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What is Alzheimers disease?

Alzheimers disease is the most common cause of dementia. The symptoms include
memory loss, problem-solving or language and other intellectual abilities serious
enough to interfere with daily life.
Alzheimers disease accounts for 60 to 80 percent of dementia cases. It is a
progressive disease: gradually, more parts of the brain are damaged, and as a
consequence, more symptoms are developed.

Stages of Alzheimers disease?

We can appreciate 3 clear stage: Early-Stage, Middle-Stage and Late-Stage

At the early stage people who suffer from Alzheimer can carry on with their daily
life without much trouble. However, they have memory lapses, such as forgetting
familiar words or the location of objects.
The disease can be detected by medical interviews, during which doctors can
detect problems in memory and concentration.

Middle stage is the longest stage,


Nowadays there isnt any cure for Alzheimers disease, scientists dont know what
the main cause of Alzheimers disease is, but there are many factors that can be
related to it, like age, genetic inheritance, gender, health, etc., although
there are some measures that help people to live a normal life with the
condition. This involves drug and/or non-drug treatments.

What is our app?

Our app provides users with a variety of tests based on algorithms which detect
any possibilities of suffering from the disease.
There are three tests; two of them are available for patients and the other is
for doctors who need to have some knowledge of biomarkers.
You can easily see your evolution in different types of graphs / in a different
type of graph (I dint know if you were referring to only on graph or more) with
different information.

And there are some questions that are included in this app:

-Memory changes that make their daily routine more difficult

-Have difficulty in solving problems
-Have difficulty when doing daily tasks
-Disorientation to time or place
-Vision problems
-Problems with the use of words
-Placing objects out of place and lack of ability to retrace their steps
-Decrease in or lack of good judgment
-Loss of initiative to take part in work or social activities
- Mood swings or personality changes