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Agaricus muscarias (agar) fly agaric

Bovista lycoperdon (bov) Puff ball
Candida-albicans (cand-a) Yeast
Psilocybe caerulescens (Psil)
Secale cornutum (sec) Corn smut, ergot
Ustilago maydis

(Notes from Laurie Dack)

Highly evolved
Mutate immediately
Underground reproduction

Toxic transformation
No one knows what this mechanism is, but they take in toxic material and transform it
It can take a section of soil that has been toxic and that soil is fertile again
Its not like they hold on to the toxin, it comes in rearranges (magic like) then pristine
They are thinking how can you harness this?
Toxic comes up in family
They are sensitive to things that are toxic
Toxic is going to get in and its going to go and go and there is no stopping it!
Im reborn, a spiritual re-birth

Unstoppable, Spreading
Its capacity to reproduce, it spreads
Taking over
I will be dominated like a parasitic plant
It pushes them out they are reduced to just trying to make it
Not violent necessarily

Underground network
You cant see it
Like smoke, coming in and moving

Pops up out of no-where

It wasnt there, and suddenly you look and its fully formed
What? I didnt see it!

Like Cancer
Cancer is a reproduction that is not differentiated
It goes too much
The problem is the chaos
But it does spread

My space is getting smaller and smaller
Its eating it, it over taking
The movement is relentless, but not fast

The Borg Star Trek

The Borg were all very similar
You shot at them and it killed a few
The information of your shot, so that the next time, you
shot it had no impact
They mutate
They just move into their space

Being cheated, stealing

They took over, they took all my money and they took
all my space
But its not them vs. us, not an animal
They just TOOK that, like stealing my space
Dreams; robbers on in my house taking my stuff and telling me to get out
I wake up and the robbers and having breakfast!
They come right into my space and tell me to get out
I have this roommate, and their stuff ends up on my shelf
And then no space left for me

Cracks, comes from nowhere!

They come out of cracks, they come from no where
They live on nothing
How did they get in? I didnt let them in!
Its burrowing

Strength and size

HUGE strength
This size issue
Almost invisible and absolutely huge
Distances as well, a huge distance
Close to god, universal bigness, time and space gets all confused
A lot of talking to God, being directed by God

They might come and they might take over they might look like humans
And they are going to look okay
They dont look like bad guys
The thing is not that Im afraid of those people, its that they have come into my space w/o me knowing
Also, illegal aliens
Coming in under the fences at the borders

They are ancient plants
Babies that are wrinkled and look like old old people

The fairies live under the toadstools

Urine and feces are all part of the food for the Fungi
Rot for them is food
Feeding on rotten
Its degenerating

They will have high sensitivity
Lack of sensitivity to pain that numbness
Like Rocky he was undeterred by the pain and the

A Secret
This is a secret that no one knows about it
A conspiracy that people are not letting this informa-
tion out
A whole network that is invisible that is moving in and
taking our freedom away

You are living only because people are taking care of you
You are sucking the resources
In an of yourself, you cannot exist
You ARE that burden
You are dead unless you are feeding or using something
Leprous Miasm
Secale cor
A smut, that grows on the corn

Laurie Dack: Fungi: Mushrooms, molds, etc. Bov, Ust, agar, sec, sol-t-ae, etc.

There is not a tug-of-war between zoologists and biologists of whether these are plants or animals.
Have components of both. Fungus has animal tendencies because of way it moves. When moves,
taking over. Multiplying and taking over; higher in Nitrogen, so that is what gives animal qualities.
Sensation: Burrowing, digging, INVADING, taking over, spread, erode, expanding. Ex.: I am sorry
for invading your space. When in chief complaint, I have this x, and my concern is it will SPREAD (not
that it hurts, etc) It could spread, take over, then annihilated. Can sound like process, animals; will
not be any nice skin left. Energy is about taken over. Seen as fear of robber: someone/robber comes
into my place and takes over; they come in, I come out of bedroom the robbers are having feast and I
have to leave my space. Can have feeling of walls coming in-no SPACE for me (bov). Sec case:
open space getting filled up, cannot breathe, will be taken over, brain will fall apart. Sec case 2: like
black cloud will take over and world will end.
Fungus will use language such as suffocated, annihilated, no more space. Energy is NOT on de-
stroyed (animal); emphasis is on taking over, being impinged.

(Amoeba in relation? THEORETICALLY, cause I do not know the remedy well, one would have to
understand the process of taking over. May use words like soft, formless, pliable, etc, but I have not
used remedy.)

Opposite/reaction: Fungi HAVE TO BE STONG to prevent invasion. Keep my BOUNDARIES, keep

those thing, these boundaries between this and this or things will invade my boundary. Agar: goes in
dangerous places; I can go into those places because I am strong and will not get infiltrated. Cancer
miasm. Do not back down, see selves as stronger than
they are. Can be aggressive. psil: same invasion feel-
ing, terrifying. Take it and boundaries disappear.

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