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First in Chicago Real Estate
The weichert difference.

• Founded with one sales office
in 1969, Weichert Realtors® has
grown into the leading privately
owned real estate company in the
United States.
• With hundreds of company-owned
and franchised offices, Weichert
Realtors® serves key markets in 39
states across the country.
• The Weichert Family of
Companies services nearly
200,000 customers each year.

— Jim Weichert
President and Founder

Backed by one of the nation’s
largest privately owned
providers of home-ownership
services, I will always respond
with the personal attention
you deserve.

Weichert Real Estate Affiliates, and offer more opportunities said Rueter. “Real estate
Inc., the franchise division of for their sales agents to entrepreneurs tell us that our
Weichert, Realtors®, continued succeed.” cutting-edge technology and
its rapid nationwide growth in culture of support are impor-
2015, including the opening of Specific areas of growth for tant to them, but even more so
its first office in Nevada. In to- WREA in 2015 include Upstate is our unmatched credibility.
tal, Weichert added 43 new of- New York, where new affiliates We are an organization run by
fices last year and grew at twice joined in Albany, Buffalo, and Realtors, and we know how to
the rate it did in 2014. Watertown, and Southern grow a real estate company.”
California, which added four
“We are happy to welcome new Weichert franchises. The Weichert Real Estate Affiliates
these talented sales teams to company also expanded its has offices serving more than
our franchise network,” said presence last year in major 250 markets in 39 states. Affili-
Martin J. Reuter, president of markets in Florida, Tennessee, ates join a nationally recognized
Weichert Real Estate Affiliates, and Michigan, among others. real estate franchisor that of-
Inc. (WREA). “Under the fers incomparable business and
Weichert banner, they will be “Our success in attracting new marketing tools and training
able to access our tools and offices can be attributed to techniques.
resources, use them to provide the depth of the programs
better service to customers, and systems we can offer,”
When you join us,
the sky’s the limit.
Not surprising, since we are
second among real estate franchises
as ranked by Entrepreneur magazine.


Weichert Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. (WREA) has once
again been recognized as one of the top franchises by
Entrepreneur magazine, which ranked the company as
the #2 traditional residential real estate franchise in its
Franchise 500® list for 2014. This year’s list also reflects
a higher ranking for Weichert in the overall franchise
rankings (moving to #236 from #256 in 2013). For the
past 11 years, WREA has consistently appeared on this
prestigious list. Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500® issue is
published every January and is considered the world’s
most thorough and comprehensive franchise ranking.
NAMED TO THE 2014/2015

Jim Weichert, founder of the largest privately held resources, significance and
and co-president of Weichert, real estate companies in the contribution to the industry,
Realtors®, and Marty Rueter, nation. In the Corporate and geographic reach.
president of Weichert Real category, Rueter was honored
Estate Affiliates, Inc., for his hard work and The Swanepoel POWER 200
have been selected for the dedication in growing (SP200) is a research service
Swanepoel POWER 200: The Weichert’s franchise business. managed by the Swanepoel T3
Most Powerful People in His background as a fourth- Group, a real estate
Residential Real Estate in generation REALTOR, with deep information services company
2014/2015. Weichert and roots in the industry, was also that provides extensive
Rueter were ranked #13 and noted. expertise and in-depth
#66, respectively. Both understanding in all facets of
Weichert executives moved up Weichert, Rueter, and other the residential real estate
on the list this year, having been real estate professionals on business industry. The SP200 is
ranked #20 and #85 in 2013. the list were chosen based the most comprehensive
on their personal influence, analysis ever published of the
Weichert was recognized in tenure in the industry, office most powerful people in the
the Brokerage category for his held, and decision-making real estate industry.
more than 40 years of sales power, as well as their
experience and the growth of recent activities, growth, and
Weichert, Realtors® from a potential. Also considered were
single office in 1969 to one their companies’ financial
About Weichert, Realtors

First Chicago
First Chicago Realty Corp. was formed in 2000 as a
boutique agency specializing in new development
sales and marketing. Since opening, we have brokered
nearly 3/4 Billion dollars worth of real estate
transactions and transformed into a successful full-
service brokerage while maintaining our desirable
boutique qualities.

