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Grammar videos: Present perfect: simple and continuous – exercises

Watch the video on our website and read the
conversation between Sophie and Yasmina. Then do
these exercises to check your understanding of the
present perfect simple and continuous.

1. Check your grammar: grouping
Write the sentences in the correct group.

To talk about a recent action
To say how many times To talk about life experience
which might not be finished

To explain the 'side effects' of an activity,
When the result is more important
e.g. why the kitchen is a mess

When the action is more
To say how long To talk about a finished activity

Present perfect simple Present perfect continuous
(have/has done) (have/has been doing)

2. Check your grammar: gap fill
Complete the sentences using the verb in brackets in the present perfect simple or continuous.

1. I _______________ (write) five emails today.

2. Sorry the kitchen's a mess. Ollie _______________ (cook).

3. Sorry I'm late! Have you _______________ (wait) long?

4. He _______________ (learn) English for six years.

souvenirs yet. yet. I've already tried octopus. It's on her list of things to do. I've never tried octopus. Sophie hasn't bought bought souvenirs. 7. Who _______________ (eat) all the cake?! There's none left. Ollie took his cake out of the oven a moment ago. 8. 4. Sophie hasn't bought c. Hey. I don't know what octopus tastes like! a. souvenirs already. 5. I really need a break! I _______________ (revise) all morning! 9. Have you _______________ (change) your hair? 10. Ollie hasn't made a cake a cake. Grammar videos: Present perfect: simple and continuous – exercises 5. octopus. He's waiting for Amy. We _______________ (know) each other for years. a. He arrived 40 minutes ago. I _______________ (see) that film! It was terrible. 3. He's waited for Amy for 40 minutes. c. 3. Ollie has been making b. a. He's been waiting for b. I haven't been trying b. Sophie's already b. Sophie is planning to buy souvenirs. Your hands are really dirty! What have you _______________ (do)? 12. cake. c. Ollie has just made a c. 2. Sophie wanted to visit the Burj Al Arab hotel. . a. 40 minutes. you look different. Sophie hasn't been to b. Sophie has already been c. the Burj Al Arab hotel. 1. She went there two days ago. He waits for 40 minutes. Sophie has just been to the Burj Al Arab hotel yet. 6. to the Burj Al Arab hotel. a. Can we go if we _______________ (finish)? 11. Check your grammar: multiple choice Read the sentences and circle the correct option. They've been playing for forty minutes but no one _______________ (score) a goal yet.

Discussion What have you been doing today? . English already. a. He's been learning b. a. He's already learnt c. It's the last lesson. He's learning how to make Japanese food. We've just had English. Grammar videos: Present perfect: simple and continuous – exercises 6. She hasn't tried the local local food. He started his course in April. food since April. a. food yet. She's already tried the b. We haven't had c. English yet. We didn't have English class this morning. food. 7. We haven't had b. The first thing she did was go to a traditional restaurant. local food. She's never tried the c. 8. later today. He learnt how to cook how to cook Japanese how to cook Japanese Japanese food in April.