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Tribute to John Coltrane
Fabbrica Europa of Florence plans dance/
music/theatre shows with the intent of being
a “research festival”, i.e. one projected to-
wards the future and innovation. Its princi-
pal venue is Florence’s old reconverted rail-
way station, Stazione Leopolda, while some
shows also take place in other venues around
the city. Its 24th edition is being held from 4

Remembering Nervi
The Nervi International Ballet Festival,
founded (1955) and directed by Mario
Porcile, was one of the first and – for al-
most forty years – most important dance
festivals in the world. It was especially
significant in Italy because it showcased
major companies and dancers to a public
that was then in the process of rediscov-
ering the art of dance. Nostalgic Nervi fans
paid tribute to the festival and to its
demiurge Mario Porcile (who passed away
in 2013) in a “gala” at the Teatro Manzoni
in Milan on 21 March. Various artists who
lived through the “Nervi era” shared their
Ballet Nacional de Cuba: “Giselle”, c. Alicia Alonso (ph. Ramella&Giannese) reminiscences: Carla Fracci, Roberto
Fascilla, Liliana Cosi, Anna Razzi, Paola
Cantalupo, Vittorio Biagi, Davide
Ravenna greets the summer at La Scala, Milan and is generally-speaking Bombana, Renata Calderini... Others
The Ravenna Festival traditionally kicks off very popular in Italy, will be dancing various danced in their honour.
the summer festival season in Italy (stay tuned pieces (from The Dying Swan to recent crea-
for details in our next issue): this prestigious tions) with “friends” from the Muscovite Alicia Markova and Mario Porcile
cultural event groups together concerts, op- troupe. On the contemporary front, make a at Nervi Festival in 1955
eras, plays dance, readings, meetings etc. and note of Uccidiamo il chiaro di luna by Silvana
actually starts in late May. On the dance side, Barbarini which proposes to reconstruct “vin-
mark your calendars for the Ballet Nacional de tage” Italian dance excerpts; this will be fol-
Cuba in a programme of excerpts from the lowed by Olivier Dubois, a leading light on
classical repertory (June) and for an evening the French contemporary dance scene, and
with Svetlana Zakharova (June): the star of Shobana Jeyasingh, an Indian choreographer
the Bolshoi, Moscow, who dances regularly who is based in London.

Cie Rosas: “A Love Supreme”, c. Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (ph. A. Van Aerschot)

May to 15 June. The Rosas Company inau-
gurates the dance section with a tribute to
jazz icon John Coltrane. To mark the 50th
anniversary of the Afro-American composer/
saxophonist’s death the Belgian group will
be dancing a work by Anne Teresa De
Keersmaeker and Catalan choreographer Salva