We are now WEICHERT, REALTORS® – First Chicago
In 2007 First Chicago Realty Corp. became the City’s
first WEICHERT, REALTORS® franchisee and is now
part of the large WEICHERT® family of over 19,000
nationwide sales associates and more than 500
company-owned and franchised offices.
Our broad network of resources has proven to be
invaluable to our clients. It is our goal to extend to
clients the combined advantage of our professional
expertise and analytical skills to aggressively market
your property, counsel and qualify prospective buyers,
negotiate on your behalf and manage every aspect
of buying or selling your home. Joining WEICHERT®
allowed us to meet and exceed these goals.

Weichert, Realtors – First Chicago is dedicated to providing
a lifetime of superior service to its clients by listening
intently and focusing on their needs. Our broad network
of recourses has proven to be invaluable. It is our goal
to extend the combined advantage of our professional
expertise and analytical skills to aggressively market
properties, counsel and qualify buyers and manage every
aspect of the buying or selling process.
our team.


Providing unmatched personal service is something that we take
very seriously. That’s why a whole team of professionals is ready to
assist you. Being genuinely responsive to your needs is all part of the
difference you’ll notice —the Weichert Difference.

Our team is led by Ron Ruby, the Managing Broker/Owner of
Weichert, Realtors® – First Chicago. He is available for advice and
guidance throughout the transaction and has a wealth of experience
that can be invaluable in resolving issues and overcoming obstacles.

Our growing staff includes a number of highly professional and
friendly members who work together with agents to provide
transaction support and processing as well as making sure that things
“behind the scenes” are running smoothly.

We also have a talented in-house marketing team that helps to create
custom flyers, email marketing, and direct mail pieces.

We are all here to help you sell your home.

2014 3%

2012 70%

2011 -7% 3%

2010 15%

2009 38%


Weichert, Realtors® – First Chicago has not
only outperformed the market in year-over-year
growth for 7 consecutive years, we also have
7 consecutive years of positive growth.
The weichert difference.
I’ll use every advantage to bring you buyers.

An industry leader MARKETING OPEN-HOUSE
for online exposure Advertising dominance PROGRAM
to homes. maximizes your pool of Drawing buyers in
potential buyers. with an industry-
leading approach.

A comprehensive SPECIALIST Our exclusive pricing
source of Most knowledgeable method helps you get
homeownership about home values the most for your home
services. and price trends in in today’s market.
your area.
The internet.
I’ll give more buyers access to your listing.
For today’s buyers, the Internet is the number-one
place to search for homes.

• Buyers are 40 times more likely to find the home they purchase online than in
• Three of every four online shoppers see at least one home in person.
• Now that 90% of all buyers search the Internet, newspapers are no longer the
favorite source for listings.


Our unique strategy takes full advantage
of the Internet, because it’s now the most
important way to help potential buyers find
your home.
The strategy.

We’ll create more traffic to your listing. averages more than 3 million visits a
month, and 600,000 plus visits to our mobile website.

When buyers search for real estate sites online using the most popular
search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and AOL, our online marketing
featuring nearly 1 million search terms directs them to

Your home will automatically appear on many of the popular local and national
websites where buyers search for real estate listings.



I will use highly visible real estate sites,
including, to expose your
home to millions of potential buyers.
Our solution.
1. 2. 3. 4.

Customer finds your Customer speaks Contact Center Sales Associate sets
home online. with our Contact immediately transfers up appointment and
Center by calling calls to a local shows your home.
1-800-USA-SOLD or Weichert Sales
submitting a web Associate.
request. uses the latest advanced-search technology to
make homes easy to find:

• Independent research ranks among the top five of all real estate
broker websites.
• had over 42 million visits in 2014.
• Our average visit duration of more than 10 minutes outpaces most major real estate
companies and, in some cases, nearly doubles them.
• When you list your home with Weichert, our full-time Internet marketing team ensures
maximum exposure through nearly 1 million keywords on major search engines leading
• listings gain additional exposure on an ever-growing list of more than 200
different websites like,,, The Wall Street Journal
(, and the New York Times (

Our Contact Center makes homes easy to see in person:

• Our customer service center, open 7 days a week between 8am and 8pm CST, handled
more than 750,000 customer inquiries in 2014.
• Over 40 inside-sales consultants immediately transfer our customers to speak with a
Weichert Sales Associate who can answer questions about a home and schedule an
appointment to view it.
• No other real estate company has a system that quickly connects online customers
with the personal service they need.

