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HYDRO ONE DESTRUCTION – If you live beside the major hydro corridors that

run through Morgan’s Grant, Beaverbrook (Tiffany, Pentland, Lismer etc) and
Village Green you will find that Hydro One wants to stop any trimming of trees and
bushes and instead remove them from the entire easement. I had a meeting with
them over their plans in Morgan’s Grant but have no information on what they plan
elsewhere – but hundreds of trees now are marked that would completely remove
all trees and shrubs from those areas, including places where the easement goes
over individual back yards. Ottawa Hydro will continue to do trimming. These
easements are all on private or City owned lands so I have asked City staff to see
what can be done to protect large landscaped areas from being destroyed. Discuss
this with your neighbours and let me know your views on this and forward your
concerns to Hydro One.

TOWN HALL MEETING JUNE 19 - Thanks to everyone who attended my last
Town Hall. You can still catch it live streamed on my facebook to hear
presentations on Kanata Town Centre Lands; new apartments by Lepine and
Minto’s next Arcadia development. Updates on other developments, including a
new proposal for 1131 Teron Road were also covered. Plan to come to my next
Town Hall in September.

CANADA DAY IN KANATA - Visit my booth at Canada Day in Kanata to speak
with me and get a Canada or 2017 tattoo. This year it is a 2 day event with lots to
do – go to for details on the many activities, ending
with a performance by Finger Eleven, followed by fireworks at 10 pm. This is a
great place for young children and to avoid the crowds downtown.

family event. Go to

KANATA NORTH PICNIC, JULY 19th, Sandwell Green Park – Mark your
calendar for this family friendly summer event for the community. Join me and
enjoy a free barbeque, petting zoo, entertainment, bouncies, activities and much
more. We are looking for volunteers so if you can help out (students can get
community hours) please email

PARTICIPACTION #OttawaFit150 campaign is 150 fitness events throughout the
city, from June 3 - December 31 to honour Canada’s 150th. A list of activities is
available on the city’s website so get moving!

OPIOIDS – I ‘m pleased that our firefighters are now trained to administer the
drug life-saving Naloxone to persons with an opioid overdose. With graduations
and end of school parties, it is important to remind your kids about the danger from
street drugs. The Mayor made a major statement at Council last week on moving
forward to deal the drug crisis. Much still needs to be done and we are all part of
the solution.

DO YOU HAVE A FAMILY BUSINESS IN KANATA? - As part of Canada 150 the
Beaverbrook branch of the Ottawa Public Library will be showcasing Kanata Family
Businesses. To share your story please contact Gillian Johnston at

WELCOME OTTAWA WEEK (WOW) is activities and celebrations to convey the
welcome and hospitality of Ottawans to newcomers, and for residents, old and new,
to interact. Details of the many events are at

OC TRANSPO SUMMER SCHEDULE – OC Transpo summer schedule starts June
25. Please go to their website to see changes in the schedule for your routes.

June 20-30, WOW Ottawa
June 23-25, Canadian Sunset Ceremonies
July 1, CANADA DAY IN KANATA – Kanata Recreation Centre

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