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GXT Completes East AfricaSPAN

Date: Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Input/Output subsidiary GX Technology Corporation
(GXT), announced that it has completed a seismic
acquisition program across East Africa. GXT was
contracted to provide an advanced regional 2D seismic
framework for the petroleum systems offshore Kenya,
Madagascar, and Tanzania, or what the company likes
to call the East AfricaSPAN.

The acquisition is comprised of about 8,300 km of 2D
marine data which GXT acquired using long streamer
offsets and long record times. According to the company
the geologic program defines the regional distribution
of source rocks and the wide-scale basement
architecture of the East African margin.

GXT has begun to apply its processing and depth
imaging technologies to deliver a structural framework in both the time and depth
domains. As part of each East AfricaSPAN dataset, clients receive an interpretation
report prepared by regional experts that was designed to help identify potential play
types and exploration prospects in the area.

Ken Williamson, Senior Vice President of the Integrated Seismic Solutions business at
GXT, commented, "In East Africa, the geology is quite complex and the available seismic
data is limited. A new basin-scale data program was critical to help oil & gas companies
thoroughly investigate this region's resource potential. We are excited to include East
AfricaSPAN in our globally expanding library. GXT worked closely with regional experts
to custom design the program in order to offer E&P companies valuable insights into
this offshore region, which is an area of renewed interest and focus. We look forward to
helping our customers extract the maximum value from East AfricaSPAN and to
extending our SPAN(TM) programs in other potential hydrocarbon-producing areas
around the globe."

ION Geophysical Corporation today announced that it has successfully acquired 8,700
km of regional seismic data offshore Tanzania, Mozambique, and Comoros, adding to
the 14,000 km of data the company previously acquired in the region in the first two
phases of its East AfricaSPAN(TM) program.

. Pre-stack time migration (PSTM) results will be available in November 2011. Ken Williamson. were initiated as a result of geologic insights provided by the first two phases of our East AfricaSPAN program. This additional dataset will provide important ties to the Southern petroleum provinces of East Africa in Mozambique and southern Tanzania. This third phase of ION’s East AfricaSPAN program provides the basis for an improved understanding of the hydrocarbon potential in this highly prospective region. “Recent development activities in East Africa.Several recent large discoveries offshore Mozambique and southern Tanzania have created tremendous interest in the East Africa margin for oil exploration. commented.” East AfricaSPAN III was acquired using long offsets and a specially designed source optimized for deep penetration and imaging. The data will be processed using ION’s GX Technology group’s latest proprietary processing and imaging technologies. with pre-stack depth migration (PSDM) results available December 2011. Senior Vice President of ION’s Integrated Seismic Solutions group. and help shape ideas for exploration in the rest of the margin. particularly in Kenya and Tanzania.