These times demand Internet capabilities and no one delivers on
that like Weichert!
Take advantage of our award-winning Internet strategy to maximize
the number of homebuyers who see your listing. You’ll find that
turning online searchers into successful buyers of Weichert listings
is what we do best. - 3,063,722
TOTAL MONTHLY VISITS - 2,845,926 - 98,252 - 36,687 - 35,910 - <500 - <500

Hitwise Most Popular Websites in Business and Finance – Real Estate ranked by visit share
Mary Umberger “On Real Estate,” Chicago Tribune January 24, 2014

So, you’re trolling the out online to hundreds of companies with well-thought-
Internet and you land on a real brokerages in search of more out systems that ensure
estate broker’s website. There’s information about their listings, follow-up. But most of them
a house listed for sale on the and about half of them never are failing. When consumers
site that intrigues you. You zap bothered to respond: respond, responsiveness
an email to the brokerage that is awful.
says, “I’d like to know more.” Q: I think a lot of consumers
What’s going to happen next? shy away from making online We evaluated responsiveness
inquiries about listings by posing as an online home-
Maybe nothing.
because they fear they’re buyer lead for a sample of 384
A real estate consulting firm going to be hounded by agents. different brokerages across
recently looked into agents’ But you concluded the opposite 11 states. Our researchers
responsiveness to online leads — that a huge number of posed as consumers who
from potential business agents never bother to follow were inquiring about listings
contacts — that is, consumers up at all. How did you measure on broker websites,,
— and what it found was their responsiveness, or, and
“awful,” according to Victor lack of it?
Lund, a partner at the WAV We ignored the automated
Group consulting firm who A: Brokerages have responses that simply said,
conducted the survey late last invested billions of dollars “Thank you for your inquiry,
year for a brokerage client and in marketing that’s designed and we will be in touch
published the results recently in to connect homebuyers with shortly.” We were looking for
a white paper. properties for sale. WAV (subsequent) responses from
Group has been studying human beings. But 48 percent
In an edited interview, Lund their strategies for a decade. of buyer inquiries got no
explained how his firm reached There are some good response. And the average
response time was about tickler follow-up contact file A lot of brokerages do nothing
15 hours. that allows that customer’s at all to track these responses.
interest to mature and
Q: Why? Aren’t they throwing cultivates a relationship with Q: Obviously, you publicized
away potential business? the customer. this study for those in the
industry, to raise awareness
A: This is a conundrum for bro- Q: What do you believe should of sloppy business practices.
kerages and agents. When an happen when a brokerage gets What should the consumer
agent gets an inquiring call from an online inquiry? take away from it?
another agent, they tend to take
that call very seriously — I think A: There are a number of ways A: The first thing is that it’s
there’s genuine professionalism to handle inquiries. probably most effective to
among peers, whereas when a work with an agent from the
consumer is inquiring from the We did this study on behalf of beginning. Agents have access
Internet, it would seem that Weichert Lead Network, the to information that’s most
they’re not working with an Internet lead-generation arm accurate, and the multiple
agent yet, so maybe they’re not of Weichert Realtors, which listing service will notify them
very serious (buyers) yet. wanted to benchmark its the moment a house comes on
system against the industry the market. Another thing is
Brokers get a lot of stupid in general. Its system has that agents know about
(online) questions that waste a team that fields these properties that are coming
a lot of their time and lead to inquiries before passing them on the market soon.
nothing. They get calls that on to the agents. They say,
say, “I see this yard has a fence, “You want information about For home sellers, I’d suggest
how tall is the fence?” So often, buying real estate. How can I this: If you’re considering
agents may suffer from bad lead help you?” hiring Sally Smith to be your
fatigue and they fail to respond. listing agent, go online to
In our survey, Weichert’s inquire about one of their
Another reason these response average response time was existing listings. Find out how
times are so poor is that many three minutes. long it takes for them to
agents work in real estate on a respond. That’s a barometer
part-time basis. The major (brokerage) brands that’s going to measure how
tend to have lead-management they’re going to respond to
But a great listing agent solutions that measure respon- somebody who may be ready
will recognize that the siveness, and they’ll bounce to buy your house today.
consumer (making an inquiry) that lead to another agent
is somewhere in the early when the first agent doesn’t Mary Umberger “On Real Estate,”
stages of the process. respond in a given period. Chicago Tribune
And if you continually fail January 24, 2014
The agent will collect their to respond, you stop getting
information and put them in a those leads.
Your visibility.
• Since our site helps buyers save, manage, and share search
results, our myWeichert feature brings them back to your
• Buyers looking for a home like yours will automatically
receive an email when we put your listing online.
• Our iPhone app and mobile site make searching for your
listing easy, no matter where buyers are.
Your news.

