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Chad Zullinger

I am excited to join the CMEA Bay

Section Board as the new Technology
(@jguarr) poses a question and then moder-
ates a discussion for one hour. Cant make
the chat? (True, its easier for folks on the
Representative for the next couple of years! East Coast...West Coast chat anyone?)
Our colleague Dr. Jeff Morton deserves a Dont worry, there are a variety of ways to
special thank you for his service and work participate:
as our Bay Section Tech Rep for these last Search on the hashtag #musedchat
two years thank you, Dr. Morton! to read thread and discussions.
As we approach the beginning of our school Participate and tweet at any time using
year, Id like to share with you some ideas #musedchat.
about professional development opportu- Find the entire Twitter chat at the
nities for music educators utilizing social archived story link and read at your
media. As you can imagine, there is simply leisure.
a deluge of information at our fingertips at
any given second, on any given day during At past conference presentations, I have
the week. Question: how might one filter talked about the terms synchronous vs.
this data deluge as it relates to PD in my asynchronous. Synchronous means that
profession? Fortunately, Twitter can help us were all physically in the same space and
do just that. time for teaching/learning. Asynchronous
activities can be at any time, and are not
Twitter is a social media site. According to dependent on space or time for teaching/
Wikipedia, Twitter is an online social net- learning to take place. Whats great about
working service that enables users to send Twitter as a form of professional develop-
and read short 140-character messages ment is that you dont have to be in the
called tweets. Think of Twitter as a series exact location or time to benefit from your
of filters for particular content on the internet colleagues and their ideas!
that interests you. My first foray onto Twit-
ter was a read-only type of activity where I You may be asking, How will Twitter help
could curate my own news feed; world and me be a better teacher for my students? In
local news, sports, arts, music education. a report by the College of Education from
Walden University, Teachers who are fre-
Twitter Chats quent technology users put more emphasis
Think of it like a weekly professional devel- on 21st century skills, including accountabil-
opment round table for any topic imagin- ity, collaboration, communication, creativity,
able. And of course, there is MusicEd chat! critical thinking, ethics, global awareness,
#musedchat is an online discussion on innovation, leadership, problem solving,
Monday evenings at 8:00 p.m. EST with productivity, and self-direction.
music educators from across the country. True, technology can assist us to design
Each week the moderator, Joe Guarr, great learning experiences for our students,
Summer 2016 Tempo 18
but technology is not a substitute for the Tempo articles. Are there sessions
great teaching. According to an April related to music technology that youd
2016 article in EdTechReview, Any learning like to see at the 2017 Bay Section
concerning technology should be based Conference? Share your ideas with me! T
around the theme and objectives of the Sources:
class. The place of technology in pedagogy Introduction. Educators, Technology and 21st
is based on various factors and questions Century Skills: Dispelling Five Myths. Baltimore, MD:
of effectiveness, time saving, increased Walden U, 2010. N. pag. Print.
outcomes, etc. Technology and Its Role in 21st Century Education.
EdTechReview. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Apr. 2016.
Take a look at as a re-
source page for Music Education and
Technology. There are some cool items of
interest here, such as podcasts, and tech
reviews, as well as items I reference here in

Large Group Festivals

Greg Conway

W elcome back to another school year

and an exciting year of festivals hosted by
registration site. If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact me at any time:
CMEA Bay Section. This will be the second
Finally, if you know of a music teacher new
year of the new Festival Registration web-
to Bay Section, perhaps you could reach
site, and we continue to make refinements
out to them and share this important festival
to allow directors to register as easily and
registration information.
smoothly as possible.
If you did not register for festivals last year
Festival registration opens
or are teaching at a different school, you will
Tuesday, September 6, at 4:00 p.m.
need to go to and click
on the Festival Registration link, which takes Out of Region registration
you to the registration site. Here you will be Monday, September 12, at 4:00 p.m.
directed to Create an Account. Once you
have created your account you will be able O
to register for festivals when registration REGION vs. AREA format for festivals:
opens on Tuesday, September 6, at 4:00
p.m. North = Areas I & VII
South = Areas V & VIII
We have been working hard to secure East = Areas II & III
contracts for all of our festivals. The most
West = Area VI
current list of 2017 Bay Section festivals is
Valley = Area IV
posted on our website and on our festival
Summer 2016 Tempo 19