eoip node
D. Virtual Access Point
E. /interface ipip node
5. For static routing functionality, additionally to the RouterOS system package, you will
also need the following software package:
A. advanced-tools
B. routing
C. none
D. dhcp
6. Mark the queue types that are available in RouterOS
A. SFQ – Stochastic Fairness Queuing
B. RED – Random Early Detect (or Drop)
C. LIFO - Last In First Out
D. PCQ – Per Connection Queuing

Deficit Round Robin F. Versions 3.x 11. Wireless access-list could allow and deny access to your AP C. Transparent redirect http traffic. Deny services (like telnet) only for this user or for one group of users C. /ip hotspot active C. schedule script to enable access rule at 8:00am . Accept all IP/MAC combinations listed in /ip arp as static entries C. Allow only pppoe login with a comment.First In First Out (for Bytes or for Packets) 7. Which MikroTik RouterOS version should you use for IEEE 802. Allow login by pppoe and pptp. Versions 5. FIFO . Set max values for total transferred bytes (up.facebook. Mark all correct answers A. /ip hotspot user B.x C. it is possible to A. Allow/deny use of more than one login by this user 10.and download) D. Add new IP addresses in /ip arp list 12.facebook. create access rule to drop http://www. The only way to prevent wireless clients connections . Versions 4.x B.11n standard support? A. If ARP=reply-only is configured on an interface. but deny login by l2tp B. Accept all MAC-addresses listed in /ip arp as static entries E. /ip hotspot host 8. Default-Forwarding could be enabled for a specific clients by wireless access-list B. E. Add new MAC addresses in /ip arp list B. To block users on my Local Area Network from accessing http://www. /ip firewall filter allows to deny authentication to AP 9. Accept all IP addresses listed in /ip arp as static entries D. /ip hotspot D.disable wireless interface D. Where are HotSpot authorized clients shown? A. When adding a user to your local ppp secrets/ppp profiles database. what will this interface do A. DRR .com between 8:00am and 5:00pm A. Enable Webproxy.

pppoe users B.1 add disabled=no distance=1 dst-address=192. all client interfaces are bridged.3.2 add disabled=no distance=1 dst-address=192. Ethernet and wireless interfaces 16. What kind of users are listed in the Secrets window of the PPP menu? A. only on bridge interface B.2 pptp users C.168. /ip firewall nat add chain=srcnat out-interface=ether1 src-address=192.168.facebook.0.0/24 action=masquerade C. Only schedule a script to block http://www. Add simple queue to block the site at 8:00am and allow it from 5:00pm D.0/24 action=masquerade B. Route via gateway 1.3. /ip firewall nat add chain=dstnat out-interface=ether1 src-address=192.3 C.168.1. l2tp users E.and disable rule at 5:00pm B.3 A. winbox users .0.1 B. To create a DHCP service for all clients you must configure DHCP server on A. configured on the interface Ether1. Route via gateway gateway=3. To make the masquerading of the network 192. you should add rule A. every bridge port D.0/24 gateway=1.55? /ip route add disabled=no distance=1 dst-address=192.0/24 action=masquerade D. DHCP service is not possible in this setup C. Add firewall filter rule to block http://www. Which route will be used to reach host 192.0/24 action=masquerade 15. Router has Wireless and Ethernet client interfaces.168.1.2. /ip firewall nat add chain=srcnat and set time on the rule 13.facebook.2.168. Route via gateway 2.0/25 at 8:00am and allow at 5:00pm C. hotspot users D.1. /ip firewall nat add chain=dstnat in-interface=ether1 src-address=192.168.0.

xx. routeros-x86-x. situation where the packet is routed through the same router twice B. From which of the following locations can you obtain Winbox? A.xx. routeros-mipsbe-x.npk on a RB433 D.npk on a RB133 E. On ether2 interface C. situation where the TTL of the packet expires D. ether3. F. routeros-mipsle-x. Rate Flapping can be avoided by A. Set basic rates to only one data rate like 24 Mbps B.npk on a RB333 B. Situation where the packet does not reach it\'s destination 21. HotSpot is required on the interfaces ether2. mikrotik. Choose larger channels (40 MHz instead of 20 MHz) 19. Which interface should the HotSpot server be configured on? A.xx. Pada firewall chain manakah kita harus membuat filtering untuk akses SSH ke router itu sendiri?Pada firewall chain manakah kita harus membuat filtering untuk akses SSH ke router itu sendiri? . Router's webpage 18.npk on a RB1100 B. Change ap-bridge to bridge C. routeros-powerpc-x. On ether3 interface 20. Via the console cable C. routeros-mipsbe-x. Which software version can be installed onto the following RouterBoard types? A.xx.npk on RB133 22. Files menu in your router D. wlan1 (in ap-bridge mode). Reduce supported rates D. These interfaces are bridged in the bridge1 interface. On bridge1 interface D.xx. Define a routing loop (choose the most precise description) A. On wlan1 interface B. wireless users 17. situation where the packet is routed through the same sequence of routers until the TTL expires C.

5 B. and you suspect it is a driver issue? A. preroutingprerouting C. Yes B. Can you manually add drivers to RouterOS in case your PCI Ethernet card is not recognized. 7 1 . forwardforward D. 9 D. 12 C. 11 B. 88 24. 1616 C. 256256 D. 6 E. No 25. inputinput B. Prioritas tertinggi untuk queue adalah:Prioritas tertinggi untuk queue adalah: A. A. outputoutput 23. How many layers does Open Systems Interconnection model have? A.