We customize our marketing to alert
local buyers directly.
The typical distance most homebuyers move is only
11 miles from their current address.

• The Weichert direct mail program sends
out millions of postcards each year.
• Attractive email campaigns keep local
buyers informed.


Our attention-getting mailings, along with our
email marketing, target neighborhoods that
are proven sources for buyers of
homes in your local area.
Our in-house design team will create a professional-
quality custom brochure that will draw attention
to your home’s best features and make it stand out
against the competition.
Our name.
Weichert will interest more buyers in your home.
Weichert has an established track record for attracting
buyers by using print media, radio, and outdoor
advertising as well as our highly recognizable signs.


Because we have such a prominent
local presence, active buyers quickly realize
that Weichert is their most dependable
source for homes.
My connection.
I’ll tap into transferees nationally and
Our relocation firm consistently sends us people relocating
for their work who need to buy a home right away.

• Weichert Workforce Mobility is among the world’s leading corporate relocation companies,
with offices across the US and in London, Toronto, Calgary, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
• No other privately owned real estate company in America works with as many buyers
relocating to new areas.
• It serves 385* of the world’s leading and most respected corporations, including several
Fortune 500 companies that regularly relocate anywhere from several hundred to
several thousand employees each year.


Transferees not only need to buy a new
home quickly, they also typically qualify for
company benefits that make it easier to
purchase a home.
Weichert Workforce
mobility inc. clients.
Representative List as of December 5, 2015
Advance Auto Cox Enterprises, Inc. KBR PTC
AECOM C.R. Bard Kennametal QBE
Air Products CSC Kia Motors Kone RB
Alliance One D & H International Kuehne & Nagel Richardson
International Daymon Worldwide L’Oreal USA International
Allscripts Defender Direct LaFarge Canada RR Donnelley
Alstom, Inc. Digital Globe Linn Energy Safe net
AMF Bowling Centers, Inc. Dollar Tree MeadWestvaco Sapient Corporation
Ann Taylor DSM Medlmmune Sellafield
ATB Financial Enerflex Molson - Coors Scoular
Aventis EnergySolutions - UK National Grange – Sherrin
Babcock & Wilcox Entergy MSA Group SKF USA Inc.
BAE US HQ Fast Retailing National Grid Snap-On Incorporated
Barton Ferguson NCR Corporation Southwestern Energy
BBA Aviation FirstGroup America Nestle Stanley Black & Decker
Becton, Dickinson & Co. FM Global Nestle-Purina Petcare Stepan Company
Berry Plastics FMC Technologies Nuverra Subaru
Bombardier Recreation Forest Laboratories NXP Swedish Match
Bombardier GAF Materials Nycomed US Terex Corporation
Transportation Corporation Nyrstar The Lubrizol
Booz and Company Godiva OfficeMax Corporation
Boston Scientific Haemonetics Oklahoma Gas & Elec. The Reader’s Digest
Bowe Bell & Howell Ca- Harleysville Group, Inc. Parametric Technology The Regence Group
meco Hilton Worldwide Parsley Energy The Scotts Company
Cameron HJ Heinz PCL Constructors Tiffany
Campbell Soup Company Holcim Pearson Tops Markets, LLC.
Celestica Home Depot Canada Perdue Farms Under Armour
CF Industries Houghton Mifflin PFG United Farmers
Chesapeake Energy Harcourt PGW Visa Europe
Chicago Bridge and Iron Integra Life Sciences Pinnacle Foods Westinghouse
CoBank, ACB Corp. Corporation Woodward Governor
Colgate-Palmolive lntegris Health Pioneer Hibred Co.
CompHealth Invensys PPG Industries World Kitchens
Concho Resources Irving Oil Limited PQ Corporation Yum! Brands, Inc.
Continental Resources Itron Precision Drilling
Coveris JM Manufacturing Corporation

We heip some of the world’s leading companies deploy and manage their key talent. Independently owned and
leveraging more than 40 years of real estate and mobile workforce management experience, we are committed to
optimizing the relocation process, making it faster, easier and more cost-effective for our clients to transfer critical skills,
address talent gaps, and pursue new business opportunities anywhere in the world. Many of our clients listed above are
among Fortune Magazine’s Best Companies to Work For, Fastest-Growing Companies in the World, and the Fortune 500.
Collectively, these valued clients relocate thousands of employees annually.
*Not all Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. clients are listed, due to confidentiality agreements which prohibit
the publication of their names.
Your specialist.
I know the local market thoroughly.

