Part - I

COMPANY PROFILE The name of company is M/s. Bannari Amman Steels (p) Ltd and the registered office is situated in Kerala. The company was incorporated under companies Act, 1956 as private limited in 1993. The main objects of the company are to carry on the business of manufacturers of all varieties of steel, steel ingots and steel billets. Since 1993, the company is functioned continuously and company is engaged in manufacturing steel ingots only. In manufacturing process the main raw materials are old iron scrap and sponge iron and the old iron scrap is available in anywhere of the country. The other raw materials are mainly received from other states. The raw materials are put down in crucible called otherwise as furnace and melted at average 1600 degree centigrade temperature and the melted metal is captured n moulds. The steels ingots are released from the moulds after some time and then after completion of some finishing work it will be ready for marketing. The finished goods are fully marketed in local areas within kerala state and now a days it has more completion because of increase in number of this type of companies within the state and nearby states. Due to locality advantage and availability of raw material in local market and low current rate levied by the state government, we have managed to make success in marketing of our products. The company is functioned demographically and there is no disturbance. In economic aspects, at present the overall economic crisis affects all steel company for some extent and the profitability of the company is come down to very low level. The company initiated so many cost minimizing efforts in all sections within the company and it awarded better results. The company is binding under state and central government rules and regulations. Now days, the state government has banned the formation of new steel manufacturing companies due to various reasons. Hence that the chances to entry into this type of industry in kerala is impassible. The factors attract the steel industry in this locality is availability of raw material and marketing resources only. The employment opportunity has been given to local peoples and other state peoples. The skilled labours are mainly from north India and the company has provided enough boarding and sanitary facilities inside the premises. The company is strictly follow up the measures adopted by the state pollution control board and to met the standard fixed by the board, the company has installed all required equipments and functioned successfully.

The duty of the Office administration is documentation work. is headed by one production in charge and under him there are three supervisors. The three departments are 1. b. in charge and under him there are four assistants. consists one accounts officer. preparing accounts and submission of accounts to all Govt. The maintenance of electrical equipments in good manner and avoid power disturbance due to fault in electrical installations made within the company premises and do all electrical works to carry on the machineries for smooth running. 3. Factory Administration is headed by one Factory Manager and there are four inter departments. The duty of the dept. The main duty of the department is marketing the company products to the existing covered area smoothly and to find new areas to expand the marketing sources. They are tow lab. is headed by one dept. one cashier and tow office assistants. Quality Control ² this dept. Finance 3. Office Administration is headed by one Manager and this dept. Marketing 4. Marketing department is headed by one Manager and there are four others including tow officers and two assistants. The General Manager is head for all and each department is headed by one manager responsible for the successful functioning in right way. 2. Departments in accordance with rules and regulation. billing. Factory Administration 1. is to get maximum production in economical way and maintenance of labour force in healthy condition. The main duties of the dept. c. one supervisor and one assistant. tow accounts assistants. are maintaining quality of the product as per the technical standard and testify the product quality in laboratory and submission of reports. making correspondence. Technicians.Part ² II The organizational structure in our company is that: The organizational structure is divided into four departments. Office Administration 2. Production ² this dept. They are a. Finance department is headed by one Manager and consists one officer and tow assistants. . 4. Handling of legal matters.this department is headed by an Engineer and under him there are 4 assistants. Electrical . The main duty of this department is handling banding transactions and control of fund inflow and out flow and preparation of financial statements.

is headed by one dispatch in charge and under him there are three assistants. . and maintain the systematic storage of finished goods for easy dispatch or movement from the company premises.d. The main duties of this department is making arrangements for delivery of goods in accordance with the direction of marketing dept. is keeping all spares and materials sufficiently according to the requirement for various departments and to avoid storage of unnecessary stock of unusable materials. 5. Stores ² this department is headed by Stores in charge and under him there are three assistants. They are one two supervisors and one assistant. They are one stores officer and tow assistants. Dispatch ² this dept. The primary duty of the dept.

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