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By Gene Kliewer
Technology Editor

Nanaa 3D survey offshore Kenya will add to understanding of the area geology.

The Nanaa 3D seismic survey offshore Kenya in area L8 is complete for operator Apache
Corp. The 1,400 sq km (541 sq mi) run in the southeast part of L8 covers the Nanaa and Kozi
leads from the Tertiary to the Jurassic, and the Bundi and Tai prospects in the Cretaceous to
Upper Jurassic. Processing and interpretation are expected to be complete by year-end.

Partner Pancontinental Oil & Gas NL says the inverted basinal setting in this part of
Lamu basin is combined with a restricted depositional environment between the Davie
Ridge and a faulted rift margin high. There is interpreted to be a thick oil-prone
potential source interval, closure in prospects / leads directly above the source interval,
and optimal structural timing and source maturation and migration. Seismic "flat
spots," AVO anomalies, and interpreted naturally occurring oil seeps support the
concept of oil generation, charge, and entrapment, says Pancontinental.