• Understand current market conditions and pricing trends in your neighborhood
• Keep track of the inventory of comparable local homes
• Analyze feedback from prospective buyers
• Negotiate the best sale price the current market will bear


I will commit all my skills as a Neighborhood
Specialist to sell your home for the
best price possible.
Why list with me?

REAL ESTATE agents (or companies) are not all alike.
That’s why when selling your home, you need to entrust that responsibility to a qualified career

Like me.

FINDING the right real estate agent to represent you (and get the job done) should not be
a personality contest, or be decided by who charges the smallest fee — it should be a careful,
deliberate process that compares agents’ individual expertise, professionalism, AND specific
marketing plan. What resources are available to the agent that will give your home a distinct
competitive advantage in a still challenging marketplace?

IF YOU’RE SHOPPING for the right real estate agent (which you should do), ask him or her,
“Why should I list with you?” Then listen to (and compare) their answers.


1. I know my business.
2. I know how and where to find buyers.
3. I know how to make things happen.
4. I know how to negotiate a contract that can close.
5. I know how to manage a transaction so that it will close.
6. I know real estate law, principles and practices.
7. I am a career professional.
8. I back my work with a written guarantee.

IT TAKES a great agent, but an even greater TEAM to effectively market and SELL your home.
As you compare real estate agents, consider each agent’s marketing plan. How is it different?
Better? Does it single out your home from others on the market? Is it guaranteed in writing?
Compare the real estate company backing up the agent with other real estate companies.

WEICHERT® SALES ASSOCIATES are among the very best in the real estate business.
We are highly trained and motivated marketing and negotiation specialists, backed by extraor-
dinary technology, resources, reputation, and leadership, which is why I am a proud member of
the Weichert System!

THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to show you the “Weichert Difference.”
Working for you from
contract to closing.

• Deliver or confirm delivery of fully executed
contract to you and the buyer.
• Confirm receipt of initial deposit monies.
• Report sale to Multiple Listing Services (MLS).
• Confirm with Buyer’s Realtor the completion of
mortgage application (if applicable).
• Confirm with Buyer’s Realtor the dates/times of
home inspections, and any other inspections that
are applicable.
• Assist in scheduling local municipal inspections
(if applicable).
• Notify you of inspection results.
• Assist you in obtaining repair estimates, if applicable.
• Assist you in negotiating responsibility for repair
issues with buyers.
• Confirm receipt of remaining deposit monies.
• Periodically contact mortgage representative to
confirm status of mortgage loan.
• Meet appraiser at property.
• Provide copy of listing and recent comparable
• Confirm house appraisal is adequate and inform
you accordingly.
• Verify that all contingencies of sale have been
• Confirm receipt of mortgage commitment and
follow through on any “subject to” items.
• Confirm completion of any agreed-upon repairs and
forward copies of work receipts to closing parties.
• Confirm time, date, and location of closing and
inform you accordingly.
• Order final water bill (if applicable).
• Pay final water bill and municipal transfer stamps
(if applicable).
• Ascertain your receipt of final closing costs.
• Verify with you and the buyer the date and time for
final walk-through.
• Notify closing parties as to walk-through results and
resolve questionable items prior to closing.
• Verify location of keys, garage door openers, and
warranty document (if applicable).
• Attend closing, bringing all applicable files,
documents, keys, and any other pertinent
Why you need a
If you’re planning to sell your home, it has probably
crossed your mind to try to sell it yourself and save the
sales commission. There are some very good reasons why
that would be a mistake.

According to housing industry experts at
and, more homes listed by real estate agents
are sold than homes marketed by owners, and they
sell more quickly and for more money. Homes listed
by realtors get more exposure, and their sellers get
more support.

Realtors offer many advantages:

• They’re trained and licensed professionals.
• They have experience in your neighborhood and
your market.
• They have oversight from brokers and state-licensing
• Their job is to advise you on the best way to reach
your goals.
• Their continuing education keeps them up-to-date
on housing issues.
• They know how to present your home and deal
with buyers.
• They know how and where to market properties.
• They know how to overcome typical snags that
occur in all real estate transactions and closings.
• They understand state-required disclosures and
look out for your best interests.
• They understand personal safety and security for
your belongings during showings.
• They know the best resources to make transactions
go more smoothly, from bankers to home­stagers
to contractors.
• They have the most accurate data sources — the
MLS, which is the only data repository that has the
most up­-to-date listing and sales information.
• They know how to negotiate.
• Their job is to make real estate transactions successful.

