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Central Luzon Kidney Institute


The Biome
A Community Lifestyle Center

Cocos nucifera
A Coconut Research Center

A Beach Resort - Water Sports Complex

Research by:
Cajucom, Madelaine

Submitted to the College of Architecture

Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements

For the Course of Research Methods for Architecture

College of Architecture
Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology
Main Campus, Sumacab Este, Cabanatuan City

June 2017
Central Luzon Kidney Institute


We have almost 130 per million-population getting sick of kidney failure each year. So thats more than
120,000 cases in 2013. They are the patients that need kidney transplantation,
- Antonio Paraiso

The Department of Health (DOH) is alarmed over the soaring cases of kidney failure, or end-stage
renal disease, in the country due to unhealthy lifestyle of Filipinos. Diabetes and hypertension is one of the
leading cause of kidney disease. The treatment cost for kidney-related diseases reach at least P1 million
pesos. Karen Querequincia said that the cheapest kidney transplant would cost Php250,000 if the patient
has a PhilHealth account. The average price for dialysis is around Php4,500 per month, and Php500,00 a

Kidneys are very important to us, it help us to regulate, filter and maintain the good condition of
our blood. It clean up all the fluid that we take. We can maintain our kidneys in good health by means of
having good lifestyle and having regular medical check-up like monitoring urine to test the RBC, WBC,
and to check also how many bacteria are there in, must also check the creatinine of an individual.

The proposal will be Central Luzon Kidney Institute (CLKI). To gather data about kidney diseases,
since patients who are most prone are those who have a family history of the diseases and also for awareness
of the people and to educate them about kidney disease, to research further more about different cases of
the kidney and help other patients to leave normal as others. For the accessibility of the project, the proposed
project will be at Pampanga, the center of Central Luzon, the researcher came up with this kind of proposal,
because the researcher wants the project to have an appropriate medical facilities that will take care of all
kidney patients in Central Luzon.

The proposal will have Research Facilities, Training Facilities, Clinics, Chapel, Nurse Ward
Facilities, Emergency Room, Security Office, Parks and Playgrounds, Canteen with Food Nutritionist and
Dietary Office, Lobby, Open Area, Crs, Dialysis Facilities, Operating Room, Laboratories, Admitting
Rooms, Mechanical and Electrical Room.

The objectives is to design a CKLI that will accommodate and cater the needs of the users especially
the needs of all kidney patient by means of having good facilities, that will be an adaptive Filipino
architecture by means of its building character, that will be resilient, and that will have a good ambiance
for all by means of landscapes and waterscapes, large and wide openings if needed, and good facilities.
The Biome
A Community Lifestyle Center


Community Lifestyle Center is a mixed-use commercial development that combines retail with other
services, such as restaurants, apartments and housing, medical services, and more. People nowadays are
lacking of good and healthy lifestyle, because of different social medias that can affect the physical and
emotional aspect of people, lack of activities that can upgrade the lifestyle of the Filipino, lack of actual
interaction, communication, and socialization.

Therefore, the proposed project will be The Biome, a community lifestyle center. Biome means a
large naturally occuring community of flora and fauna occupying a major habitat, e.g., forest or tundra, it
is also synonym to Ecosystem. The proposed community will be a socialized housing, a rent to own house
units, there will be a livelihood facilities which the residences of the community will be the employee so
they can pay off their house or units. To build a Community lifestyle center that can upgrade the lifestyle
of the Filipino by means of having jogging tracks, parks and recreational area, so they can have a good
health and to live with a healthy lifestyle.

The proposed project will be at Tagaytay. Tagaytay is a popular holiday town south of Manila on the
Philippine island Luzon. Known for its mild climate, it sits on a ridge above Taal Volcano Island, an active
volcano surrounded by Taal Lake.

