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In 1930, two French researchers, Leon Chaumery and Andre De Belizal discovered that both
the circle and the sphere manifest a spectrum of 12 energy qualities, each of which have
specific vibrational qualities.
These energy qualities are in resonance with the colours of the spectrum, but are many
octaves higher in terms of actual frequency. For this reason they were given the names of
colours, although they are not colours.

Right opposite the sun, below the sphere, lay a mysterious and powerful vibration which later
on, caused Leon Chaumerys death.
Since it is opposite the position for 'Green', it was called 'Negative Green' (-G), Although there
is nothing negative about it.
These energies were near impossible to study because they would continuously rotate with the

The French team found that by cutting the sphere in half, they could lock these energies in
With this discovery it became possible to study these energies in detail. Look at the image
below to find where each vibration is located on the hemisphere

This became the key to re-discovering the lost knowledge of the Ancients, particularly that of
the Egyptian tradition. The hemisphere is a powerful emitter of Negative Green energy (-G)

What is Energy Quality ?

We are very familiar with Energy Quantities. We routinely talk about $10, 10Km, 10 apples,
10Watts or 240Volts, these are quantities. But we are not so familiar with Energy Qualities.
I will use an example to explain:
If you are a musician, you will relate well to this: The note A (3rd octave) has a frequency of
440 Hertz. The same note A, at one octave higher, has a frequency of 880 Hertz , and one
octave lower is 220 Hertz. So here we have 3 different quantities of frequency, yet a musician
will detect these 3 quantities as the same quality, the quality of the note A.
Obviously, something within us is able to recognise the same quality, regardless of the quantity
associated with it.

Relationship between Sound and Light

Using the above example, and moving the frequency up many octaves higher, one octave at a
time, the quality of the note A will cease to be something we can hear. It will move into ultra
sounds, radio frequencies, VHF, UHF, microwaves, colours and then higher harmonics of
colours. Yet each value will retain the same quality of the note A, as picked up by the relevant
sense, like the sense of sight for the colours.
The colour which has the same quality as the note A is indigo. Here is a table showing the
relationship between colours and sounds

As you can see from the table below, as frequencies increase, the signal moves into a different
realm of perception, until it leaves this physical realm altogether. The red arrow below is
pointing upward, but ultimately we must ask: where are these qualities, carried from octave to
octave, generated ? It seems that the obvious answer is from higher realms, "As above, so
below" Thus the divine generates and permeates the entire physical realm.

Relationship between Colours and Angles

In a prism we can see white light being separated into its original components
The angles at which the various colours exit the prism express a relationship between angles
and colours. Leon Chaumery used this principle to design the Virtual Cone Pendulum where the
angle generated by the position of the sliding plate, corresponds to the angle of the colour
detected by the pendulum.
Here we see the exact relationship:

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