When you market your own home, you have to make
the time to do all the jobs a realtor would do, and you’ll
be competing against other sellers who have a realtor
by their side.

If you can’t leave work to show your home, or you feel it
requires more knowledge and experience than you have,
you can’t go wrong by hiring a well-respected realtor.
Your process.
1. 2. 3. 4.

Initial Visit Marketing Plan Price Evaluation Listing
Your Weichert Broker Your Weichert Broker Your Weichert Broker Agreement
gets acquainted with presents a customized will use market data Upon signing the agree-
you and your home in plan, along with mar- in order to set a price ment, Weichert will
order to create a plan keting pieces that will based on a complete begin the process of
for selling your home. showcase your home to understanding of marketing and selling
buyers. the market. your home.

5. 6. 7. 8.

Recommendations Home Protection “For Sale” Sign Multiple Listing
There may be some Plan Weichert’s highly visible Service
suggestions of simple There are benefits to and recognizable signs Your property will be
ways to make your home providing insurance will be installed (where entered into the MLS
more marketable and at- coverage as an incentive allowed). system for wide
tract a better price. to buyers for repairs of exposure to real estate
your home’s operating brokers and their
systems and appliances. customers.

9. 10. 11. 12.

Internet Broker Tour Marketing
Marketing Through our state of Your home is showcased Your Weichert Broker
Weichert bids on nearly the art contact center, for Weichert Brokers showcases your home
a million search terms online buyers interested and other brokers in through a combination
to drive buyers to our in your home can be im- the area. of direct mail postcards,
website, making your mediately connected to email, and newspaper
home easy to find. a Weichert Broker who advertising.
can answer questions
and set an appointment.
I’ll guide you every step of the way.

13. 14. 15. 16.

Open Houses Weichert Work- In-House Follow-Up
Weichert’s multi-step force Mobility Promotion Feedback
program for open Your Weichert Your home’s listing will Your Broker will regu-
houses will bring in Broker will notify be shared at our bi- larly report to you on
prospective buyers. All our relocation weekly office meeting to progress and will convey
visitors will be asked to division whose promote more show- responses from pro-
sign in upon arrival. corporate clients ings. spective buyers and
relocating to our area brokers who have seen
can view your home. your home.

17. 18. 19. 20.

Relocation Home Purchase Manager Review Offer Made
Assistance Our Gold Service The Managing Broker When an offer is made,
If you are leaving the Provider lender partners of Weichert Realtors® your Broker will advise
area, your Weichert can help you determine – Nickel Group will you and help you nego-
Broker can make the best financing periodically review the tiate any counteroffers
connections for you options if you are buying status of your you may make.
with the local Weichert a new home. home sale.
office in that area.

21. 22. 23. 24.

Contract of Sale Inspection and Mortgage Closing
Initial deposit of Follow Up Commitment Congratulations!
earnest money will be We will keep you up-to- You will receive a
placed in the office date on inspections and confirmation from your
escrow account. negotiate all issues for Weichert Broker to
Attorney review of a successful closing of confirm the date and
the contract is your sale. time of the closing.
Your resource.
I handle problems from contract to closing.
Selling a home is a complicated process.


A surprising amount of my expertise and
effort comes into play between your
signed offer and your closing.

Most buyers form their first painted and cleared of clutter, To see what needs to be done to
impression of your home with no visible repairs needed. sell your home faster and for a
before they even get out of A broken step, overgrown bush, higher price, go outside, stand
their cars. This is “curb appeal,” or abandoned toys in the yard on the curb, and try to look at
or the view from the curb that can spoil the appearance and your home the way the buyer
tells the buyer how attractive your buyer’s first impression. will. What do you see? Pay close
and well maintained your home attention to walkways, exterior
is compared to other homes. Curb appeal is important features, the entry, and
because it sets the tone for landscaping.
In a competitive market, it takes what the buyer is going to see
more than trimming the hedges inside. If the buyer likes the
and planting a few flowers to exterior, he or she will be
create curb appeal. The exterior predisposed to also like the
of your home must be in interior, and you’re that much
pristine condition — freshly closer to selling your home.
Showcasing your home.
Tips to help your home sell.
Once you’ve decided to put your home on the market, it’s
important to take a close look at it from the viewpoint of a
prospective buyer. Objectively evaluating each area and then
making your home “show ready” can have a major payoff in
terms of the offers it will attract and how soon those offers
will come in.


1. Keep it uncluttered. It will be neater • Trim, weed, and tidy up the FAMILY ROOMS
and look larger. You want to convey a lawn and garden. • Rearrange furniture for a more
spacious feeling. • Clean up pet areas; resod spacious feel. Remove any extra
2. Keep it clean. This creates the or seed. pieces and store.
impression that your home has been • Repair screens, windows, • Spot-clean carpets or rugs.
well cared for. Fresh paint makes and doors. • Have neutral paint or wallpaper.
rooms look clean and new. • Add fresh mulch under shrubs • Accent with fresh flowers.
3. Keep it repaired. Fix it before the • Add potted or hanging flowers • Open the shades and drapes
buyer inquires about it. The need for to deck or porch. to let in light.
repairs can make or break a sale.
4. Keep it neutral. Get rid of distracting IN THE KITCHEN IN THE BEDROOM
colors and personal accessories.
Neutral colors and simple decor help • Clear away extra small • Straighten up closets. Box and
someone visualize their own appliances. store clothing, shoes, etc.,
belongings in a room. • Remove stains and items as necessary.
5. Keep it inviting. Make your home from the sink. • Arrange toys to look appealing.
memorable! Fresh flowers and fresh • Straighten memo areas and • Add curtains or valances to
clean smells make your house more remove papers. rooms without them.
attractive. • Clean and deodorize the vent • Remove attention-getting
6. Keep it light and bright. Open curtains or exhaust hood. posters.
and drapes to let the sunshine in. Turn
on the lights so your rooms come IN THE BATHROOM IN THE BASEMENT
to life.
7. Showtime! Make a final check of every • Clean counters of extra OR GARAGE
room. Put away any toys, clothes, food, toiletries. Store them out • Thoroughly clean and
or other “left out” items. of sight. deodorize areas where pets
• Remove stains and mold from sleep or spend time.
sink, tub, or shower. • Straighten tools and the
• Patch, caulk, and grout as laundry area.
needed. • Sweep floors; clean up
• Put out attractive “for- grease spots.
show­only” towels. • Get rid of any items you won’t
be taking with you.
your home.

Make your home as appealing as possible.

Place dogs or cats in the yard or confine to one area.

Eliminate any strong odors from pets, cooking, or
anything else.

Be careful not to replace an unpleasant or
overpowering odor with another.

All magazines, newspapers, and toys should be put
away neatly.

Open all window treatments for daytime showing
and turn on lights for evening showings — including
porch lights.

Make sure there are no dishes in the kitchen sink.

The kitchen counters should be free of small
appliances and clutter.

Close toilet lid and replenish toilet tissue supply.

Bathrooms should be clean and have fresh towels.

Beds should be made with clean linens and clothes
put away.

Important or sensitive papers and information
should be secured.

Jewelry and other small valuables should be put away.

Double-check that your home is making a good first

Contact your utility companies to shut off existing
service and request service in your new home.

Arrange for your pets to be cared for on moving day.

Request change of address for your mail, credit cards,
magazines, friends and family, etc.

Make sure you have enough boxes and packing

Contact your insurance company to change address
of your coverage.

Cancel services such as lawn care, pest control,
and others.

Label each box for its intended room in your
new home.

Put together a moving day survival kit with items you
will need for the trip and immediately after arriving
at your new home. These items include toilet paper,
snacks, bottled water, dishes, toiletries, towels, and a
change of clothes.
Label boxes of any items you’d like first off the truck
when it arrives at your new home.

Hand-carry small valuables and important documents

Once the house is empty, take time to do a final
walk-through — check closets and cabinets for items
left behind.

Have cash on hand for incidental expenses.

Give the house a final cleanup.

Be sure to leave spare keys and garage transmitters in
the house or with your agent.

