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2 Quick Test

Tick ( ) A, B, or C to complete the sentences.

Example: My name _____ Robert.
A am c B is c C are c
1 We have three _____ of white paper.
A box c B boxes c C boxs c
2 Give me _____ sandwich. Its my sandwich!
A that c B those c C these c
3 I have two _____ on my desk.
A diaris c B diaries c C diarys c
4 _____ the window, please. Its hot.
A Open you c B You open c C Open c
5 A What are those?
B Theyre _____.
A watches c B watch c C watchs c
6 Please _____ here.
A not park c B dont park c C no park c
7 Im tired. _____ go home.
A Lets c B We c C I c
8 A Whats _____?
B Its my identity card.
A these c B that c C those c
9 A Im bored.
B _____ TV.
A Lets watch c B you watch c C we watch c
10 Theyre _____.
A olds jeans c B old jeans c C jeans old c
11 _____ cars are Japanese.
A This c B These c C That c
12 A What are _____ in English?
B Theyre headphones.
A this c B that c C these c
13 Turn off your phone. _____ is a library!
A This c B That c C These c
14 Please _____ English in class.
A speaking c B you speak c C speak c
15 These are very _____ .
A beautiful photos c B photos beautifuls c C photos beautiful c
16 Who are those _____?
A people c B peoples c C persons c
17 A Whats this?
B Its _____.
A iPod c B a iPod c C an iPod c
18 Porsches are _____.
A expensives cars c B cars expensives c C expensive cars c
19 _____ on the air conditioning. Im cold.
A No turn c B Dont turn c C Lets dont turn c
20 A Whats that?
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2 Quick Test
B Its _____ umbrella.
A the c B a c C an c


a Tick ( ) the opposite adjective A, B, or C.

Example: big
A large c B small c C pretty c
1 fast
A near c B high c C slow c
2 difficult
A easy c B expensive c C slow c
3 expensive
A new c B cheap c C white c
4 clean
A old c B high c C dirty c
5 beautiful
A cheap c B ugly c C tall c
6 weak
A strong c B high c C empty c
7 tall
A wet c B short c C thin c
8 rich
A expensive c B old c C poor c
9 dangerous
A new c B safe c C near c
10 full
A empty c B far c C low c

b Tick ( ) A, B, or C to complete the objects.

Example: address _____
A book c B note c C folder c
11 a piece of _____
A ticket c B photo c C paper c
12 a mobile _____
A picture c B phone c C chair c
13 an identity _____
A address c B email c C card c
14 a _____ card
A purse c B credit c C number c

c Tick ( ) A, B, or C to complete the colours.

Example: w__ite A e c B a c C h c
15 oran__e A j c B g c C d c
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2 Quick Test
16 yello__ A o c B e c C w c
17 bro__n A w c B u c C o c

d Tick ( ) the feeling word A, B or C.

Example: Close the window. Im _____.
A hungry c B tired c C cold c
18 Im _____ . Can I have a mineral water?
A hungry c B thirsty c C cold c
19 Im _____. Lets turn the air conditioning on.
A sad c B bored c C hot c
20 Im _____ . Lets have a pizza.
A angry c B hungry c C worried c


a Which word has a different sound? Tick ( ) A, B, or C.

Example: A am c B thanks c C car c
1 A rich c B easy c C difficult c
2 A boot c B good c C book c
3 A hot c B wrong c C short c
4 A far c B angry c C happy c
5 A this c B Thursday c C those c

b Which is the stressed syllable? Tick ( ) A, B, or C.

Example: A computer c B computer c C computer c
6 A magazine c B magazine c C magazine c
7 A identity c B identity c C identity c
8 A dangerous c B dangerous c C dangerous c
9 A umbrella c B umbrella c C umbrella c
10 A difficult c B difficult c C difficult c
Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total 50