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1. Link to theme Sentence starters:

of Narrative. The imagery in this painting/sculpture suggests a link to the theme of Narrative through their use of.
The artists use of colour/composition etc suggests a link to the theme of Narrative bybecause.
ONE SENTENCE Name of the work links to the theme of Structure though their images of
This painting/sculpture uses colours/shapes/composition that links to the theme of Narrative through
Write how the the artists use of
work links to the
This painting/sculpture links to the theme of Narrative because it includes images of
theme of
2. Content What is it? What is it about? What is happening?
Does the image remind to of anything?
The content is the Is it a portrait? A landscape? Abstract?
subject of a piece What does the work represent?
of work. Write The title - what does the artist call the work?
about what you Does the title change the way we see the work?
see in the image. Is it a realistic depiction?
Have any parts been exaggerated or distorted? If so, why?
Sentence starters
In this art work I can see (describe what you see in the image)
This art piece reminds me of
The images in this art piece explore ideas of.
The general theme of this art piece is
I think the artist is trying to express a message / meaning of.
The title of the work appears to link to the meaning of the work, because (explain how)
The art work is realistic/abstract, because
3. What is your I like the way the artist uses
opinion of I am interested in the subject of the artists work because
your artists I find the use of imagery , it is
work? I am really interested in how the artist/tone/form to
Opportunity here to do additional research to understand context of the work
4. Form This means looking at the formal elements of an artwork.
What is the medium of the work?
This means What colours does the artist use? Why? How is colour organised?
commenting on What kind of shapes or forms can you find?
the art qualities of What kind of marks or techniques does the artist use?
the cork. What are the surfaces like?
What is the composition of the work? Dies it effect the understanding of the work?
How big is the work? Is its size important and why?
Sentence starters:
The composition of this painting is, because
The artist uses predominantlycolour, which creates the effect of
The artist uses perspective to create a sense of
The artist uses tone to create a sense of
5. Process Looking at process means studying how the work was made and what techniques were used.
What materials and tools were used to make the piece?
What is the evidence for this?
Do sketchbooks provide any clues as to how the work developed?
Sentence starters
The artist uses . to create this sculpture.
The material and how the image is made is important to the understanding of the work because.
The technique used to paint the image is (smooth/rough/splashy/transparent/opaque
Mood Mood means looking at how the artist has created a certain atmosphere or feeling.
What mood or effect is the artist trying to create?
Describe to mood How does the work make you feel?
or meaning of the Why do you think you feel like this?
work. What Does the colour, texture, form or theme of the work affect your mood?
mood do you Does the work create an atmosphere?
think the artist Sentence starters
want to make? I think the mood/effect the artist wanted to create was.
The mood/atmosphere of the image is very
I think the artist is trying to express
Key words: gloomy, fun, lively, mysterious, terrifying.
Context Research your artist and your chosen image. Try to find out more about the artist and the image to include
in your analysis