No two homes are identi- multiple listing service changing, due to new listings,
cal, which is why choosing a (MLS). The MLS is available pending sales, closed sales,
sales price or offer price for to licensed members only, price reductions, and
a home can be challenging. including brokers, sales- expired listings.
That’s where the comparable people, and appraisers, who
market analysis, or CMA, can pay dues to gain access to CMAs can vary widely,
be useful. the service’s public and depending on the knowledge
proprietary data, including and skill of the person input-
What Is a CMA? tax roll information, sold ting the search parameters
The CMA is a side-by-side transactions, and listings to the software as well as
comparison of homes for input by all cooperating the number and type of data
sale and homes that have MLS members. fields that are chosen. This
recently sold in the same means some features may not
neighborhood and price Listing agents generate be included.
range. This information is CMAs for their sellers, and
further sorted by data fields buyers’ agents create them As informative as the CMA
such as single-family or for their buyers so both is, it should only be used
condo, number of bedrooms, sides know what current as a tool and should not
number of baths, zip codes, market conditions are for substitute for your real estate
and many other factors. Its the homes they’re interested professional’s knowledge
purpose is to show fair in comparing. and advice.
market value based on what
other buyers and sellers How Accurate Are CMAs?
have determined through The CMA is a here-and-now
past sales, pending sales, and snapshot of the market
homes recently put based on the most recent
on the market. data available, but it can
instantly be rendered
How Is the CMA Created? obsolete by a new listing, or
CMAs are generated by a a change of status in a home
computer program supplied with the same criteria. Why?
by your real estate agent’s The market is constantly

In a neighborhood of similar benchmarked, but other Number of Bedrooms
homes, why is one worth more factors come into play. The and Baths
than another? That’s the most important are: Over time, median homes have
question that has teased buyers grown larger. Decades ago,
and sellers for ages, but the Location household members shared
answer is simple. The closer a home is to jobs, bedrooms and baths without
parks, transportation, schools, complaint, but today, families
Every home is different. and community services, the want more privacy. The
more desirable it is. median home purchased
When a home is sold, a today is a three-bedroom,
willing seller and a willing Size two-bath home.
buyer have just announced Square footage impacts home
to the world the value of values because they’re built us- Features and Finishes
that home. From there, ing more materials. Larger lot Features such as outdoor
other similar homes are sizes mean more privacy. kitchens and spa baths make a
home more luxurious. A home a good idea for homeowners to something as simple as views,
finished with hardwood floors keep their homes updated and paint colors, or the overall taste
and granite countertops is in top repair. of the homeowner.
going to cost more than a home
with carpet and laminate Curb Appeal Valuing a home will never be
countertops. From the street, the home an exact science, but if you buy
has curb appeal when it looks wisely and keep your home
Condition clean, fresh, and inviting. Fresh updated and in good repair, you
The closer a home is to having landscaping and flowers won’t should regain most, if not all, of
had new construction, the more change the size or location, but your investment.
it will retain its value. It is they certainly add charm.
perceived as more modern,
up-to-date, and perhaps safer. When two homes are identical
Homes that are not updated or in the same neighborhood, a
in poor repair sell for less. It’s higher price may come down to
pricing and timing.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


Your best chance of selling your If you don’t get many showings The market can always change
home is in the first two weeks or offers, you’ve probably its mind and give your home
of marketing. Your home is overpriced your home, and it’s another chance, but by then
fresh and exciting to buyers and not comparing well to the you’ve lost precious time and
their agents. competition. Since you can’t perhaps allowed a stigma to
change the location, you’ll cloud your home’s value.
With a sign in the yard, a have to improve the home’s
description in the local condition or lower the price. Intelligent pricing isn’t about
multiple listing service, distri- getting the most for your home
bution across the Internet, open Consult with your agent and — it’s about getting your home
houses, a broker’s caravan, ads, ask for feedback. Perhaps you sold quickly at fair market value.
and email blasts to your listing can do a little more to spruce
agent’s buyers, your home up your home’s curb appeal, or
will get the greatest flurry of perhaps stage the interior to
attention and interest in the better advantage.
first two weeks.

+15% 10%

+10% 30%

Market Value 60%

-10% 75%

-15% 90%

Pricing a home for sale is as for the home. Values can be home, believing they can always
much an art as it is a science, impacted by a wide range of come down later, but that’s a
but there are a few truisms that variables, but the two most serious mistake.
never change: significant are location and
condition. Overpricing prevents the very
• Fair market value attracts buyers who are eligible to buy
buyers, overpricing Generally, fair market value the home from ever seeing
never does. can be determined through the it. Most buyers shop by price
• The first two weeks of CMA — comparison with other range, and look for the best
marketing are crucial. similar homes that have sold value in that range.
• The market never lies, but it or are currently for sale in the
can change its mind. same area.

Fair market value is what a will- Sellers often view their homes
ing buyer and a willing seller as special, which tempts them
agree by contract is a fair price to put a higher price on the
PRICE OF A $400,000 HOME,

= $12,000 = $12,000

= $4,800, LEAVING AGENT $7,200

TAXES, $7,200-$3,600
= (50% EXPENSES)

= $3,600


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