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Ismael Ivo returns home
Ismael Ivo (62) has been nominated director of
the Balé da Cidade de São Paulo, i.e. of the
company of the Municipal Theatre of São Paulo,
Brazil. This is a modern and contemporary dance
company whose repertoire ranges from works
by Argentinian Óscar Araiz, the most famous
choreographer in South America, to leading lights
of present-day choreography, such as Alexander
Ekman. Ismael Ivo is a native of São Paulo and
directed the Venice Dance Biennale from 2005 to
2012, was among the founders of Austrian con-
temporary dance festival ImPulsTanz and has
also worked in the training sector – first with the
“Arsenale della Danza” project in Venice and
now with the “Biblioteca do Corpo” project, in
the context of ImPulsTanz, to which is also due
to return this coming summer.

La Scala’s school on stage
April was a busy month for the Ballet School Cie Marie Chouinard: “Soft Virtuosity, Still Humid, on the Edge”, c. Marie Chouinard
of the Accademia Teatro alla Scala (as it is called (ph. N. Ruel)
today), directed by Frédéric Olivieri. At the
Piccolo Teatro, Milan (where for some time
now the school has been performing twice a The company, founded in 1958 by Alvin Ailey ship between dance and video technology. On
year) the young dancers presented a varied and (who died in 1989), continues to be the custo- the other hand, the choice of Dana Michel as
difficult programme with – as its now custom- dian of the oeuvre of this Afro-American cho- awardee of the Silver Lion is already subject to
ary introductory piece (choreographed by reographer although its repertoire is much controversy: although this young Canadian cho-
Olivieri) – the Grand Pas from Paquita pre- broader and also comprises works by other reographer and performer has for the time be-
ceded by the Mazurka for the younger pupils, American authors, such as Paul Taylor, and by ing created only three works, “she has already
followed by Jirí Kylián’s Un ballo and Varia- a whole more recent generation of choreogra- found her way into our memories” (or so the
tion for four, a piece of great male bravura cre- phers (including hip hop dancemakers). One Biennale’s press release assures us). There will
ated by Anton Dolin for London Festival Bal- will be able to see for oneself in the five differ- be other Canadian guests, such as Louise
let in 1957. At the end of the month the Ballet ent programmes to be presented at the Théâtre Lecavalier, Benoît Lachambre and Chouinard’s
School then went on to dance a performance of du Châtelet next July. own company. Italy will be represented by
Cinderella (by Olivieri) at La Scala and, a few Alessandro Sciarroni, Holland by Ann Van den
days later, danced at a gala performance in fa- Broek, France by Xavier Leroy and Mathilde
vour of the Fondazione Francesca Rava, with Marie Chouinard arrives in Monnier with La Ribot, South Africa by Robyn
the participation also of some pupils from the Venice and honours Lucinda Orlin etc. See Calendar.
Vaganova Academy of St Petersburg and the Childs
“Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at Ameri-
can Ballet Theatre”, New York. As we announced some time ago, Marie Les Rencontres
Chouinard (62) is the new director of the dance Les Rencontres Chorégraphiques
section of the Venice Biennale (until 2020). Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis
The forthcoming edition of Biennale Danza, the (France) descend from the famous Concours de
Festivals first the Canadian choreographer has worked Bagnolet where French “nouvelle danse” was
on, will be held from 23 June to 1 July. This born; the Rencontres are a ‘must’ of the season,
A French summer with Alvin year the prestigious Golden Lion for Lifetime a showcase for the French and international
Ailey Achievement goes to Lucinda Childs (77), one dance trends. Their next edition takes place from
Another ‘descendant’, Les Étés de la Danse of the doyens of American post-modern dance 12 May to 17 June in several towns in the Île
(heir to the old International Dance Festival of who began her career in what was a New York de France department (see Calendar). The fes-
Paris), has each summer, since 2005, been in- powerhouse of experimentation, the Judson tival is inviting 29 choreographers from all over
viting a different, internationally-famous, big Dance Theatre; she was often associated with the world: apart from French authors (one must
dance company and presenting numerous pro- minimalism on account of her collaboration with mention at least Oliva Grandville), the numer-
grammes that showcase its repertory and give a high-profile artists such as, for example, Philip ous artists featured come from Spain, Italy,
wide vision of its oeuvre and artistic identity. Glass and Robert Wilson. In fact the Biennale Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Ger-
On this occasion, for the fourth time, it is the opens with some of Childs’ works: a modified many, United Kingdom, Quebec, Brazil, Iran,
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater that Dance (2010) followed by the original 1979 Japan, Korea, India. The names of well-known/
returns to the Parisian festival (following pre- Dance, one of her most famous creations and established artists are side-by-side with others
vious appearances here in 2006, 2009 and 2012). considered a breakthrough work in the relation- being revealed to the French public.