The proposed project will be having housing units, medical/healthcare facilities, jogging tracks,
recreational facilities, parks and playgrounds, activity center, administration building, commercial center
(food parks, stores, commercial stalls, shops), materials recovery facilities, aquaponics farm, and especially
the eco-park. The eco-park will be taken care by the residents and users of the proposed community. Each
individual must plant at least 3 plants or trees once they enter or live within the community, then take care
of it. The users will have the responsibility to the environment, especially to the eco-park.

The objectives is to design a community lifestyle center that will be different from other socialized
housing in the Philippines by means of having a good quality of materials, having good workers and
employees, and better ambiance, that will be access to all major roads and transport systems and by
additional signs and warnings to the site of the proposed project, and that will have waterscapes, like
lagoons, man-made lakes, fountains, pools, and water walls, landscapes, like shrubs, different type and
classes of plants and trees, in order to give shades and keep the place cooler than usual.
Cocos nucifera
A Coconut Research Center


Research on coconut in the country was recorded to have started as early as the 1950s. There were
more than 10 government agencies doing various researches on coconut.

Cocos Nucifera, a Coconut Research Center. Cocos Nucifera is synonyms of the word Coconut. The
proposed project will be a Coconut Research Center because there are only 3 active research center about
coconut in the country and 4 branches of Philippine Coconut Authority which help and support the research
center of coconut, and it also aims to add the economic factor of coconut in the province.

The proposed project will be at Aurora, because the province is abundant to coconut trees, the project
also aims to educate the residents of the site about the benefits of coconut, for additional economy of the
place, also the site have tropical climate which is good for coconut trees, and the province has a green and
mountainous terrain.

The project will have research facilities for the researchers and employees, coconut farm/plantation for
the farmers, storage facilities for storing products, administration building, quarters (dormitories,
apartments) for employees, hotel for visitors, recreational facilities, educational facilities to educate the
employees or trainees about coconut, library facilities for additional learning for the users, amenities,
souvenir shops to have remembrance from the project, galleries for additional learning, canteen/food
park/food stalls to make them satisfied every minutes within the proposed project, clinic for medical and
emergency purposes.

The objectives of the project is to design a Coconut Research Center that will pursue the agricultural
researches on coconut, to know more about coconuts, to gather data, to educate the medical profession and
the general public about the health and nutritional aspects of coconut and palm products.
A Beach Resort - Water Sports Complex


Beach Resort - Water Sports Complex is a recreational complex where people can gather together,
where they can experience happiness and to relax. People nowadays always want to have a relaxing
experience, always looking for a new places where there are special activities either sports or anything,
people want to see something better.

WASCOM, a Beach Resort-Water Sports Complex. Wascom stands for water sports complex. It is
composed of beach resort and water activities. To serve as a one stop shop for people who wants to relax
and enjoy the tropical climate of the country.

Beach resort with water sports complex, to enhance the ability of people in water sports activities and
to make a beach resort with water sports complex that will be one of the best tourist spot in the place.

The location of the project will be at Batangas, the place is one of the most popular tourist destinations
near metro manila, it has several beaches and diving spots, and it has the second largest international seaport
in the Philippines after Manila.

The project will have swimming pool areas where the users can enjoy to swim, villas, pavilions, gazebo,
land mark, spa facilities, hotels, water activity areas, event area like stage near to beach where they can
watch different events and tournaments, educational/training facilities to educate the users especially the
kids about water sports activities, back of the house which includes employees quarters, garbage disposal
area, the project will also have arriving pavilion, recreational area, parks and playgrounds including gardens
and food parks/stalls, commercial stalls, storage rooms for keeping all the equipment safe, rental stalls for
renting water equipment like for scuba diving suites, etc., souvenir shops, clinic for emergency purposes,

The objectives of the project is to design a Beach Resort Water Sports Complex that will cater and
accommodate the needs of the users by means of having complete facilities and better accommodation, to
assure that the users will be relax and will be experience different water activities, and also to assure that
the users will be comfortable at all time.