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Digital Unit Plan Template

Unit Title: Volleyball Name: Natalie Hirst

Content Area: Physical Education Grade Level: 9-10
CA Content Standard(s)/Common Core Standard(s):

1.4 Explain and demonstrate advanced offensive, defensive, and transition strategies and tactics in combative, gymnastic/tumbling,
and team activities.

3.4 Explain and analyze the role of individual attitude, motivation, and determination in achieving personal satisfaction from
challenging physical activities.

3.5 Develop personal goals to improve ones performance in physical activities.

3.9 Encourage others to be supportive and inclusive of individuals of all ability levels.
Big Ideas/Unit Goals:

Students must be able to demonstrate the rotations, physical skills, and communication abilities that are required in a game of Volleyball. The students will also be
required to know all of the terms that go along with the volleyball unit.
Students will develop and write down individual goals for the unit and how they feel about their end results.
Students will work kindly with one another and encourage their fellow classmates, regardless of their abilities.

Unit Summary:

Th students will begin the Volleyball Unit by setting goals for themselves and writing it down in their journals. Throughout the Unit, the students will use this journal
to track their progress physically as well as mentally.
While setting goals and doing research is important in a Physical Education course, one of the main goals is for the students to understand, analyze, and engage in the
sport of Volleyball. In this Unit, the students will be learning how to play through hands on instruction as well as through lectures, videos, and role-play. The students
will also be required to acquire the knowledge of Volleyball terminology and ultimately, be able to play a game of Volleyball while the teacher observes. This requires
the students to work as a team and to encourage their teammates around them through social interaction, self-responsibility, and group dynamics.

Assessment Plan:
Entry-Level: Formative: Summative:
Open Discussion - Volleyball Video Questions for understanding: Test:
I will show the students a short clip of a volleyball game With this I would use a question along the lines of "So, I could use a Test. This would give me the opportunity to
and then ask the students, "What do you know about can anyone repeat to me what the role of the Outside fully assess all the students knowledge on the unit and to
Volleyball?" This will lead to an Open Discussion which Hitter is?" I can ask a series of questions to assess the see how well they understood the topic. I would ask
will allow me to understand the knowledge that my classroom for their understanding of the topic. questions regarding the terms, the positions, and the
students have towards the game of volleyball and what I Quiz: actions.
will need to go over. I can also use a Quiz. In the middle of the lesson, I would Perfomance:
ask the class to pull out a piece of paper and to write Performance would be the greatest way to fully assess
down the answers to the questions I ask verbally or have the students knowledge on the game of Volleyball. I
a typed out quiz ready to go. Or I could use an online would watch the students play out a game on their
source such as the example provided below. The quiz own; making teams, performing strategic plays, and
would be over terms and positions that I had just gone communicating with one another. This is the greatest
over. This will assess if the students were understanding way to assess knowledge in a Physical Education
what I was going over. classroom setting.
The most important way to assess in a Physical
Education class is physically. So for this assessment, I
would use a Game. I would show a video to the students
and then role-play the action (with an assistant) of how
to correctly pass the volleyball. After lecturing, I would
have the students pass the ball back and forth to see if
they understood.
Concept Map:
Last, I could use a Concept Map. A concept map would
consist of different terms such as Set, Bump, Spike. I
would be looking for the students to fill in the concepts
with things that relate to the word. For example, with the
word "Set" the things that I would be looking for them
to fill in would be: setter, right front, second touch.

Lesson 1 (Teacher Lecture)

Student Learning Objective: Acceptable Evidence Lesson Activities:

Students will be able to (Assessments): The students will first begin the class by writing in their journals about a goal that they want to set for the unit,
interpret and list the key whether it be physically or mentally.
terms of Volleyball. Vocabulary Terminology The students will then listen to the teacher lecture about volleyball. The teacher will use role play along with a
Worksheet PowerPoint presentation to help the students understand the terminology.
The students will be provided a handout with all the volleyball terminology on it.
Exit Ticket There will then be a quick Vocabulary worksheet given (doesnt go towards grade) to help me assess the students
knowledge and to help me see the areas I need to go over gain.
Then, I will assign the students a project which required them to research the role of physical activity in the
prevention of a disease within small groups that they will present at the end of the Unit.
To leave the class for the day, the students will have to give me their Exit Ticket with the names of the people in
their groups.
Lesson 2 (Webercise/ iPad Lesson)

Student Learning Objective: Acceptable Evidence: Lesson Activities:

Students will summarize all The students will begin the class by analyzing their individual attitude, motivation, and determination through their
the different positions, rules, Strategic Questioning journals.
and moves of volleyball. After a brief lecture, the class will move on to learning about the different moves, positions, and rules of the game of
Webercise volleyball.
The students will be provided a learning packet that has examples of rotations and positioning.
Response Log The majority of this class time will be spent on the courts and interacting with other classmates. I will walk around
the class and make sure the students are understanding the positions, rules, and moves and correcting them as I see I
need to. I will use Strategic Questioning to assess the students while observing and to make sure they understand the
Lesson for the day.
The students will then jot down a Response Log to a question that I ask at the end of class that would help me assess
their learning for the day.
The students will use a take home webercise to search up information about the game of volleyball.

Lesson 3 (Graphic Organizer)

Student Learning Objective: Acceptable Evidence: Lesson Activities:

Students will be able to The students will begin the class by going over their goal that they set for themselves in Lesson 1 and then
create their own teams and Group presentation discussing that goal and their feelings about it.
compete against one another. The students will then create their own teams and compete against one another, displaying their knowledge of the
Students will also be able to Volleyball Unit.
describe a play starting from Also, they will use a graphic organizing device (Flow-Chart) to describe a volleyball play from start to end.
the beginning to the end.

Unit Resources:

Useful Websites: