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Mission :
To gather all merchants cooperate with us, consumers not only able to receive rewards
while spending and earn passive income at the same time.

Vision :
iOne Rewards ,,
To create a comprehensive enterprising platform to make iOne Rewards become the
only international loyalty program, a reward card able to use all over the world.


iOne Rewards Sdn Bhd 2017,


,iOne Rewards
iOne Rewards

iOne Rewards Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2017 as a loyalty

program and rewards system services.

During that time, founder Mr.Reyes For noticed that many loyal-
ty programs that launched by merchants were only able to use
on their owned merchant, and the rewards received by the
members are unrealistic or unnecessary. Besides, due to the
cost of high technology rewards system, we only saw franchis-
es or top retailers in market able to purchase the reward

In order to create a loyalty program through all the world, iOne

Rewardss philosophy is to gather all merchants including
SMES, top retailers and E-merchant using our high technology
rewards system with acceptable joining fee. The main rewards
in our system is cash back to our loyalty members which the
currency using inside the system is calculated in USD. Besides,
iOne Rewards also integrate a powerful affiliate program which
allowed all members earning passive income. Through this
platform, iOne Rewards aims to achieve a loyalty program
which leads to a triple win situation (Company, merchants and
members) and ione rewards card able to use internationally.


High Technology Reward System

Provide merchants and members with high technology reward system through the fully
automated point calculated system based on USD, affiliate program and cash back as

Market Creation

Problem-solving for SMEs via a comprehensive, high efficient and high quality strategic
planning system which allow SMEs, top retailers and E-merchant join us for advertising
for their products through loyalty program with an acceptable cost.

Exclusive Rewards

iOne Rewards

Provide members exclusive rewards through cash back where the points collected from
all iOne Rewards merchants over the world able to accumulate together.

iOne Rewards
Spend More, Earn More

Social Networking:

To broaden the social reach of SMEs, top retailer and E-merchants in achieving a triple
win (company, merchant and members) situation of resource sharing through the collab-
oration of varied industries, via loyalty program advertising, inter-platform reward
system, and attractive marketing plan.

International Pathways

iOne Reward

To maintain long-lasting, stable and strategic cooperation with both local and foreign
businesses to expand iOne Rewards onto the global stage, which allow member to use
one reward card internationally.



Market Planning & Development

iOne Rewards

iOne Rewards

With the development of globalization trends, loyalty program has gradually become one
of the strategic marketing plan. Through the loyalty program, it not only can push the busi-
ness to another stage, but also indirectly help enterprise to save a lot of advertising costs.
iOne Rewards will be the only international loyalty program, one member card which able
to use internationally. Increasingly competitive environment in the development, continue
to abroad advanced planning and innovative ideas and innovative marketing model, to
create a new strategic of loyalty program innovation, and strive to loyalty program in all
aspects of doing better and more innovative. iOne Rewards will provide enterprises with
perfect reward system, advertising and a large customer base, indirectly improve the busi-
ness volume. Consumers can earn a passive income by accumulating the points and
reward as cash back.


Platform Creation


Establish the correct concept of the platform. Using the concept of modern trends,
launched a global loyalty program. Broaden the channels of communication, enrich the
platform means of communication, get rid of the image of the corporate image of over-reli-
ance on advertising, strengthen the innovation and development of enterprise communi-
cation mode, actively introduce the concept and tactics of integrated marketing communi-
cation, and adopt some new forms of low cost and good effect Customer's business.


Business Consultancy


Focus on providing customized, reliable and inno-

vative business consulting services to ensure that
customers get the best service experience. iOne
Rewards is committed to understanding the
needs of corporate customers, committed to help-
ing customers become industry experts, improve
business, and provide a complete reward system,
free advertising and a wealth of market informa-
tion and expertise to ensure that each customers
program planning and strategic implement effec-
tively, to predominate the advantages of competi-
tiveness, and thus quickly to success.


Collaborative platform

iOne Rewards

To create a global franchise platform, iOne Rewards launches a global loyalty program.
According to the introduction of various countries to join the program, looking for repre-
sentatives of various countries and state representatives to implement the franchise plan,
the company will provide one-stop business ideas, relying on a unique business model,
to create a unique and innovative loyalty program for partners and society with infinite
value creation.

Reyes (Chin Liang)
CEO of iOne Rewards


iOne Rewards Sdn. Bhd.

2017iOne Rewards

(Loyalty Progam) (Customer Reward Program)

Rewards international one rewards,

, iOne Rewards
iOne Rewards
iOne Rewards
iOne Rewards

iOne Rewards Sdn. Bhd.s founder Mr Reyes For traversed a wide range of jobs includ-
ing market executive and traditional sales during university time, and join semiconductor
industry as a computer software engineer after graduation. Few years later, he decided to
breakthrough and cross-border into the enterprise management. In 2017, he established
iOne Rewards loyalty program. He witnesses first-hand how globalization has affected the
ever-increasing influence of loyalty program on consumerism. The purpose of consumers is
no longer just to meet the basic needs of necessities, but more attention to psychological
Loyalty program also called customer rewards program, refers to the business for the
customer's loyalty to provide a series of purchase offers, value-added services, prizes and
other rewards program, its purpose is to provide customers with higher customer value, to
improve customer satisfaction and maintain loyalty customers. iOne Rewards are equal
international one rewards, which means one reward card in hand able to use international-
ly concept. It not only helps enterprise to improve competitiveness, but also allow consum-
ers receive cash back through the reward points, indirectly earning passive income. Founder
Mr Reyes For said that once the loyalty program garnered a place consumers heart, it
becomes permanent and irreplaceable. With more than 10 years of experience and social
networking background across different professions, he has created a unique collaborative
In the era of information transparency, loyalty programs are mostly used by large enter-
prises, but today iOne Rewards give opportunity to small, medium and large enterprises,
network sellers and even brokers join this loyalty program. Which helps SMEs through iOne
Rewards this rewards program, push their business to another stage, together create one
member card able to use internationally. iOne Rewardss ambition is to create a novel enter-
prising platform based on loyalty program innovation.