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Energy Data Cheat Sheet Links to selected data and analysis, June 2017

Global Oil Production Brent Crude Price World Oil Stocks World Gas Reserves Rotary Rigs Running
95.98 mln. bbl/d 52.98 $bbl 2.84 bln. bbl 186.9 trln. m3 1,917 units
in March 2017 in April, 2017 in March 2017 in 2015 in April, 2017

Popular Energy Industry Publications Production Facilities

International Energy Statistics EIA 1956-2017 A Q M Rotary Rig Count Baker Hughes 1975-2017 A M
Oil, gas, coal production, consumption, trade, reserves, CO2 emissions; electricity Number of rotary rigs running for many countries and regions.
generation and installed capacity (including renewable and nuclear).
North America Rotary Rigs Baker Hughes 1987-2017 D
Review of World Energy BP 1965-2015 A Oil and gas rotary rig count, by type (land, offshore, direct, horizontal, vertical) in regions
Stocks, trade, production, consumption of fossil fuels and renewables. of Canada and the US.
Energy Statistics Database UN 1990-2014 A LNG Liquefaction Plants IGU 2015 A
Production, trade, transformation, losses, stock changes of energy products, including Geotagged database of global LNG facilities, by status (existing, under construction and
motor gasoline, kerosene, brown coal; energy consumption by sectors. planned) for selected countries.
Energy Resources BGR 2009-2014 A Power Reactors IAEA 1995-2015 A
Reserves and resources as well as production, consumption, trade of energy resources by Information on power reactors, including operating experience with nuclear power plants
type including crude oil, natural gas, hard coal, uranium. for selected countries and regions.
EU Country Factsheets EC 1990-2014 A Coal Plants End Coal 2017 A
Energy balance (production by fuels, consumption by sectors, net imports, transformation), Coal plants, by status, globally, including capacity and CO2 emissions.
electricity generation, GHG emissions of EU member states.

BP Statistical Review of World Energy

The review delivers objective and globally consistent data on world energy Oil
markets. It highlights changes in global energy production and consumption that Oil Market Report IEA 2013-2017 A Q M
have had implications for global prices, fuel mix, and CO2 emissions. Crude oil supply, petroleum product demand, processing gains, stock changes; production
by selected countries and regions.
Annual Statistical Bulletin OPEC 1960-2015 A M
Energy Companies Crude oil reserves, production, prices; active rigs, producing wells, processing gains by
companies for many countries and regions.
Biggest Public Companies Forbes 2015-2016 A World Rig Count OPEC 2012-2017 A Q M
Sales, profits, assets, and market value of the largest public oil & gas companies.
Number of oil, gas and other rigs; rigs for OPEC and non-OPEC countries.
Global 500 Companies FT 2014-2015 A Oil Supply and Demand OPEC 2015-2017 A Q M
Turnover, assets, employees, and other financials of the largest public companies.
Oil supply, demand, market balance, required and actual production of crude oil for OPEC
America's 500 Companies Fortune 2000-2017 A Q and non-OPEC countries and regions.
Revenue, assets, capital, and other financials of the 500 largest US companies.
Oil Dataset JODI 2002-2017 M
US Oil and Gas Reserves Study EY 2015-2016 A Production, import, export, closing stocks, stock change, demand of crude oil and
Revenues, production costs, exploration expense of US oil & gas companies.. petroleum products for many countries.
Closing Oil Stock Levels IEA 2008-2017 M
Total oil stocks, industry and public; stocks held outside national boundaries for selected
Forecasts countries and regions.

Outlook for Energy ExxonMobil 1990-2040 A US Petroleum EIA 1859-2017 A M W D

Primary energy supply, supply by fuel, demand by end use sectors; electricity generation Crude oil supply, motor gasoline retail prices, oil spot prices, crude oil field production.
by fuel for China, India, the US and major world regions.
IEA Monthly Oil Market Report
Energy Outlook 2035 BP 1990-2035 A Analysis of global oil market trends as well as projections for oil supply and
Consumption of energy by fuel and sector; production of energy by fuel for China, India, demand 12-18 months ahead. Statistics on oil supply, demand and crude oil
the US, OECD and non-OECD countries, and major world regions. production by OPEC countries, and expectations for the months ahead.
World Energy Outlook 2040 IEA 1990-2040 A
Energy supply, demand, by type; installed electricity capacity and generation; CO2
International Energy Outlook EIA 2010-2040 A Global Petrol Prices GPP 2013-2017 M W
Petroleum and other liquids production; energy consumption by end use sectors under
different scenarios for selected countries and regions. Prices for diesel, gasoline and LPG for many countries.

Commodity Forecast Price WB 2014-2030 A Energy Prices over Time EC 1987-2017 A W D

Consumer prices, taxes, excises, consumption of petroleum in EU member states.
Real and nominal price outlook for coal, oil, and natural gas.
Electricity Prices Eurostat 2005-2016 A
Crude Oil Price Forecast: Long Term to 2025 Electricity prices by type of user (households, industries) in EU member state.
The World Bank estimated in its July 2016 commodity forecast report that the
average spot price for crude oil would fall slightly further in 2016 to $43/bbl from
US Retail Electricity Prices EIA 1996-2017 A Q M
Average retail price of electricity to ultimate customers, including residential, commercial,
$51/bbl in 2015. The IMF anticipated a similar expected decline to $43.6/bbl in
industrial, transportation, and others on national level and by states.
Commodity Price Data WB 1960-2017 A M
Real and nominal prices of crude oil, natural gas, and coal.

Natural Gas, Electricity and Biofuels Primary Commodity Prices IMF 1980-2017 A Q M
Prices of crude oil, natural gas, and coal.
Gas World Database JODI 2009-2017 M
Production, imports, exports, closing stocks, stock change of natural gas. Commodity Price Forecasts IMF 2005-2022 A M
Outlook of prices for crude oil, natural gas, and coal.
World Electricity Database IEA 2012-2014 A
Urban and rural electrification rate; population without electricity. Review of World Energy Prices BP 1861-2015 A Q
Prices of oil, gas, and coal products; refining margins of crude oil.
Bio Energy Production USDA 1992-2016 A M
Production capacity and utilization rates of bio energy (ethanol, biodiesel) and alternative Global Petrol Prices
fuels for the US and its states. Analysis of global petrol prices as of May 2016, including prices for gasoline, diesel
Bio Energy Prices USDA 1981-2017 A Q M and liquefied petroleum gas. Data is available in US dollars and local currency units
Prices for biodiesel, corn, ethanol, gasoline; market share and consumption of ethanol and as well as 1-week and 3-month percent change.
gasoline in the US.
Sources referenced:
Renewable Energy Power Capacity IRENA 2000-2015 A
Installed capacity of renewable energy by technology including solar power, geothermal Baker Hughes End Coal Fortune IGU UN
energy, hydropower, wind and marine energy across 204 countries worldwide. BGR Eurostat Financial Times IMF USDA
BP ExxonMobil Global Petrol Prices IRENA WB
World Wind Energy Capacity WWEA 2010-2015 A EC EY International Atomic Energy Agency JODI WWEA
Installed capacity of wind energy globally and by countries. EIA Forbes IEA OPEC